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Latest information on Qantas Airllines insustrial actions. Such as staffing issues, pilots strike, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health. Hub, Sydney, NSW. Mammoth airline has flights to London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Paris, Rome, Mumbai, Singapore, Bangkok, Miami, New York, Vancouver, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Johannesburg. Will they strike after I've bought my ticket! A considerable investment is made with these long haul flights, ask yourself should I book with them or a competitor? See Qantas Airways latest competition, VAustralia or Delta Airlines or try Continental
Jetstar Airways  Qantas subsidiary.
You've seen our front page with the latest mess?

29 January 2016 Qantas dumps codes share with American Airlines Daily

​29 March 2016 Strikes back on starting tomorrow from Sydney and Melbourne Airports. Expect ripple effect across the networks. 
Here are the strike dates and times for this and following strike actions

November 7, 2015 Border Force strike this Monday. Be ready get to your Australian airport early so you can get through security. Airports will have a contingency in place, expect a wait. Strike will be for 24 hours and includes all Australia's airports.

July 30 2015 Immigration and Border Protection will strike Tuesday August 4, 2015. Strike will last four hours. Likely to be at the busiest time of the day. Strike will effect all airports and sea ports. We will update on

July 30, 2015 Qantas long haul pilot's agree to pay freeze. 

21 February 2014 Qantas to cut back costs by $2 billion dollars over three years! Airline will cancel new orders for aircraft, let go of some 5,000 workers and retire gas-guzzlers. Employees must be extremely anxious. Do not book a long haul flight with Qantas. Do your homework. Delta, British Airways, Virgin, Emirates for example. Management painfully slow in taking the bull by the horns.

6 December 2013 Qantas chairman Leigh Clifford not ready to step down .

6 September 2012 Qantas (losses for last month alone $244) announces 10 year deal with Emirates airline. Will leave International Airlines Group ie British Airways and troubled Iberia Airlines. It's a win win situation for passengers.

Hub for European flights will now be in Dubai. Passengers will fly from Australia to Dubai on Qantas and do the rest of the journey to Europe or US on an Emirates jet. 

Frequent flier miles will be shared. Lounge access, priority check in, same lower prices and scheduling. Emirates is not strike prone.

Emirates gets access to valuable Qantas domestic routes.

Qantas will still fly to Singapore's Changi Airport from Brisbane,  Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Other missing Qantas slots will soon be taken up by different Asian airlines quickly.
13 July 2012 no surprise Qantas ranking drop  

22 June 12 Qantas moving maintenance to Melbourne  

3 June 2012 More competition for Qantas , Singapore Air and China Southern.  

21 May 12 Tullamarine Airport, Qantas closes maintenance base. 400 jobs. A380 super jumbo will be maintained off shore. So much turmoil with this airline. Choose a different company for an expensive long haul flight, till the dust settles.

5 March Pilots in court today, threaten not to strike.
So 2011
December 2011 Pilots in a six months arbitration, hundreds of employees to be laid off.

3 November 2011 Here's one more thing for you, wires cut on plane, police called in.

Thursday 22 September 2011 More flights canceled for this Friday due to one hour strike by engineers out of Melbourne.

20 September 28 flights canceled, 1,600 passengers effected by baggage handlers strike today.

15 September 2011 Qantas strike by baggage handlers, caterers and ground staff will stop work on Tuesday, September 20 for four hours. Flights nationwide and domestic to be effected.
Qantas will counter act this by using larger planes and moving staff around. Expect your flight to be disrupted. You should be contacted by Qantas, call them, confirm your flight, bring a sandwich. 

17 August 2011 This airline is in dire straits, financially and employee morale is most probably the worst in the industry. Management survival skills include setting up a new premium service (base) in Asia and expanding Jetstar with a Japanese affiliate airline. Engineers, flight attendants and pilots all threaten to strike or are already on a go slow.
Brisbane Airport is open 
1/13/11 Flooding, Brisbane Airport "There's no more flights for today! Traffic lights were restored.  
Qantas will sue over A380 

Qantas Check in crews are threatening strike from Sydney and Melbourne International Airports. 800 Australian Service Union workers asking for pay raise. If this happens it will reverberate across international and domestic passengers. Expect severe delays. Reminder Qantas pilots and engineers are also preparing to ballot union members. 

11 Feb 2011 350 Qantas airline pilots are threatening to strike, just be aware and keep checking back here.  Last pilot strike was 45 years ago.  Pilots will meet this Monday. See what union
has to say.

Old stuff!
30, Nov 2010 More troubles for Qantas, baggage handlers threaten go  slow over Christmas period.

15 Nov 2010 Qantas flight turned back to Sydney after cockpit fills with smoke and fuel pours from wings 

8 Nov 2010 Qantas changing engines on two A380's 

4 Nov 2010 Qantas grounds some flights 

1 Oct  2010 Locust invasion Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

23.  August 2010 Jetstar pilots giving grief, over being replaced by cheaper workers from Asia.  Tasmania worried it could effect there way of life. 

