​3 March 2017 Union has asked workers to strike today at Stuttgart Airport.

Berlin Airports’ Strikes
Update:-13 March 2017 Flights from Stuttgart Airport effected today by - Berlin baggage handlers back on strike today, 25 hour strike. Monday 4am till 5am Tuesday. Union and management a mile apart on any agreement soon. As usual you know what to do. No luggage, get to airport early, call airport to see if you are leaving, although this maybe unreliable.

1 March 2017 Verdi union talks break down today. Verdi members will likely hit back with some strike action. You should know Berlin Tegel and Schoenfeld airports will likely strike this Saturday follow along Berlin Airport Strike or www.easytravelreport.com for this and other strike actions you might run into.

New Wednesday 15 February 2017 Yes, unions are back with strike action at both Berlin Airports. Union members, ground crews, will strike 3pm - 9pm local time tomorrow, Thursday.
Call your airline. Expect delays and possible flight cancellations. Can you come without luggage? Verdi trade union will meet with management on Friday for negotiations.

Recent Berlin Airport Strikes
Update:-Wednesday February 8, 2017 So far, flights cancelled 130. Air Berlin alone cancelled 60 flights. Flight marshals and plane re-fuellers joined in. Hamburg, flight crew, terminal bus drivers, cleaners and baggage handlers joined in. Passengers were asked to not bring luggage.

7 February 2017 Late notice, 2,000 ground workers will strike tomorrow, Wednesday 8 February 2017. Stuttgart, Hamburg Airport and Berlin's Tegel and Schoenfeld airports. Call your airline before you leave for the airport. Verdi union is calling this a "warning strike". Strike will start 5am and end 11am.
For this and other strikes see our front page for updates www.easytravelreport.com

Strikes from 2016
November 22, 2016 As you know Lufthansa pilot’s have called for 24 hour strike action tomorrow and Stuttgart Airport
will be affected in some shape or form.
Lufthansa lawyers will be in court this afternoon fighting for you trying to get strike cancelled. Follow along with us at Lufthansa pilot strike and for other travel strikes that may effect you www.easytravelreport.com

German Airport Strike
25 April 2016 Your flight to and from Stuttgart Airport likelyto be delayed, canceled or brought forward due to strikes at German Airports see German airport Strikes
Likely to be the first of several strikes this summer. Other strikes this week.

French air traffic control this week along with French national rail strike.
For this and other strike disruptions see www.easytravelreport.com

2 February 2016 Your flight from Stuttgart to Thessaloniki, Greece likely to be delayed, canceled or brought forward due to Greek general strike. Air Berlin, Aegean, Germanwings, Tuifly, For updates see

31 January 2016 Lufthansa pilot's still don't have a new contract. Flight attendants have promised no strike action till June.

​Last years strikes effecting Stuttgart Airport in 2016.
Another update for today, Monday 7 September, 2015 This time it effects Wednesday's flights, 9 September 2015. Strike will involve short hauls and medium hauls leaving from Germany only.

Update:-Monday 7 September 2015 Lufthansa pilots will strike tomorrow, Tuesday September 8, 2015. Strike will start tomorrow 8am and go on till midnight. 
Strike involves Lufthansa long-hauls from Germany ONLY and cargo flights.
​Call Lufthansa right away your flight will be delayed, cancelled or possible brought forward. Lufthansa Airlines has notice up.
Keep in touch at http://www.easytravelreport.com/AIRLINE-HISTORY/HISTORY-LUFTHANSA.html

Old strike for 2015
7 April 2015 Flights to, from and around France will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward due to French air traffic control strikes in April and May 2015  flights to CDG, Marseilles, Nice etc.
Lufthansa workers in mourning. No strike action anywhere in the near future.
Lufthansa flights to and from Stuttgart delayed due to Lufthansa airline strike.
Pilot strike is planned for Wednesday and Thursday 18th and 19th, 20, and 21....

Old strikes for this year already.
Unbelievable - Late Notice
Hamburg, Stuttgart and Hannover Airports security strike

Now its Germanwings turn for strike action
Follow along with us at Germanwings strike page.  Germanwings likely to fly half of regular flight schedule.

Monday, February 9, 2015 Update for you. 
Stuttgart one to two hour delay, airport bring in extra workers.

Sunday, February 8, 2015 German union Verdi calls security workers, checkin at Hamburg Airport to strike for 24 hours tomorrow, Monday February 8, 2015. Strike will start at midnight tonight. Airport checkin will be extremely disrupted including the Fast Lane. 203 departures and arrivals are scheduled tomorrow - 40,000 passengers. Call your airline, chances are your flight will be delayed, brought forward or canceled. Hannover and Stuttgart airports will strike in tandem. Get to the airport early, as much as three hours before departure time, be prepared for a long wait. Possible roadworks? Bring antacids.

Hamburg International Airport
Verdi in North Rhine-Westphalia are mulling over a union deal, which is Cologne/Bonn and Dusseldorf airports security workers. Decision to be made on Friday the 13th.

