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German Flight Attendants Union UFO
Fraport Communications Toll 01 805 372 46 36
 from abroad +49-1805-372 46 36
Lufthansa 01 805-805 805 .14 euro from a landline and from your mobile .42 euro.

​​​​​​​​November 22, 2016 As you know Lufthansa pilot’s have called for 24 hour strike action tomorrow and Hannover Airport will be affected in some shape or form.
Lufthansa lawyers will be in court this afternoon fighting for you trying to get strike cancelled. Follow along with us at Lufthansa pilot strike and for other travel strikes that may effect you

Eurowings Strike
Eurowings Cabin Crew Strike
Lufthansa low cost subsidiary
Bases:-Berlin Tegel, Cologne Bonn, Dortmund, Dusseldorf Airport, Hamburg, Hannover, Salzurg, Stuttgart and Vienna International airport.
Codesharing agreement with United Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Wednesday 27 October 2016 This evening UFO flight attendant union announce 24 hour strike 00.01 - 23:59 hrs tomorrow, by Eurowings AND Germanwings flight attendants. Call them so far 380 flights cancelled domestic and European. Long-hauls not effected. Luckily Frankfurt and Munich airports not effected unless you are connecting from an international long haul flight, exhausted and look to board a domestic flight. 
Eurowings strike notice up. UFO union rally tomorrow 11am - 3pm in Cologne. 
Lufthansa German landline 069 86 79 97 99 Eurowings 0180 63 20 32 0

October 24, 2016 Monday Cabin crews have postponed strike till Wednesday the 26th. Strike action if goes ahead will last two weeks.
October 20, 2016 Today Eurowings, cabin crew threaten strike action after talks fail between UFO union and Eurowings management. 
Be ready for flight cancellations.
Strike could start anytime from this Monday, 24 October. Dispute will drag on. Union will not strike over Christmas period.
Eurowings strike notice up. 
Updates see

Old strikes from earlier 2016
German Airport Strike
Lufthansa likely to take brunt of strike action.
Announced today, Friday 22 April, 2016 workers at Frankfurt, Munich, Duesseldorf, cologne-Bonn, Dortmund and Hanover airports will strike Wednesday, 27 April, 2016. Carefully orchestrated strike times.
Striking workers from Verdi union will include, ground handlers, check in staff, engineers and air traffic controllers, fire department. 

Strike notice states
Frankfurt Airport Strike:-Start of shift till 3pm. Firemen striking at 8am. That would suggests airport will be closed. Demonstrations around Frankfurt Airport are planned - i.e. roads blocked to terminals.

Munich Airport Strike:- All workers through out the day. New terminal open today.

Cologne/Bonn Airport Strike:-Firemen and baggage handlers plus other ground workers 00:00 - 24:00. 

Dusseldorf Airport:- 3am to 2pm Terminal services, bus services amongst others.

Dortmund Airport:-Ground services from the start of shift.

Hannover-Langenhagen Airport:- 4:30 am - 3 pm ground handlers, admin and technology.. (is this the air traffic control?)
We will update as the news comes in Do email us any tips.

More talks planned 28 and 29 April, 2016. 

This strike may effect local public transport workers, check your rail or bus driver is working.

Verdi union is looking for a 6% pay raise for it’s union members

Likely to be the first of many strikes through out the summer. Perhaps change your flight for the day before. You will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. 

Pay attention to the news as German journalists threaten strike action. No date set, but you can play your cards that it will likely coincide with a transportation strike.

Knock-on effect - will cause domino effect around the network worldwide. 
Are you coming from a non EU country? Don’t get stuck in German international arrivals terminal, have a German visa so you can stay in a hotel instead of a cot in the terminal.

Lastly Belgium air traffic control are still playing up - controllers calling in sick. Charleroi and Brussels airport. French general strike, likely to effect your flight next week.
Greece new strikes on the horizon for this and other strikes that will annoy you to no end
Chin up, call your airline. Believe it or not we’d like to know your plan B. Mention to and from airports and airline in a brief email.