3, August, 2010 Sydney, Railcorp, rail strike, This Thursday, four hours, 10am-2pm, time is planned not to interfere with commuters. Friday night workers in charge of infrastructure will strike and Monday will be a fare free day. Another free day is planned, Monday, August, 16. Fare free day's on average cost RailCorp 2 million per day.  A 24 hour train strike is planned for Wednesday, 18.

15, July, 2010 Sydney airport, possible strike by aircraft re-fuellers. Qantas and Jetstar flights maybe effected.  Airport workers say they will strike on Wednesday, 21, July,  airport will lock them out if industrial action takes place.

1, April, 2010, Easter, Qantas airline engineers are on strike till Tuesday.  Not sure how this is going to shake out.  Sydney airport, Qantas airline delays? Qantas website

11/13/09 Aircraft engineers at Qantas began industrial action today in support of improved pay and working conditions. The 190 professional engineers, members of the Association of Professional Engineers Scientists and Managers of Australia (APESMA), have placed indefinite bans on overtime and on attending out of hours calls between 5pm and 9am daily.

22 April,08 Qantas sues Union responsible for March passengers hell.  Passengers from Sydney to Perth, Northern Territory to South Australia to Brisbane.  Thousands of passengers effected by baggage handlers, many had to leave airport without luggage.

17 April,09  Qantas, snakes on a plane

14 April, 2009 Qantas announced today they will ground 10 planes and layoff 1,750 employees. Profit down 500 million Australian dollars ($364.3 million). 

3/29/09 Strike by Qantas employees, Sydney airport at standstill,  see Sydney airport for details. Stiking workers told they will be docked four hours in pay.  According to Qantas, contractors underwent high-level security checks. Qantas is expected to make a public statement shortly.

Qantas to slash 90 management jobs

13/2/09 Qantas, Three hour wildcat luggage handlers strike, Melbourne.  Passengers told to leave bags at airport!

12/3/08  British Airways and Qantas in merger deal.  Already  pursuing a revenue-sharing deal with American Airlines and Spain’s Iberia SA,   exploring a dual-listed company structure with Qantas.

Remember, Qantas is one of the few airlines with the A380 on certain routes.

12/1/08  Qantas Airways, expect more layoffs, pairing down, tax bill and passenger drop off. Capacity will be reduced, less flights for us. Next 18 months grounding 10 aircraft  and planned growth will be slashed from 10 per cent to 2 per cent next financial year. Qantas announced in July that it would lay off 1500 workers by Christmas, shelve plans to hire 1200 staff, ground up to 22 aircraft and close overseas call centres.

10/29/08 Qantas jet 'flew blind' across Pacific 

QANTAS Airways will reimburse all passengers on board the plane that suffered a terrifying plunge this week, tossing travelers around the cabin and injuring dozens. A spokesman said today every passenger would receive a refund of their airfare and a travel voucher equal to the cost of a flight between Australia and London.

10/18/08 Qantas and V Australia are a step closer to running in-flight mobile phone systems Both airlines already have announced plans to allow mobile phone, BlackBerry and smartphone usage on some flights using technology developed by UK pioneer, AeroMobile and Panasonic Avionics.

10/7/08 10/8/08 Qantas threatened flight disruptions and delays during the school holiday period may be avoided following a breakthrough yesterday morning in the industrial feud between air traffic controllers and Airservices Australia over wages and overtime.

10/6/08 Pickings are rich on the long haul to Johannesburg.

9/26/08 POLICE and federal investigators have raided the Melbourne home of Australia's most infamous "mile high club" member, former Qantas flight attendant and call girl Lisa Robertson as part of a bankruptcy fraud probe.

9/24/08 Having ordered more than $25 billion worth of new aircraft in recent years, the flagship carrier appears likely to lift that figure past $35 billion by as early as the end of this year. 

9/23/08 HUNDREDS of passengers were evacuated and flights were delayed at Brisbane Airport after three Qantas passengers inadvertently walked into a secure area.

9/10/08  QANTAS has refused to follow the lead of Singapore Airlines, which yesterday lowered its fuel surcharge on tickets in response to falling jet fuel prices. 

8/21/08 A380 will arrive in Sydney, Australia on 21 September before operating its first passenger flight, between Melbourne and Los Angles, on 20 October."

8/20/08 Qantas announces a huge profit jump in its full-year results, the airline's engineers have accepted a new enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) offered to them, bringing months of industrial action to an end.

8/9/08 Qantas's decision to send planes to Malaysia was scrutinized after the first aircraft sent there two months ago came back with a list of defects, the Sydney Morning Herald reported today, without citing anyone. The plane was grounded in Melbourne on Aug. 7 because of noise from an air-conditioning fault, it said.

8/6/08  Qantas cabin crew have ruled out any industrial action over recent security scares, despite asking to meet company officials after another of the airline's jets was forced to make an emergency landing. 

8/4/08  Qantas 'safest airline in the world' - CEO.  

8/2/08 A Qantas 767 has been forced to turn around and make an emergency landing at Sydney Airport due to a hydraulic leak,

7/29/08 Qantas 747 evidence points to exploding oxygen cylinder.  

