Lufthansa Airline site.
German Air Traffic Controller strike
​Frankfurt International Strikes
​Attention you should know Lufthansa, 300 workers at Dusseldorf Airport are to be let go. Choose another airport.

Get your ticket from Lufthansa website or Lufthansa ticket counter. If not, you will be charged an extra 16 euros.

Lufthansa will take control of Brussels airline September 2016

Update:-Wednesday, March 15, 2017 German airline pilot’s for Lufthansa have made a deal with management. Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and low cost pilot’s for Germanwings will get over May 2012 - June 2022 11.4% pay raise. Pilot union accept gradual increase in retirement age.

Berlin Airport Strikes?
What's going on?
Berlin Tegel
Air Berlin and Lufthansa
16 May 2017 For what seems like days Air Berlin flights from Tegel have been delayed. It’s not just a few it’s in the hundreds. 
Today, Tuesday 16 May 2017 so far 18 cancelled 132 delayed, tomorrow 2 cancellations planned already
Monday 15 May 2017 38 cancelled 269 delayed
Sunday 14 May, 2017 30 cancelled 268 delayed

All in all in the last week 129 cancelled flights and 1,496 delayed and
Lufthansa in the past week 68 cancelled and 1,542 delays.

Old news for 2017

Two thousand Ground Handlers Strike
Tegel Airport Schonefeld strike notice up
Lufthansa strike notice up
Schonefeld Airport Strike
Air Berlin 

World is watching
Also stay in touch with our  Berlin Airport strike page

Update:-Monday evening 20 March 2017 Numerous delays out of Berlin Tegel today. Tomorrow so far no flights have been cancelled or delayed. Call your airline to get updates. Flights to and from Italy will be back to normal tomorrow after Italian air traffic control went on strike today.

Update:-Update:-Saturday 18 March 2017 Berlin Airport workers union and management will be in negotiations on Monday.

Update:-Tuesday 14 March 2017 Yesterday 460 departures got chopped at Berlin Tegel Airport, Schoenefeld 143. Union behind strike action ver.di likely not to announce future strikes in advance blaming strike-breakers from yesterday. Ryanair had brought in own ground workers. Union did however state no further strikes before the end of the weekend. 
This leaves everyone wondering about travel on Monday the 20th.

Update:-13 March 2017 Strike has been extended till Wednesday 5am. Just great.

Update:-13 March 2017 Berlin baggage handlers back on strike today, 25 hour strike. Monday 4am till 5am Tuesday. Union and management a mile apart on any agreement soon. As usual you know what to do. No luggage, get to airport early, call airport to see if you are leaving, although this maybe unreliable.

Update:-March 9, 2017 Berlin airports Tegel and Schonefeld ground handling In the news. Strikes to begin this Friday 4am and last till 5am Saturday.
Severe disruptions are expected, call your air carrier. Verdi union workers offered 8% over three years, union looking for 10% increase. Talks still going on.
First possible strike date Wednesday, 8th March.
Update:-Friday 3 March 2017 Union workers vote overwhelmingly for strike action. Verdi union meeting is to take place on the 7th when more information will be released. Worlds largest tourist expo in Berlin starts the 8th, 180,000 visitors. It’s getting more and more likely that your flight could be cancelled next week to Berlin’s Tegel or Schonefeld Airport.
Temporary workers can’t be used by law. Air Berlin expected to be hit hard.

Update:-Tuesday 28 February 2017 voting taking place today whether or not union workers, baggage handlers, check-in, and ramp workers at Schonefeld and Berlin Tegel Airports strike.
Ballot results due in this Friday, strike could start Saturday 4th March. Perhaps you need to know General Italian transportation strike, Finnish aviation unions and Air France strike action see

​New Wednesday 15 February 2017 Yes, unions are back with strike action at both Berlin Airports. Union members, ground crews, will strike 4pm - 10 pm local time, tomorrow, Thursday 16 February, 2017.
Call your airline. Expect delays and possible flight cancellations. Can you come without luggage? Verdi trade union will meet with management on Friday for negotiations.

Recent  Berlin Airport Strikes
Update:-Wednesday February 8, 2017 So far, flights cancelled 130. Air Berlin alone cancelled 60 flights. Flight marshals and plane re-fuellers joined in. Hamburg, flight crew, terminal bus drivers, cleaners and baggage handlers joined in. Passengers were asked to not bring luggage.

Announced today, Tuesday February 7.
Expect severe disruption, possible Lufthansa flight cancellations, tomorrow, Wednesday, 8 February 2017. Strike hours, between 5am and 11am (local time).
More talks planned for Friday, February 10th. This is considered a warning strike causing huge uncertainty.
Berlin airports
Stay in close contact with your airline, before you travel to your airport. 
We will be updating.

All parties talking
Update:- 15 February, 2017 Lufthansa and pilot union except new wage offer. Issue goes back for pilot vote of acceptance. Fingers crossed.

Update:-Saturday, February 11, 2017 Lufthansa pilots’ will decide next week 15 February, 2017whether to take recommendations proposed by mediator.

Update:-31 January 2017 Arbitration agreement ends with no agreement. Next conciliation by 10 February 2017. After that date, if no agreement made, parties will talk internally to figure out next move. 

Update:-January 25, 2017 Talks on going, if no agreement made expect strike action perhaps in March.

12 January 2017 Lufthansa to take over Air Berlin. 

Lufthansa Pilot Strike
Update:-Thousands of passengers can now relax and enjoy new year.
 Friday 16 December, 2016 Pilot union and management agree to complete the conciliation process by the end of January. No strikes in January.

Update:-Sunday December 11, 2015 Pilot union will continue talks with management next week and and rule out strikes on the run up to Christmas. No strikes while talks are on going.

Update:-Sunday, December 4, 2016 This week-end has gone smoothly. Monday and Tuesday looking good. Talks have been positive. No industrial action is 
planned for this week so far.

Update:- December 1 , 2016 Lufthansa pilot union Vereingung Cockpit getting pressure, airline loosing 10 -15 million euros per day, Lufthansa baggage handlers feeling job insecurity, passenger unrest. Lufthansa management made new offer yesterday, we will see. Pilot's ask Lufthansa to get comprehensive and reliable information on a new compensation offer.
Pilot union gets a boost, backing from Bogota, IFALPA Professional and Government Affairs Committee. If flying to and from Bogota I’d be nervous IFALPA  More foreign pilots support Cockpit union French and Turkish.

Update:-Sunday 27 November 2016 Cockpit union, talks on going. Lufthansa pilots will strike this Tuesday, 29th. All domestic flights will be involved 00:01 - 23:59 hours.

Wednesday the 30th will see Lufthansa airlines short, medium hauls and long hauls leaving Germany 00:01 - 23:59 hrs.
See Lufthansa Airlines press release

Update:-Friday November 25, 2016 No strike is planned for Sunday. Pilot’s will continue with strike action next week and you will be given the customary 24 hour notice.

Update:-Thursday November 24 Lufthansa strike extended again for this Saturday between 00:01 to 23:59 hrs. All long hauls which leave Germany will be effected this time.
Jörg Handwerg, a member of the pilot union will be available to talk to you Hall A, Terminal 1 at Frankfurt airport.

Update:-Thursday November 24 Lufthansa strike extended again for this Saturday between 00:01 to 23:59 hrs. All long hauls which leave Germany will be effected this time. If you  are in Frankfurt airport tomorrow, Friday you can meet with a pilot union rep Hall A, Terminal 1, 10am. Be nice.

Update:-Wednesday November 23, Pilot union Vereinigung Cockpit announce strike for this Friday the 25th. Again 00:01 - 23:59hrs. This time only the short-hauls will be involved from Germany.

Update:-November 22, 2016 First attempt failed by Lufthansa management today in court. More talks on this evening were also a failure. Pilot's will also strike Thursday 00:01- 23:59, flights cancelled the same as Wednesday long-hauls and domestic short- hauls.

Update:-Tuesday November 22, 2016 Fingers crossed, Lufthansa lawyers are working for you, in court trying to get the strike deemed illegal. Several hundred flights cancelled. Lufthansa has a notice up. Should know something in the next three hours...
​Eurowings strike today Tuesday 22 November from 5am - 8pm in Dusseldorf and Hamburg airports.

Update:-Monday November 21, 2016 Lufthansa pilot strike, Wednesday 00:01 - 23:59 hours. Long hauls and short haul domestic flights from Germany.
Call them Lufthansa Just in time for U.S passengers going home for national Thanksgiving holiday.