Strikes that effected flights from 2015
Lufthansa Airline Strike

Another update for today, Monday 7 September, 2015 This time it effects Wednesday's flights, 9 September 2015. Strike will involve short hauls and medium hauls leaving from Germany only.

7 September 2015 Lufthansa pilots strike tomorrow starting 8am and going on till midnight. This time around it only involves long-haul flights.
follow along with us
Lufthansa Airlines has a notice up
Other strike news you might want to know about Spanish baggage handler strike, Brussels taxi strike and Italian air traffic control strike

Old strikes for 2015
4 May, 2015 German rail strike starts this week Easy Travel Report

Lufthansa Airline Strike
Update:-Tuesday 17 March, 2015 Strike as expected has been extended to Thursday. Again 24 hours long and it will hit the long-hauls and cargo flights. 
Follow along with us at Lufthansa strike 

Lufthansa Airline pilot strike will effect short and medium haul flights only.
Strike to start Wednesday 18 March 2015 at 00.01 till 11:59pm. Thousands of passengers to be affected. Call them.
German Wings and Euro wings not affected. Pilot’s threaten to expand strike. On Friday this week Italian air traffic control strike.

Dusseldorf and Hannover Airport
11 March 2015 Aviapartner baggage handlers wildcat strike today, no delays in flights. Strike will last till 2:30 this afternoon. Check with your airline.
Out with security strikes in with GermanWings Strike - 48 hours
Pilot union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) calls its members in German Wings to strike. Strike starts:-
Wednesday night, 11, February, midnight till Friday, the 13th February, 23:59. Local times. Lufthansa will comment tomorrow, Wednesday. We will be updating our Germanwings strike page
German Airport Security Strike
Hamburg, Stuttgart and Hannover Airports security strike

Sunday, February 8, 2015 German union Verdi calls security workers, checkin at Hamburg Airport to strike for 24 hours tomorrow, Monday February 8, 2015. Strike will start at midnight tonight. Airport checkin will be extremely disrupted including the Fast Lane. 203 departures and arrivals are scheduled tomorrow - 40,000 passengers. Call your airline, chances are your flight will be delayed, brought forward or canceled. Hannover and Stuttgart airports will strike in tandem. Get to the airport early, be prepared for a long wait. Possible roadworks? Bring antacids.

Hamburg International Airport
Verdi in North Rhine-Westphalia are mulling over a union deal, which is Cologne/Bonn and Dusseldorf airports security workers. Decision to be made on Friday the 13th.

Last years industrial actions
Lufthansa Airline Strike
30 November, 2014 Lufthansa pilot negotiations failed - again. Lufthansa passengers pay consequences Easy Travel Report Lufthansa pilots strike and our front page for other European strikes this week.

Old industrial actions in 2014
German Rail Strike
DB Rail Strike
Union GDL workers will strike from:-
2 am Thursday, 6 November 2014 
4 am Monday, 10 November, 2014
Millions of passengers will be hit hard. Longest rail strike ever. Long distant trains will be delayed.
Free helpline will be busy 08000 99 66 33

Lufthansa Pilot Strike 2014
Nov 4, 2014 Pilots will not strike while negotiations are going on.
Back again
Announced today Sunday 19 October 2014 pilot's will strike tomorrow, long one:-
1 pm Monday 20 October, 2014 till
midnight Tuesday 21 October 2014 (local time)
Short-hauls. If you are flying on a A320, Boeing 737 or Embraer fleet you will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. Call them.  Lufthansa Strike page

Other strikes you might need to know.
TAP Airlines and EasyJet strikes
Italian aviation strikes 14 November, Morocco and Belgium plan general strikes see ETR 

Old strikes 2014
15 October 2014 Lufthansa strike, subsidiary airline Germanwings will strike from, local time, 12 hours in length, noon tomorrow, Thursday, 16 October, 2014 till midnight. (GMT 10 am to 10 pm)
DB Rail Strike
Wednesday 15 October 2014 starting 2pm and ending 4am Thursday morning. Local times
4 September 2014 Flights from Hannover to Frankfurt International by Lufthansa Airlines likely to be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. Pilots will strike from 5 - 11pm tomorrow 5, September.

