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you are entitled to a refund, re-routed on a new flight at your convenience. If re-routed you will get free accommodation, food and refreshments. Ryanair blocked from taking over Aer Lingus

Dublin Airport flight delays, departures

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30 June 2012 Mechanics and management agree to talks over this maintenance hangar move to Dublin.
17 June 2012 55 Maintenance workers at Aer Lingus from Shannon airport jobs threatened. Meeting planned for Tuesday between union and Aer Lingus maintenance workers. 

So last year
Monday June 6, 2011 Aer Lingus strike has been put on hold till July 1. Negotiations took place all last night. 
Saturday, 4 June No more talks planned before strike starts. Aer Lingus will have a contingency plan in place. Here's what Aer Lingus has to say. Notice to Customers Booked to travel from Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th June inclusive. 
The following services are not affected by this potential disruption:

    All Aer Lingus Regional services.
    The Washington to/from Madrid service.
    Services to/from Belfast International Airport.
Best call them.
Sunday 5 June Aer Lingus pilots from Belfast and Gatwick have also voted to join in with the strike. 
Good news has come in this evening that some talks have been going well as reported by

Wednesday, 1 June meeting between, union, mediator and management cancelled today, will be held tomorrow instead.

31 May Aer Lingus pilot strike Tuesday June 7. Very good article explaining the consequences of a pilots strike

31 May Back again Aer Lingus pilots threaten strike for Tuesday June 7 go slow thejournal

5 May News out today that perhaps latests cuts are not enough

25 Feb Aer Lingus has to cough up 32 million Euro

24 Feb Leave and Return Scheme, very interesting article by Martin Wall at  

4 Feb Update Aer Lingus DISPUTE ENDED irishtimes

4 Feb Surely all the cabin crew have been fired by now? Another 20 flilghts cancelled again today.

3 Feb, Wednesday, another 24 flights cancelled today

2 February 22 flights cancelled today.

1 Feburuary, Parties due to meet today. 20 flights cancelled again today and a rented plane gets delayed18 hours

31, Jan Monday, All parties will meet today. Another 20 flights cancelled tomorrow.

29, Jan, Saturday no agreements made at the five hour meeting yesterday.

28, Jan Saturday, No agreements made at 5 hour 
 yesterday. Renting from Air Berlin.

27 Jan, Update:-All parties concerned will meet tomorrow.
27, Thursday, Battle still in progress. Same scenario company admits using Ryainair. Any disgruntled employee is asked to take a hike. Staff being made to feel inconsequential. irishtimes

26, Wednesday Perhaps another dozen flights cancelled today irishtimes

25 Jan Tuesday, still going on, more flights cancelled expect a 10 or so to be cancelled daily, meeting cancelled for today was cancelled today Aer Lingus travel advisory 

24 Jan Normal flight operations today. irishtimes
24 Jan Aer Lingus refusing to say how much it's spending on rental aircraft and staff

22 Jan, No flight disruptions this weekend Belfast Telegraph

21 Jan Aer Lingus cabin crew marching today and flights supposed to be running normal today A message from Christoph Mueller, Chief Executive Officer

20 Jan Another day of cancelled flights, in fact another 33 Spain, Edinburgh,Paris, Berlin, Heathrow, Lisbon, Brussels to name a few see Aer Lingus site

Travelers keep asking us, how long will the Aer Lingus strike last? Purely speculation from us novice, perhaps another 5 days, who knows.  Aer Lingus is broke, all workers have come into line with budget cuts except for this one issue with the 1,300 flight crews. Hours will increase to 850 per year. That's another 30 hours per year. Labour Relation Commission really has to step it up and come to a compromise.

19 Jan. Another 10 flights cancelled today, Malaga, Frankfurt and Madrid. Aer Lingus press release up today.

18 Jan Aer Lingus cancels flights today, NY, Chicago, Boston, 32 crew members refuse to work. International flights effected call them.

