12/18/08  Big news, Openskies policy is in effect! Delta Airlines, is planning to start daily services between Sydney and Los Angeles 1July, 2009 Delta will be flying Boeing 777s on the route, Qantas and Emirates have A380's. Tickets are on sale now, via travel agents and website?  V Australia is offering return tickets for about $1200, including taxes and charges. 

11/23/08 Delta Airlines will become the official airline for New York Yankees in 2009, which will include the private jet category for Delta AirElite Business Jets.  Also, as the exclusive sponsor of the Delta Sky360 Suite, the airline will offer Suite holders an opportunity to sample the world-class Delta brand  and customer experience. The Suite encompasses the nine sections of  the Main Level directly behind home plate, and its elevated position allows for some of the best views of the field in Yankee Stadium, which is set to open in spring 2009 with a capacity of 52,325.  "Delta and its more than 75,000 employees worldwide are thrilled to become the  Official Airline of the New York Yankees, further demonstrating our commitment to New York, which also serves as a global hub for Delta," said Gail Grimmett, Delta's senior vice president - New York. "Our Delta Sky360 Suite at Yankee Stadium will offer Suite holders a sampling of the Delta experience. As the world's largest airline, Delta offers more flights from JFK and LaGuardia to more destinations worldwide than any other carrier, and we are committed to remaining the airline of choice for New Yorkers."

10/30/08  US Justice department okayed it.  Delta deal now complete with Northwest.  Just what we need, largest passenger airline in the world. Even bigger than KLM-AirFrance. Lets hope pilots and cabin crew stay happy.  Less routes and seats for us. Will be based in Delta's home city of Atlanta. 

Delta: Plans Internet service on its entire fleet of 330 domestic aircraft by summer 2009, starting with 75 by the end of the year. washingtonpost.com

10/31/08  Boston, What the Delta-NWA merger will mean at Logan boston.com

10/7/08  Delta, NWA pilots lay out arguments over seniority  mlive.com

9/30/08 These 2 Airline Stocks Should Soar fool.com

9/24/08 U.S. Airlines Grounding 500+ Planes This Fall
Posted by Scott McCartney  blogs.wsj.com

8/20/08 “Delta Airlines is scheduled to start its operations next year in Nairobi. 

8/18/08 Delta said customers who bought tickets by this past Thursday and are booked to travel until this Thursday "to, from or through" certain Georgia and Florida cities have until Thursday to make a change with no fees or penalties. Cities include Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Orlando. See the list. newsday.com

7/31/08  Major pension fund concerns for employees if it merges with Northwest. 

7/31/08 Autopsy Scheduled for Woman Found in Plane Bathroom fox

7/28/08  With one of the worst track records for lengthy ground delays, kept passengers on a plane for hours Sunday at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport -- and then canceled their flight.Delta flight delayed 5 hours on tarmac, then canceled.  

7/7/08 Guyanese authorities say a first-class airline passenger was so angry at seeing economy passengers leave a jetliner before him that he yanked open an emergency hatch and slid down the chute. 

7/22/08  Delta now believes the merger will produce $2 billion in savings and benefits, up from an original estimate of $1.2 billion, and will cost about $600 million, down from the $1 billion projected earlier thestreet.com/story

7/18/08 Airline stocks jet after AMR's and Delta's results.  marketwatch.com/news

Jul 14, 2008 Delta said it will convene a special meeting of stockholders on Sept. 25 for shareholders to vote on the issuance of Delta common stock to Northwest stockholders as part of the merger of the two airlines. Delta in April announced that it is combining with Northwest in an all-stock transaction to create a new airline to be called Delta that will be headquartered in Atlanta. aviationnews.net

9 July 08, Delta severs Toledo connections; fuel costs put end to airline's 63-year presence at Express toledoblade.com

Jun. 27--LEWISBURG -- Greenbrier officials say county organizations must ante up $225,000 to prevent Delta Airlines from pulling out of the Lewisburg airport.  

Delta, offering rebates on its $25 second-checked-bag fee to some customers after receiving comments about how the fee was implemented. Most carriers when enacting the fee earlier this year said it would apply on tickets purchased after a certain date. But when Delta announced its fee April 9, it was applicable on tickets bought before that date, as long as the flight was after May 4. The airline is now making an exception for fliers to seek rebates if they bought tickets before April 9 and have been assessed the fee.

Delta Airlines will end nonstop flights between Orlando, Fla., and Raleigh-Durham International Airport "effective late summer," it says.

6/19/08  Delta Airlines Plans Additional Cuts To Make Up for Fuel Price and they can still afford to buy Northwest?  WashingtonPost.com

6/18/08  A group of airline passengers sought to scuttle Delta Air Lines Inc.'s proposed takeover of Northwest Airlines Corp., alleging in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday that the deal would result in an illegal monopoly.

6/16/08 Delta Airlnes allows web-enabled mobile phones and devices to check-in online at mobile.delta.com. They will download an electronic boarding pass with a bar code that can be scanned at the security checkpoint and boarding gate.

Delta partnership could mean faster security lines ajc.com

6/12/08  Delta to cut twice as many jobs. 

