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Taxi driver strike Dublin, Ireland
Irish Taxi Strike
Update:-Friday, Dublin taxi strike over.
Wednesday 22 August 2012 Irish taxi drivers back in the news today who work out of Dublin Airport. DAA is taking away 70 parking spaces which are rented by taxi drivers for  €400 per year. Make sure you get a lift home. If you don't you will be directed to the bus que.
Update:-17 August 2012 More information out in the news today. Employees threaten strike on Thursday, September 20 unless progress is made in negotiations over pensions.
1 August 2012 Dublin Airport Authority workers from Cork, Shannon and Dublin airport and Aer Lingus have voted for strike action. No dates set. Issue over pension scheme. 

Old Stuff
Monday, 22, March, 2010, Taxi drivers will demonstrate in Dublin city center and airports.

9, March, 2010 Irish taxi strike today.  No taxi service out of Dublin, Cork and Shannon Airports.  Taxi's block major roads in Dublin city center.  No service in Tralee, Killarney, Waterford.  Protest will continue till two taxi drivers use 
sanitary facilities, get some food and come off a forced hunger strike.

Ireland, possible general strike, 3, December, 2009.

3/10/09 Taxi strike called off, government will meet with 
the new Irish Taxi Council and Commission for taxi Regulation who have agreed to some reforms.  Drivers still say market is flooded with medallions.

2/10/09  Taxi strike Dublin, second day, don't go into city center.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions says it intends to begin a campaign of action over pay and spending cuts beginning with protests on Friday 6 November.

4/28/09 Go-slow by taxi drivers in Waterford along the quays and across the bridge from 12-3PM.  taxi drivers say area is swamped with drivers

3/30/09 Thousands of taxi drivers with a group called Taxi Drivers for Change are taking part in a 24-hour protest today. Expect traffic disruptions, 20 taxis took part in a four-hour work stoppage at Dublin Airport this morning.

Taxi strike at Dublin Airport. 1 April, 09 Just in time for international flights landing.  7am-11am

Nationwide strike for 3/30 has been called off, deferred.

6 March, 2009  
Irish taxi drivers strike today, causing it difficult to maneuver around Dublin as they blocked roads.  1,200 taxi's in all. They caused severe disruptions for commuters and travelers alike.  Next demonstration is Co Meath, Wednesday 18th.  Drivers want cap on the number of plates issued and unlicensed drivers. More taxi's in Dublin than New York City! 
Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary wants protesting taxi drivers to work harder or get out of the business if they have a problem making a living.

17 February, 2009 Taxi drivers strike, marched today.

On another note. A women only taxi service in Dublin is booming. 200 female drivers work for Angel Cabs. Catching on with mothers whose daughters are out late and prefer daughters to come home with a woman driver rather than a man.

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Taxi Drivers for Change, a non-union affiliated campaign group. 
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National Taxi Drivers Union

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