7/28/08  Voice recorder gives no clues on holed Qantas plane. 

7/29/08  Safety and survival, the two wings of an airline.

7/25/08  Terror on Qantas flight hole in fuselage.

7/22/08 Qantas is sticking to its guns after refusing to allow a 14-year-old boy to fly alone with his 2-year-old sister, leaving the distressed toddler unable to be reunited with her family. 

7/18/08  Airline Qantas to cut 1,500 jobs

7/7/08  Exclusive Daily Telegraph photographs reveal employees, understood to be Qantas company executives, being trained to handle baggage to prepare for looming strikes.

4 July 08 Qantas warns of more cuts to come.

2 July 08 Qantas Union to Temporarily Call off Strike; Talks to Continue

6/30/08 Monday it had postponed talks with striking aircraft engineers until Wednesday to give unions more time to prepare.

6/27/08  Negotiations set for Monday.

6/27/08  Sooner or later for Dixon to be given the heave ho? 

6/27/08  QANTAS has agreed to resume talks with its maintenance engineers in an effort to resolve the pay dispute that has caused strike action this week.

6/26/08  Australian airline Qantas said on Thursday it had to cancel dozens more flights following strikes by maintenance engineers earlier this week and warned of further disruption Friday and Saturday. 

6/26/08  Qantas Airways, gets nastier, blacklisted workers.

6/24/08 Qantas strike delays hundreds in Perth. Passengers on the cancelled Sydney flight were being diverted to a Melbourne flight, and some said they had been delayed by up to three hours. 

6/24/08  Qantas Airways, 18 flights on Tuesday and was reportedly moving critical maintenance tasks overseas as a campaign of strikes by engineers widened to the country's west. 

6/24/08 Qantas Airways chief target of youtube

Qantas Airway to close Vic maintenance base

6/15/08  New deal for frequent flyers

6 June 08 Qantas Airways cuts flights and sacks staff

A QANTAS Airways international flight has been delayed for almost 24 hours due to mechanical problems. Angry business class passengers on the Singapore-bound flight QF31 had to be subdued by airport police officers this afternoon after they became abusive towards airline staff.

3 June, 2008 Qantas Airways and Unions resume wage talks

2 June 08, Qantas Airways to get premium economy seats

5/31/08  Qantas Airways, all executives pay will be frozen with the decreased services to result in staff cuts. Meanwhile, Standard Poors has cuts its outlook on Qantas Airways to negative. 

5/30/08  New Zealand services under scrutiny in Qantas Airways operations

5/30/08 Qantas Airways, engineers in Sydney walked off the job for four hours yesterday morning, while their colleagues in Brisbane stopped work for four hours last night. Melbourne engineers were due to strike for four hours this morning as part of a rolling campaign for a 5 per cent increase. 

5/28/08  Qantas  Airways grounds jets over soaring fuel bill,  plans to exit several low-yielding routes, including the Sydney-Gold Coast route in order to cut costs.  Plans to "ground" two Boeing 767s, retire one aging 737 and speed up the retirement of its fuel-guzzling fleet of four 747-300s.  

Qantas Airways increased air fares for the second time in less than a month in response to record fuel prices. It will put up the cost of an international flight by 4% and domestic fares by about 3%.

19/5/08  Man caught viewing kiddy porn in Qantas Airways lounge. 

May 8 08, VP sentenced to 8 months in jail For Cargo Cartel Role

4/19/08   THE on-time performance of most airlines flying the east coast was again brought down by weather in February, with only Qantas managing to top 80 per cent in both the arrival and departure categories. Airport closures saw Jetstar fall well below the average to produce the second worst figures for departures after Queensland's MacAir and the worst arrival statistics. Only 73 per cent of its planes left on time while less than 71 per cent arrived on time. This compared with 79.2 per cent on-time departures at Virgin Blue and 75.3 per cent on-time arrivals. MacAir headed the field for flight cancellations with 3.5 per cent of its flights failing to take off, compared with 2.9 per cent at Virgin, 2.4 per cent at Qantaslink and 2.1 per cent at Jetstar.

4/10/08  Baggage handlers want you to take less in your luggage. No more than 20 kg and it won't fly.

3/31/08  Qantas monopoly coming to an end. Virgin Airlines new kid in town. 

3/31/08 You will be able to write and receive emails and sms via cellphones.  AeroMobile communications technology will be installed on Boeing 767-300 and Airbus A330-200 aircraft operated by Qantas on domestic flights in Australia.

3/27/08  Jet bounced on runway at Darwin airport causes passenger injuries.

3/20/08 Union campaigns for lower bag weights at airport.

Qantas Industrial action after Feb 1st 2009
January 2008 Cracks found in number of jumbo's 
Labour back ground checks implemented

60th year anniversary

The stewards wore white uniforms, female passengers wore mink coats and the flight from Sydney to London took four days including, six refueling stops, two overnight, stays and a total of 55 hrs in the air!

Qantas, no strike till new year 12/23/07 

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