14 November 2016 Lufthansa, negotiations break down with management. Pilots will give 24 hours notice before any strike action announced. 
Anythings possible, first it might be long-hauls, Frankfurt might be left unaffected for the first round of strike action, perhaps it will be short and medium hauls. Get your plan B ready. You could be funneled to any one of the subsidiaries Germanwings, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines, Swiss International, Brussels Airlines.
If strike is extended expect hotel rooms and car rentals to be in short supply. 
German railway might add extra trains. Don't forget knock-on effects.


November Eurowings negotiations still not over, issues not fixed with flight attendants.

Eurowings Airline Strike 
Lufthansa subsidiary
Eurowings Cabin Crew Strike
Lufthansa low cost subsidiary
Bases:-Berlin Tegel, Cologne Bonn, Dortmund, Dusseldorf Airport, Hamburg, Hannover, Salzburg, Stuttgart and Vienna International airport.
Codesharing agreement with United Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Sunday 30 October 2016 Meetings were fruitless today, no deal made. Consider yourself lucky if you get by Monday and Tuesday without industrial action. Some districts in Germany have a public holiday tomorrow.

Wednesday 27 October 2016 This evening UFO flight attendant union announce 24 hour strike 00.01 - 23:59 hrs, tomorrow by Eurowings AND Germanwings flight attendants. Call them so far 380 flights cancelled domestic and European. Luckily Frankfurt and Munich airports not effected as with long-hauls.
Eurowings notice up. UFO union rally tomorrow 11am - 3pm in Cologne. 
Lufthansa German landline 069 86 79 97 99 Eurowings 0180 63 20 32 0

October 24, 2016 Monday Cabin crews have postponed strike till Wednesday the 26th. Strike action if goes ahead will last two weeks.

October 20, 2016 Today Eurowings, cabin crew threaten strike action after talks fail between UFO union and Eurowings management. 
Be ready for flight cancellations.
Strike could start anytime from this Monday, 24 October. Dispute will drag on. Union will not strike over Christmas period.
Eurowings has a notice up. We will update here and

Lufthansa Pilot's
Saturday 6 August 2016 Talks going well and have been extended into next week.

Lufthansa pilot union and management extend talks till 5 August 2016

Flight attendant union 
Friday 26 August 2016 Lufthansa cabin crew will have 1% raise October 2016 and 2% raise January 1, 2018. Retirement pension reconfigured and no flight attendants will be fired if company has to reduce workforce till after 2021.

UFO accept three year contract 5 July . Members will vote on this August 10, 2010.

Update:-June 30, 2016 Flight attendants accept deal today. Will be signed July 5, 2016.

30 June 2016 Today's the day. Flight attendant issue in mediation should be resolved.

29 April 2016 Earlier than other years a deal has been made with Verdi union members today. Workers nail down a contract for 2.4% 2016 and for 2017 a 2.35 pay raise.  

Friday, 22 January 2016 Lufthansa has reached a truce with its flight attendants. Talks, mediation will go on till June 30.
Pilots on the other hand, no agreement yet, no truce.

In the mean time.
German Airport Strike
Lufthansa likely to take brunt of strike action.

Update:-26 April 2016 Your not alone. Lufthansa cancel 900 flights, Munich 545 flights 54,000 thousand passengers affected, Frankfurt 350 flights 33,000 passengers.

Announced today, Friday 22 April, 2016 workers at Frankfurt, Munich, Duesseldorf, cologne-Bonn, Dortmund and Hanover airports will strike Wednesday, 27 April, 2016. Carefully orchestrated strike times.
Striking workers from Verdi union will include, ground handlers, check in staff, engineers and air traffic controllers, fire department. 

Strike notice states
Frankfurt Airport Strike:-Start of shift till 3pm. Firemen striking at 8am. That would suggests airport will be closed. Demonstrations around Frankfurt Airport are planned - i.e. roads blocked to terminals.

Munich Airport Strike:- All workers through out the day. New terminal open today.

Cologne/Bonn Airport Strike:-Firemen and baggage handlers plus other ground workers 00:00 - 24:00. 

Dusseldorf Airport:- 3am to 2pm Terminal services, bus services amongst others.

Dortmund Airport:-Ground services from the start of shift.

Hannover-Langenhagen Airport:- 4:30 am - 3 pm ground handlers, admin and technology.. (is this the air traffic control?)
We will update as the news comes in Do email us any tips.

More talks planned 28 and 29 April, 2016. 

This strike may effect local public transport workers, check your rail or bus driver is working

Verdi union is looking for a 6% pay raise for it’s union members

Likely to be the first of many strikes through out the summer. Perhaps change your flight for the day before. You will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. 

Pay attention to the news as German journalists threaten strike action. No date set, but you can play your cards that it will likely coincide with a transportation strike.

Knock-on effect - will cause domino effect around the network worldwide. 
Are you coming from a non EU country? Don’t get stuck in German international arrivals terminal, have a German visa so you can stay in a hotel instead of a cot in the terminal.

Lastly Belgium air traffic control are still playing up - controllers calling in sick. Charleroi and Brussels airport. Greece new strikes on the horizon for this and other strikes that will annoy you to no end
Chin up, call your airline. One more thing French air traffic control strike this week along with French national rail strike.

Negotiations with flight attendants union and pilot union are going nowhere. I'd be worrying if I had a booking with Lufthansa over the Christmas and New Year season.
Change to another airline, incur any penalties. You just don't want to deal with this stress over the holiday's. Whatever you do, don't choose Air France or Portuguese national airline TAP is prone to strike action over the holidays. Airline is under new management.

​​Lufthansa Pilot Strike
Cockpit union

​Lufthansa Strike
Lufthansa Flight Attendants Strike

Update:-Saturday 28 November 2015 Attendants have cancel strike actions.
28 November 2015 Lufthansa Airlines reaches deal with 33,000 ground workers trade union Verdi. One off payment of 2,250 euros and salary increase of 2.2 percent January 1, 2016 and another 2.2 percent at the start of 2017.

Planned union meeting December 2, 2015 Ufo cabin crew union, pilot union Vereinigung Cockpit and Verdi for ground workers union.
Lufthansa strike, by flight attendants - again.
Thursday 26 November 2015
Friday 27 November 2015
Monday 30 November 2015.
Call Lufthansa they have a notice up
Ufo flight attendant union also has a notice up. "Union would like to refrain from strikes on 1 Advent weekend in December"

17 November 2015 Lufthansa sells it's 13% stake in Luxair back to Luxembourg. All's quiet with the flight attendants and pilot's this week, so far...

Old strike action for 2015
Lufthansa Flight Attendants Strike
Three hours notice is all they have to give. By that time you have already left home and coming through security!
As a precaution Lufthansa has booked some 2,500 hotel rooms in Frankfurt. 

Thursday 12 November 2015 Lufthansa two legal battles fail to get strike stopped. 100,000 passengers affected today. If it makes you feel any better, embarrassed CEO Carsten Spohr, had to fly Wednesday to Berlin on competitor Air Berlin. 

Tuesday 10 November 2015 UFO Union step up strike action, painful. Flight attendants will strike from 4am Wednesday till Friday midnight, all flights will be grounded. Lufthansa management working frantically to get strike deemed illegal. New offer expected this afternoon.
Lufthansa say..

Monday 9 November 2015, Effected flights tomorrow will be long-haul’s to Munich, Frankfurt. Dusseldorf long-hauls and domestic flights to be hit. Talks today were fruitless.

Sunday 8 November 2015 Strike details are out for tomorrow. All day walkout at Frankfurt and Dusseldorf Airports from 4:30am to 11pm and Munich your time has come 4:30am to midnight. Lufthansa management to make an "announcement" 5pm Monday.

Saturday 7 November 2015 520 flights cancelled, 58,000 passengers displaced. Domestic and European flights cancelled. Long hauls went except for Dusseldorf - New York.  1,600 hotel rooms mainly in Frankfurt. No information out regarding Monday's flights yet. 

If you are flying to Australia with Lufthansa be ready for an Australian Border Force strike on Monday.

Friday 6 November Here we have a list of cancelled flights
Flight attendant union announced today strike will take place between the hours of 2pm and 11pm (local time) today. Flights to and from Frankfurt and Dusseldorf only will be involved. 
Flights to Munich will not be affected. Lufthansa website states 290 flights will be cancelled. 
Saturday the 7th November flight attendants will strike from 6am to 11pm and will involve domestic and European flights and long-haul fliers. Again flights to and from Frankfurt and Dusseldorf will only be involved see UFO Still, that's 10,000 displaced passengers. You can of course change your flight for free with Lufthansa.
Sunday no strike action to take place. 

At present Lufthansa is the only European airline on strike. British Airways, Air France, Iberia all employees are so called happy.

