Old stuff
Finnish air traffic controllers threaten strike for Monday, 25 Oct. In talks right now.
Airline passengers expect flights delayed.
Finnish ground handlers strike, Tuesday, 5, Oct (?) 
all provisional airports involved, disruptions on Finnair and 
Finncomm airlines expected.
Cabin crew on Finnair overtime ban, 
and Finnish Aviation Union strike October 6.
Finland, Helsinki bus and truck drivers to strike, Monday, March 2, 10,000 workers. May effect refueling Finnair and Blue 1

22, December, 09  All seems quiet.  Fingers crossed.. Perhaps that fine of 13,000 hurt the union after all.

Thursday, 10, Dec. Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) have pledged to restrain from further industrial action, at least till 22, December.

Tuesday, Dec. 9 Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) gets spanked with a 13,000 euro fine for last weeks strike.  Peanuts compared to Finnair's loss of 6.7 million euros and thousands of passengers severely inconvenienced is reprehensible

Monday, Dec.7 Still not looking good at Finnair.  Issue over baggage handling still not solved. Today and Tuesday is still looking good, you may be able to sneak by with no problems.  Just don't bring luggage, wear extra layers on plane, wear your winter boots...

Friday, 4, Dec. Baggage handlers at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is over. Will walk out again this Wednesday 9 Dec.if issues are not solved by then. Since this dispute started 90 flights were cancelled. 12,000 pieces of luggage stacked up.

Thursday, 3, December, 09 Up to 6,000 passengers disrupted.  so far only one long haul effected to China. 10 domestic cancelled today.  70 flights since Monday.  Luggage piling up. Terminal 1, which is used by other airlines, is operating normally. 

Wednesday, 2, December, 09  20 flights cancelled today. 15-20 flights are likely be grounded tomorrow.  Tuesday, 1, December, 2009.  4000 passengers effected today, no long hauls hit. 35 flights  cancelled. 6,000 pieces of luggage to be delivered. Some personnel went back to work today. Expect more cancellations and delays tomorrow. Perhaps strike will end tomorrow.

30/11/09 Monday, Illegal walkout of ground service, Finnish Aviation Union staff disrupting Finnair traffic, delays and cancellations.  Passengers told not to bring luggage, use Internet and self service check-in kiosks is also recommended. Bring food for trip and come extra early +358 800 9 3466 and +358 600 140 140. Local call centres function normally. Will end on Tuesday 1 December, at 10 am. Here's what Finnair has to say

Finnish airline Finnair said Monday it would outsource about 620 jobs to cut costs, 490 employees at its ground handling company Northport will be transferred to a temp agency called Barona. Some 130 cargo terminal workers to Suomen Transval on December 1. Finnair saying new employees will be offered  flexible and more diverse work. Needless to say this didn't go down well with employees. Finnair calling luggage handlers strike illegal. The Finnish Aviation Union's board will convene on Tuesday to decide if the strike will end at 10:00 am (0800 GMT).

Last disruption
Check website before you leave  Departure Board at Helsinke-Vantaa
Finnair customer service  +358 800 9 3466and +358 600 140 140. 

11/18/09 will operate about 30 per cent of its flights on Wednesday. 500 flights and some 40,000 passengers were impacted. Financial loss still being calculated. What did pilots gain after all this?  A two-year deal, which will cut Finnair pilots' wages by five per cent and it was agreed that routes Finnair will outsource to Finncomm Airlines will not be advertised as Finnair flights.

11/17 pm Tuesday, pilots have agreed to a state mediator's proposal to end a two-day strike that grounded most of the carrier's planes and left its customers stranded across the globe Reuters.com

11/17/09 Finnair not sure if it will cancel all or some flights for Wednesday. So far 400 flights have been cancelled. 32,000 passengers inconvenienced. Airline forced to put passengers up in hotels.

11/16/09 Monday, all flights for Tuesday cancelled. AirBaltic stepping up to pick up the slack, has made available more seats at low prices to and from Finland so that people and businesses are not affected by interruptions in airline services. New talks later in the week. Helsinki airport deserted.

