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Samantha, looking for transportation strikes

Samantha scouring the world.


We scour the Internet daily looking
for transportation strikes.  

Easy Travel Report, Aviation strikes, public transportation strikes, pilots strikes, airlines, cabin crews, airport, ramp workers, baggage handlers, bus driver, train driver, ferry, subway, metro, you name it. Makes you wonder just how do we get from A - B. All the stars have to be aligned, humans have to be a good mood, weather has to be just right and you have to have all your paper work and shots.
The nerve of these people inconveniencing thousands of people on there whim.  
What's the general public to do?  Easy Travel Report started in 2007 after the Jet Blue flight was on the runway at JFK for 12 hours, yet another form of abuse.

We scour the Internet daily looking for potential travel nightmares, strikes that will effect your travel.  We decipher it and "write it to the limits of my own attention span". Short and not so sweet. T

This past year we've been monitoring the airlines, just to try and get some sense of security. We've always felt out of control and helpless as they delay our flights for hours, leave us on the runway, starve us, charge us for water and snacks, credit card sales only. Prisoners are treated better. 

In these economical times we are going to have less and less flights to choose from. Bumping is going to be horrendous. To make us feel better we began monitoring them. If we get a sniff of credit rating going down, lay offs, strike, even chairmen arrested, we've called it Shaky Airline Status. 

If you don't like what you read here, perhaps you can choose an alternative airline and perhaps save yourself a real headache! Some of them are real dogs. We even managed to call a couple before they went bankrupt.  Check your airline out. Just how is it doing?  

We are not a glamorous site. All we do is bring bad news. We can't give you the latest price on cheap tickets to Barbados or other exotic climate! What's the use of cheap tickets when you end up paying more in the long run.  No drop dead pictures of hot girls on the beach sipping a mixed drink. 
Although that will be you after you've gone through 
Easy Travel first!
Thanks, Penny Ciocchi

We are not reporters, journalists - just average Joe's 
putting all the pieces together. 


P.S.  We always need local sources!
11/21/08 Dear traveler,
Here is a short description of how or why we came about. Several years ago myself, husband and four young children were bumped from a Delta Airline flight at Bradley International 
Airport, Hartford, Connecticut enroute to Florida. 
To keep it short, this annoyed  me for years. Although I could not prove it of course.  I was sure that Delta employees were on a go-slow, 
work to rule, as the day went on. Several years later a Delta pilot was on the news  blabbering/boasting about the last time they were on a go-slow... Bingo. Sure enough it was when my family was traveling. I was so infuriated, it churned up all that stomach acid again! 

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