6/11/08 Delta tells Pinnacle it plans terminate contract; regional calls action 'drastic' 

5/30/08  Delta Air Lines cutting 1,000 more jobs.  Delta said on March 18 that it would offer voluntary severance payouts to roughly 30,000 employees.  3,000 people took the package.
Spokeswoman Betsy Talton said today that more than 3,000 people took the package, 
Besides severance payments, employees who take the offers are entitled to travel privileges and additional benefits to manage career transitions.
Atlanta-based Delta had 55,044 total full-time employees as of the end of last year. Excluding the current round of cuts, Delta has announced it would cut up to 33,000 jobs since 2001.
Delta is in the process of acquiring Eagan-based Northwest Airlines in a $3 billion deal announced last month that would create the world's largest airlines.

5/29/08  Delta Airline sued for ruining family holiday  smu.com
Delta has agreed to acquire Northwest airlines.

5/21/08  Airlines dropping more nonstop flights from Orlando.  

14 May 08  Delta Air Lines pilots approve contract revisions by overwhelming margin 

4/25/08  The head of the world's biggest airline  WSJ

Non union employees get raise

Getting new seats, more leg room. 

4/13/08 Delta Air Lines and its pilots union have agreed on a new contract viewed as a big step toward a merger with Northwest Airlines, but the arrangement could leave Northwest's pilots in a weaker position, industry experts said Thursday

4/7/08  Atlanta-based Delta's board members, who convened a meeting on Friday, agreed to press ahead with negotiations with Northwest, which urged Delta late last month to consider reviving merger talks, which would create the world's largest airline, fizzled out in March when the pilots on both sides failed to agree on how seniority would work for the roughly 12,000 pilots in a combined carrier. 

4/3/08  Delta to cut Freedom Airlines ERJ operations

3/28/08  Delta inspects all md-88. flights delayed 

3/7/08  Delta in top 10 for on time. 

3/5/08  Delta declares own web site has the cheapest fares. 

Delta discontinues service at Long Island MacArthur Airport
Citing rising fuel prices, Delta Air Lines will discontinue service at Long Island MacArthur Airport, the company said Wednesday. 

3/3/08 this weekend began issuing red tags meant "to keep track of approved carry-on luggage," Only for international customers. 

Delta attendants move toward a union vote 

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Delta Airlines 800-221-1212  
The International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA), which represents 8,000 pre-merger Northwest flight attendants.

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Worlds larges airline. Latest news, review  on Delta Airlines.  Such as staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record. Will they strike after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport.
Latest strike headlines
Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines

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May 2017 Travel + Leisure Latest on avoiding baggage fees

March 2016 Delta Airlines Pilots
Some 12,000 Delta Airlines pilots contract expired December 2015. Compulsory 90 day contract talks end this Thursday, 31 March 2016. Delta has had record net profits, $4.5 billion last year. Next stop mediation board. Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA

Delta flights to Iceland delayed ctvnews.ca Icelandic air traffic controllers are on a go slow

March Delta flights to France will be delayed due to French air traffic control strike

Strikes that might affect your Delta Airline flight to Europe
Moroccan and Belgian general strikes, Italian aviation strikes, German national rail strikes see ETR
TAP Airlines StrikeLufthansa Airline strike

​13 January 2015 Delta flight attendants file for election goiam.org

Old industrial actions for 2014
20 March 2014 Wednesday Lufthansa baggage handlers will strike tomorrow, Thursday, March 21 5am to noon local German time. Long-hauls are lucky ones not to get cancelled. follow along with us at Lufthansa Strike page.
March 14 Here we go again. German airport security strike again starting tomorrow Cologne/Bonn airport and at Dusseldorf airport. Will last all day, expect hundreds of flights to be cancelled. More flier aggravation
next week, Tunisian airports will be closed due to strike. TAP Airline strike 21, 22 and 23 March. Possible UK customs strike.

Monday March 11, 2013 yet another German airport security strike

7 November 2012 Delta Airlines flight to Madrid will be hit this week by a baggage handlers strike Madrid Airport Baggage Handlers strike

2 July 2012 10,200 Delta pilots take pay deal that's good till 2015. 13%  beginning of next year 3% next and following years.  This will be what all  U.S pilots will judge salary by. American airline companies can now move on.

May 2012 Delta pilots, tentative contract, 7 months early businessweek 
April 2012 Delta buys oil refinery
2012 Delta thinking about buying U.S Airways bloomberg.com/

Old stuff
Delta airlines flight attendants vote down union

Machinists union says Delta interfered in vote    reuters.com

9/909 Delta Airlines is to stop it's daily flying service between Manchester Airport, UK and New York John F Kennedy airports.

13, August, 09  The International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers on Thursday said it will seek a union vote for nearly 13,000 luggage and cargo handlers, flight simulator technicians, security workers and 7,000 airline counter workers and other office and clerical staff from the pre-merger Northwest. The National Mediation Board has already recognized Delta as a single employer in certain labor negotiations.

7/17/09 British Airways cutting back longhauls to Australia in the winter, Heathrow-Sydney from 2 flights a day,  to one a day.

"What aircraft will Delta fly Los Angeles Sydney July 2009?"  Asked by a viewer.  Boeing 777-200LR, effective 1 July, 09,  See our reviews for V Australia

3/29/09  Heads up, if you are going to Sydney, Australia, strike at airport.  Planes left unloaded.
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