Finland, Finnish Air Traffic Controllers strike. 
Run by Finavia, a service company that maintains a network of 25 airports in Finland

Thursday March 16, 2017 Several aviation strikes tomorrow afternoon are planned. For this and other strike dates see Helsinki Vanta page

28 February 2017 Baggage handlers, airport security and de-icing crews threaten strike action this week. For more information see our Easy Travel Report for this and other strikes that may effect your travel plans.

Monday 14, September, 2015 Here we go..
Strikes are planned for this Friday 18 September, 2015

Finnish Air Traffic Control Strike
Finnish air traffic control strike to take place between the hours 11am to 1pm (local time) Strike will cause a ripple effect world wide. Call your airline, chances are your flight will be delayed, canceled or brought forward. After a long day of flight delays your arrival will be met with a public transportation strike. Taxi’s will be hard to find.
Helsinki Vantaa Airport

Finnair Flight Attendant Strike
Finnair flight attendants strike will coincide with air traffic control the same time

Public Transportation Strike
Trains and buses will strike 

National Rail Strike
Local and long distant trains will be involved

Sunday 6 September 2015 We are getting query after query. If you know of a strike let us know.

Old industrial actions.
Not air traffic controllers it's ground handling this time.
See Helsinki Vantaa Airport Strike 2015

Finnish Airport Strike
Update:-Tuesday, 14 April. So far so good. A few delays with Norwegian Air Shuttle and that’s it. 
April 13, 2015 Passengers asked to bring hand luggage only
Helsinki and Oulu Airport 
Ground handling strike is planned for
Tuesday and Wednesday, 14, 15 April, 2015
Between the hours of 6am to 6pm Helsinki
Oulu 6am - nooon.
Other airports in Finland will see strikes between the hours of noon - 6pm.

Here is a notice from Finnavia.

Airlines not involved:-(hard to believe)
Finnair, Flybe and Blue1 will not be disrupted.
Striking in sympathy with Airpro Luggage and Cargo will be handlers Aviator, Swissport and RTG.
Chances are your airline is trying to get you to change your flight - delayed or cancelled and your luggage maybe left behind.

Old strikes for 2014
18 January 2014 European air traffic control strike being planned for the end of January. You will be delayed, brought forward or even cancelled. Call your airline. Follow along with us Easy Travel Report

Last years industrial actions
October 30, 2013 Finnish air traffic control strike has been cancelled. Lucky you.

October 14, 2013 Finnish air traffic controllers threaten will strike at the end of this month, Wednesday, October 30.  Strike times will be 10pm - 8am and 2-4pm daily. Management state minimal disruptions expected, unless it's you. Call a head. We will be updating as the news comes in.

Old industrial actions
Monday, August 12, 2013 
55 Finnish air traffic controllers walked off the job today at all Finnish airports. Controllers will return to work 8am tomorrow.  Tampere (regional flights) workers 5PM. Here's what Finnavia has to say. Air traffic controllers refuse to do any over time.

19 Workers to be let go. How to incorporate these workers (or not) in air traffic transfer is the problem, decision will be made by the Autumn.  

Head of pilots union states, he's not sure how long walk outs will last. Turku airport supervisors are working. Perhaps other airports are also using supervisors.
Let's see what's going on Helsinki Vanta Airport running smooth. Oulu Airport   Finnair  Blue1  Fi.Flybe 

Looking now for more information for you.
August 5, 2013 Finnish air traffic controllers are still in mediation, earliest possible strike date is 8 am, August 13th
July 27, 2013 Finnish air traffic control regional center moves from Tampere - Pirkkalare  to Vantaa with no problems. (By Autumn transfer should be complete, till then, coming, going, in and around Finland is going to be iffy. Just our opinion folks)
July 25, 2013 Public Sector workers and Finnish air traffic controllers threaten strike action. Mediator postponed strike which was to start July 30th. Strike will now start on Tuesday August 13th unless deal is made. All parties meet Monday August 5th.

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status

Finnish air space should be good to go till 2013!

August 2011 Wednesday. Deal made today narrowly missing a strike by Finnish air traffic controllers. Esa Lonka, the National Conciliator arranged the deal with Service Sector Employers' Association (PALTA) and the Finnish Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (SLJY) which proved difficult primarily over the situation about breaks. Partial agreement made, better than striking.

All Finavia hubs would of been effected by two spotted strikes. Particularly Helsinki-Vantaa Airport during the peak hours which handles around two-thirds of aircraft movements in Finland.

The air traffic controllers will receive a EUR 500 lump sum, to cover the delay in negotiations, a 2.9 percent pay rise from the start the this month. A further 2.8 percent increase at the same time next year, with more targeted salary rises at certain airports until 2013.

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