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Industrial action 2017 this week.
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27 March, 2018 You don't have this coin in your luggage do you?  We are getting complaints that passengers are suffering form long lines to get through German airport security.

HOP Airline pilots will decide on further strike action 26 July 2017 Follow along Hop Strike

Berlin Airport Strikes

Two thousand Ground Handlers Strike
Tegel and Schonefeld Airport Strike notice up

​Are you flying for HOP Airlines in July? Be ready for strike action

(In the middle of this mess - Are you flying to Italy Monday?
Italian Air Traffic Control Strike
Monday, 20 March 2017 Italian air traffic control strike 1pm - 5pm is still on. Your flight could be brought forward, delayed or worse cancelled. Call your airline)

World is watching
Update:-Monday evening 20 March 2017 Numerous delays out of Berlin Tegel today. Tomorrow so far no flights have been cancelled or delayed. Call your airline to get updates.

Update:-Tuesday 14 March 2017 Yesterday 460 departures got chopped at Berlin Tegel Airport, Schoenefeld 143. Union behind strike action ver.di likely not to announce future strikes in advance blaming strike-breakers from yesterday. Ryanair had brought in own ground workers. Union did however state no further strikes before the end of the weekend. 
This leaves everyone wondering about travel on Monday the 20th or even Sunday evening the 19th.  Check back with us we will update as news come in.

Update:-13 March 2017 Strike has been extended till Wednesday 5am. Just great. Some passengers being bussed - flights changing to Leipzig and Dresden Airports. Dresden almost two hours away, Leipzig 2 hours 20 mins away. Weathers good.

Update:-13 March 2017 Baggage handlers back on strike today, 25 hour strike. Monday 4am till 5am Tuesday. Union and management a mile apart on any agreement soon. As usual you know what to do. No luggage, get to airport early, call airport to see if you are leaving, although this maybe unreliable.

So far for tomorrow (10th) Air Berlin has cancelled 20 flights leaving from Berlin Tegel. 
Berlin Tegel departures 63 and arrivals 76 cancelled.

Update:-9 March 2017 Berlin airports Tegel and Schonefeld ground handling In the news. Strikes to begin this Friday 4am and last till 5am Saturday.
Severe disruptions are expected, call your air carrier. Verdi union workers offered 8% over three years, union looking for 10% increase. Talks still going on.
Lufthansa notice

7 March 2017 Waiting for the foot/baggage to drop. Several flights delayed today  Tegel, why? Perhaps French air traffic control strike. 319 flights on time, 37 delayed and one cancelled. See our front page for other strikes

First possible strike date Wednesday, 8th March.
Update:-Friday 3 March 2017 Union workers vote overwhelmingly for strike action. Verdi union meeting is to take place on the 7th when more information will be released. Worlds largest tourist expo in Berlin starts the 8th, 180,000 visitors. It’s getting more and more likely that your flight could be cancelled next week to Berlin’s Tegel or Schonefeld Airport.
Temporary workers can’t be used by law. Air Berlin expected to be hit hard.

Tuesday 28 February 2017 voting taking place today whether or not union workers, baggage handlers, check-in, and ramp workers at Schonefeld and Berlin Tegel Airports strike.
Ballot results due in this Friday, strike could start Saturday 4th March.

New Wednesday 15 February 2017 Yes, unions are back with strike action at both Berlin Airports. Union members, ground crews, will strike 3pm - 9pm local time, tomorrow, Thursday 16 February, 2017.
Call your airline. Expect delays and possible flight cancellations. Can you come without luggage? Verdi trade union will meet with management on Friday for negotiations.

Recent Berlin Airport Strikes
German Airport Strike
Update:-Wednesday February 8, 2017 So far, flights cancelled 130. Air Berlin alone cancelled 60 flights. Flight marshals and plane re-fuellers joined in. Hamburg, flight crew, terminal bus drivers, cleaners and baggage handlers joined in. Passengers were asked to not bring luggage.

Announced today, Tuesday February 7, 2017.
Expect severe disruption, possible flight cancellations, tomorrow, Wednesday, 8 February 2017. Strike hours, between 5am and 11am (local time). 2,000 ground workers will strike.
More talks planned for Friday, February 10th. This is considered a "warning strike" causing huge uncertainty.
Berlin airports
Air Berlin
Stay in close contact with your airline, before you travel to your airport. 
We will be updating

Last year 2016 strike issues
November 22, 2016 As you know Lufthansa pilot’s have called for 24 hour strike action tomorrow and Berlin 
Airport will be affected in some shape or form.
Lufthansa lawyers will be in court this afternoon fighting for you trying to get strike cancelled. Follow along with us at Lufthansa pilot strike and for other strikes