11/15/09  Sunday, 40 flights grounded, codeshare flights are not effected. Finnair recommends passengers postpone trip, get refund or get re-routed on another airline. Finland's national railway adding extra trains. Phones are busy.

11/14/09Finnair ground as from tomorrow. 800 Finnish Air Line Pilots Association rejected offer from mediators.  Airline will cancel most longhauls and European flights departing from Helsinki tomorrow and returning flights. No end in sight, will cost airline between 2.5 million euros ($3.7 million) and 5 million euros a day. No doubt grounding the airline saves money.

Friday, 13, November, 09 Finnish conciliator general late Thursday offered a proposal settlement to Finnair and its pilots.  Both parties will respond by 3pm Saturday, strike is Monday. Finnair, will layoff 60 from catering. Looking for cuts at Northport ground handling subsidiary and Finnair Cargo Operations.

11, November, New chief executive, Mika Vehvilainen will join the group Jan 5, taking over from Jukka Hienonen at the end of the month.

10, November, 09 Overtime ban starting to kick in, 5 flights cancelled today. Routes Helsinki - Copenhagen, Denmark, Helsinki - Rovaniemi,  Kuopio - Helsinki.  Passengers put on later flights.  Finnair pilot strike starting November the 16th. 0:01 a.m.

4, November, 09 Finnair pilots refusing to train pilots of other airlines to fly Finnair aircraft. Will only train their pilots on simulators.

3, November, 09 So far overtime ban has minimal delays, check website before you leave.

10/30/09 Finnish Air Line Pilots' Association, which represents Finnair pilots  announced a ban on overtime starting this Saturday at midnight and issued a warning that all Finnair flights may be grounded by a strike starting November the 16th. In the event of a strike Finnair will operate as many flights as possible with the help of supervisors or outside workers, it told Finnish news agency STT.

1, November, 09  Finnair forms unusual alliance with India. Finnair has been flying to India, Mumbai and New Delhi for three years and now has a commitement for clean drinking water and sanitation to children in Bihar, India. Airlines in the group World Alliance, 12 in all have grouped with UNICEF.  Finnair alone since 1999 collected nearly one million Euro for its campaign with UNICEF. Change for Good programme

Flight attendants agreed to a 5 percent pay cut on Sept. 16

8/8/09 Finnair PLC president and CEO Jukka Hienonen says he is resigning because he is not satisfied with the pace of change in the airline during the current challenging times and uncooperative unions. Personnel unwilling to adapt.

12 June, 09  Watch out, make sure you confirm your flight.  Finnish trains on 24 hour strike starting 15 June, 09, Monday 3am-Tuesday 3am 16 June, 09.  All trains to airport will be canceled.  Perhaps sleep at a hotel near/in Helsinki Airport night before. All roads will most likely be blocked with traffic.  Finnair web site and Helsinki Vantaa International Airport.  See Finnish Rail information by ETR.

9 March, 2009 Strike by technicians at Finnish airline Finnair tomorrow canceled
Negotiations with Finnair pilots on a new contract remain open. 

2/24/09 Relax,  Strike over, Finnair pilots strike has been called off.
Finnair announced new route to Istanbul from Helsinki..

On Strike, industrial action, dates have changed for the Finnair,Plc, pilots strike (you got lucky!) 11,13,16,18 and 20 February, 2009 to:-Wednesday 25, Friday, 27, February, and 2, 4, 6, March 2009, 

Sunday, 2/22/09  Finnair should wake up that passengers are getting restless!  Finnair pilots rejeted proposal by government, talks still continue.  Strikes are due to start on Wednesday the same day as negotiations begin again.

Friday, 2/20/09  Frantic talks begin today, lets see.
1/29/09 Finland Travel Bureau cutting 50 jobs, subsidiary of Finnair. Finnair moves to T3 @ Heathrow.

1/15/2009 Helsinki, Finnair announced this evening layoffs. 120 employees altogether from cargo, catering, scheduled flights, management and technology. Finnair will also temporarily lay off 3,000 people for periods of two or three weeks. Fixed contracts due to expire soon will not be renewed.  

1/24/09 Finnair pilots started overtime ban. Have set strike dates beginning February 11 to coincide with the traditional skiing holiday week. Strike will most likely effect domestic and cause cancellations on long hauls.