Let's hope flight attendants get a big blow back from this and change this obnoxious late notifications or Lufthansa lawyers get the strike deemed illegal.

Thursday 5 November Strike will not start till 13:00 GMT tomorrow. More information to be announced Friday morning. All we know is that strike will last eight days and that Eurowings, Germanwings, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa CityLine and Swiss will not be affected. 

Lufthansa urging passengers to stay in contact with them for updates. Lufthansa baggage handler union Verdi is also threatening strike action. Nothing confirmed yet.

Lufthansa Strike
Monday 2, November 2015 UFO Lufthansa flight attendant union announce today strike details.
19,000 Flight attendants will strike this Friday 6, November. Strike will end a week later the 13th. This will ground the airline. Negotiations broke down Saturday. 

Still time for this strike to be cancelled. Flight attendants state Thursday 5pm the deadline for an agreement. Fingers crossed. Best get informed of your flier rights. 

1, November 2015 Lufthansa flight attendant union to make an announcement tomorrow regarding strike action. We will be updating.

21 October, 2015 Flight attendant union UFO state talks have failed. 19,000 flight attendants threaten strike action. Agreement should be made by 
November 1, 2015...

Old strikes for 2015
16 September 2015 You may also want to know Finnish air traffic controllers to strike this Friday, Italian air traffic control strike Tuesday September 22 and Saturday, 26 September, Spanish air traffic control will strike! for times and other strikes that might effect your travel plans with Lufthansa Airlines.

Heads up Monday September 14, 2015
air traffic controllers will announce possible strike action Spanish air traffic control strikes

Wednesday, 9 September 2015 Higher court deems strike illegal. Pilots must go back to work immediately. 
It will take several hours before flights get back to normal. Pilot's will be in no hurry.

Tuesday Update:-Judge deems strike is legal. 

Tuesday September 8, 2015 Lufthansa management, working for you. in court trying to get strikes deemed illegal.

Another update for today, Monday 7 September, 2015 This time it effects Wednesday's flights, 9 September 2015. The 24 hour strike will involve short hauls and medium hauls leaving from Germany only.
Strike starts midnight Tuesday.

Update:-Monday 7 September 2015 Lufthansa pilots will strike tomorrow, Tuesday September 8, 2015. Strike will start tomorrow 8am and go on till midnight. Lufthansa Airlines has a notice up for you. Call them, your flight will be delayed, canceled or brought forward or it may mess with your connections.
Strike involves Lufthansa long-hauls FROM Germany ONLY and cargo flights. Check back with us as you know they will up the strike action.
You might need to know:-Italian air traffic control strike is planned for the 22nd, Brussels taxi strike and Spanish baggage handlers are causing all kinds of problems

​​2 September 2015 Lufthansa pilot union (Cockpit) threaten strike action. Expect strike action anytime for Germanawings and Lufthansa pilots. Long time bitter dispute - 5,400 pilot's to be let go. Call Lufthansa right away your flight will be delayed, cancelled or possible brought forward. Lufthansa Airlines has notice up.

Old news
Update:-Monday July 6, 2015 Pilot union 
announce talks have failed. Agreement to hold off strikes till the end of July now off the table. Be ready with your plan B. No strike date has been set - yet. 
Spanish air traffic control strike dates that might effect you.

30 June 2015 Talks going well, strike threat postponed till mid July by flight attendants. 

28 June 2015 Several strikes involving travel coming up. French air traffic control, Australian immigration and border strike, Spanish baggage handlers strike and tomorrow Brussels airport police security strike

22 June 2015 Flight attendants give 1 July 2015 as the strike date unless deal is made

21 May 2015 German rail strike is over DB Union have agreed to work with a amediator.
SAS is on strike 
See our front page as a lot of travel strikes are going to take place Easy Travel Report

14 May, 2015 Lufthansa pilot negotiations going well. Pilots state no strike in July. Other news you should know. Spain baggage handlers strike going on in Madrid and Barcelona. Helsinki Vantaa possible baggage handlers strike in May.

Deutsche Bahn Rail Strike
German railway Strike
Deutche Bahn Rail Strike 
See DB web page
Train driver union GDL with 20,000 members. This is the 8th strike lately.
Monday, 4 May, 2015 5.5 million passengers to be disrupted daily. Strike starts tomorrow 2am. Strike ends Sunday 9am 10 May. Local times.
Freight trains will strike starting today.
Foreign trains ICE, TGV, Eurostar, Eurocity and Austrian Railways all to be hit. Then you have the knock on effect to deal with.

22 April, 2015 One of our viewers needs proof his Lufthansa flight was cancelled back in March. Hitting brick wall with Lufthansa. Anyone got any suggestions?
Serious delays for passengers regarding German rail strike this week. Check your plans from and to your German airport. 

7 April, 2015 Lufthansa flights to and from and over France will be cancelled, delayed or brought forward in the month of April and May due to French air traffic control strikes 

1 April, 2015 Passengers asking us if pilot's will strike over Easter? Lufthansa airline workers are in mourning. Going out on a limb here, it's highly unlikely any strike will happen for several months. All parties have to re-group after the devastating heart breaking recent incident. We have not come across any news articles stating pilots will strike. Here's the link to Cockpit pilot union site
30 March 2015 Are you flying to Beirut Lebanon Airport tomorrow? Beirut air traffic controllers will hold a "sit in" starting at 1pm.. Other strikes going on  check our front page
Lufthansa Stirke
23 March, 2015 Lufthansa pilot strike overwith for now. Pilot's threaten your Easter travel plans.
This week a French air traffic control strike is in the works French air traffic control strike

You might need to know Italian air traffic control strike is planned for Friday 20 March and a Belgian general strike is planned April 22, 2015.

​Update:-Thursday 19 March, 2015 Soldier on Lufthansa passengers. Pilots announce new strike for Saturday, again 00.01 - 23:59, likely to continue Sunday. This time it will be long - haul and cargo's turn again. Eurowings Germanwings not affected - yet.. You can feel it coming, hairs on the back of your neck standing up?

Update:-Wednesday evening 18 March - Unfortunately another strike has been added.
Lufthansa European and domestic flights.
Friday the 20th - hours 00.01 - 23:59
As per recents strike actions will not involve Eurowings and Germanwings.
Week-end passengers must be getting nervous.. Double whammy with the Italian air traffic control strike going on Friday.
​Here is Cockpit press release

Lufthansa Update:-Tuesday 17 March, 2015 Strike as expected has been extended to Thursday. Again 24 hours long and it will hit the long-hauls and cargo flights. Again Germanwings and Eurowings will not be affected.

List of cancelled flights

 Monday, March 16, 2015 Announced late this evening. Lufthansa expect to get two thirds of passengers to final destination.
750 domestic and European flights cancelled. 80,000 passengers affected.

Lufthansa Airline Strike
Lufthansa Airline pilot strike will effect short and medium haul flights only.
Strike to start Wednesday 18 March 2015 at 00.01 till 11:59pm. 
German Wings and Euro wings not affected. Pilot’s threaten to expand strike. On Friday this week Italian air traffic control strike.
Long hauls get in touch with them if you have a connecting flight. Notice up on Lufthansa site
12 March 2015 Lufthansa pilot's reject latest offer from Lufthansa management.
​Give yourself extra time to and from your German airport. Civil servants nationwide striking, protesting. Strikes could involve airport workers.
GermanWings Strike - 48 hours
Pilot unionVereinigung Cockpit (VC) calls its members in German Wings to strike. Strike starts:-
Wednesday night, 11, February, midnight till Friday, the 13th February, 23:59. Local times. Lufthansa will comment tomorrow, Wednesday. Going to Tunisia? Same day as Tunisair strike and demonstrations in Paris Orly and Charles de Gaulle Airports see our front page Easy Travel Report 
​Friday is the day that votes are due in for airport security workers out of North Rhine-Westphalia - Cologne/Bonn and Dusseldorf airports. They are deciding whether or not to take a new wage offer.
Mega strike in Spain this year, by airport workers
Spanish Airport Strike 2015 has been cancelled.

Sunday 8 February, 2015 Tomorrow will (9 February, Monday) see a 24 hour strike by airport security workers at Hamburg, Hannover and Stuttgart airports. Flights are going to be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. Call your airline. Domestic, International flights will be involved. Lufthansa will take the brunt of it.
Update:- On Lufthansa 6 February, 2015 Lufthansa management state more cuts for workers. Details to be released February 19th. No pilots to be laid off.

