Blue Air, Germanwings, easyJet, SkyEurope are other discount airlines flying to Romania. Is there a general strike in Greece?  

Who's  on strike today?
Shaky Airline Status
Is your airline reliable?
Here's an article The Olive Press regarding some passengers who got caught out over the pilot shortage.


Follow along Easy Travel Report for strike action of Ryanair 2018

July 2018 Ryanair pilots salary The Sun

Cabin crew strike is on Easy Travel Report

Monday 23 July, 2018 More meetings on Wednesday to disgust more strike action.

Spain, Portugal and Belgium cabin crews will strike Wednesday and Friday, 25, 26 July. Italian Ryanair will only strike on the 25th.

Into the mix, Italian air traffic control strike and airport workers will strike on a Saturday, 21 July 2018, 00:01 - 23:59 hours. Italian rail workers are also striking follow along here Italian air traffic control and here our front page!

12 June 2018 Bad, bad day for Ryanair management and Ryanair passengers. UK, 650 Ryanair cabin crew will now be represented by Unite union. 3 workers will be paid time off for union works. What a death nail for all passengers and management. UK has 25% of the Ryanair routes. Do not book with this airline for a couple of years.

Trade union meeting 4 and 5 July, 2018
in Dublin

We have some aviation and related strikes you may need to know, particularly for Italy.

​June 24, 2018 Is a Trenitalia Piedmont and Valle D' Aosta, (Turin area) strike. Strike starts 3am 24 June to 2am June 25th.

June 22, 2018 Rail strike Trenitalia out of Milan (region). Strike starts 10pm 21st June to 6am 22 June, 2018.

June 18, 2018 Personnel from Pisa and Florence airport will strike for 24 hours.

Same day Venice Marco Polo Airport business office 10am - 2pm. 
Black Day in Italy
June 10, 2018 Strikes in Italy between 1pm and 5pm. Italian Rail Strike, French rail strike, Blue Panorama, Air Italy, you name it see. Black day for traveling to and from Italy as air traffic control will also be joining in. 

Spain, Barcelona air traffic controllers will strike once in while during summer of 2018. Lovely. First date June 20th.
Greek general strike 30 May.

French air traffic control, again. Strike starts Monday,  11pm this evening, 21 May, 2018 till Wednesday 5am.

For all of this nonsense see Easy Travel Report

Irish Ryanair pilots give Ryanair management till May 24 to come up with an offer.

No surprise is it. Ryanair unions collaborate, crews from Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain threaten to co-ordinate strike actions if a wage deal is not made by Saturday 30 June 2018.

We have a couple of industrial actions that will likely effect your flight with Ryanair.
Italian air traffic controllers along with other aviation workers to take place Tuesday 
8 May, 2018.
Barcelona El Prat air traffic controllers will strike lasting 24 hours though out the summer 2018.
First strike is Wednesday 20 June 2018 so far
follow along with us for updates on these at Easy Travel Report

Old strikes from 2018
Are you flying into Lisbon Airport? Perhaps you need to know Lisbon Metro strike 19 April, 2018.

Ryanair Portugal
​Update:-22 February, 2018 Flight attendant union workers who work in Portugal for Ryanair have handed in strike notice.
Ryanair flight attendants will strike:-
Thursday 29 March, 2018
Easter Sunday 1 April, 2018 and
Wednesday 4 April, 2018. 
Each strike will last 00:01 - 23:59 hours. Stay in close contact with Ryanair.
Not sure what type of back up plan, if any, they will have.

March and April 2018
Announced today Thursday 15 February, 2018 Ryanair Portugal cabin crew union workers will strike for three days somewhen in the last two weeks of March and again three days somewhen in the beginning two weeks of April.
National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC).
(For your information this year Easter Friday, March 30 and Easter Sunday April 1st. Stay in touch with Ryanair. 
We will update as news comes in. (Perhaps Ryanair can bring in foreign crews and larger planes?)

Last year 2017 Shenanigans we caught
in 2017.

Do note even think about using Ryanair Christmas and New Year 2018.