Eurowings Airline Strike 
Lufthansa subsidiary
Eurowings Cabin Crew Strike
Lufthansa low cost subsidiary
Bases:-Berlin Tegel, Cologne Bonn, Dortmund, Dusseldorf Airport, Hamburg, Hannover, Salzurg, Stuttgart and Vienna International airport.
Codesharing agreement with United Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Wednesday 27 October 2016 This evening UFO flight attendant union announce 24 hour strike 00.01 - 23:59 hrs, tomorrow by Eurowings AND Germanwings flight attendants. Call them so far 380 flights cancelled domestic and European. Luckily Frankfurt and Munich airports not effected as with long-hauls.
Eurowings notice up. UFO union rally tomorrow 11am - 3pm in Cologne. 
Lufthansa German landline 069 86 79 97 99 Eurowings 0180 63 20 32 0

October 24, 2016 Monday Cabin crews have postponed strike till Wednesday the 26th. Strike action if goes ahead will last two weeks.

October 20, 2016 Today Eurowings, cabin crew threaten strike action after talks fail between UFO union and Eurowings management. 
Be ready for flight cancellations.
Strike could start anytime from this Monday, 24 October. Dispute will drag on. Union will not strike over Christmas period.
Eurowings has a notice up. We will update here and

Old industrial action earlier this year 2016
25 April 2016 Bad week for traveling around Europe this week. German airport strikeFrench air traffic controllers on strike and French national rail strike for all this and some more see

Last years strikes 2015 that caused delays from Berlin.

7 September 2015 Lufthansa pilot strike tomorrow, effecting only long-hauls from Germany

Old strikes that we caught in 2015
Tunisair Strike, will effect flights from Berlin.
Strike by flight attendants to start Friday June 4, 2015.
Strike will last 48 hours.
Strike will have an effect at all Tunisian airports.
Popular Tunisair airports Tunis-Carthage, Monastir, Djerba Enfidha. 

5 May, 2015 Update as to what strikes might effect you this week from Berlin. TAP Air Portugal strike is in day 5, German rail strike day 1, Helsinki Vantaa baggage handlers strike has been postponed and Italian airport workers are striking this week Easy Travel Report

Lufthansa pilot strike 2015 follow along with us.

Lufthansa Airline Strike
Follow along with us on Lufthansa strike page, strike going into weekend
​Update:-Wednesday evening 18 March - Unfortunately another strike has been added.
Lufthansa European and domestic flights.
Friday the 20th - hours 00.01 - 23:59
As per recents strike actions will not involve Eurowings and Germanwings.
Week-end passengers must be getting nervous.. Double whammy with the Italian air traffic control strike going on Friday.

Update:-Tuesday 17 March, 2015 Strike as expected has been extended to Thursday. Again 24 hours long and it will hit the long-hauls and cargo flights. Follow along at Lufthansa Strike page
Lufthansa Airline pilot strike will effect short and medium haul flights only.
Strike starts Wednesday 18 March 2015 at 00.01 till 11:59pm.
German Wings and Euro wings not affected. Pilot’s threaten to expand strike.
​GermanWings Strike - 48 hours
Pilot union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) calls its members in German Wings to strike. Strike starts:-
Wednesday night, 11, February, midnight till Friday, the 13th February, 23:59. Local times. Lufthansa will comment tomorrow, Wednesday. Going to Tunisia? Same day as Tunisair strike and demonstrations in Paris Orly and Charles de Gaulle Airports see our front page Easy Travel Report 
​Friday, 13th, is the day that votes are due in for airport security workers out of North Rhine-Westphalia - Cologne/Bonn and Dusseldorf airports. They are deciding whether or not to take a new wage offer.

Last years labor strikes 2014
30 November 2014 Announced today. Lufthansa airline strike tomorrow Easy Travel Report Lufthansa strike page. See other European strike actions for this week.

Old strike actions for 2014
German Rail Strike
DB Rail Strike
Union GDL workers will strike from:-
2 am Thursday, 6 November 2014 
4 am Monday, 10 November, 2014
Millions of passengers will be hit hard. Longest rail strike ever. Long distant trains will be delayed.
Free helpline will be busy 08000 99 66 33 

Lufthansa Pilot Strike 2014
No strikes whilst in negotiations.
Back again
Announced today Sunday 19 October 2014 pilot's will strike tomorrow, long one:-
1 pm Monday 20 October, 2014 till
midnight Tuesday 21 October 2014 (local time)
Short-hauls. If you are flying on a A320, Boeing 737 or Embraer fleet you will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. Call them.  Lufthansa Strike page

Other strikes you might need to know.
TAP Airlines strikes and EasyJet strikes
Italian aviation strikes 14 November, Morocco and Belgium plan general strikes see ETR

DB Rail Strike
Has been extended into the holiday week-end.
18 October 2014 Strike started at 2am local time. Only a third of trains running. 30% of region and city lines. Hit hard long distant passenger services.
Strike will end 4am Monday. It will take long distant trains several hours to get back to normal.
Helpline 08000 99 66 33

Wednesday 15 October 2014 starting 2pm and ending 4am Thursday morning. Local times.