German Airport Security Strike
Update:-Deal has been offered, union members will vote on whether to take it or not. Results due in Friday the 13th, February. 
February 2, 2015 Tunisair strike planned Tunisair Strike
​You should also know that Lufthansa pilot's and flight attendants are still not happy going into 2015. Choose another airline. German airport security issue still not resolved.
Wednesday, 28 January, 2015. Yes it's true German airport security strike again this week. Strike will last all day tomorrow, Thursday, 29 January, 2015. Call your airline for instructions. Strike is based out of Colonge/Bonn Strikes and Dusseldorf Airport strikes Follow along with us for updates. Previous strikes this week have caused minimal delays.

Hamburg Airport Security Strike
Announced today, 22 January 2015 Hamburg Airport security strike planned for Friday, 23 January 2015 between the hours 11am - 4pm. Get to the airport three hours early. Call your airline your flight might be cancelled, delayed or brought forward. Hamburg Airport strikes

Couple of industrial actions you should know about.
Stuttgart airport strike 15 January, 2015 from 3am to 10pm. Stuttgart Airport security industrial actions
Lufthansa pilots and management still have not come to a deal. Expect strikes, change your airline.
Old industrial actions for 2014 good riddance.
       Lufthansa Pilot Strike 2014
9 December 2014 Nothing in the news today. Belgium strikes coming up and an Italian general strike next week.

7 December 2014 All parties still in talks with mediators.

Update:-Tuesday 2 December 2014 Lufthansa pilots will strike Thursday, 4 December 2014. Will effect long-hauls 3am to midnight. Expect delays going into Friday afternoon.

Back again
Lufthansa Airlines Strike
Sunday 30 November 2014 Strike dates are in:-
Tomorrow unfortunately, you will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward, call them NOW.
Good news, Germanwings and all other subsidiaries will not be affected.

Starts Noon Monday 1 December 2014 (Domestic and medium hauls)
Ends Tuesday 2 December 2014 midnight.

Long Hauls
Tuesday 2 December, 2014 early 3 am to midnight.

Lufthansa Cargo will strike same time as long hauls. 
(Strike same time as London rail strike and national airline of Portugal, TAP Airlines strike and Belgian rail strikes. This is the worst we've seen of European strike action on a single day in several years. German politicians must speed up future new strike laws. German airlines will be forced to give more notice to passengers. This strike notice given on a Sunday, when press and airlines are sleeping and innocent passengers have started their journey has to go)
Friday, 28 November 2014 Negotiations failed between cockpit union and Lufthansa management. Strike threat hanging over Lufthansa Airline and Germanwings passengers again.
Lufthansa site. You should also know German rail unions are in talks.      
 German Train Strike
DB  Train Strike
Union GDL workers will strike from:-
2 am Thursday, 6 November 2014 
4 am Monday, 10 November, 2014
Millions of passengers will be hit hard. Longest rail strike ever. Long distant trains will be delayed.
Free helpline will be busy 08000 99 66 33
1 November, 2014 Pilot's will not strike during negotiations.

29 October 2014 Nothing in the news regarding any further strike action, yet. Pilot's are still disgruntled which makes us on edge. Plus the long week-end. 

Other strikes planned that might effect Lufthansa flights.

October, November and December 2014 TAP Airlines strike

October Moroccan general strike see ETR

November:-Several Italian aviation strikes planned 14 November, 2014 ETR

December:- Belgium general strike 15 December 2014 ETR

        Lufthansa Pilot Strike 2014
Back again
Update:-Tuesday 21 October, 2014 Lufthansa pilot's went to court today to ask that the compulsory warning of strikes be lifted. Court denies them. Pilot's threaten more strikes. Lufthansa management was also in court today in the hope of getting the strike deemed illegal. Court denies management. Sorry travelers this strike is not illegal. National public holiday Friday, 31 October.

Update:-Monday 20 October, 2014 Long-hauls to be hit tomorrow from noon to 
6 pm.

Announced today Sunday 19 October 2014 pilot's will strike tomorrow, long one:-
1 pm Monday 20 October, 2014 till
midnight Tuesday 21 October 2014 (local time)
Short-hauls. If you are flying on a A320, Boeing 737 or Embraer fleet you will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward.
Here's what Lufthansa has to say. Expect next strike to been even more painful. Just in time for your return trip. Check back for updates with us.
DB Rail Strike
Has been extended into the holiday week-end.
18 October 2014 Strike started at 2am local time. Only a third of trains running. 30% of region and city lines. Hit hard long distant passenger services.
Strike will end 4am Monday. It will take long distant trains several hours to get back to normal.
Helpline 08000 99 66 33
15 October 2014 Lufthansa strike, subsidiary airline Germanwings will strike from, local time, 12 hours in length, noon tomorrow, Thursday, 16 October, 2014 till midnight. GMT that's 10 am to 10 pm.
DB Rail Strike
Wednesday 15 October 2014 starting 2pm and ending 4am Thursday morning. Local times
Monday, October 13, 2014 Rumours flying around left right and center that Lufthansa pilots will call strike action this week. Will it be all flights this time?
(Day light savings, October 26th)
Monday, 6 October, 2014 Yes, it's a Lufthansa strike again, good news is it's Lufthansa Cargo AG's turn. This Wednesday and Thursday, 8 and 9 October. DB railway nationwide strike starts 9pm tomorrow (Tuesday) till 6 am Wednesday.

2 October, 2014 All's quiet with Lufthansa not with Gewerkschaft Deutscher Lokomotivführer GDL union. The drivers for DB Rail German national rail company.
Likely to strike after 10pm this Sunday.

 German Rail Strike
Monday, 6 October, 2014 Yes, it's a Lufthansa strike again, good news is it's Lufthansa Cargo AG's turn. This Wednesday and Thursday, 8 and 9 October 2014.

12 September 2014 German train drivers (GDL Union) are planning to strike on Thursday 2, October, 2014.

​   Lufthansa German Pilot Strike
Monday 29 September 2014 Lufthansa pilot strike tomorrow from 8am to 11pm. Strike based out of Frankfurt International. Strike will effect all 
long-hual flights, estimation of 70 - 80 flights.

Most importantly not effected, long- hauls from Munich and Dusseldorf. Chances are your Frankfurt flight will be redirected to/from Munich or Dusseldorf.
Check your ticket if you are flying on an B747, A330, A340 or A380 you will face a change of plans.
Also not effected by industrial action, domestic and European flights. Subsidiaries Brussels Airline, Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, Swiss Airlines and German Wings.
Lufthansa Airlines
German Pilot Strike Information
25 September 2014 Talks with management fail. Expect strike action again. 
18 september, 2014 
This Lufthansa German pilot strike is over. Unfortunately, nothing in the news regarding what the deal entailed or if pilot's will have a vote on this mystery deal.

15 September, 2014 Announced late today strike cancelled, which was planned for tomorrow.

            Lufthansa Pilot Strike
15 September, 2014 Lufthansa pilot strike tomorrow, Tuesday, 9 am - 5 pm local time. This time it's long hauls to suffer. No long hauls will leave from or to Frankfurt International. Planes involved A380, B747, Airbus types A330 and A340
Lufthansa comment
last strike
Update 10 September, 2014 Some pilot's did not strike today, saved a few long-hauls from being cancelled. Passengers from Munich were transferred from Munich airport to Frankfurt on a 400 seater 747-400. Other airlines picked up unexpected passenger windfall. 140 domestic and European flights cancelled. 15,300 exhausted passengers affected.
Back again
                Lufthansa Pilot Strike
Lufthansa comment and list of cancelled flights.
Announced 9 September, 2014 Lufthansa pilots will strike tomorrow, 8 hours, between 10 am and 6pm, local time. Strike will have a focus this time from Munich Airport, no Lufthansa flights will take off from Munich Airport. With regrets from Lufthansa pilot's Cockpit notice
Cost to German tax payers for this strike estimates of 2 - 4 million euros - 110 flights from Munich cancelled.
German Rail Strike
Saturday, 6 September 2014, DB Rail, GBL union workers will strike from 6 and 9 am CET. See front page

           Lufthansa Pilot Strike
Announced 4 September 2014 (after 5pm) Union will strike tomorrow, Friday, 5 September 2014 from Frankfurt International Airport.
Lufthansa Airlines pilot's will strike from 5 pm - 11 pm affecting short and medium haul flights. Mayhem, 25,000 passengers to be disrupted. 
Old industrial actions for 2014
Thursday, 28 August 2014 Meeting at undisclosed location didn't go well, as expected. 
Germanwings to take brunt of first strike action. All Germanwings flights will be cancelled Friday between 6 am and Noon, local time. Re-book free of charge, over 150 Germanwings flights to be cancelled.
Frankfurt flights will not be affected, Eurowings, AUA, Lufthansa flights as normal. Lufthansa press release
Nothing out regarding train strike, so far today.
Monday, 25 August 2014, Announced late today. DB rail, German railway company threaten parallel strike action. 