22 December, 2017 Ryanair pilot union state several flights were delayed this morning and in the period up to December 26th there will be no further industrial action. Whether it comes to more strikes that is up to Ryanair.

​21 December, 2017 German Ryanair pilots will strike tomorrow Friday 22 December, 2017. 
Between the hours of 5am - 9am.
German Ryanair serves:-Nurenberg, Dusseldorf, Berlin - Schonefeld, Hamburg, Bremen, Dortmund, Memmingen, Lubeck, Cologne Bonn, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Frankfurt Hann, Baden-Baden, Leipzig. (I'd expect more strike action coming out of German Ryanair pilots in the near future) Management expect limited disruption in Germany tomorrow..

Irish IMPACT union will meet January 3 with management.

​20 December, 2017 Irish pilot union IMPACT met with management today. Union state management has till tomorrow noon to come up with a decent proposal and threaten more strike action. If union does call for strike action after compulsory weeks notice that will bring it to 28 December, 2017.

15 December, 2017 Ryanair Italy cancel strike today. Ryanair management will now recognize European unions and can't meet with pilots till Wednesday. Day of the planned strike action.

13 December, 2017 Are you  flying to and from Barcelona airport in December? Guard your seat. Iberia, BA and Vueling workers at Barcelona airport striking. Should not effect you. Ryanair rubbing hands together, in for a killing!

Friday 15 December, 2017 Portuguese Ryanair have a 24 hour strike on the books for the 20th of December and Ryanair Italy cancel four hour strike today. (Italian atc on strike today) Ryanair management recognize Italian pilot union, a first for Ryanair.

10 December, 2017 Are you flying to and from Portugal with Ryanair? Portuguese Ryanair pilots have voted for strike action, not fixed a date but highly likely to be the 15th. We will update here.

Ryanair German based pilots also threaten strike action.

8 December, 2017 Ryanair pilot strike will take place 15 December, 2017. Some information you should know. This will only concern Italian based Ryanair pilots who belong to a very small union. 3/4 of Italian based Ryanair pilots will not be striking.

On a regular strike day, this strike wouldn't even be noticed by passengers. 
This is far from a regular day. Italian air traffic controllers are striking from 1pm - 5pm (local times) and airport workers will be striking for 24 hours. Follow along with us Easy Travel Report just incase strikes are cancelled.

22 October, 2017 Pilot's reject offer

Ryanair looking to open base in Munich.

We have some aviation strikes that might effect your Ryanair flight 2017 showing up to be a travel nightmare.
Are you flying into Spain or Portugal, Ryanair flights will be delayed? 

Union workers making it difficult in the aviation sector
  Aviation Strikes Planned for Thursday February 23, 2017

Alitalia Strike
Pilots and flight attendants, nationwide will strike 00:01 - 24:00 hours.

Alitalia Subsidiary Cityliner nationwide strike by pilots and flight attendants 00:01 - 23:59 

Air Italy
Pilots and flight attendants will strike nationwide 00:01 - 24:00

Cabin crew will strike for 24 hours 00:01 - 24:00hrs nationwide 23 February, 2017. Union RSA ANPAV members.

Italian Ryanair crews from 2pm - 6pm 23 February, 2017

Volotea Crews from 2pm - 6pm 23 February, 2017

Bologna Airport
Bologna Airport Alpina workers will strike on the 23rd from 11am - 3pm.

Malpensa Airport workers will strike for 24 hours

Naples Airport
Naples airport personnel will strike between 11am and 3pm

Turin Caselle Airport
Aviapartner baggage handlers, handlers will strike for 24 hours.

Venice Airport
Venice Airport baggage handlers - Aviapartner will strike 2pm - 6pm.
follow along with us you never know what cancellations will come in. For this and other strikes

December 11, 2016 Ryanair reject air passengers claims Irish Times

Old news from 2016
​French Air Traffic Control Strike
15 May 2016 Ryanair flights from and to France will likely be delayed, cancelled or brought forward due to French air traffic control strike.

French air traffic controllers will strike on Thursday May 19, 2016. (and perhaps 26 May?) If strike goes ahead airlines will be asked to cut back flights to and from France. Stay in close contact with Ryanair. 

