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Take extra cash for curb side check in, car park and eat something. 
Some airlines are charging for soda, alcohol and peanuts BUT only
taking credit cards, no cash transactions at all.

Check for news on your Your Airline

Bags heavier than 50 pounds or larger than the size limit airlines use - 62 linear inches, the combined measurement of height, width and length. 

Great article by Scott McCartney 3/11/08 WSJ article

Vegas bets on radio chips for luggage problems, msnbc your airline may have this system. 

Airline luggage, baggage rates and policies.

Air Canada  (News) Following baggage allowance applies to customers with a reservation made on or after May 15, 2008 for travel on or after July 15, 2008. If you are traveling before July 15, 2008 or had made your reservation before May 15, 2008, please 

Air France-KLM Are you going to France? best check Up Graded Points  here for our main strike headlines. 3/20/2010 Air France and KLM economy passengers €55/$55 for a second checked bag from March 28. Allowance will be raised from 20 kg. to 23 kg. per bag, a third piece will be charged €200/$200. Premium economy passengers allowed two 23 kg. bags free of charge and business class passengers three. 20% discount if you book online. Some routes have exceptions and premium loyalty members. Attn. KLM 2013 add 15 euros for within Europe, per trip.

Air India    Air India has excess baggage offer for students  

Air India Express, Not confirmed by ETR
July 08 luggage: 30kg for checked  piece and 7kg  for cabin baggage. The excess baggage rate is Thai Bhatt 231.37 per kg 

Air Tran    News 7/13/08 per Air Tran 1st bag free, 2nd bag $10 if you buy ticket online or $20 at the airport, 3rd bag $50.  Oversize bag fees:-62-70" $29, 71-80"  $69. Carry on 55"
AirTran CEO Bob Fornaro says: "We are studying what competitors are doing. I'm not sure we'll go down that path. We certainly don't believe the $25 (for a checked bag) is the right number."

Alaska Airlines / Horizon (News)

Alitalia (oh dear!) best go through this page or this one our main strike headlines

American Airlines  (ETR review) Economy-class passengers a $50 fee for a second checked bag on flights to/from or through India and to/from Belgium, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. First checked bags will remain free. The policy takes effect for tickets purchased on or after Sept. 14.

Asiana Airlines (latest news ) 10/16/08 starting November, International 20 kg free, domestic W2,530 per kilo.

British Airways
Aug 09, Passengers booking from July 31, 09 onwards and travelling after October 7, sporting equipment will cost £40 per bag on long haul or £35 on short haul flights if it is in addition to their free checked luggage allowance. British Airways economy class to, from US (excluding Brazil) a single bag weighing 23kgs only. Bags between 23kgs and 32kgs pay an exta £5. Book online for a discount.

Cebu Pacific (News)  Free baggage allowance will be reduced to 15 kilograms from 20 kilograms for bookings made after September 2,

Continental (News) Well done web page regarding measurements. Expensive
9/10/08 Continental Airlines adds $15 fee for first bag bizjournals.com

Delta Airlines FAQ regarding Delta luggage (News
Travel + Leisure Latest May 2017 How to dodge and weave luggage fees 

Emirates Baggage Allowance (latest news,) shopping extravaganza 15 January-15 February 2009 Emirates unveils chip-based baggage handling skyscanner.net/articles

Etihad Airways  (not Ethiad) 

Frontier    (News) Effective June 10, $25 for second bag.  Frontier also will prohibit pets from traveling in passenger cabins and implement other changes as it works through restructuring under bankruptcy protection  signonsandiego

Go! to charge $10 for first-checked bag. With the introduction of this first-checked bag fee, go! has reduced its second-checked bag fee to $17

Gulf Air pay your excess baggage fees with your flyer miles abcnews.go.com

Hawaiian Air  Hawaiian Airlines announced it will add a $15 first-checked-bag fee for all customers flying between the mainland U.S. and the islands. The fee will apply to tickets booked on or after August 1 for flights leaving on or after October 1. The airline will also be adding fees for tickets booked over the phone—$10 for interisland travel and $20 for mainland routes smartertravel.com

Jet2 increase its hold luggage allowance by 30% from 17kg to 22kg on all flights after April 1st 2009. The extra hold baggage allowance will also apply to all flights booked after October 20th and taken before March 31st 2009.

Jet Airways (News) checked baggage and carry on allowance.  Students for extra baggage allowance must produce student visa at airport.

JetBlue    (News) Can check one bag at no charge but a second one will cost $20, effective for travel on or after June 1." In a press release announcing JetBlue's first-quarter results, CEO David Barger says: "We have found that a majority of our customers check only one bag, and with this new policy, customers who check extra bags may continue to do so for a nominal fee designed to offset the extra fuel required to transport the extra bags, which will help us maintain our competitive fares for all our customers."

Korean Air (latest news) 10/15/08 2 items weighing up to 32kg reduced to 23kg now.