Monday, 25 August 2014 Lufthansa management calling unions to come back for talks. Your flight will be brought forward, cancelled or severely delayed. Last Lufthansa pilot strike earlier this year cost German tax payers 60 million euro's. Reminder Air France pilots are also threatening strike action and Argentina, general strike this Thursday.

Friday, 22 August 2014 Late today Lufthansa pilots state strike action is imminent and will give passengers plenty of notice. Peak holiday season.
See pilot union Vereinigung Cockpit site.

22 July 2014 Lufthansa stops flying to Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel for 24 hours, perhaps longer Ben Gurion Airport strike page

Thursday 10 July 2014 Issue back in the news today. Baggage handlers in warning strike today. Berliner Management stepping in with a contingency plan.

Friday 27 June, 2014 A baggage handlers strike is due to end today at 6pm. Strike started yesterday 10am. Schoenfeld and Tegel airports effected. Go early to get through checkin. Make sure your luggage is clearly marked. Here's the only article i've found. BerlinerZeitung

26 June 2014 French air traffic control strike ended officially today at 
1100 UTC time. Lufthansa state flights are back to normal.

11 June 2014 Heads up Lufthansa passengers flying to France. French air traffic control strike is being planned for 24 to 29 June, 2014. Follow along with us at French air traffic control strike 

​Old strikes 2014
10 June 2014 Berlin - Taxi strike tomorrow, expect disruptions around your airport or train station. Leave early, don't miss your flight. Same thing in London, Paris, Brussels, Marseille and Rome

April 6, 2014 Halleluya, German politicians will draw up legislation so strike action by a few can't cause such reckless financial and personal devastation to passengers by the end of this year.

May 2014 Strike last month cost airline $62 million. Good news, Moody's upgrades rating from stable to positive.

Old industrial actions for 2014
Strike Starts midnight Wednesday April 2nd and will end Friday, midnight the 4th of April. Local time.

Friday, 4 April 2014 
Flights will be back to normal by Saturday.
10% of flights leave. 500 flights went by subsidiaries Eurowings:-Condor, Austrian Airlines. Austrian airlines alone took on extra 5,000 passengers. 20,000 domestic passengers take the train a total of 425,000 disrupted total. 
Lufthansa employees find hotels for passengers.
Passengers also offered places to sleep at the airport, along with food and drink. Thursday 700 flights alone cancelled out of Frankfurt Airport.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014  Tomorrow, you can find, Lufthansa/Germanwings pilots demonstrating - rally at Gate 21, Frankfurt airport. 

Monday, 31 March, 2014 Lufthansa site has information up today. Easily 3,800 flights or more will have to be cancelled. Are you on the list of cancelled flights? This issue is not going to go away. Management is adamant and airline is broke. Airline will not answer customer service questions over it's Facebook page.
Subsidiaries exempt :-Eurowings, Air Dolomiti, Swiss, Austrian Airlines fly's to - route.
​We will be monitoring Deutsche Bahn to see if they decide to become sympathetic. (Sorry, we are just paranoid!)
Germanwings information. 

(Also came in on the week-end Lebanese air traffic control strike Tuesday from 10 - Noon)

Friday, 28 March, 2014 German pilots Lufthansa, Germanwings. (Air Dolomiti and Austrian Airlines?) announce strike dates. Starts midnight Wednesday April 2nd and will end Friday, midnight the 4th of April. Local time.

Lufthansa Germanwings Pilot Strike
Update:-21 March 2014 As expected Lufthansa pilots vote for strike action after two years of negotiations. Lufthansa pilots promise to give 48 hours notice of strike action. Shocking yes, but they don't have to. Make sure you have a plan B. In the past it's been hard to find a hotel room or car rental and not just in Germany. Make sure you have a German visa so you can leave international arrivals for a hotel, rather than sleep on a cot in arrivals. Perhaps book a hotel at both ends of your trip and cancel on the day. We will be updating as the news comes.
Expect Ryanair, Air Berlin, Air France, Swissair,EasyJet and British Airways and Tuifly to put on extra planes to catch windfall of new passengers. German railways Deutsche Bahn will also put on extra rail cars if given enough warning. 

P.S Issues below have not been resolved. Airport security and baggage handlers. 
​Tuesday, 2 April, 2014 Are you flying to Beirut, Lebanon? Lebanese air traffic controller strike from 10am to Noon.

Strike from last week
27 March List cancelled flights Lufthansa

Update:-25 March 2014 Email sent out by Verdi union at 7:30am today. Civil Servants strike, 53,000 workers. Airport workers strike has now spread to Munich Airport, Cologne/Bonn Airport, Dusseldorf Airport, Hamburg Airport, Stuttgart and Hannover Airports. Strike is Thursday, 27 March, 2014. 
Strike will start early am and go till 2pm. Call your airline. Despicable. Germany has to change these laws.
​Air traffic will not be back to normal till Friday afternoon. (Will Lufthansa pilots call strike for this week-end? Pulling a double whammy?) Public transport workers across the country are also joining in. Frankfurt Airport strikes

March 24 It's day 6 of a cargo strike out of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Aviapartner. Workers threaten it may carry over to passenger service.

​​23 March 2014 Frankfurt airport workers to strike this Thursday, March 27th. Expect severe delays. Can you change your flight? Involves baggage handlers, airport security and bus drivers who drive you to the aircraft.

            Frankfurt International Security Strike
Update:-22 February 2014 Flights back to normal today, security strike over with. Lufthansa has information up as to how to find your luggage! 

Update:-21 February Lufthansa offer rail voucher The Local
​and see The Courant article. We've learned Lufthansa bringing cots out for passengers to sleep on. See Hr-online

Friday 21 February 2014 1am to 11pm. (more meetings to take place March 5th) 
20 February 2014 Here's what Frankfurt International has to say. Travel Advisory: Strike action planned by security staff
Due to strike action planned by security staff for Friday, February 21, flight disruptions and cancellations are likely to occur at Frankfurt Airport. Passengers are advised to check their airline’s website and the traffic reports (e.g., on the radio or teletext) before traveling to the airport and allow extra time for their journey.
Flight information is available on the website of the respective airline or by calling 01806-FRAINFO (01806-3724636 – flat landline rate of €0.20 euro cents per call within Germany) as well as at or via the Frankfurt Airport app.
​Here's what Lufthansa has to say. Long hauls Air Canada hit with by this.

19 February 2014 Frankfurt - Hann Airport 2,500 passengers daily, airport security strike today, to last 18 hours. Airport will have a contingency plan in place.
More meetings to take place March 5.
12 February, 2014 Are you flying with Lufthansa to Dusseldorf airport tomorrow. Call them Aviapartner baggage handlers wildcat strike. See Dusseldorf Airport Strike page.
5 February, 2014 Germanwings and Lufthansa, 5,400 pilots voting whether to strike or not. Votes due in 21 March, 2013. Check back with us. April might see strike action.
29 January 2014 Lufthansa cancels 42 flights.

24 January 2014 German air traffic controllers will not strike on the 29th. Might make your trip slightly better that day.

18 January 2013 German air traffic controllers will strike for one hour only on the Wednesday, 29th, 7 to 8 am.

17 January 2014 New European air traffic control strike being planned. German air traffic control will join in, on the Thursday, 30th, no times given yet. See our front page. Not a good week to travel around to or from Europe. Change your flight now before everyone else does.
Saturday, 4 January 2014 Lufthansa strike at CDG this weekend has been cancelled early. Officially ended 4:45 am this morning.
2013 industrial actions
26 December 2013 Lufthansa Airlines flights on Paris, Charles de Gaulle route from Germany have seen flights delayed in the last few months because of Lufthansa airline workers causing wildcat strikes. Today, no workers at check in desk. Workers feel ill and have called in sick.  Choose another airline, perhaps Air France.
June 28, 2013 Lufthansa passengers look out for the self check in now at Frankfurt and Munich airports. Scan your boarding pass, fix sticker on your luggage. Put luggage on treadmill and don't forget your receipt.
June 9, 2013 Oh boy, your travel plans are up the creek if you are flying into/around Europe this week. June 12, likely to be the worst day for travel. European air traffic controllers strike radiating from France. Other countries are joining in follow along with us European air traffic control strike
May 28, 2013 Tomorrow Air Dolomiti strike noon - 4PM, flights from Italy only.  Milan's Malpensa airport strikes and Linate airport strikes airports 24 hour strike tomorrow.
May 13, 2013 Lufthansa management made an offer to Lufthansa pilots today. No details made public.
May 1, 2013 Lufthansa and unions make a deal. Members will vote on it, results out May 14/5. 

