22 August 2012 German Federal court Justice has ruled that passengers can not claim compensation from a German Airline if flight is cancelled due 'exceptional circumstances"  ie bad weather or strikes. In 2010 Lufthansa passengers flying from Miami to Germany were delayed for several days. Lufthansa provided hotel, food and organized a later flight. Passengers were looking for another 600 euros per passenger in compensation.

Easy Travel Report want's to know what you think about this ruling.

"Exceptional Circumstances"  Boy, that can cover a multitude of sins can't it. Do you get a phone call? Traveling with a baby. Will airline supply baby food and diapers. Medications.
This will be challenged again. What do you think?

Update:-According to EU strict regulations you will have two free phone calls and two either fax or emails. Help line 010805/80 58 05. Airline will bring passengers as soon as possible to destination. Via free booking on later flight or flight on partner airline or rail or bus. 

Regarding food and drinks. Of course this is not regulated by the EU. 
For a three hour delay you can expect a voucher of ten euros. Not going to go far in an expensive airport, where your held hostage. 

Hotel will not be a five star. Airline will pay for transportation to the hotel and airport.

Bring more diapers and baby formula than you would normally need.

German airline federal court justice ruling strikes, weather, exceptional circumstances
Fraport Communications Toll 01 805 372 46 36
 from abroad +49-1805-372 46 36

Lufthansa 01 805-805 805 .14 euro from a landline and from your mobile .42 euro.
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