Latest news, review 2012 Aer Lingus such as, strikes, staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record.  Will they strike or go bankrupt after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport?  Ultimately will they be reliable? Airline employees 3,900 workers. Aer Lingus codeshares with American Airlines, British Airways, JetBlue, KLM and United Airlines

Belfast Airport

Dublin International Airport  

Aer Lingus Pilots union IALPA branch of IMPACT trade union

Baggage handlers union is Siptu

ICTU Irish Congress of Trade Unions, general secretary David Begg

Irish Taxi Strikes

Irish Bus Strikes

Travel Guide to Irish Unions

Dublin International Airport news review

Ryanair Strike news, review

What happens on a Irish  nationwide strike

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Aer Lingus strike threat 
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17 Jan Flights running as normal today. New cabin crew roster in effect.

14 Jan. Aer Lingus will take cabin crew of rosters next week, payroll. Union state, does not comply with arbitration

12, Jan 2011 Union Septu, Aer Lingus management on talks regarding employee 2008 taxes.

28 Dec. Aer Lingus disruptions

22 Dec. Ryanair to sue Spanish unions theleader

29 Nov Aer Lingus pilots suspend work to rule.26 Oct. Not only will you have to deal with 
Aer lingus go slow but French air traffic controllers are on strike. A French general strike will start tomorrow evening till Thursday 5 am. EXpect delays and cancellations, Paris, Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Rennes, Toulouse

20 Oct. Aer Lingus cabin crew vow to up the ante
12 Oct. Work to rule starts today.

5 Oct Aer Lingus cabin crew reject agreement and will take 'work to rule action " Just in time for Thanksgiving. Ryanair has offered to pick up the slack.

Are you flying to Madrid? Baggage handlers strike see our front page.

August, 28. Aer Lingus today stating airline can't pay it's debts.

25, August, Threat of industrial action put on the back burner till cabin crew read a new 39 page document.

Friday, 20, Aug Parties met today.  Cabin crew will have to work ten hours with no break. Work to rule starts this Wednesday. Should not interfere with flights...

12, August Great article in today by By Anne-Marie Walsh Industry Correspondent

11, August, No imminent strike. Cabin crew have voted for work to rule. Abide by present contract. Not new contract (starts 8/25) which will have them working 850 hours per year. Airline states it will bring in the new scheduled cost cutting procedures. What does this mean for us passengers? Maybe crews will not show up as it means it will go over there regular work hours per year? You can see how this can fall into the delayed and cancelled flight syndrome.

Aer Lingus flight attendants possible work to rule threat. Cabin crew are being balloted results due in Monday, August, 9. If a yes vote is called for they can legally give only 7 days notice for a strike. Management will have a contingency plan. Ryanair will put on extra flights.

Aer Lingus
Eyjafjallajokull volcano where is that darn cloud? Eurocontrol

28, May, 2010 Aer Lingus expected to be profitable by beginning of 2011

April, 2010 All cabin crew have made deal with management. Will be made redundant, two weeks pay for each year of service and most re-hired with lower wages.

31, March, 2010, Management on verge of a deal with cabin crew.
March, 5, Aer Lingus cabin crew members of IMPACT voted decisively to reject a package of cost-cutting measures. Ground staff are still being balloted. Pilots have agreed to concessions.

16, March, 2010 Heads up, we thought you'd like to know that firemen have given the "A okay" to union bosses to strike.  If so, it can come anytime in the next month and will effect all airports in Ireland, Dublin, Cork and Shannon.

15, March, 2010  Strike possibility back on today, by Aer Lingus cabin crew.  670 staff, including a quarter of its cabin crew are to be layed off.  Don't switch airline ticket to BA or Tap airline and Lufthana Airlines, both impending industrial action.

1/20/10 Most check in desks closed now, due to the Irish air traffic controllers strike from 2-6pm today. Effects all Irish air space and any long haul aircrafts that have to refuel.

1/15/10 Aer Lingus pilots voted to accept a 10 percent pay cut and 76 redundancies. 