Lufthansa codeshares with Croatia airlines, follow along with us on our Croatia Airline strike, Star Alliance Member.  
More Negotiations to take place 29 and 30 April. If no agreement made, expect another strike any time from 
April 30 on.
Saturday, April 20 Lufthansa bringing in lawyers, to get strike deemed illegal.  Here's what Lufthansa has to say "Expect massive cancellations and delays" Germanwings will not be effected and check status of your Lufthansa flight See Lufthansa press release
Lufthansa recommending passengers to stick to hand luggage only. Fights from Ireland expected to be hit hard.
Friday, 19 April 2013 Lufthansa airline strike, 24 hours, Monday, 22 April, 2013. Long-hauls should leave, will effect domestic and European flights.Airline will announce cancellations on Saturday evening. Involves Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Hannover, Dusseldorf and Cologne/Bonn Airports. Berlin Airport will strike in the morning till 2:30pm. Website will also be closed. Your flight might be bought forward or delayed till late Tuesday, April 23.

Thursday, April 18 Meeting last night with management found parties miles apart.

Monday, 25 March Today Lufthansa in the news. Management lost a lawsuit for compensation (9.2 million euros) against ramp workers union who caused havoc last year. Majour hit for Air Berlin, Lufthansa and Fraport (Frankfurt airport owner) as they wanted to crush the union financially. Next Ver.di union state they will strike before next meeting planned for April 19. They will not strike at Easter. Do keep an eye on airport security strikes.
Wednesday, March 20:- Lufthansa strike, starts Thursday, March 21, 5am - Noon (local time). 500 flights cancelled, effecting all German airports. Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne/Bonn Hamburg etc. Long-hauls not effected, domestic and short-hauls take the brunt of cancellations. This is a "warning strike" by baggage handlers for once and not German airport security for a change which has almost become livable with. 
Star Alliance member.
Subsidiaries and cargo flights:-Cityline, Germanwings, AeroLogic, Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Lufthansa Cargo.
March 14 Here we go again. German airport security strike again starting tomorrow Cologne/Bonn airport and at Dusseldorf airport. Will last all day, expect hundreds of flights to be cancelled. More flier aggravation
next week, Tunisian airports strikes will be closed due to strike. TAP Airline strike 21, 22 and 23 March. Possible UK customs strike.
Monday March, 11 Dusseldorf Airport security strike
Later in the week 13 and 14 European Day of Action
March 8 Cologne Bonn security strike again today, started at 4am, some 50 flights cancelled. German police step in as security agents. Likely to go on till late at night.
Friday, February 22, German airport security workers walked off the job again yesterday at Dusseldorf and Cologne Bonn airports. Strikes started at 3:30 am and went till 10am, in that short time, Cologne Bonn cancelled some 13 flights and 8 arrivals were cancelled. Dusseldorf 72 flights were cancelled, 136,000 passengers. 
Hopefully week-end won't be interrupted. Perhaps it's time to sue the union
Friday, February 15 Unexpected today at 4 am Cologne - Bonn security workers never showed up for work. Strike likely to go on all day. Added to this the confusion of flight delays from yesterdays's strike. You, as planned by Verdi union are perhaps stranded for a second day. Possibly even another day by the time Cologne airport finishes back up of flights on Saturday. Whose to say what antics union pulls for Saturday morning.
February 13 Back again German airport security strike starting tomorrow 3 am, will last all day. Will hit Dusseldorf and Hamburg airports. So far nothing up on airport websites. Here's what happended last time. See Hamburg Airport press release Call airline before you leave home, perhaps make a reservation at your airport hotel. Here's what Lufthansa has to say

Old industrial actions
January, 24 Don't you just love this late notice. Dusseldorf and Bonn/Cologne airport security strike again today.  Call ahead if possible.  Be prepared for flight to be cancelled or delayed.  Will ripple around the network.  Lufthansa expected to be hit hard.
If caught in international transit terminal and you don/t have a German visa, expect to sleep on a cot tonight in the airport, other passengers will have to be put up in hotels.
18 January Airport security issue back in the news today. Airport security workers never showed up for shifts today at Hamburg Airport. Only one of the 20 security isles working. Airport telling passengers to be prepared to miss flight or have it cancelled. A foot of snow has also caused cancellations across Germany today adding to the mix. Security earn 11.80 euros ($15.73) and want a raise to 14.50 euros. Call airport before you leave the house.  Lufthansa flights hit especially bad, strike will last from 4am to 11pm Follow along here at our Hamburg Airport strike page. Lufthansa website was down earlier today
Keep an eye on Current Travel Information and Flight Disruptions
German Flight Attendants Union UFO
Fraport Communications Toll 01 805 372 46 36
 from abroad +49-1805-372 46 36
Lufthansa 01 805-805 805 .14 euro from a landline and from your mobile .42 euro.
Last years 2012 industrial actions
Monday December 10, Wildcat strike today at German airports. Passengers didn't know what hit them!  Strike was announced late last night. Strike was roughly from 6 - 9 AM. Rippled around the network, Lufthansa cancelled some 90 flights.  Strike was by 1,000 airport security workers. Talks had stalled with management, next meeting planned for January.

Another problem for January 2013 is  European airlines pilot and cabin crew strike 

Old strike information
Keep an eye on Current Travel Information and Flight Disruptions
German Flight Attendants Union UFO
Fraport Communications Toll 01 805 372 46 36
from abroad +49-1805-372 46 36
Lufthansa 01 805-805 805 .14 euro from a landline and from your mobile .42 euro.

European Day of Strike Action 14 November 2012 14N
First look we don't see anything on Lufthansa site for Spains general strike tomorrow, 14 N. You will be delayed or cancelled.

13 November 2012  Deal made with cabin crew. Union UFO had asked for a 5% raise, management offered 3.6%, eventually parties compromised on 4.6%. No flight attendant redundancies till December 2014. In the mean time 3,500 pen pushers will go, but it's not enough. Ultimate cost to airline 33 million euros yearly.

Yes. all's well for this airline for a bit. Stockholders are happy.  Lufthansa still has to find cuts and will go ahead with a opening a new low cost airline. 

Star Alliance member. If perhaps at the end of next year you
are thinking of buying a pricey round the world ticket for the for the following year, choose another airline. Codeshares with Air India, Air Malta, JetBlue, Luxair and Turkish Airlines.
Wednesday 19 September 2012 New low cost airline to begining next year. Do yourself a favour don't book with this carrier till after new subsidiary is up and running.
Sunday 9 September 2012 Mediation will go on till mid October. Flights on normal schedule.

Saturday 8 September 2012 Flights back to normal today. One major concession has been made by Lufthansa airlines.  Company has agreed to not  hire outside contracts/temporary, workers out of Berlin airport. Parties will meet Tuesday. Another new gripe,  employees do not want to be transferred to a low cost airline.

Friday 7 September 2012 Union:-No more strikes for the time being. Arbitrator called in.
Other airlines on strike today, Corsair International out of France and Egyptair grounds international flights due to air crew strike.  Frankfurt airport relatively quiet due to airline giving passengers a reasonable heads up on Friday's action. Some Lufthansa flights are actually flying today.

Thursday 6 September. Yes flights are cancelled left right and center. If you have information/pictures that others can use pass it on.  We and others want to know what's going on at your airport. DB German rail company adding more trains and carriages, some 100,000 passengers up the creek.

Wednesday, 5 September, Flight attendants strike this Thursday, 
6 September starting 10PM (midnight local time) ending 10PM Friday night. Network still suffering repercussions today. Thousands of passengers will be disrupted.
(Lufthansa saves money by having fleet grounded)

What's going on over Newark, NJ departures   Ottawa departures  
Tuesday 4 September Strike spread in the night. Industrial action has now started at Frankfurt airport strike 6AM and Munich Airport strike will start at 1PM till midnight along with Berlin Tegel airport strike 5AM. 350 flights cancelled today, some 26,000 passengers stranded. Long-hauls to
LA, Chicago, Houston, Mexico City and Beijing cancelled.
All but crippled airline. When do negotiations start? UFO union  had declined talks last Friday. Lufthansa now plans a new low cost subsidiary.
Update:- STRIKE IS TUESDAY 4 SEPTEMBER 5AM TO 1PM LUNCH TIME AGAIN. This time it is out of Berlin airport.
Excluded from this are regional flight attendants strike call with foreign Homebase (Delhi, Bangkok). We will follow along our Berlin Airport strike page.

