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Ireland, Dublin Irish Bus driver strikes.
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Bus Eireann
70,000 passengers daily. 47 services.

Alternatives to Dublin BusLuas Tram  
Irish Rail   
Aircoach  (Dublin airport) 
Dublin Bus 
Finnegran Bray

John McCamley, Vice-President of SIPTU's Dublin Bus Branch.  Represents 1,000 drivers.

Civil and Public Service Union CPSU

Bus Workers’ Action Group
who have no connection to the Socialist party.

Translink Ireland 
2 March 2017 Bus Eireann will stop twice daily service between Derry and Dublin, Translink will maintain bus link between Derry and Dublin Goldline coach service.

National Bus and Rail Union
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Expectations for a Irish nationwide strike

Dublin Bus Driver Strike

Another new Dublin Bus Strike
1 May 2015 and 2 May 2015.
August 16, 2013  Here we go again. Union rejects managements offer. Relax no dates for strike action set yet.

AUGUST 7, 2013 Bus service back to normal today while management and workers meet with a mediator.
Sunday No Dublin Bus today 
DB facebook page Picking up the slack, Luas will put on more trams, Airbus to and from Dublin airport, Finnegran Bray. You've always got Irish Rail.
August 2, 2013 Talks to take place, events that might possible effected are Ireland football quarter finals and Oxygen festival. 
August 1, 2013 New Dublin bus strike this Sunday, when cut backs are planned to start. Strikes on 
If union plans for rolling strikes take effect, management state they will just cancel service. You know the drill start calling around for a lift to work. Leave early, extra traffic on the roads, traffic jams.
Going to Dublin Airport? Book your taxi. Leave early. Long week-end bank holiday, August 5.
Eventually CityDirect will have a route to Dublin. Bring brolley, rain on Monday.​ 

May 16, Bus strike over, deal made with management. Union will take offer to members for approval. If deal taken next negotiations to take place in 2015.
May 12, 2013 National Bus and Driver Union (NBRU) No Eireann bus service from Dublin to Belfast, Dublin and Londonderry. Unfortunately strike is going on tomorrow, Monday. Here's what Bus Eireann has to say. Now who can you get a lift from tomorrow. Remember extra traffic on road, means traffic jams, leave early. Taxi shortages. Weathers good

Old issues
17 January, 2013 All parties to meet at a labour court next week.

Friday, January, 11  Rumours flying around that Eireann buses will strike this Sunday. Union has not given bus company compulsory 7 days notice. Limerick drivers may join in.

Unions had signed an agreement that if future strikes were to take place, 30 days notice would be given.

January 9, 2013 Irish bus company Eireann ready for a new strike. Unions TSSA and NBRU have voted for industrial action. SIPTU Eireann employees still being balloted.  Eireann has not had notice of a strike by unions as of yet.

Really old industrial actions
3, December, 2009, Watch out possible general strike, 3, December, 2009

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 Easy Travel Report just finished following the Canadian bus strike in Ottawa.  54 days it went on for. Commuters this is what to expect.  Everyone in the world it seems will leave early with their car to work. They grab the parking spots. Cars get towed, business  loose business rapidly.  People who don't have a car stay home if they can't get a lift. Some get sacked. Traffic jams will be intolerable. Walking in the windy, cold, wet weather, brrr. 
Strike by Dublin Ireland, Irish bus drivers Union, 2013
Average 450,000 bus passengers daily.
(NBRU), which represents around 1,900 drivers has joined in.
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9/30/09 The Irish Congress of Trade Unions says it intends to begin a campaign of action over pay and spending cuts beginning with protests on Friday 6 November.

6/30/09 Bus Éireann agreed to make 46 temporary drivers permanent after talks today.  More talks coming  on Friday.

Bus Eireann suspended plans for route changes while sides meet with a mediator. 

Suspended for time being for negotiations.

6/23/09  Ireland, Bus Eireann, drivers plan to walk off the job on Monday, 29 June,09 in protest over the company’s 30 million euro cost cutting plan. 70,000 passengers daily. Eireann has a contingency plan in place but conceded that if there are no drivers it will be extremely difficult to maintain a normal service. Hundreds of thousands passengers to be effected in these routes:-
Athlone Town Services, Balbriggan Town Services, Cork City Services, Drogheda Town Services, Dundalk Town Services, Galway City Services, Limerick City Services, Navan Town Services,Sligo City Services, Waterford City Services
Labour Relations Commission (LRC) is expected to intervene within days and will tell union not to strike.

Ireland West Airport Knock has hit out at Bus Eireann over what they describe as an ‘appalling’ lack of services to the international airport.

6/20/09 Bus Éireann, cost saving measures due to start Monday, June 29th.320 jobs to be gone, 50 routes either scrapped or cut back, all services are threatened in the €25 million cut backs. Eireann loosing €500,000 per week!  Changes to routes start Sunday, 5th July, 2009, and will be slowly phased in.
Routes facing immediate changes ie cancellations, less frequent or stopping early are
Galway-Clifden, Dublin-Drogheda, Tuam-Galway, Portumna-Dublin, Tralee-Killarney -Cork, Limerick-Shannon, Tralee-Dingle and evening services after 19.00 in Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford. 

