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Helsinki Vantaa Airport Strike Finland Finnish
Finnish Airport Strike

Helsinki Vantaa Airport Strike 2018
Helsinki Airport 


Helsinki Finnair departures
Friday's busiest day of the week for Finnair.

Helsinki Airport strike planned for this Friday 22 June, 2018 by airport assistance help has been cancelled.
Do follow along with us for French air traffic control strikes that may effect your flight

​Strikes from last year 2017
12 December, 2017 One runway closed today due to snow.

Are you flying from Helsinki Vantaa Airport December 14/15 2017 to Italy? 
You should know about possible trip disaster
Madrid Airport Strike

​8 May 2017 If you are going to Helsinki Vantaa Airport get to the airport early, wait time to get through airport security till May 17, 2017.
Helsinki Notice

Update:-Monday March 20, 2017 Passengers to and from Helsinki Airport. Great news - deal made between mediator and union, future strike action is now off the table.

16th March 2017 See Finnair announcement, this strike is on, for tomorrow, be prepared to be canceled, brought forward or delayed. Will effect all airlines. Think positive it's only four hours with knock on effect see Finnavia notice

Update:-13 March 2017 Strike planned for Tuesday has been called off. Meetings to take place today.
Other strike dates in the works
17th March 2017 3pm to 7pm
22nd March 2017 2pm - 6pm
23rd March 2017 2pm - 6pm
24th March 2017 2pm - 6pm

Update:-March 9, 2017 Finnair cancels 100 flights tomorrow as talks have dragged on. Airline also asking passengers to bring carry-on only. See notice
Domestic and European flights to take the brunt of strike action. Eat before you fly, airline catering is joining in strike action Helsinki Vantaa notice

28 February 2017 One threat gone. Mediator and Palta union make a deal with flight crews. Tuifly Nordic, Thomas Cook and Thomson Airways.
Still up is the IAU issue. 
IAU baggage handlers, airport security.
Friday 3 March 2017 2pm - 7pm Only at Helsinki Vantaa
Monday 6 March at 3am to 9am
Friday 10 March 3pm to 9pm
Tuesday 14 March 3am - 9am
More negotiations to take place tomorrow, Thursday 2 March 2017 1:30pm.
Are you flying to Italy, Germany or France see

Update:-26 February 2017 More talks planned for Monday at noon.

Update:-24 February, 2017 Talks still going on with mediator. Meetings take place 26 February 2017 1pm

Update:-17 February 2017 Now here is an update from Airpro confirming strike dates

Update:-14 February 2017 Here we go union Pro first strike will start Sunday March 5, 2017 00.00 hrs and IAU’s first strike will begin March 3, 2017 2pm. All local times.

Update:-14 February 2017 Aviation Workers Union and Union Pro have been ordered by government mediator not to strike during Finnish school holidays.
Strike was to start this 20th February, 2017. Unions will regroup.

Monday, 2 January 2017 Yesterday Finnair had to cancel 7 flights due to pilot shortages. 2,000 passengers effected. This is only going to get worse. Management working on new pilot agreement.
Several delays out of Helsinki Airport snow?
What will the weather be? You should know the flu is running rampant all over Finland. 
6 January public holiday.
Follow along with our Finnair strike page

4 June 2015 City of Copenhagen and Aahus boycott Ryanair. issue over airline refusing to sign Danish labor agreements and support striking Madrid baggage handlers.

17 May, 2015 Issue with baggage handlers and ground service issues has been resolved. Deal made.
Strike threat over with.
Head's up. Labour mediator now involved in this issue, consequently strike by Airpo workers has been delayed - perhaps the 19 May 2015. You might need to know German rail strike is on this week.

30 April, 2015 Old issue back in the news.
Finnish Airline Strike
Finnish Aviation Union (IAU)
Possible strike 7, 8 May 2015 effecting Helsinki Airport. Finnair giving passengers the option of changing travel plans

15 April, 2015 More baggage handlers strikes likely in the future. Helsinki Airport announce cut backs in baggage handlers  - 42 workers to get the heave ho and 20 will have to go part time. This is not going to sit well.

Update:-Wednesday, 15 April, 2015 Norwegian taking the brunt of strike actions today. Only four of the 17 flights will fly today. Cancels flights from Norway to Finland.

Update:-Tuesday, 14 April. So far so good. A few delays with Norwegian Air Shuttle and that’s it.

13 April, 2015 Passengers asked to bring hand luggage only
Helsinki and Oulu Airport 
Baggage handlers strike is planned for
Tuesday and Wednesday, 14, 15 April, 2015
Between the hours of 6am to 6pm Helsinki
Oulu 6am - nooon.
Other airports in Finland will see strikes between the hours of noon - 6pm.

Here is a notice from Finnavia.

Airlines not involved:-(hard to believe)
Finnair, Flybe and Blue1 will not be disrupted.
Striking in sympathy with Airpro Luggage and Cargo will be handlers Aviator, Swissport and RTG.
Chances are your airline is trying to get you to change your flight - delayed or cancelled and your luggage maybe left behind.

Finnavia has 24 airports.

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