Tuesday 4 September Devastating strike has escalated today to not only Berlin airport but also back to Frankfurt airport starting 6AM and Munich airport starting 1PM till midnight. 
Update:-Monday 3 September strike is on for tomorrow 5am-1PM. This time it's out of Berlin Airport.
Monday 3 September Union have announced they will strike tomorrow, Tuesday, no times given yet. Just that you will be given six hours notice again. 
Gossip:-German magazine Der Spiegel has reported, without saying where it obtained the information, that Lufthansa plans to start negotiating with the union on Sept. 10. A spokesman declined to comment on the date. This came from Vancouver Star

1 September 2012 We've learned today that some 350 travelers got stranded at Frankfurt airport transit lounge and had to sleep on cots because they had no visa and did not expect to need one. They were given hot food and drinks. Another 18 flights were cancelled today. UFO union has not yet released information as to where the next strike will hit.
31 August Endless lines at Lufthansa desks around all German airports today. Passengers given peanuts and water. Union call strike a great success and to expect more strike action this week-end. Berlin Tegel faired well, with only 8 flights cancelled to Frankfurt. Bremen 3. Frankfurt airport for a time was full for incoming carriers. No where to put all the Lufthansa jets. 
30 August Update today. Yes, warm up. It's announced and the unlucky passengers are passengers in and out of Frankfurt airport tomorrow, Friday. From 5am - 1pm lunch time. 

30 August 2012 Evil flight attendants union state strike will start tomorrow, Friday. At various airports and you will be given only 6 hours notice. 
29 August 2012 UFO Union has announced strike will start Thursday, no date and time officially given yet. Only clue we have is that it will last for several hours. (We will be up dating) Union has given out some good news however.  If they strike in the morning you will be told the night before. Make sure airline has all your contact information. Workers at foreign airports will not strike. Eurowings, CityLine and Germanwings will not be on strike. Austrian Airlines will use larger aircraft. Lufthansa codeshares with Air Malta.  Air Malta pilots are also threatening industrial action this week, they've rejected a new contract offer. 
Airline has relationships with:- 
Adria Airways, Aegean, Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, ANA, Austrian Airlines, Avianca, Blue1, Brussels Airlines, Copa, Croatia, Edelweiss Air,  Egypt, Ethiopian, JetBlue, Lauda Air, Lot,  Luxair, Scandinavian, Singapore, South African, Swiss Airlines, TACA, TAM, TAP, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines,Turkey SunExpress, Tyrolean Airways/Austrian Arrows, United Airlines and US Airways  
28 August 2012 Talks have failed between cabin crew UFO labour union and Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Carrier will not give in on it's restructuring programme. 120,000 jobs are to be cut and 3,500 will be flight attendants.

18,000 flight attendants can strike legally anytime. You will be lucky today to get by with your travel plans. Lufthansa will not make contingency plans public till union gives strike times and dates. We do know that long-hauls will take priority. Company will want expensive airlines back in home bases. Cabin crews do not want to be abandoned in a hotel abroad incurring hotel fees. Union will only pay for X number of days of accommodation. Cabin crews will be informed of details via text and emails.

Lufthansa will be knocking on judges doors to get the open ended strike deemed illegal today.

Reminder other airlines will be jumping for joy. Watch the ticket prices, car rentals will be hard to find. Lufthansa will book every hotel they can get. Perhaps German train company will add extra cars and trains.
24 August Flight attendants talks will continue till Tuesday, August 28. If no compromise expect a strike. Do you have a plan B?
23 August 2012 Update:-Flight attendants in more talks, last day of negotiations is Tuesday, 28 August and most probable date for strike action.
17 August 2012 Talks still on going, UFO union flight attendants delay decision till next week. Reminder this is a volatile situation and a strike can happen anytime. Be prepared somehow!! If you have a lay over in a German airport, get a German visa that way you can get out of the terminal for another form of transportation.
8 August 2012 Lufthansa's 12,000 flight attendants have voted for strike action, new meeting with management 16 August.
23 April 2012 Announced today, no surprise, Lufthansa is going to make some severe cut backs. No more first class, no new planes and cancellations of routes. Will let go 3,500 flight attendants.
26 March 2012 German baggage handlers back at it again tomorrow. They will strike from 3 AM to Noon tomorrow. Flights have been cancelled by Air Berlin and Lufthansa. 
4 March 2012 Lufthansa announced that they will increase the fuel surcharge from February 28 due to rising oil prices. 4 to 35 Euro's per flight.

German airport strike.
Update:-Strike by air traffic controllers tomorrow deemed illegal. So you got lucky!
February 28 Tuesday Frankfurt airport strike is heating up today. GdF is calling on German air traffic controllers to join in with the strike from tomorrow Wednesday 5 AM - 11 AM. Check back for another update.

February, 27 Monday Frankfurt airport running smoothly today mainly because of the 148 flight cancellations.

26 February 2012 Negotiations failed between GdF and Fraport management. Strike back on starting tonight Sunday 8 PM till Thursday 1 March 4 AM. Call your carrier or agent.

(I am going out on a limb here.  GdF union will eventually get annoyed at paying the 200 or so workers salary (on the other foot for a change). Yes this is a wealthy union but you know this will irritate them sooner than later. I suspect they will then recruit other airports to join in as management is not going to budge)

Wednesday 22 February Strike will end with tonight's night shift.
Fraport management and union start negotiations Thursday AM. You got lucky for a change!

Tuesday 21 February Sorry to tell you Frankfurt airport strike is to go on till 10 PM Friday 24 February. Today Lufthansa cancelled less than two hundred flights today. Still nothing up on Lufthansa web site. You should be updates via text.

19 February Frankfurt airport workers back on strike tomorrow Monday 20 February for 24 hours.  Expect to be re-routed or even cancelled, call your travel agent or airline ASAP.

15 February 2012 First major strike in Germany this year 2012. Frankfurt airport will be on strike tomorrow from 2 PM - 9 PM GMT. Suspect it will drag on later than 9 PM as the tarmac workers are out till 11 PM. Your flight will be delayed. Call the airline or your travel agent. Frankfurt airport has given a number to call Fraport Communication Center at the number 0 18 05/3 72 46 36 or +49 1805-372 4636. Do you have a round the world ticket with Star Alliance? Lufthansa is in the Star Alliance Group. Lufthansa fourth largest airline, code-shares with 
Air India, Air Malta, Avianca, JetBlue, Luxair and TACA Airlines.


So last year
Oct 24 2011 Lufthansa Cargo to strike for 90 mins tomorrow reuters.

Sunday 9 October From Lufthansa site today. Flight disruption to be expected tomorrow, Monday afternoon in Germany. Due to employee meetings at several German airports flight disruption are expected on Monday afternoon.
Old Stuff
8/8/2011 Strike has been CANCELLED AGAIN FOR tomorrow. Parties agree to talks that will last approximately four weeks.
Another Update for today by Reuters issue back in court
Update:- Monday 8 August. German air traffic controllers strike is set for tomorrow, Tuesday 4am-10am all German air space will be closed, call Lufthansa, you could well be delayed till back up of flights is gotten down till tomorrow. Here's what Lufthansa has to say.

Update:- 3 August. Judge deemed German air traffic controllers strike illegal. Strike is cancelled.

3 August Judge to decide today if strike will be legal. Last time Lufthansa went on strike hired cars across Europe became hard to come by.
2 August German air traffic controllers may strike this Thursday 4 August 2011 for six hours 0400 GMT until 1000 GMT. Will effect all airlines and know doubt take a day to get back to normal. Call your airline.
Check with us you never know perhaps it will be cancelled.

Old stuff
21 Feb. 2011 Nationwide train strike Monday, leave early for airport, perhaps the day before

3 Jan, 2011 Looking for a job? Things looking up for Lufthansa. Creation of 4,000 new jobs, under new boss Christoph Franz, includes,  900 new ground staff, 270 student pilots, 300 apprentices. Larger aircraft, bigger seats. Keep an eye on subsidiary Austrian airlines, they threaten strike in January, 2011.

22, Sept. 2010 Lufthansa has a new CEO Christoph Franz goes on a $4.7 billion buying spree.

Lufthansa Airline passengers and subsidiaries will be flying in some brand new aircraft 20 A320 family jets, and 3 A330-300s. Swiss International Air Lines will get an A320 and five 330-300s and Germanwings 8 new A319s.

16, August, 2010 Air Berlin threaten strike this week.

9, July, 2010 Lufthansa Airlines, 50,000 employees have agreed to a 22 month pay freeze, so your good to go.