Routes that could be hit as part of a second phase of cuts include Dublin-Tullow, Drogheda-Navan, Waterville-Tralee and Athlone-Sligo.

Last time:-
4/29/09 Bus Workers’ Action Group who called the non sanctioned strike are back to work as with all drivers.

Check here for 4/28/09 AA Roadwatch:bus
Dublin Bus

Rain predicted all week, don't forget
to bring  brolley.

4/28/09 Unofficial strike has spread
to other depos. Yesterday, it spread
 to Clontarft and Dublin Bus says
 the Conyngham Road and Summerhill 
depots are also being affected this morning. Broadstone and Phibsboro disruptions. Drivers intimidated by strikers, rocks thrown at buses.  150,000 commuters effected.

4/26/09 North Dublin, Harristown, commuters face travel chaos on Monday after angry bus drivers staged an unofficial strike over company cost-cutting plans. 
Routes effected Ballymun, Finglas, Donabate, Swords, Blanchardstown, Rathmines, Blackrock and Kimmage.
4A, 13, 13A, 17A, 27B, 33B, 40, 40A, 40B, 40C, 40D, 83, 102, 128, 140, 237, 238 and 270 routes.

Dublin Bus said 18 routes were cancelled on Sunday when workers at the Harristown depot, close to the airport, downed tools in protest at the introduction of new schedules.

Unions at the state-owned company agreed earlier this month to accept the cost-saving proposals, which will see the fleet cut by 120 vehicles.

18 April, 2009 Dublin bus, Industrial action that would have left hundreds of thousands of bus users stranded was prevented after talks last night.  Company will continue with planned cut backs.  Drivers got improvements in overtime and roster arrangements.  Still on the books is future redundancies of 130 jobs.

8 April, 2009  Dublin bus has a cost containment plan and bus driver union members from Siptu and the National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU) voted to reject settlement proposal. Chances high for bus strike this week-end.

3/27/09  Friday, Unions have agreed to meet with Labour court on Tuesday.

3/25/09  Strike for the 30 March, has been deferred!

3/30/09  Nationwide general strike by unions, stay home. Enjoy long weekend!

3/14/09  Saturday, Good news bus strike over.  Unfortunately 120 buses will bill taken from the route, voluntary redundancies and changes in work practices. National pay rises have been deferred and some drivers' earnings will take a pay cut.  Through these negotiations 160 jobs have been saved.  All parties involved should be given a round of applause. Took clever negotiations on both sides. Remember a national strike in the public and private sector is still planned from 30 March,09  Bus Eirann is still under a strike threat.

Strike set Saturday, February, 28, Saturday, (midnight March 1 Siptu,) Monday, March 9, Tuesday 10 by National Bus and Rail Union
Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann. 

3/5/09  Friday, industrial dispute maybe fading.  Parties will meet again this Monday.

2/27/09  Parties will meet on Monday. 

2/26/09 Bus strike called off.  It has also balloted for a further two-day stoppage on March 9 and 10.

2/25/09 Wednesday Dublin bus strike for this week end has been called off.  Unions lifted threat after management agreed to talk to the two main unions, SIPTU and National Bus and Rail Union.  Management offered to postpone cost cutting.

SIPTU was threatening a rolling strike from Sunday.

13,000 civil servants are set to go on strike Thursday, 2/26/09 

Saturday, 21 February, 2009 Ireland, Dublin, 100,000
protestors marched to Government Buildings in Merrion Square. Protestors called for a new government. Industrial action by civil and public servants to start Thursday 2/26.  Education and civil service are have a vote on industrial action.  Biggest march since the 80's.

19 February, 2009 Large demonstration planned for Saturday. Bank workers, students, transport workers and civil servants will join in Saturday. Police officers march on Dail yesterday protesting spending cuts.  1 March, Siptu strike down tools.

18 February, 2009 Oh no, it turns out that the union has scheduled the bus strike to co-inside with a rugby game on February, 28th! Only the biggest sporting event of the year. Ireland hosting England in a crucial Six Nations clash at Croke Park. 

According to the Government passenger numbers dramatically falling over the last six to eight months. Irish car drivers must be the only nation that gas prices have not affected. Other cities public transportation is up because of the gas crisis.

17, February, 2009 Dublin, Ireland. Strike to start Saturday, February, 28.  Will bring public bus service,  transportation to a standstill all over Ireland.  2,500 drivers expected to strike.  Likely to spread to 350,000 Irish public service workers and private sector.  Expect thousands of commuters to be stranded on 9, 10 March, 09

12 February, 2009 Ireland public transportation a strike by bus drivers in Dublin. Union SIPTU and NBRU have voted to support industrial action. 
City plans to cut 290 jobs and withdraw 120 buses from service.


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