Old strikes
23 January 2015 Stuttgart airport security strike also going on. Strike started at 3am today and will go on till 2pm. (We missed this, got under the radar, no warning given) 60 departures, 6,000 passengers afffected. 

Old stuff
Hamburg Airport Security Strike
Announced today, 22 January 2015 Hamburg Airport security strike planned for Friday, 23 January 2015 between the hours 11am - 4pm. Get to the airport three hours early.
Stuttgart Airport Security Strike
15 January 2015 Airport security strike today, passengers urged to come several hours earlier than normal for flight. Started 3am and will end 10pm. Flights left 15 - 20 mins later than normal. Only one terminal is open.
Next talks planned for Tuesday 20 January, 2015 between union and management.
Stuttgart Airport
Verdi Union 

You should also know that Lufthansa management have not made a deal with pilots. More strikes likely in the near future.

Last years industrial actions 2014
Lufthansa Pilot Strike 2014
Back again
30 November, 2014 Yes, sorry Stuttgart Lufthansa passengers, industrial action to take place tomorrow. You will be cancelled, brought forward or delayed Easy Travel Report Lufthansa Airline strike December 2014
Friday, 28 November 2014 Negotiations failed between cockpit pilot union and Lufthansa management. Strike threat hanging over Lufthansa Airline and Germanwings passengers again. Follow along with us at Lufthansa strike page. Lufthansa site. You should also know German rail unions are in talks. Flying to Belgium in December?  For more information on these industrial actions Easy Travel Report
​Old industrial actions for 2014
            German Train Strike
DB Train Strike
Union GDL workers will strike from:-
2 am Thursday, 6 November 2014 
4 am Monday, 10 November, 2014
Millions of passengers will be hit hard. Longest rail strike ever. Long distant trains will be delayed.
Free helpline will be busy 08000 99 66 33
20 October 2014 We have some air strikes you might want to know about that may effect your travel plans from Stuttgart Airport.

EasyJet Strike Alitalia and Tap Airlines
Italian air strikes and general strikes in Belgium and Morocco see ETR
German Railway strike issues still not resolved

Old industrial actions for 2014
Lufthansa Pilot Strike 2014
Back again
Announced today Sunday 19 October 2014 pilot's will strike tomorrow, long one:-
1 pm Monday 20 October, 2014 till
midnight Tuesday 21 October 2014 (local time)
Short-hauls. If you are flying on a A320, Boeing 737 or Embraer fleet you will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. Lufthansa strike page

DB Rail Strike
Wednesday 15 October 2014 starting 2pm and ending 4am Thursday morning. Local times
Germanwings Strike
15 October 2014 Lufthansa strike, subsidiary airline Germanwings will strike from, local time, 12 hours in length, noon tomorrow, Thursday, 16 October, 2014 till midnight.
12 September 2014 German train drivers (GDL Union) are planning to strike on Thursday 2, October, 2014.
Awaiting next Lufthansa Pilot Strike
Old industrial actions for 2014
Lufthansa Pilot Strike
Announced 4 September 2014 Union www.CVockpit.de will strike tomorrow, Friday, 5 September 2014 from Frankfurt International Airport.
Lufthansa Airlines pilot's will strike from 5 pm - 11 pm affecting short and medium haul flights. Best call them.
Old industrial actions for 2014
28 August 2014 Germanwings to strike Friday morning from 6am - noon local time. Over 150 flights to be cancelled. Follow along with us:-
Germanwings strike  or Lufthansa strike
​Couple of other strikes you might find helpful.
General strike in Argentina today, flights cancelled. Air France pilot's threaten strike action. Madrid airport strike.
Stuttgart Airport Strike 2014, Germany flights delayed, airport industrial action, Lufthansa Strike.
​and Germanwings 2 - 4 April 2014.

Update:-25 March 2014 Email sent out by Verdi union at 7:30am today. Civil Servants strike, 53,000 workers. Airport workers strike has now spread to Munich Airport, Cologne/Bonn Airport, Dusseldorf Airport, Hamburg Airport, Stuttgart and Hannover Airports. Strike is Thursday, 27 March, 2014.
Strike will start early am and go till 2pm. Call your airline. Despicable. Germany has to change these laws.
​Air traffic will not be back to normal till Friday afternoon. (Will Lufthansa pilots call strike for this week-end? Pulling a double whammy?) Public transport workers across the country are also joining in. 
Fraport (refresh)

Stuttgart Airport is not only served by Lufthansa but Lufthansa Regional ie:-
Munich - Air Dolomiti and Augsburg Airways.
Contact Air to Geneva, Hanover, London-City, Munich and Turin. 
Eurowings - Bilbao, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Paris - CDG. 
CityLine - Barcelona, Berlin-Tegel, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hanover, London Heathrow, Marseille, Milan - Malpensa, Munich, Paris - CDG, and Vienna.
Germanwings  - Ankara, Athens, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Bastia, Belgrade, Berlin-Schönefeld, Budapest, Krakow, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen, Hamburg, Lisbon, London-Stansted, Madrid, Malta, Moscow-Vnukovo, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Pristina, Rome-Fiumicino, Split, Thessaloniki, Vienna, Warsaw, and Zagreb.
If all these Regionals join in the strike. This airport will be crippled.