Germanwings Strike
German airline strike
15 October 2014 Lufthansa strike, subsidiary airline Germanwings will strike from, local time, 12 hours in length, noon tomorrow, Thursday, 16 October, 2014 till midnight.
  Italian Air Traffic Control Strike
Heads Up, Flights to and from Italy will be delayed, cancelled or moved up on Saturday, 27 September, 2014 due to an Italian air traffic control strike

Thursday 10 July 2014 Issue back in the news today. Baggage handlers in warning strike today. Management stepping in with a contingency plan.

Friday 27 June, 2014 A baggage handlers strike is due to end today at 6pm. Strike started yesterday 10am. Schoenfeld and Tegel airports effected. Go early to get through check in. Make sure your luggage is clearly marked. Here's the only article i've found BerlinerZeitung

26 June 2014 Belgian air traffic control strike ends 3 UTC today, expect knock on effect. French air traffic control strike is over, extreme knock on effect.

Old industrial actions for 2014
30 March 2014 Air traffic control strike in Lebanon, Beirut airport this Tuesday from 10 am to noon. Issue likely to get worse.
Friday, 28 March, 2014 German airline pilots announce strike dates. Strikes Start midnight Wednesday April 2nd and will end Friday, midnight the 4th of April. Local time. 

Update:-25 March 2014 Email sent out by Verdi union at 7:30am today. Civil Servants strike, 53,000 workers. Airport workers strike has now spread to Munich Airport, Cologne/Bonn Airport, Dusseldorf Airport, Hamburg Airport, Stuttgart and Hannover Airports. Strike is Thursday, 27 March, 2014. 
Strike will start early am and go till 2pm. Call your airline. Despicable. Germany has to change these laws.
​Air traffic will not be back to normal till Friday afternoon. (Will Lufthansa pilots call strike for this week-end? Pulling a double whammy?) Public transport workers across the country are also joining in. 
Fraport (refresh)

​23 March 2014 Frankfurt airport workers to strike this Thursday, March 27th. Expect severe delays. Can you change your flight?

20 February 2014 You will be delayed if flying into Frankfurt tomorrow. Frankfurt airport security strike

Last year 2013
March 8 New German airport security strike today. Cologne airport.
Back again, new German airport security strike, starting Wednesday, February, 20 lasting all day at Hamburg airport.
Friday, February 15 Unexpected today at 4 am Cologne - Bonn security workers never showed up for work. Strike likely to go on all day. Added to this the confusion of flight delays from yesterdays's strike. You, as planned by Verdi union are perhaps stranded for a second day. Possible even another day by the time Cologne airport finishes back up of flights on Saturday.
13 February Back again German airport security strike to hit Dusseldorf and Hamburg airports. Strike to start tomorrow 3 am and last all day. Expect Air Berlin and Lufthansa airlines to be hit hard. Call before you leave for airport
December 10 Wildcat strike by German airport security workers today. Strike will vary across country. Some airports also hit by bad weather causing delays till late in the evening. 
Next union meeting of BDSW January 15.

Fraport Communications Toll 01 805 372 46 36
 from abroad +49-1805-372 46 36

Lufthansa 01 805-805 805 .14 euro from a landline and from your mobile .42 euro.

Last years industrial action
4 September 2012 Strike has spread to Munich and Frankfurt, 26,000 passengers stranded today across the network and 350 flights cancelled. Attendants now threaten an all strike for 24 hours this Friday 7 September.

3 September 2012 Lufthansa Flight attendants have called for strike this time based out of this airport. 
UFO union press release

Strike is to start Tuesday 4 September 2012 5 AM- 1PM lunch time. Call your airline. 

We learned last week that if you are flying into a German transit lounge, flight change and have no German Visa, chances are you will be sleeping in the transit lounge on a cot.
Last week it was Frankfurt Airport follow along on our Lufthansa airline

Old stuff
23 March 2012 Deal made with management you are good to go.

2 March 2012 Taking dust of this page. Today GlobeGround baggage handlers are on strike. Berlin Tegel Airport strike from 6:30 to 9:30 am only. 

February Workers at Frankfort airport threatening strike action.
Old stuff
Both of Berlin's International Airports will have a 3 1/2 hour strike Tuesday, 2/24/09 from 6 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

2/13/09 Yesterdays strike had little effect. 250 union members went on strike. Verdi is looking for a 8 percent raise, airport offered 2.6 percent, 1,250 Euro a one time payment which would put the wage increase to 4.2percent. 

Feb 12, 2009 Two hour strike in am by German airport workers.

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