12/14/09 Talks have broke down,  pilots will not strike per pilots union Irish Airlines Pilots Association.

Ireland, possible general strike, 3, December, 2009.  Pilots union has decided not to strike. Pilots have agreed to raise retirement age to 60.
Don't get excited, several unions still have to agree to cuts.

8, December, 09  Talks break down again, 

1, December, 09 unions and management failed to reach agreement last night at a meeting.

Wide spread strike threat for the 24, November, 09 will effect flights to Rome, New York. DIA for sure.
7, October, 09  Over extended Aer Lingus announced today 676 job cuts, that’s 1 in 5 staff. 
100 pilots, 229 cabin crew, 110 ground handling, 50 pen pushers will all be gone by 2010.  2011 another 127 pen pushers.  Will chop pay of any staff left by 10 percent.  November 18 is the deadline for these cuts to take place.  If not airline will fire workers, cut routes and sell assets.

John Mattimoe an analyst at Merrion Capital in Dublin, said the savings strategy was positive and that “the alternative would have been going bust.” 

New Chief executive officer Christoph Mueller said the airline was facing even worse times ahead. "We had a half-year loss of €93m and the situation will probably go south towards the end of the year." Mr Mueller told staff in a memo that the proposals would mean pay cuts of 10pc for those earning over €50,000 and 7pc for those earning between €35,000 and €50,000. 

Chief finance officer Sean Coyle said Aer Lingus intended to apply for an operating licence in the UK to open up routes to Russia and Africa. The airline would open a new base, possibly in Europe, by 2011. Operating costs in the UK from Belfast and Gatwick are 40 per cent lower than in the Republic of Ireland. The starting salary for a member of cabin crew at the British base is €13,000 (Stg£12,000). Shannon Airport will be hit hard, 70 percent of the airlines losses come from long hauls.

The long-haul sector was dragging down the airline, with many fares not even covering the taxes. Mr Corneille, corporate affairs director, said that Aer Lingus’s operating costs were twice as expensive as those of Ryanair, the rival Irish airline that has launched two takeover bids and holds nearly 30 per cent of its shares, yet half as productive.

Unions are furious:-

SIPTU's Gerry McCormack warned that the union would "take whatever means necessary to defend our members".
Impact Union which represents 1,500 cabin crew and 800 pilots.says cuts are “savage and severe” union, .

UNITE, which represents technical workers at the airline, said it would resist any attempt to impose job cuts, while the Irish Airline Pilots' Association (IALPA) said the proposals "were as severe as expected".

9/30/09 The Irish Congress of Trade Unions says it intends to begin a campaign of action over pay and spending cuts beginning with protests on Friday 6 November.

9/29/09  Aer lingus strike, most probable.  Airline announced a €350m short fall in contribution to retirement pension scheme fund. Union threaten a winter of discontent. Next airline losses predicted to be €139m.

8/28/09  Chairman Colm Barrington, said that wage reductions were "certainly" on the way. Airline has huge loss of €93m in the first half of the year, the worst six-month performance in its history. Cabin crew and pilots expected to worst hit.  Estimations of 3,000 job loss.

7/28/09 Appointed Christoph Mueller as its new chief executive in hopes that the German's experience running low-cost airlines will give it an edge over arch rival Ryanair.

6 April, 2009, Head of Aer Lingus, Dermot Mannion resigned today.  He has been on the job since 2005.  Notable points in his stint were:-
Cancelled Shannon to Heathrow route.
Steered the airline out of state ownership.
Fended off two hostile take-over bids from Ryanair. Developed long-haul services.
This year it was revealed his contract had been changed to ensure him a payment of up to 2.8m euros if Aer Lingus was taken over?  Needless to say this was thrown out!
Resignation comes after Aer Lingus announced loss of 108m euros.  Only one airline made any profit last year and that was Hawaiian Airlines.  How long do you think it will be before Ryanair, circles around?