Lufthansa Germanwings Pilot Strike
21 March 2014 As expected Lufthansa pilots vote for strike action after two years of negotiations. Lufthansa pilots promise to give 48 hours notice of strike action. Shocking yes, but they don't have to. Make sure you have a plan B. In the past it's been hard to find a hotel room or car rental and not just in Germany. Make sure you have a German visa so you can leave international arrivals for a hotel, rather than sleep on a cot in arrivals. Perhaps book a hotel at both ends of your trip and cancel on the day. We will be updating as the news comes. Lufthansa management will not back down.
Expect Ryanair, Air France, EasyJet and British Airways to put on extra planes to catch windfall of new passengers. German railways Deutsche Bahn will also put on extra rail cars if given enough warning. 
Pilots will not strike over Easter. Stay in touch with our front page and Lufthansa strike page. Do email us if you know something we don't. contact@easytravelreport.com.

German airline federal court decision 
German Flight Attendants Union UFO
Lufthansa Airline Strike

Stuttgart Airport has been dogged by German airport security strikes see when the next one is. Chances are they will join in with some industrial action in March/April.

4 February 2014 Lufthansa/Germanwings 5,400 pilots being balloted for strike action, ballots due in March 21st. Follow along with us Lufthansa Strike

Last years 2013 industrial actions
​Stuttgart airport strikes 2013
Lufthansa Airline Strike
Monday, 22 April 2013 Strike is on today, Germanwings not effected. follow along

Sunday 21 April Strike still on. Some 1700 flights to be delayed, bought forward or cancelled. 

Saturday, 20 April Lufthansa trying to get strike deemed illegal. Stuttgart to be hit by Lufthansa Airline strikeEl Al strike and SATA Airlines. What a week for air travel.
March 20, 2013 Tomorrow some flights to/from Stuttgart airport Germany, will be cancelled due to industrial action, strike by Lufthansa Airline baggage handlers. Strike starts Thursday 5am till noon. Ver.di union states this is a warning strike.
March 14 Here we go again. German airport security strike again starting tomorrow Cologne/Bonn airport and at Dusseldorf airport. Will last all day, expect hundreds of flights to be cancelled. More flier aggravation
next week, Tunisian airports will be closed due to strike. TAP Airline strike 21, 22 and 23 March. Possible UK customs strike.

Friday, February 15, 2013 Unexpected today at 4 am Cologne - Bonn security workers never showed up for work. Strike likely to go on all day. Added to this the confusion of flight delays from yesterdays's strike. You, as planned by Verdi union are perhaps stranded for a second day. Possibly even another day by the time Cologne airport finishes back up of flights on Saturday. Fingers crossed it ends.
February 13, 2013 Yes, Air Berlin and Lufthansa flights expected to be hit hard again tomorrow by German airport security strike. Strike will take place at Hamburg and Dusseldorf airports. Strike will start tomorrow 3 am and go on all day. 
Hamburg Airport strike page

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Airport Strike 2016
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2016 

Old news
Monday December 10, 2012 Wildcat strike today at German airports. Passengers didn't know what hit them!  Strike was announced late last night. 
Strike was roughly from 6 - 9 AM. Rippled around the network, Lufthansa cancelled some 90 flights.  Strike was by 1,000 airport security workers. Talks had stalled with management, next meeting planned for January.
5 September 2012  Airline still reeling from strike yesterday at Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin Tegel airports. A 24 hour strike is to start tomorrow, Thursday, starting 10PM till 10PM Friday. Airline will be grounded.

29 August 2012 Find more information on Lufthansa Airline strike here

28 August 2012 Negotiations have failed between cabin crew UFO labour union and Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Carrier will not give in on it's restructuring programme. 120,000 jobs are to be cut and 3,500 will be flight attendants.   
If strike goes ahead Stuttgart Airport will be hit hard. 

18,000 flight attendants can now strike legally anytime. You will be lucky today to get by with your travel plans. Lufthansa will not make contingency plans public till union gives strike times and dates. We do know that long-hauls will take priority. Company will want expensive airlines back in home bases. Cabin crews do not want to be abandoned in a hotel abroad incurring hotel fees. Union will only pay for X number of days of accommodation. Cabin crews will be informed of details via text and emails.

Lufthansa will be knocking on judges doors to get the open ended strike deemed illegal today. 

Other airlines in for a bonanza of business. Christmas comes early and will jump for joy at the extra business.  Are probably planning to put on extra flights right now. Airline ticket prices may go up. German government will put on extra trains, rental cars will be hard to find. Hoteliers will be overwhelmed.  Book your hotel room at both ends of your trip now, you can always cancel. Lufthansa will book every hotel in a 100 mile radius!

22 August 2012 Lufthansa flight attendants threaten strike. Confirm your flight, union said "expect turbulence"

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You should know Stuttgart has the worst traffic jams in Germany. See TomTom Stuttgart live traffic reports (refresh)

Flight cancelled? Why not rent a car and visit Ludwigsburg Palace 28 minutes away. If traffic permits. By bus over an hour travel time.


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