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German Airport Strike
German airport strike
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Sunday 8 April, 2018 Frankfurt and Munich airport strike by baggage handling and airport security on Tuesday 10 April, 2018 see Easy Travel Report for times. Will likely to effect other domestic airports, get to Munich or Frankfurt a good four hours early, Carry nothing in hand luggage and don't expect to see your luggage for several days. Contact your airline.

Ryanair Pilot Strike
Tomorrow, Friday 22 December, 2017 Ryanair pilots, based in Germany will strike from 5am - 9am. Ryanair management state minimal disruption is expected. Follow along with us Ryanair pilot strike

Berlin Airport Strikes
Two thousand Ground Handlers Strike
Tegel Airport Strike notice
Schonefeld Airport Strike

​May 18, 2017 Runway repairs at Frankfurt Airport between 22 May - 27, May  2017 if all goes well.
Call before you leave for the airport, your flight could very well be delayed.
Berlin Airports’ Strikes
Update:-Tuesday 14 March 2017 Yesterday 460 departures got chopped at Berlin Tegel Airport, Schoenfeld 143. Union behind strike action ver.di likely not to announce future strikes in advance blaming strike-breakers from yesterday. Ryanair had brought in own ground workers. Union did however state no further strikes before the end of the weekend. 
This leaves everyone wondering about travel on Monday the 20th.

Update:-13 March 2017 Just great, grrr Flights effected by - Berlin baggage handlers back on strike today, 25 hour strike. Monday 4am till 5am Tuesday. Union and management a mile apart on any agreement soon. As usual you know what to do. No luggage, get to airport early, call airport to see if you are leaving, although this maybe unreliable.

Update:-9 March 2017 Berlin airports Tegel and Schonefeld ground handling In the news. Strikes to begin this Friday 4am and last till 5am Saturday.
Severe disruptions are expected, call your air carrier. Verdi union workers offered 8% over three years, union looking for 10% increase. Talks still going on.

​Tuesday 28 February 2017 voting taking place today whether or not union workers, baggage handlers, check-in, and ramp workers at Schonefeld and Berlin Tegel Airports strike.
Ballot results due in this Friday, strike could start Saturday 4th March.

Announced today, Tuesday February 7.
Expect severe disruption, possible flight cancellations, tomorrow, Wednesday, 8 February 2017. Strike hours, between 5am and 11am (local time).
More talks planned for Friday, February 10th. This is considered a warning strike causing huge uncertainty. Lufthansa Air Berlin
Berlin airports
Stay in close contact with your airline, before you travel to your airport. 
We will be updating www.easytravelreport.com

Last years strike actions 2016

German Airport Strike
29 April 2016 Earlier than other years a deal has been made with Verdi union members today. Workers nail down a contract for 2.4% 2016 and for 2017 a 2.35 pay raise.  

Announced today, Friday 22 April, 2016 workers at Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, cologne-Bonn, Dortmund and Hanover airports will strike Wednesday, 27 April, 2016. Carefully orchestrated strike times. Lufthansa likely to take brunt of strike action.
Striking workers from Verdi union will include, ground handlers, check in staff, engineers and air traffic controllers, fire department.

Strike notice states
Frankfurt Airport Strike:- Start of shift till 3pm. Firemen striking at 8am. That would suggests airport will be closed. Demonstrations around Frankfurt Airport are planned - i.e. roads blocked to terminals.

Munich Airport Strike:- All workers throughout the day. New terminal open today.

Cologne/Bonn Airport Strike:-Firemen and baggage handlers plus other ground workers 00:00 - 24:00. 

Dusseldorf Airport:-3am to 2pm Terminal services, bus services amongst others.

Dortmund Airport:-Ground services from the start of shift.

Hannover-Langenhagen Airport:- 4:30 am - 3 pm ground handlers, admin and technology.. (is this the air traffic control?)
We will update as the news comes in www.easytravelreport.com Do email us any tips.

More talks planned 28 and 29 April, 2016. 

This strike may effect local public transport workers, check your rail or bus driver is working.

Verdi union is looking for a 6% pay raise for it’s union members. http://www.verdi.de/presse

Likely to be the first of many strikes through out the summer. Perhaps change your flight for the day before. You will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. 

Pay attention to the news as German journalists threaten strike action. No date set, but you can play your cards that it will likely coincide with a transportation strike.

Knock-on effect - will cause domino effect around the network worldwide. 
Are you coming from a non EU country? Don’t get stuck in German international arrivals terminal. Have a German visa so you can stay in a hotel instead of a cot in the terminal.

Lastly Belgium air traffic control are still playing up - controllers calling in sick. Charleroi and Brussels airport. French air traffic controllers strike 28 April and Greece new strikes on the horizon for this and other strikes that will annoy you to no end www.easytravelreport.com

That's it end of 2015 strikes
Update:-Lufthansa long haul flights effected by strike action tomorrow Tuesday 8 September between the hours of 8am and midnight. Call them they have a notice up Lufthansa Airlines strike. Follow along with us www.easytravelreport.com for this and other strikes that might effect your travels.

Old strikes for 2015
Update:-Tuesday 17 March, 2015 Strike as expected has been extended to Thursday. Again 24 hours long and it will hit the long-hauls and cargo flights. 

Lufthansa pilot strike, 24 hours Wednesday, 18 March 2014 Lufthansa Strikes

German Airport Security Strikes
February 8, 2015 Tomorrow a 24 hour strike is planned for Hamburg, Hannover and Stuttgart airports. Your flight is in trouble. Call your airline follow along with us at Easy Travel Report  Will have ripple effect for domestic and international flights world wide.
​Old news
Update:-Management offer deal, union members will vote on whether to take it or not. Results due in Friday the 13th, February. 

28 January,  2015 Tomorrow will see airport security workers striking all day at Dusseldorf airport and Cologne/Bonn airport.
Follow along with us Easy Travel Report

Old industrial actions for 2014
28 November 2014 German air traffic controllers will have work cut out for them, juggling parking Lufthansa planes due to immanent Lufthansa pilot strike - again Lufthansa pilot strike

Berlin Tegel Airport Strike
Bremen Strike
Cologne/Bonn Strike
Dortmund Airport Strike
Dusseldorf Airport Strike
Frankfurt International Airport Strike
Friedrichschafen Airport Strike
Hamburg Airport Strike
Hannover Airport Strike - 
Kassel Airport Strike
Mannheim Airport Strike
Munich International Airport Strike
Nuremberg Airport Strike
Stuttgart Airport Strike

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Airport Strike 2016
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2016 

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German employees looking for a new contract. If so, they can ruin your trip. Lufthansa Airlines alone has 33,000 employees. Baggage handlers, pilots, flight crews, ramp workers you name it.
Lufthansa Airlines
Cockpit pilot union

Lufthansa Pilot Strikes 2018 

German Airport Strike