French national SNCF rail company is also striking.
French taxi drivers are threatening to join in.

Please see for updates and French air traffic controllers strike (and May 26th?)

If you are changing flights in France and have a long lay over in a French international arrivals lounge. Get a French visa as you will be sleeping on a cot in the lounge while other passengers sleep in a comfortable hotel bed with private bathroom. March 2016 saw 140 passengers sleeping on the floor at Orly Airport.
Expect knock-on effect.

Yes, Italian air traffic control are back for strike action. Strike is on for October 24, 2015 follow along with us Italian air traffic control strike 2015

Old strikes effecting Ryanair strikes in 2015
Italian air traffic control strike
Controllers will strike 1 pm - 5 pm local time Friday, 12 December, 2014. It’s going to be a mess. Long hauls, short hauls and domestic flights will be grounded. 
In general flights will be not be normal till Sunday.

As this is a general strike airport workers baggage handlers, ramp workers etc. will be striking from 10 am - 6 pm. 
Call Ryanair. Chances are you will be cancelled or brought forward or delayed.
You don’t want to be traveling around Italy that day. Call work, stay an extra day.

Italian trains will strike all weekend.

Taxi’s will be hard to find, extra traffic on roads causing traffic jams, occasional road blocks.

See Easy Travel Report for further updates of this and other European strikes
Old Strikes for 2014
TAP Airline StrikeLufthansa airline strike,
Italian EasyJet.
See ETR for
Belgian General Strike December
Moroccan general strike October

Old industrial actions
August 4, 2014 Two baggage handler strikes you might be interested in? Palma de Mallorca Airport strikes and Porto Airport Strikes Portugal.
March 11, 2014 Ryanair innocent party to a strike by Irish airport workers. Flights to Shannon airport, Cork Airport and Dublin airport strike. Strike time and day, Friday, 14th March. 5am - 9am.

Here's what
Dublin Airport Authority 
Aer Lingus and Ryanair have to say. Tomorrow judges to deem whether strike is illegal or not. Follow along with us at Easy Travel Report
12 August 2013 It's not Ryanair striking its Aer Lingus subsidiary Aer Arann follow along with us at Aer Arann pilot strike
16 November 2011 Flying Ryanair be prepared for general strike in Italy, Portugal and Spain this month. Article from Telegraph  today mentioning excess baggage.
1, September, 2011 Attention are you taking Ryanair to Italy Tuesday, 6, September? Double check your flight is going. Italian airports will be closed for eight hours follow along at Easy Travel Report

31 Oct. More French flight delays this week. Ryanair closing Belfast, Stansted bases

28 Oct. Ryanair cuts jobs 

26 Oct New air strike, French strike this Thursday, starts Wednesday see our "Whose on strike today" page and watch for news updates at Ryanair

1, June, 2010 new luggage fees Airline baggage allowance

Greek strike, unions  GSEE and ADEDY, (will start midnight Wednesday)  24 hours, Thursday. May, 20, 2010, will effect ferries international trains, borders and Greek air space, air traffic controllers. 

Ryanair's Michael O'Leary at war with BBC's Panorama over investigation into his airline
Read more:

Here's a new one for you regarding the ever frugal Ryanair. Make sure you have change when boarding for the vending machines. Along with condoms for sale, will be sandwiches, smokeless cigarettes, snacks and hot, cold drinks. Perhaps they will have robotic legs to push you down the safety chute and give announcements.  

12, Jan. 10.  Flying in or out of France this week?  Air traffic controllers strike and weather delays.  Check our front page for updates.

Ireland, possible general strike, 3, December, 2009.

1st January, the airline said that they will now charge passengers who use Visa Electron the same fee as all other card transactions, £5

11/30/09 Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Leary said he expects to leave the low-cost airline within three years, he still wants to own Aer Lingus before he leaves! Ryanair announced that it will open its first base in Norway. With the opening of this base, 1,700 jobs will be created. The budget airline said that the base will be made at Oslo Rygge Airport in March.

