Ben Gurion Airport Strikes


El Al Passengers we have some strikes that may involve you:- April, May 2018
French air traffic control strikes 2018
italian air traffic control strikes
Vueling airline strike dates
UK Possible strike Luton and Gatwick airport 
Barcelona air traffic control
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Strikes from last year 2017
Update:-30 November, 2017 Good news. Finance minister steps  in. Strike this weekend has been cancelled.

Ben Gurion airport workers threaten strike action starting this Friday 1, December evening till late Saturday evening. In this short space of time 180,000 passengers and 180 flights will be involved. Call your airline. Get to Ben Gurion airport early to get through airport security.

Tel Aviv Airport ​EL AL pilots on a go slow
Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport Strike
Update:-24 April, 2017 NO STRIKE TOMORROW. Histraut and financial minister make a deal.

24 April, 2017 General strike is possible tomorrow if negotiations don’t go well today. No public transportation including Ben Gurion International - no flights in or out. 

​12 April, 2017 Can you believe it, yet again EL Al has a shortage of pilots and flight attendants

El Al Pilot Strike
Management and pilots sign a deal! Deal was reached Wednesday 15 February, Management apologize for recent headaches. (We will be watching)

Monday 6 February 2017 Pilot’s ordered back to work today.

Sunday 5 February 2017 El Al pilot 8 flights cancelled today. Flights cancelled last minute. Passengers moved to foreign airlines, more reliable.

Saturday 4 February 2017 flights to Boston, New York and Moscow cancelled. Pilot’s refuse to do overtime. Here’s an article for you

December 7, 2016 You should know, it's not all kumbaya over at El Al airlines. Rumblings now of unhappy flight attendants.

Israel General Strike
1 December 2016 Pilot's have not signed a deal. El Al still having to hire charter flights.

Update for you:-December 4, 2016 After 21 hours of talks, deal is sealed between management and El Al pilot's

29 November 2016 Bitter dispute between El Al pilots and mangement still not over. Passengers spilling over to foreign airlines.

13 November 2016 Announced today by union Histadrut a general strike in support of El Al pilots is in the near future. 

El Al Pilots
November 2016 More cancellations last night by El Al. Bangkok, NY, Beijing. Passengers delayed till morning or transferred to different airline. Cancellation policy change temporarily. You can now cancel tickets, get full refund and no cancellation fee. 
Here's an article with a bit more detail regarding the pilot go slow Hamodia

November 2016 More cancellations last night. Bangkok, NY, Beijing. Passengers delayed till morning or transferred to different airline.

Israeli Airport Strike
Ben Gurion Airport Strike
Busiest time of the year at Ben Gurion Airport

5 August 2016 Relax any strike action has been called off at TLV airport.
4 August 2016 Ben Gurion strike by workers from dusk Friday till dark Saturday night.
Shabbat laws in place, landings only will take place, no takeoffs.
Row over finance minister transfer of royalties from the airport


Heads up - Deal made late today
22 December 2015 Tomorrow Wednesday, 23 December 2015 nationwide labor dispute causing flights to be delayed from 0400-1600 UTC time
Ben Gurion International
Ovda Airport

​​Old strikes we caught for 2015
6 August 2015 Later this afternoon union came to senses and cancel strike.

6 August 2015 Strike this week-end by Israel Airports Authority workers Haaretz state Ben Gurion will closed starting 7:15 pm Friday till 8:15 pm Saturday Follow along with us for updates Ben Gurion Airport Strike
​Call El Al

Old strikes 2015
19 July 2015 Here's the latest on the general strike planned for Wednesday
Also follow alog with us on Ben Gurion Airport strike page

7 July 2015 Union Histadrut announce today, general strike Wednesday, 
22 July 2015. (Might effect Ben Gurion Airport security) follow along

Last years strike actions
Monday, 17 November 2014 Wildcat pilot strike, effecting El Al flights from Ben Gurion airport. 23 pilots had to take compulsory retirement, 65 years, by law last week. Government law now reinstated to 67 years if pilots take physical. 3 flights were cancelled till tomorrow, Hong Kong, New York and Newark. El Al state they were not on strike, just the results of rules and regulations. Call El Al in Israel 03-977-1111 to confirm your flight this week El Al 

18 September 2014 Wildcat strike today by airport workers 10am - 2pm. Hundreds of passengers delayed. JPPost
Italian air traffic control strike, planned for September.
17 July 2014 Airline advertising for new pilots.
4 July 2014 See our Ben Gurion airport strike page for customs shenanigans.