23 January, 2009 Finnair pilots threaten strike today. Issues over pay and work conditions.  Such as, pension system and temporarily hired crew.  Meeting with company Wednesday.  Session with national mediators on Monday, 

19 January, 2009 Finnair considering possible merger with  Scandinavian airline.

1/20/09 Skytrax gives Finnair a 4 star rating.

2 December, 08 Finnair PLC plans to temporarily lay off up to 1,700 cabin stewards and air hostesses next year to cut costs, airline officials said Tuesday.

The staggered layoffs, mostly in April and May 2009, would last about two weeks, said airline spokeswoman Kati Lehesmaa. The measures are aimed at saving some $32 million.

September, 2008 Unions reject Finnair’s call for a temporary five per cent pay cut, giving up holiday pay, or giving up pay hikes that had already been agreed upon. Finnair flight schedule, modified.

During the history of the airline, Finnair pilots have been on strike only once, for two hours during the 1970s, as a part of an action called by their international federation. 

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Finnair 56 percent government owned, 83 year old state run airline, 800 pilots, 9,500 work force. 60 aircraft,100 destinations. Ordered 12 new airbus. 
Last year 08, 8.3 million passengers that's 250 flights a day,  
25,000 passengers daily. 1.3 million flyers are enrolled in Finnair’s loyalty program, now offering a deal for cosmetic surgery, implants and hair plugs...  
Codeshares with British Airways and American Airways. 
If Iberia ever strikes it may effect Finnair flights that they codeshare with.
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See who else is on strike today and trying to mess with your trip!

Helsinki Finnair departures
Friday's busiest day of the week for Finnair.

23 August, 2018 Flight attendants from Barcelona cancel strike action as a new deal has been signed.

9 August, 2018 This time it could involve your flight to and from Barcelona El Prat. Barcelona, 50 Finnair temps workers based in El Prat will strike 3 weekends in a row. Starting August, 18, 19, 25, 26 and September 1 and 2. Similar to what Ryanair passengers are going through now.

21 February, 2018 Finnair flights code sharing with Air France will be up the creek this week. Air France strike by pilot's, flight attendants and ground crews will strike tomorrow Thursday 22 February, 2018. Issue over wages. Only other subsidiary effect is JOON. Expect more strike action. see our CDG page or Air France strike page or Easy Travel Report


​12 December, 2017 Helsinki airport down to one runway due to snow today.  Other strikes that are in the news aviation strikes in Italy this week, Madrid airport security and Ryanair pilots see www.easytravelreport.com

8 May 2017 If you are going to Helsinki Vantaa Airport get to the airport early, wait time to get through airport security till May 17, 2017.
Helsinki Notice

Update:-Monday March 20, 2017 Great news - deal made between mediator and union, future strike action is now off the table.

Update:-Sunday meetings taking place today.
Perhaps you need to know Alitalia Strike 5 April, 2017

Update:-Thursday March 16, 2017 Unfortunately the aviation strike is on for tomorrow. Finnair has no control over things see Finnair notice and Helsinki Airport notice

Update:-13 March 2017 Strike planned for Tuesday has been called off. Meetings to take place today.
Other strike dates in the works
17th March 2017 3pm to 7pm
22nd March 2017 2pm - 6pm
23rd March 2017 2pm - 6pm
24th March 2017 2pm - 6pm


Update:-March 9, 2017 Finnair cancels 100 flights tomorrow as talks have dragged on. Airline also asking passengers to bring carry-on only. See notice
Domestic and European flights to take the brunt of strike action. Eat before you fly, airline catering is joining in strike action Helsinki Vantaa notice

5 March 2017 Finnair had to cancel several 
flights today, tomorrow expect to be delayed.

28 February 2017 One threat gone. Mediator and Palta union make a deal with flight crews. Tuifly Nordic, Thomas Cook and Thomson Airways.
Still up is the IAU issue. 
IAU baggage handlers, airport security and de-icing crews.
Friday 3 March 2017 2pm - 7pm Only at Helsinki Vantaa
Monday 6 March at 3am to 9am
Friday 10 March 3pm to 9pm
Tuesday 14 March 3am - 9am
More negotiations to take place Thursday 2 March 2017. 
Are you flying to France, Germany or Italy?
See www.easytravelreport.com
​Finnair has a notice up. Tough if connecting with another flight. Call your airline.