Old industrial actions effecting Hannover Airport.
Update:-28 March German Airline pilots announce strike dates today for next week. 2 - 4 April Lufthansa strike
Germanwings strike.

​​Update:-25 March 2014 Email sent out by Verdi union at 7:30am today. Civil Servants strike, 53,000 workers. Airport workers strike has now spread to Munich Airport, Cologne/Bonn Airport, Dusseldorf Airport, Hamburg Airport, Stuttgart and Hannover Airports. Strike is Thursday, 27 March, 2014.
Strike will start early am and go till 2pm. Call your airline. Despicable. Germany has to change these laws.
​Air traffic will not be back to normal till Friday afternoon. (Will Lufthansa pilots call strike for this week-end? Pulling a double whammy?) Public transport workers across the country are also joining in. 
Fraport (refresh)

4 February 2014 Lufthansa/Germanwings 5,400 pilots being balloted for strike action, ballots due in March 21st. Follow along with us Lufthansa Strike

Last years industrial actions 2013
March 20, 2013 Germany, Hannover airport strike by German baggage handlers at Lufthansa Airline. Warning strike is to start 5am - Noon (local time) tomorrow only. Flights to and from Hannover airport will be cancelled. Here's what Lufthansa has to say. Follow along with us at Lufthansa airline strikes
Other German workers unhappy are airport security, check daily!
See Hamburg Airport press release 

Old issue, but issue not resolved .
18 January Security issue back in the news today. Hamburg Airport security workers never showed up for shifts today. Only one of the 20 security isles working. Airport telling passengers to be prepared to miss flight or have it cancelled. A foot of snow has also caused cancellations across Germany today adding to the mix. Security earn 11.80 euros ($15.73) and want a raise to 14.50 euros. Call airport before you leave the house. Lufthansa flights(Lufthansa website down!) hit especially bad, strike will last from 4am to 11pm.

Last years industrial action
29 August 2012 See what's going on over here  at Lufthansa and
German airline federal court decision  

Update:-28 August 2012 Talks have failed between cabin crew UFO labour union and Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Carrier will not give in on it's restructuring programme. 120,000 jobs are to be cut and 3,500 will be flight attendants.  Hannover Airport   expected to be hit hard.

18,000 flight attendants can strike legally anytime. You will be lucky today to get by with your travel plans. Lufthansa will not make contingency plans public till union gives strike times and dates. We do know that long-hauls will take priority. Company will want expensive airlines back in home bases. Cabin crews do not want to be abandoned in a hotel abroad incurring hotel fees. Union will only pay for X number of days of accommodation. Cabin crews will be informed of details via text and emails. 

Lufthansa will be knocking on judges doors to get the open ended strike deemed illegal today.

Other airlines in for a bonanza of business. Christmas comes early and will jump for joy at the extra business.  Are probably planning to put on extra flights right now. Airline ticket prices may go up. German government will put on extra trains, rental cars will be hard to find. Hoteliers will be overwhelmed.  Book your hotel room at both ends of your trip now, you can always cancel. Lufthansa will be buying up every hotel in a 100 mile radius!

24 August 2012 Your flight to Munich from 
Hannover Langenhagen Airport airport may be delayed or even worse cancelled next week. We will be updating.

Flight attendants from                      threaten to strike by Tuesday, 28 August 2012 if negotiations go sour. 

Plan B?
You might change to German airlines Air Berlin or a Condor flight. Both have flights to Munich. 

Plan C? We've even put link for car for ya!

Plan D? Railway.

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Airport Strike 2015
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2017

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German Hannover Langenhagen Airport Strike
             Germany Airport Strike
Aviapartner in 2015 employees around 60 workers. Airline serviced SAS and British Airways and?
Verdi union members.