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Press release translated from Hamburg airport

Hamburg Airport takes stock: "A black day for aviation in Hamburg"
Hamburg Airport News:
Hamburg Airport takes stock of
"a black day for aviation in Hamburg"
The strike of the trade union Verdi has had a substantial impact on the Hamburg Airport after all: From a total of 176 scheduled departures were 63 flights canceled completely. Many machines are lifted empty or not fully occupied, as a result of the very limited control capacity of the majority of passengers, the inspection body may not happen on time. Early estimates were around 12,000 passengers take not their flight. On a typical Friday around 19,000 departing passengers are counted. The passengers had to temporarily spend up to four hours in the queues. The reason: from 40 existing monitoring posts have been filled on average only three. purpose Michel Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport: "Today is a black day for aviation in Hamburg and will be a significant loss of image for our industry in Germany. The unannounced strike is in its length and scope wholly inappropriate and disproportionate. It must be made clear: the airport and the airline play no role in this contract dispute, negotiators is solely the private service of the federal police. It hurts to see that some few self-interested cause many other great damage. Leittragende now the passengers and many other colleagues at Hamburg Airport, which is operating at the airport maintained. The airport is forced to examine all the possibilities now of damages. Even the airlines are hit hard, not to mention the thousands of passengers that their flight could not compete today. I thank all the employees at Hamburg Airport for their hard work and more work. "

Board of waiting passengers ensured
50 employees of the airport, the airport fire department and the German Red Cross (DRK), the waiting passengers looked after in the terminal - either through the disclosure of information or through the provision of drinks and lunch boxes . The Red Cross has had to intervene in 20 cases and medically treat passengers with cardiovascular problems.
Stranded passengers are provided
for passengers who are not from Hamburg and have not reached their flight, several hundred hotel rooms available. In Terminal 1, also about 100 cots are provided.
Operations runs from Saturday again largely normal
flight operations will be on Saturday, 1/19/2013 normal. Passengers is still recommended, tonight and tomorrow morning to bring the current state of the airline booked in experience. For a list of airline hotlines listed here:
Security checks at Hamburg Airport is the responsibility of the Federal
At Hamburg Airport is the security control of passengers in the responsibility of the Federal Police. It is a sovereign function, which may not support the part of the airport. The staff at the passenger checkpoints at Hamburg Airport, the so-called aviation security screeners are employees of a private security services provider, on behalf of the federal police to take control of air passengers. In the early morning of 18.1. Ver.di has called the staff of the passenger checkpoints for a full day strike.

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