Sunday 1, June 9 am Flight 323 to Paris today was delayed for several hours. Unsafe plane. We wonder if they had crew to man the flight.

8 May 2014 EL AL pilots walked off the job tonight. Protesting new low cost subsidiary UP. Hundred of passengers stranded. EL AL scramble to help passengers. Not known how long this wildcat strike will go on for EL AL and and Ben Gurion International
Airport closes early and no airport hotel.
​Here we go IsraelNationalNews
​Update:-May 9, 2014 So called "Sick Out" is over, 5 - 10 flights a day are planned without a pilot bing allocated. Consequently asking pilots finishing a shift to fill in. Dangerous situation. Hopefully your flight has an allocated pilot.

Last years industrial actions
Note:-To the gentleman who tried to call us regarding April 18, 2013 Here you go
Israel National News 

Tuesday April 30 A general strike being planned has now been postponed by Labour federation due to positive negotiations between parties.

Tuesday 23 April Excellent article by Ben Julius at The Times of Israel as to what to expect in the near future.

April 22, 2013 Late Monday night. Deal made, government will pay 97% of El Al, Arkia and Israir airport security fees. (EL Al pays close to $30 million for airport security yearly, nice savings for two day strike. Most European governments pay for airport security) Lastly Ben Gurion Airport ended up bringing in 200 chairs, sandwiches, diapers and cots. Took airport a long time to organize. Some passengers ended up sleeping on the floor Sunday night.
Sunday April 21 Update:- Strike has started. Open Skies policy past. You need to know just incase they try to change you to one of these airline companies. SATA Airlines, TAP Air from Portugal, both fly to the Azores are striking this week. As with Lufthansa airlines on Monday, 1770 flights already cancelled.
Update:-Saturday, 20 April Strike still on

Update:-Friday 19 April, 2013 Strike still on.
We've learned. Incoming flights will not be cancelled. Sunday morning some 50 outward bound flights will be cancelled. 
Histadrut union will strike legally next week. No date given yet.
Cabinet members to vote on Sunday on the Open Skies policy. Union leaders have met in the home of the transport minister, Yisrael Katz. Government likely to come up with some sort of "financial incentive" for airlines. (debt forgiveness) Policy will take five years to implement and will offer citizens cheaper flights, competition between airlines and more jobs. Will airport landing fees likely to go sky high for competitors? New airport planned for Timma.

April 18, 2013 Announced today, three Israeli airlines will strike this Sunday, April 21 over new Open Sky rules and regulations. Flights by El Al, Arkia and Israir will be delayed or cancelled. Strike to start 5AM till? Call airline and your airport. Last thing you want is to be stranded at the airport. Double whammy if you are flying from Marseille. French airport security strike. Marseille airport recommend no hand luggage and come two hours or more early.
Also follow  Ben Gurion Airport Strike page So far nothing up on EL AL website or El Al Twitter feed (refresh). We expect the powers that be, to deem this strike illegal. Nothing on Ben Gurion Airport site

Last years industrial actions
30 December 2012 Long standing issue over contract employees has been resolved. This takes away the threat of industrial action that hung over Ben Gurion airport for almost a year.

20 November 2012 Incoming flights delayed for obvious security reasons.

12 November 2012 EL Al employees met yesterday and declared a labour dispute. Which means employees can now legally strike anytime after two weeks bringing us to November 27 on. Wild cat strike possible. 

Old news
14 November European strike action. 

Monday, 17 August 2012 New rules. Know your rights when taking an Israeli airline haaretz.

10 July 2012 Yesterday two El Al flights from St Petersburg back to Tel Aviv were grounded. Pilots refused to fly. Pilots union confirm they knew nothing about this industrial action and that talks have broken down with El Al management.

July 2012 After three years of talks Israeli ministers tentatively sign Open Skies agreement.

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11 September 2012 Wild cat strike today 
Yeshiva World

15 March 2012 You should know that Israeli airlines have given notice of strike. No date set.

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El Al Airline Strike

El Al Strike