Update:-26 February 2017 More talks planned for Monday at noon.

Update:-24 February, 2017 Talks still going on with mediator. Meetings take place 26 February 2017 1pm valtakunnanonsovitteija.fi

Update:-17 February 2017 Now here is an update from Airpro confirming strike dates

Update:-14 February 2017 Here we go union Pro first strike will start Sunday March 5, 2017 00.00 hrs and IAU’s first strike will begin March 3, 2017 2pm. All local times Helsinginuutiset.fi

Update:-14 February 2017 Aviation Workers Union and Union Pro have been ordered by government mediator not to strike during Finnish school holidays.
Strike was to start this 20th February, 2017. Unions will regroup.

Finnair cabin crew strike is planned for February 17, 2017. Other aviation unions are involved expect passenger services to be effected as well, security checks, Norwegian flights, Tuija and travel agent Tjareborg flights. Not fun. We will update, also see Easy Travel Report  More talks to take place Sunday.

Pilot Go Slow
Friday January 6, 2017 We are getting inquiries suggesting delays are still going on.

Monday, 2 January 2017 Yesterday Finnair had to cancel 7 flights due to pilot shortages. 2,000 passengers effected. This is only going to get worse. Management working on new pilot agreement.
Several delays out of Helsinki Airport
What will the weather be? You should know the flu is running rampant all over Finland. 
6 January public holiday.

Last year 2016 industrial actions effecting Finnair flights.
30 March 2016 Wild cat strike tomorrow planned by Finnish train drivers yie.fi
French air traffic control strike planned 31 March 2016.

Old strikes from 2015
Baggage handlers will be striking
Helsinki Vantaa Airport Strikes 2015

Monday 14, September, 2015 Here we go..

Strikes are planned for this Friday 18 September, 2015

Finnish Air Traffic Control Strike
Finnish air traffic control strike to take place between the hours 11am to 1pm (local time) Strike will cause a ripple effect world wide. Call your airline, chances are your flight will be delayed, canceled or brought forward. After a long day of flight delays your arrival will be met with a public transportation strike. Taxi’s will be hard to find.
Helsinki Vantaa Airport   
Finnair has notice up

Finnair Flight Attendant Strike
Finnair flight attendants strike will coincide with air traffic control the same time

Public Transportation Strike
Trains and buses will strike 

National Rail Strike
Local and long distant trains will be involved
Trains to Moscow and St Petersburg from Helsinki

Old strikes for 2015
Finnish Airport Strike
17 May, 2015 Good news, issue with baggage handlers and ground service issues has been resolved. Deal made. Strike threat over with.
Still if you are flying to Spain or the UK, best look at latest travel strikes that have been in the news www.easytravelreport.com

(German rail strike 5 May - 10, 2015)
​Helsinki Vantaa Airport site

May, 14 Finnair has notice up. 19 and 20
see Finnair Announcement 

You should also know baggage handlers strikes are taking place in Barcelona and Madrid Easy Travel Report

May 4, 2015 This Airpro strike has been delayed. Stirke might take place May 19. Labour mediator want's more time to go over the complicated issue. Finnair will now make an announcement Tuesday, May 12 as to how they will deal with it Finnair

April 30, 2015 Old issue back in the news
Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) Sympany with Airpro.
Possible strike 7, 8 May 2015 effecting Helsinki Airport. Finnair giving passengers the option of changing travel plans YLE.fi

Update:-Tuesday, 14 April. So far so good. A few delays with Norwegian Air Shuttle and that’s it. 
April 13, 2015 Passengers asked to bring hand luggage only
Helsinki and Oulu Airport 
Ground handling strike is planned for
Tuesday and Wednesday, 14, 15 April, 2015
Between the hours of 6am to 6pm Helsinki
Oulu 6am - nooon.
Other airports in Finland will see strikes between the hours of noon - 6pm.

Here is a notice from Finnavia.