Day of protest 6, November, 09
Wide spread strike threat for the 24, November, 09 and are you flying into Belgium beginning of November?  NMBS, National Railway System of Belgium on Rail Strike 

Romania general General strike 5, October, 2009

9, October, 09 Ryan air had flights cancelled today out of Stansted Airport because of security reasons 

9/30/09 The Irish Congress of Trade Unions says it intends to begin a campaign of action over pay and spending cuts beginning with protests on Friday 6 November.

9/09 Two new bases Bari and Brindisi

8/25/09 Eight new Edinburgh routes to Barcelona (Girona), Brussels (Charleroi), Gdansk, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Memmingen (Munich West), Oslo (Torp) and Tenerife this winter (from Oct 30) and the airline is also extending its summer routes to/from Malta and Rome (Ciampino).

21 August, 09 Get to Dublin Airport early.
Ryanair complaining to Dublin Airport that passengers have missed flights due to a go slow by security staff and forced onto a later flight.  Aer Lingus same complaint throughout this summer. Dublin Airport claims, no such thing.  Ryanair want's government to become involved. 

2009 This year Ryanair will carry almost three times the passengers British Airways will.

13 August, 09 Liverpool John Lennon Airport, strike by, ground staff, baggage handlers20 August. Ryanair opening deskes early.
Strikes at Liverpool John Airport

Ryanair dropping operations from Manchester Airport, October 2009 routes because of airport costs and Manchester airport wont give. Flights from Manchester were from Girona, Bremen, Brussels, Cagliari, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Marseille, Bergamo and Shannon. Same thing with London Stansted Airport. 600 local job loss. C'est la vie, moving onto Leeds Airport.  Also pulling out of Doncaster Robin Hood Airport, Alicante and Barcelona routes.

12 August, 09 Stansted Airport baggage handlers balloting for Stansted Airport Strike

12 August, 09 Ryanair announced new base at Leeds Bradford as our 34th base and 11th UK base airport. 14 new routes from Leeds Bradford go on sale tomorrow

8 July, 2009 Ryanair proposes ‘vertical seating’

5/28/09 Ryanair also announced its plans to cancel flights from East Midlands to Prague and to lower the frequency of other Prague flights.

5/27/09  Ryanair, thinking of introducing "take your own bag down through airport security, leave it at the bottom of the steps, we put it in the hold and on arrival we deliver it to the aircraft steps and you take it with you," Chief Executive Michael O'Leary told a news conference on Thursday.

8 May, 09 Ryanair has abandoned plans for a "fat tax" on obese passengers, because it would slow down check-in procedures, it said Friday. A pole taken by 16,000 people overwhelmingly voted to charge per kilo over  (that's over 130 kg for men, 100 kg for women)
Charging for a second seat if the passenger's waist touched both armrests, charging for every point over 40 in the Body Mass Index (BMI), or for every inch of waist above 45 inches for men (40 inches for women). 30,000 Ryanair passengers called for a fat tax!

3/30/09  Dublin, Shannon, Cork Airports strike threat for 2 April is over, both sides will sit down with Labor Relations Commission in the week.

2 April, 2009 Ryanair, launched three new Italian routes, Alghero, Bologna and Cagliari Airports. and

39 new routes to and from eight Spanish airports. These were named as Alicante; Girona; Granada; Ibiza; Palma,; Reus; Santander and Sevilla. He concluded by predicting that Ryanair would overtake Spanish flag carrier Iberia as the country’s largest airline by the middle of 2011. 

3/26/09  Thursday, Here we go again, Thought you'd scraped by didn't you!  4am to midday on Thursday April 2nd. Don't forget taxi strike on 1 April, 09 April fools day! This news came from the airport, SIPTU have no comment.

3/25/09 Wednesday strike called OFF by Irish Congress of Trade Unions, or ICTU.  Ultimately not enough members from other unions on board with strike. Strike has only been deferred.

30 March 09, Monday, To and from airports, Dublin International Airport,  Shannon and Cork. Expect severe disruptions, nation wide strike by public sector. Lingus and Ryan Air will be affected. Strike time will be 4am to noon on Monday.