3/30/09  Dublin, Shannon, Cork Airports strike threat for 2 April is over, both sides will sit down with Labour Relations Commission in the week.

3/26/09  Thursday, Here we go again, Thought you'd scrapped by didn't you!  4am to midday on Thursday April 2nd. Don't forget taxi strike on 1 April, 09 April fools day! This came from the airport, SIPTU have no comment.

3/25/09 Wednesday strike called OFF by Irish Congress of Trade Unions, or ICTU.  Ultimately not enough members from other unions on board with strike. Strike has only been deferred.

30 March 09 To and from airports, Dublin, (mainly international flights) Shannon and Cork. Expect severe disruptions, nation wide strike by public sector and private sector Aer Lingus and Ryan Air will be affected. Strike will be from 4am till noon.

6 December 08, Aer Lingus has agreed with Unions over cost cutting measures.  All back to normal for Christmas travel.

11/20/08  Aer Lingus union called off a strike over planned redundancies which could have caused major disruption to pre-Christmas travel, the airline said.

19/11/08 Mediator Kevin Foley, had been asked by the company for more time over the weekend to consider options before them, including a reported from the compromise unions. SIPTU agreed to return to the LRC for further discussion with the company on Monday and both sides are making no further comment on the process at this time. 

17 Nov. Monday.  Aer lingus, talks quit at 10pm this evening.  Airline has to save 50 million and if the Union has a plan, they will take it!  If they do strike it will come after November 24.  Just in time for US, Thanksgiving travel.  Would effect 20,000 passengers.  Union is still sticking to Nov. 30 deadline for an agreement.

13 Nov.  Labour Relations Commission is to go over the proposals and solve everything by this Monday.  I just called the US office to find out the rules and regulations if they strike on us!  "Can't give you that information now,mam, "

11/8/08  Aer Lingus Airlines: Per Union, massive disruption to pre-Christmas travel. Dec 1, $95 million, cost cuts.  Decision not a 100% yet.

11/8/08  Aer Lingus staff vote for pre-Christmas strike reuters

10/31/08  Aer Lingus Airline suspends its flights between Riga and Dublin from today 

10/16/08 O'Leary lashes out at Aer Lingus's new Belfast base

Aer Lingus to strike?

10/14/08 Aer Lingus Airline described it as an "anti-consumer, an anti-tourism and an anti-business" measure and said that the lower rate should have applied to UK airports. 

10/7/08 SIPTU to ballot Aer Lingus Airlines  members on strike action

10/7/08 IMPACT holds off on strike ballot pending Aer Lingus talks

10/7/08 Flight chaos fears as Aer Lingus ballot for

Did you know Aer Lingus goes to Orlando, Florida!

10/6/08 SIPTU to ballot on Aer Lingus strike

9/16/08 Unions warn of strike if kept out of talks by Aer Lingus

European Union and Danish officials have named and shamed more online travel operators and airlines in an ongoing crackdown against misleading ads and rip-off consumer price schemes.

Helen Kearns, spokeswoman at the European Commission said Denmark's consumer ombudsman pointed to online ticket Web sites run by Ryanair, Air Berlin, Air Baltic, SkyEurope, Aer Lingus, Brussels Airlines and Seat24.

6/6/08  Aer Lingus PLC warned its shareholders Friday that record-high fuel prices could drive the Irish airline into the red this year and would require at least one U.S. route to be suspended. 

Aer lingus can go broke if oil hits 200 a barrel  belfasttelegraph

5/15/08  Aer Lingus Airlines  workers and management have reached agreement on the implementation of the company's cost-cutting plan.

4/21/08  Accidentally started selling $2,800 business class seats to the United States for eight bucks. Customers and some of the airlines own employees snapped up about 700 tickets at that bargain-basement price before the airline became aware of the error

2 Oct 07 Aer Lingus Airline said Tuesday it would withhold raises until union leaders dropped their opposition to a cost-cutting plan designed to stave off the threat posed by low-fare carriers like Ryanair 

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