Airlines not involved:-(hard to believe)
Finnair, Flybe and Blue1 will not be disrupted.
Striking in sympathy with Airpro baggage handlers and Cargo will be handlers Aviator, Swissport and RTG.
Chances are your airline is trying to get you to change your flight - delayed or cancelled and your luggage maybe left behind.
Old strikes for 2015 
Finland   -   Finnair Strikes
Cabin crew strike, Finnair flights will be effected at Helsinki Vantaa Airport, tomorrow, Wednesday, 
1 April, 2015. Strike to start 7am and go on till 1pm. Thursday's flights will be normal. Call them
Old strikes for 2015 already
​Update:-Sunday, 8 March 2015 Finnish union IAU went on sympathy strike today. Baggage handlers and cusomer service workers ended strike at 5pm. Tomorrow Norwegian airlines is grounded still. Follow along with us Norwegian air strike

Last years strikes
30 November 2014 Lufthansa strike, Belgian railways, TAP airline all going on tomorrow.
See Easy Travel Report front page
19 June 2014 Flights to France might be delayed next week due to French air traffic control strike

19 June 2013 Airline announces a partial deal with pilots.
May 2014 Finnair has failed to reach an agreement with employees on cost reductions. Airline would like to cut cabin crew costs by 35 million euros.
​18 January 2014 European air traffic control strike planned end of January, France to be hit badly follow along with us 
Easy Travel Report

Last years bitter strikes
December 19, 2013 Finnair wins lawsuit by flight attendants union. It is legal for Finnair to sub-contract Spanish flight attendants on Spanish air routes.

Old industrial action
Finnair recently voted safest airline. Finnair transported 8.8 million passengers to over 60 European and 15 Asian destinations in 2012. Massive airline, you are not alone. Thousands of passengers are on edge.

18 November 2013 Catering issue over with.

16 November Flights back to normal by Sunday Finland Times

15 November 2013 Finnair cabin crew come to a deal. Sorta.. YLE

14 November 2013 Latest from Finnair

13 November update today and you won't like it. Industrial actions will take place from 3pm November 27 to November 30 
4 Traders

13 November 2013 Finnair have stopped selling tickets for this week-end in preparation for Friday's 24 hour strike which starts at 3pm. Strike (biggest in Finland's history - lucky you) will effect all Finnish airports baggage handling, ticket sales, mechanics, check in staff. Helsinki Airport to be hit hard. With no ground crew, other airlines must feel the strike effect. More meetings this afternoon for ground crews. Nothing up yet for flight cancellations.

12 November, Catering strike today and Thursday no drink or food will be delivered to planes.

11/11/13 This is all we found today.
This came from Slsy
Blue1 entire transport
Finnair's home country and Europe
PE 15.11. at 15 - LA 15 16.11.klo
SU 17.11. normal traffic
MA 18.11. at 01 - 15.00
TI 19.11. at 15 - WED 20.11. at 15
TO 21.11. at - PE 22.11. at 15
Overtime ban in force immediately.

Noticeable lack of information out there. 
​Twitter follow along, get an account. Check Easy Travel Report front page. Do you have information, let us know.

Helsinki Vanta Airport  Brussels Airport  
SAS Finnair Flybe Blue1
Codeshares with Aeroflot, Air China, Air France, Bangkok Airways, Belavia, Czech Airlines, Flybe Nordic, Icelandair, Rossiya, TAP Portugal.
Oneworld airline alliance member.

November 5 Finnair catering on strike. Passengers with special diets asked to bring own food.

November 2, 2013 ​The Finnish Flight Attendants’ Association (SLSY) and The Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) and ground handlers.

Strike will effect all Finnish airports. Here's what Finnair has to say.

Finnair flight attendants and Blue1 cabin crew threaten strike action in November. Union in talks with mediators.

If strike goes ahead, expect Blue1 to be grounded. Overtime ban is now in effect.
Finnair Domestic and European schedules to be hit.  
(dicy, translation for length of strikes, see press release from slsy site.)
Friday, 15.11.2013 at 15:00. 
Monday, 11.18.2013 at 01.00 - 15.00 
Tuesday 19.11.2013 15.00 - 
Wednesday 20.11.2013 15.00 
Thursday 21.11.2013 and 15.00 -
Friday 22.11.2013 15.00
We will be updating.