3/20/2010 KLM  and Air France  economy passengers €55/$55 for a second checked bag from March 28. Allowance will be raised from 20 kg. to 23 kg. per bag, a third piece will be charged €200/$200. Premium economy passengers allowed two 23 kg. bags free of charge and business class passengers three. 20% discount if you book online. Some routes have exceptions and premium loyalty members.

Lufthansa (news) free baggage allowance on long-haul flights

Liat  News as of 1 Dec, 08 one piece at a maximum of 50 lbs (23 kgs.). Further, the maximum overall size per piece will be 62 inches (157 cms). passengers will be allowed one piece of cabin baggage inclusive of a laptop at a maximum weight of 15 lbs.(7 kgs.) and maximum overall dimensions of thirty-six inches (36ins) or ninety-one centimeters (91 cms.)

Mesa Airlines

Midwest Airlines (News) Midwest Airlines will charge passengers $20 each way for a second checked bag starting next month. Starting Saturday for travel after June 16. It'll still  free to check one bag. But the airline says those bags must weigh no more than 50 pounds.

Northwest Airlines   News  Starting 8/28/08 $15 for the first piece of checked luggage. Second check bag $25.

Pacific Blue,7/22/08 Passengers on the budget airline who buy cheaper fares will pay $8 for checked-in bags which can collectively weigh up to 23kg to help cover the rising cost of fuel. One carry-on bag weighing up to 7 kilograms will be free.  stuff.co.nz

Philippine Air 1 Oct 08 Passengers flying to or from the United States will now only be allowed 50 pounds (23kg) of free baggage, compared to the earlier allowance of 70 pounds  etravelblackboardasia.com

Qantas Airways news

Ryan Air  News   4, August, Canary Islands and new rates flightmapping.com
1, June, 2010 Ryanair upping luggage fees again.  £5 more for a checked bag making it £20. For second checked bag £50.  Yes £50! Up from £25. £35 fee if checked bag doesn't comply to specifications.  Ryanair now has it's own line of luggage.
10/2/08 Ryanair to increases charges on May 5th, check in online, lessen ques at airport desk. Baggage and check-in charges will increase by €1, with tourists now having to pay check-in fees of €5 and baggage fees of €10.

Singapore Airlines (News) luggage allowance and cabin baggage allowance.  Per Singapore Airlines, EXCESS BAGGAGE CHARGES

SouthWest   (News) 5/23/08  Has no plans to follow the lead of American Airlines, which plans to impose a $15 charge on the first checked bag for each passenger.  Southwest

Spirit  (News) Save Money by Pre-Purchasing Your Checked Bags?  Spirit  Save Money by Pre-Purchasing Your Checked Bags?  Spirit article by msnbc

Sun Country Airlines 9/30/08 1st bag $12, 2nd $25, each additional $75

12 March 2012 TAP Portugal Has a nice baggage allowance calculator ( so they've upped rates)

Thai Airways International  (News) 

United Airlines  (News) Baggage weight of 100 pounds (45 kilograms) or 115 linear inches (292 cm)(total length + width + height) will not be accepted as checked baggage. 4 bags the limit and they can't be overweight. Check the rules and regulations twice.

Contemplating new charges,  After Aug 18, 1st bag $15, $25 for their second bag checked on flights and $100 per bag beyond that.  per 2/6/08 per biZjournals

US Airways (News) After 9 July 08, First Checked bag $15 must be under 50lbs/23 kg, second checked bag 51-70lbs/23-32kg will cost you $50.  A third bag $100..
see WSJ Looks like they contemplated $50 round trip.

V Australia (News review

Virgin America (News)

Virgin Atlantic (News

Virgin Blue  NEWS 8/18/08  $8 will apply for checked baggage on all discount fares, charged $20 if they do not pre-purchase the baggage allowance. No fees  for full fare flights.

Virgin Galactica, (News) Awaiting a reply to my question. "What are the rules and regulation for carry on and checked luggage and is there a fee for extra bags?

Wizz Air:- Do you have travel insurance?


Get your 7.5" x 8 ziplocks
9/10/08 Airline rules on liquids may be in place for five more years telegraph.co.uk
Your airline luggage weighed in kg?
40kg is 88.184lbs
30kg is 66.138lbs
20kg is 44.092

Students, get your student visa asap.
Are Airline Baggage Scales Accurate? blogs.wsj.com/middleseat
Caution airlines are offering excess baggage allowance only up to the gateway points. So if a student is flying onwards from say, New Jersey, to a university town, he will have to pay for the additional baggage on the domestic leg Telegraphindia.com
Woman stranded could not afford baggage fees! dailymail
Some airlines now charging extra for checked first and second bags. Bring extra cash for curb side check in.  Coming soon extra for isle and window seats.  

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 Easier.com Sees no future for luggage          
"Breakfast in London, lunch in New York... luggage in Brazil."
Whose on strike and trying to mess with your travel plans!
Is it a bag or is it a 
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Airline baggage fees hit soldier flying out of El Paso for training. 
8/15/08 WASHINGTON -- Attempting to stem a national furor, American Airlines announced that it would stop charging extra-luggage fees for active military personnel. 

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