12, April, 2010 German air traffic controllers will meet today. Couple of things you should know.  German ATC's only have to give 24 hours notice and by law 25% of air traffic must fly. New page folks.  German air traffic controllers strike, move along with us

8. April, 2010 I almost feel bad in telling you this, but German air traffic controllers are threatening strike.  We will watch it like a hawk.

7, April, 2010 News came out today that the union has canceled the up and coming strike and will concentrate on talks with the mediator.  Good news all around. You can slip by unhindered.

Update:-Tuesday, 6, April, 2010 No talks between union and airline are scheduled.
Update:- Monday, 5, April, 2010, Lufthansa pilots strike is still on, so far no deal made with unions.

1. April,2010 Union representing Deutsche Lufthansa AG pilots is prepared to take a dispute with Germany's biggest airline to arbitration, a move that could avert a four-day strike planned for mid-April. Strike has not been cancelled.

3/31/2010 Lufthansa management looking to bargain with pilots and threaten to seek damages from union if four day strike goes ahead.

3/22 Lufthansa pilots union announced 4 day strike from from Tuesday, April 13 through Friday, 16. Better call them to reschedule, ASAP.
3/19/10 Eurowings pilots have unanimously voted to strike.  

Cologne/Bonn airport departures
Frankfort airport departures
Munich airport departures
GermanWings schedule
Cityline departures

Update:- Monday, 8 March.  Negotiations still on going. Union say's talks are "extremely difficult." No new walk out's due this week.
Update:-Lufthansa Airline Strike 
Codeshares with Jetblue. 

(Lufthansa rejects name Stalingrad for new jet.

6 March, 2010 Update:-Good news of sorts.  German pilots union say they will not strike whilst talks continue after March, 9. "Negotiations remain constructive, there is no reason to strike." See you will sneak by, another satisfied customer. 

5 March, 10, Update:-Lufthansa airline pilots union is deep in conversation with management and don't see reason to strike on March, 9 while negotiations are on going so well.  Relax you will be able to fly, congratulations you've snuck by!!  Even so, don't go all rosie on me and book with them again any time soon..

4, March, 10 Update on Air Berlin, strikes off, agreed to more talks.

3/3/10 Air Berlin threaten a three hour strike. "Will be in the coming days"?  Perhaps you can squeeze by.

Last strike threat..
2/24/10 Lufthansa flights just getting back to normal.

Update:- Monday, 22 Feb. 2010 Lufthansa pilots
have agreed to suspend the walkout until March 9 
4,000 pilots will return to work. German court ruled against the union. Sorry to break it to you after you've fought for a train ticket, borrowed or rented a car, paid extra for competing air ticket and tipped the hotel clerk.. Hurry, re-book your flight while your can.

German airline Lufthansa is asking a court to halt a strike by more than 4,000 of its pilots. Decision within the next 24 hours. Long-haul flights to the U.S., New York and Denver, were canceled. Some South America  and Asia flights on schedule. Passengers arriving at Munich airport are being reimbursed. Twitter reports Frankfort airport  is "orderly". Copenhagen, "Chaos on Kastrup airport", Keep checking back. 

Passengers scramble for car rentals, hotel rooms and other airlines up their prices.

Customers can continue to obtain information about their bookings, as well as about the rebooking options and cancellations, at 800-645-3880 in the U.S. and 800-563-5954 in Canada.

According to the special flight schedule, the following flights to/from North America are scheduled to take place during the period from February 22-25:

February 22

LH 412 Munich - Newark
LH 413 Newark - Munich
LH 430 Frankfurt - Chicago
LH 431 Chicago - Frankfurt
LH 434 Munich - Chicago
LH 435 Chicago - Munich
LH 438 Frankfurt - Dallas Ft Worth
LH 439 Dallas Ft Worth - Frankfurt
LH 492 Frankfurt - Vancouver
LH 493 Vancouver - Frankfurt
LH 498 Frankfurt - Mexico City
LH 499 Mexico City - Frankfurt

February 23  
LH 412 Munich - Newark
LH 413 Newark - Munich
LH 492 Frankfurt - Vancouver
LH 493 Vancouver - Frankfurt

February 24
LH 412 Munich - Newark
LH 413 Newark - Munich
LH 434 Munich - Chicago
LH 435 Chicago - Munich
LH 442 Frankfurt - Detroit
LH 443 Detroit - Frankfurt
LH 492 Frankfurt - Vancouver
LH 493 Vancouver - Frankfurt
LH 498 Frankfurt - Mexico City
LH 499 Mexico - City Frankfurt

February 25
LH 412 Munich - Newark
LH 413 Newark - Munich
LH 434 Munich - Chicago
LH 435 Chicago - Munich
LH 490 Frankfurt - Seattle
LH 491 Seattle - Frankfurt
LH 492 Frankfurt - Vancouver
LH 493 Vancouver - Frankfurt

Update:- Sunday, 21 Feb.Airline offers pilots a deal, pilots have not received any deals? I don't get it either..
 Long hauls to UAE and Nigeria hope you've called. Airline cancelled its Lagos to Frankfurt flights of Monday and Thursday.  

Lufthansa has said it will cancel 1,200 flights of the 1,800 daily services 
Update:-Lufthansa Airline Strike is on, four days, starting this Monday night at midnight, 22, Feb, 2010. Best call them. Check you don't codeshare with Lufthansa Airlines.

Update:-20, Feb. 2010.  Union offering to talk to management before strike.  So far no meeting is planned. Lufthansa Cityline will operate their flights according to schedule. 

Feb. 18, 2010 Lufthansa Airlines management now questioning legality of strike.  Estimated loss for airline to be EUR 25 million a day. Are you flying on Austrian Airlines?  Austrian Airlines has set up a hotline for customers wishing to obtain information about their booking (rebookings/cancellation): +43 51766-1000. Germanwings information on re-booking tickets can be obtained from Germanwings' information centre in Sofia by calling 02/491 7413.

Update:-Confirmed, Lufthansa pilots will strike, will effect Germanwings and Cargo AG. Four-day strike starting on Monday, midnight 22, Feb. 2010. Ending midnight Thursday 25 Feb. Call 800 850-6070, Lufthansa will publish tomorrow (Friday) a special flight schedule during the strike period. Experienced Lufthansa flight captains earn between $150,000 to $340,000 per year.
See what Lufthansa Airlines has to say. We will keep you informed. Lufthansa codeshares with

Feb 17, 2010 Results due in today, Lufthansa gearing up for strike,  drawing up an emergency plan involving putting customers from several flights onto larger aircraft, booking passengers onto other airlines and providing train tickets.

16, January, 2010 Lufthansa, Lufthansa cargo and Germanwings  pilots will make the decision whether or not to strike Wednesday, February, 17. Pilots concerned jobs will be shifted to subsidiaries such as Brussels Airlines or Austrian Airlines, where pilots are paid significantly less. Union will need  70 percent of the vote for industrial action.

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Europe's largest airline 
Lufthansa Airlines 1850 flights operated daily
United States: 1-800-645-3880
Germany: 49 800 850 60 70 
United Kingdom: +44 800 358 0538
France: 0805 98 0097       Star Alliance Member
​​May 5, 2015 Chief financial operator Simone Menne states "Lufthansa has an urgent need to overhaul the way the German airline group provides retirement benefits to it's workers. Pension burdens are putting considerable pressure on our equity"
We read this as. Do not book a trip with this airline for the next four years or more. Workers have to get the heave ho and you will pay.
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*German air traffic controllers dispute.   Flight attendants to strike
The object of this page is to collect information on Lufthansa airlines see below. Such as staffing issues, pilots, go slow, routes, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record. Will they strike or go bankrupt after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport?  In other words is this airline reliable? Lufthansa second largest airline in Europe and when they strike it causes massive disruptions in delays and cancellations across the country, Europe and internationally. Lufthansa is based out Frankfurt, Europe's third biggest airport. If Lufthansa Airlines pilot ever strike. Naturally airlines hub at Frankfurt Airport takes the brunt of the industrial action.

Vereingung Cockpit union represents 4,500 pilots. 
Lufthansa airlines owns or has shares in Germanwings, BMI, Eurowings, Lufthansa Cityline, Sun Express, Swiss Int. Airlines.  These airlines maybe effected by a Lufthansa pilot strike.?
Serving 7 destinations in India 
Delhi 14, Mumbai 11, Chennai and Bangalore 7, 3 Kolkata, Pune 6, and 5 Hyderabad.
Codeshares (or shares in) with Jetblue, Air Canada, Air India, Tap Portugal, United Airlines, BMI, Singapore Airlines to name a few.

Questions from viewer:- "How long is flight from Boston to Frankfurt?"
Cologne/Bonn airport departures
Munich airport departures
GermanWings schedule
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