Remember France national strike

3/17/09 Passengers to Suggest Next Discretionary

27 February, 2009 Ryanair may charge £1 for lavatory use

Ryanair has teamed up with Costa Cruises

Click only if your over 18

The war of words between two of Ireland's top airline tycoons has taken a bitter turn with the head of regional airline Aer Arann claiming Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary told him: "F**k off back to Connemara where you come from."

11/4/08  Ryanair plans cheap trans-Atlantic flights  London's Stansted and Dublin airports to New York, Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston, Ryanair,  flights of 10 euros, before taxes.

10/27/08 Ryanair from March of 2009, the Irish budget carrier will launch 11 new routes from the Bologna airport, in a move that followed its announcement of major route expansion from Sardinia

10/16/08 O'Leary lashes out at Aer Lingus's new Belfast base

10/16/08  Ryanair calls for inquiry over airport fuel prices

10/14/08 Aer Lingus described it as an "anti-consumer, an anti-tourism and an anti-business" measure and said that the lower rate should have applied to UK airports

10/7/08 Ryanair boss accuses BA of 'scamming' passengers

10/2/08 Ryanair sorry as 25 flights from Birmingham are canceled

9/30/08 Europe's leading budget airlines, Ryanair and easyJet, are both offering 'low price guarantees'. If you can beat the price they offer, they'll pay you double the difference.

9/19/08 RYANAIR was condemned last night for threatening to make its pilots take unpaid leave dailyexpress

9/9/08 The company said on Tuesday the launch of new routes between Scottish capital Edinburgh and a range of destinations from Bournemouth in the UK to Lodz in Poland would be delayed by six weeks to November 5

8/8/08 The no frills carrier says that it will refuse to honor any online bookings from Monday, unless they have been made through its own website. The dispute centres on what are known as "screenscraping" websites, which can compare prices and book flight tickets on the passenger's behalf. consumers are being forced to pay a commission on top of the fare if they use these websites

European Union and Danish officials have named and shamed more online travel operators and airlines in an ongoing crackdown against misleading ads and rip-off consumer price schemes.

Helen Kearns, spokeswoman at the European Commission said Denmark's consumer ombudsman pointed to online ticket Web sites run by Ryanair, Air Berlin, Air Baltic, SkyEurope, Aer Lingus, Brussels Airlines and Seat24.

They say the sites had problems with pricing and terms of contract for flight bookings.

5 July 08 Ireland Strike threatens to shut Derry airport.Forced to close on July 16 and 17th if workers walk out in a dispute over pay. 

6/19/08  Budget airline Ryanair has announced four new routes for flights from Liverpool. Faro in Portugal and Knock in Ireland as well as to Gdansk and Szczecin in Poland BBCNEWS

6/6/08   EasyJet Launches Second Seat Sell-Off.  Planes were less full in May than a year ago. EasyJet is offering up to 20% off two million seats between June 16 and July

2 March 2008 Air chiefs deny Ryan Air preferences independantie

2/28/08  Ryan Air has been black-listed by ARN (Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints) for refusing to compensate travelers for delays and canceled flights, according to Råd & Rön.

Time to move them to the shaky airline status.

April 8, RYANAIR has extracted savings of more than €50m by renegotiating airport contracts in recent weeks and has also quietly extended its management pay freeze to "more than half" the airline's staff.
full article

Mar 17 2008  PASSENGERS were stranded at a French airport after a Ryanair flight to Liverpool was canceled.
About 600 travelers had to spend Saturday night in Grenoble after flights to Dublin, Prestwick and London were also cancelled due to high winds.

Holidaymakers described chaotic scenes in the airport as they desperately sought information and tried to find hotels with space for the hundreds of unexpected guests.

A spokesman for Ryanair said: “There were four flights cancelled because of high winds, which would have made it unsafe for the flights to depart.

“All passengers were offered refunds or transfers to the next possible flight.”

2/13/08 Ryanair systems upgrade will halt bookings for 3 days per

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Ryanair UK pilot's join ALPA union

French air traffic control strike?

Italian crews represented by Anpac/Anpav

Are Italian air traffic control back on strike?

Spanish air traffic control strikes

Ryannair pilot union in Dublin is FORSA/IALPA, only 35% of Irish pilots belong.

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