October 31 ATC issue resolved.
October 14, 2013 Finnair flights could be hit by Finnish air traffic control strike end of October. Follow along with us Finnish air traffic control strike

Old industrial actions
August 12, 2013 Finnavia strike is on. Follow along with us Finnavia strike
August 5, Finnish air traffic controllers are still in mediation, earliest possible strike date is 8 am, August 13th

July 27, 2013  Finnish air traffic controllers threaten strike in August. Follow along with us at Finnish air traffic controllers strike

March 15, 2013 
Finnairs engineers walk out, Beijing and Seoul flights cancelled today. Passengers received full refund or were re-routed or took another carrier. This issue is well worth keeping an eye on if you are booked with Finnair. Issues tend to drag on with this airline. Ends at 3pm.

Last years strikes
3  September 2012Lufthansa airlines is on Lakko strike tomorrow from 5am to 1pm. Strike action is based out of Berlin Airport follow along
Lufthansa strike
Berlin airport strike

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​old stuff
14 June 2012 Travel to Finland no longer up the Creek. Deal signed sealed and delivered for Finnair mechanics over out sourcing.

Travel to and from Finland up the creek again.
Monday 11 June All parties met today, no progress made. Talks are on for tomorrow. 

June 2012 Strike deemed illegal, workers back to work under threat of severe fine, issues still not resolved. Won't take too long for flights to get back to normal.

5 June 2012 Finnair engineers back on strike today unhappy with layoffs and compensation packages. Call Finnair, confirm your flight. Strike is to go on for a week. Finnair seem to think they can manage and that all routes will be fine. Strike to go on till 13 June. Here's what Finnair has to say

4 June 2012 Finnair adjusts summer schedule
Check your booking. Hong Kong and Seoul.

11 April 2012 Finnair 1,000 techs on strike till 5 AM Friday. Here's what Finnair has to say.

So 2010
9 December 2010 Another update for today. Yes,
the Finnair cabin crew strike is over folks! Go forth with confidence.

Update:- We may know something by 5pm, USA eastern time. 11pm Finland time.

Day, 10 Thursday, 9 December, 2010 All long hauls cancelled, yesterday the airline flew half it's passengers and 35% of it's flights. Mainly by using other airlines help, much like how BA has handled 22 strikes lately! Talks are continuing. On twitter Helsinki airport tweeted "At the moment the support strike concerns only Finnair. Other airlines operate as normal." and "The strike concerns only Finnair, but the heavy snowfall in Central Europe has affected arriving baggage from Fr and De.
It can take these large airlines 2-3 days to get flight schedules back to normal. Lapland in Artic Circle really feeling the pinch article in the Australian paper HeraldSun

Day 9, Wednesday, Finnish mechanics now say they will not service foreign aircraft ie British Airways at Helsinki airport. Not known yet what other 9 airlines will be involved. Airlines using Vantaa are
Informal talks today, were positive. Talks will begin again 10am tomorrow.

Day 8, Tuesday, coming into Finland, don't bring luggage. Other unions kicking the situation up a notch. No fuel deliveries from now on or ground handling and catering.  Airline can re-fuel in a foreign country. 
Latest Finnair press release. See press release for
Finncomm airlines also will not be refueled. Nothing so far up on Blue 1 website, best call them. Air Finland and Air Baltic have  been picking up some of the slack, nothing on their sites either. Fliers any tips would be great. 

No extra trains to northern Finland. Heavy snow fall, roads are bad. Most snow in Helsinki since 1958. How long do you think Finnair can sustain this strike?

Day, 7, Monday, 6 Dec. Finniair flights, cabin crew reject latest offer. No further meetings scheduled.

Day 5, Saturday talks resume again today. Finnair cancelled 60% of flights today. Train union will join in as from Tuesday and will stop driving all extra trains. 

Day 4, Friday, Dec. 3 VR adding more trains and extra cars. Per Finnair baggage handling is not delayed, any baggage delays come from delayed flights due to weather. On Tuesday, 7 Dec.
Transport workers Union (AKT) will not deliver airline fuel. IAU union which handles airline food, baggage handlers and 
de-icing employees will stop overtime.
Added to the mix is a wildcat strike by Spanish air traffic controllers, which is causing a ripple effect across Europe. 

Day 3, Thursday, 2 Dec. Finnair Flight schedules up for 6, 7 and 8 of December. Some cabin crews return to work today. No date set for new talks. Finnair are flying 40% of passengers. AY flights 30%. Union bringing cabin crews home from far away places around the world due to lack of talks. 
Cabin crews had been paying for own accommodations hoping to be ready for work. Twitter users:-Finnair planes in Helsinki Vantaa covered in snow. 

Update for Wednesday, Blue 1, have fixed a deal and flights will be back to normal by Friday. Finnair flights, still on strike and will cancel 200 flights on Thursday. 

Finnair departures
at Tokyo's Narita Int. Airport  

Wednesday, 1 Dec. New Finnair press release today. Finnair grounding 200 flights today. Aims to keep important routes open and passengers to their destinations, perhaps a day later than expected. Blue1 flights for tomorrow. Blue 1 have a possible deal in the works. Union in talks now.

Tuesday, 30 Nov. Finnair flight schedule, cancels flights, will rent aircraft and staff from Air Finland. Longhauls cancelled. Strike started. 20 Blue 1 flights effected. Only one flight from NY's JFK cancelled at 5:45 tonight to Helsinki. All others Finnair flights from JFK on time.

Monday, 29 November, Finncomm staff not affected only Finnair and Blue 1 press release.
Flights Tallinn to Helsinki not affected.  Meetings till 8pm tonight.

Finnair press release up today.

The Finnish Cabin Crew Union (SLSY) is threatening to begin a strike on Tuesday, 30 November 2010. Conciliation process continues during the weekend. If the strike takes place, it would affect Finnair and the airline Blue1.

The strike would bring a significant part of Finnair's flight traffic to a halt. Every effort will be made to operate leisure flights normally, however. Leisure flights are mainly charter flights for the needs of tour operators. Scheduled flights would be affected more significantly. More information about the flights will be available if the strike is announced to begin. Detailed information is updated continually on these pages.

Finnair flight information

Finnair flight information is available at Flight departures, arrival times and cancellations.

Should the strike take place and your flight is cancelled

    * You may postpone your trip until 31 March 2011.
    * You may apply for refund for an unused flight ticket.
    * We will make every effort to reroute you to your destination with priority of the passengers returning home. 

When a flight is cancelled we serve with SMS text messages those of our customers who provided us with a mobile phone number when they booked their flight. For text messages, it is important that the current telephone number is included in flight bookings. You can add your mobile phone number to your flight booking on our website: Manage my booking or by calling our telephone service. Finnair service numbers

Service to customers is provided on the telephone numbers +358 600 140 140 (3.12 e/answered call + lnc), open 24/7. You may call our local service numbers as well.

We update these info pages and kindly recommend that you monitor them, because our telephone service lines might be busy.

We are very sorry for the concern the strike threat is causing among our customers.

Sunday, 28 November, parties meet again at noon today. Finnair flight schedule, to be changed.

Monday, 22, Another union IAU, ground staff, joining in to support the 2,000  flight attendants. No more meetings scheduled till Friday, 26.

Sunday, 21 Nov. Flight attendants unions met with management today, no agreement made.

16 November, 2010 This time it's cabin crew for Finnair, SAS and Blue 1 to strike. Starting Tuesday, 1pm 30 November, if no deal is made. Best call them now. Finnair has 2,000 flight attendants whose contract ran out 
31 May. Expect flights to be grounded across the board. Still time for a deal to be made.

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Helsinki - Vantaa airport voted by passengers 
"Best baggage delivery system."

Arlanda Airport departures.

 Finncomm Flybe Nordic

Blue 1 

Air Finland

Air Baltic 

Finavia maintains 25 Finnish airports and navigation

Helsinki weather forecast

Finnish railway company VR Group

Long week-end 6 Dec. Independence day, expect train tickets to become sparse. 

Finnish public holidays

Allegro high speed rail link 

Union for Finnish aircraft mechanics and Finnair cabin crew IAU

Finnish Airline Pilots Association

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