Irish Airline Strike
Irish Airports
Aer Lingus codeshares with British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, JetBlue, KLM, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, 
Thai Airways and United Airlines. Airline is broke and workers retirement fund has been fiddled with. 
Aer Lingus subsidiary Aer Arann to have corporate name change to Stobart Air.
After a union ballot if workers vote on strike action. Passengers and airline must be given 10 days advanced notice.

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to? 
What's your airport up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2018
For Aer Arann Regional strike dates.

March 24, 2016 Police to begin armed policing at Dublin airport.
Aer Lingus new check-in procedure at Dublin Airport The Independent

18 October 2015 Be ready if you are flying to Italy. Italian air traffic control will strike October 24, 2015 Follow along with us. You should also know that Irish rail will be striking shortly

26 May 2015 Irish government accept Aer Lingus sale to International Airlines Group. Aer Lingus largest union group Siptu, not having it and will fight it tooth and nail.

            Aer Lingus Cabin Crews
6 May 2015 Aer Lingus cabin crews not happy with roster and Impact union balloting crew members for strike action. Voting results due in two weeks - 20 May.

5 May 2015 Aer Lingus drops lawsuit against Siptu union. Suit came about because Siptu called for strike action that never came about due to High Court judge calling an injuntion. Needless to say Aer Lingus lost income over the threat of strike action.

Strikes for 2014
Wednesday December 10, 2014 Travel strikes this week you might have to deal with if flying to Italy or Belgium with Aer Lingus. Both countries have general strikes.
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30 November 2014 Strikes that might affect you tomorrow Belgian rail strike and Lufthansa Airlines
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Later in December Israel and Italy will be having general strikes.

Other strikes planned that might effect flights with Aer Lingus

October, November and December 2014 TAP Airlines strike

October:-Lufthansa pilot strike and Moroccan general strike ETR
November:-Several Italian aviation strikes planned 14 November, 2014 including
Italian EasyJet Strike 14 November 2014 see ETR
December:- Belgium general strike 15 December 2014 ETR

Old industrial actions
10 August 2014 Pension issue back in the news today. Employees will be balloted for strike action, end of next month,

18 July 2014 Christoph Meuller ceo will leave May 2015.

27 June 2014 Aer Lingus management cough up

                   Aer Lingus Strike
21 June 2014 Airline reviewing options The Irish Times.
French air traffic control strike 24 -29 Flights to and from Ireland to France will be delayed.

17 June Here's the latest independent

13 June 2014 Union Impact cancel strike action. Company will hire 20 new cabin crew, restore privileges. 

11 June All parties in talks again today.
6 June 2014 Management refuse further talks this weekend. Cabin crew union IMPACT call for two 24 hour strikes.
Monday 16, June 2014
Wednesday 18, June 2014
I know you've been looking, call them your flight will be brought up cancelled or delayed. Here's what Aer Lingus has to say.  Aer Lingus regional not effected as with flights from Belfast.

4 June 2014 Wednesday. All parties in talks today and tomorrow and Friday. Management have told cabin crew they will not be paid for last Friday's strike and travel perks have now ended.

28 May 2014 Airline suggest even if you have confirmed online get to the airport 90 mins early.

27 May 2014 Another strike by cabin crew is being planned. No date set just yet. So far 18,000 passengers have changed booking for Friday

Update:- May 20th From Aer Lingus

19 May 2014 Aer Lingus flight attendants strike to start 00.01 on Friday July 30 for 24 hours. Call them.

​Update:-14 May 2014 Cabin crew threaten strike action midnight Friday May 30 for 24 hours. Italian and French air traffic control will strike this week.

Update:-9 May, 2014 Cabin crew vote 96% in favour for strike action. No date set and if so will Government deem it illegal eventually? 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014 More trouble for Aer Lingus.
This time it's 1,100 or so cabin crew workers who belong to IMPACT union. Shannon, Cork and Shannon airports will be effected. Workers are being balloted and results will be in the end of this week.

Old industrial actions
17th March Monday, St. Patrick's Day
Easter Friday 18th April and
Easter Monday 21st April, 2014
May Day, Monday May 5th
June Bank Holiday Monday, June 2nd
August Bank Holiday Monday August 4th
October Bank Holiday Monday October 27th.
Christmas Eve Wednesday, 24th December.
NYE  Wednesday, December 31st.
Keep in touch with our front page See ETR

31 March 2014 Regarding Aer LIngus and Dublin airport union workers. Talks on going still for the next two weeks.

Lufthansa Strike
​21 March 2014 Vote has been counted. No surprise after two years of negotiations Lufthansa pilots have chosen strike action. No strike date set yet. Pilots promise to give 48 hours notice. Will not strike over Easter. If you are flying with Air Berlin or Aer Lingus from Dublin Airport make sure you confirm your seat and get to the airport early because your seat is priceless. Lufthansa passengers will be desperate.
Follow along with us at Lufthansa strike page.

Update:-25 March All Aer Lingus flights flying to Germany up the creek this week. Strike planned for just Frankfurt Airport 27 March, 2014 will spread to Munich, Cologne/Bonn, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover and Stuttgart Airports. What joy.
21 March 2014 Aer Lingus flights to Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Airport strike set for this Thursday, March 27th. No times given, just expect severe delays! 
Frankfurt airport strike.

                    Aer Lingus Strike
22 March 2014 Siptu union plan go slow all through the summer and the rest of the year. Terminology used "Relentless, any and all, industrial action necessary  and to fight against any other legal action". Be nice to yourself and don't book a ticket with them till next year. Who want's to deal with this aggravation.

21 March No industrial action to take place this weekend.

15th March 2014 Aer Lingus to sue Siptu union for three million euros. Perhaps strike next week-end will be cancelled.

13th March, 2014 Are you flying next week-end with Aer Lingus. Call them. Siptu union strikes back with air strike next week-end. 

Aer Lingus strike Friday, March 21st and Monday March 24th. 6 hour stretches. More news to be released.

Dublin Airport, Cork and Shannon Airport Strike
Friday, 14th March 2014 from 5am and 9am, expect more strikes to come. Here's what Siptu has to say.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014 Irish judges decided strike was illegal. Call your airline to confirm, you are good to go.

Tuesday 11th March Sorry, no good news to give you today. Judges to announce decision tomorrow.

Monday 10th March Still waiting for judges ruling. 
Meeting took/takes place today. In the mean time -
Aer Lingus Transatlantic flights will leave perhaps a little earlier or later than usual. Short hauls have been cancelled. Aer Lingus alone has rescheduled 3,000 trips.
Even if courts deem strike illegal, it will come too late for airline to re-book passengers. Then you have the knock on effect. More strikes are likely to come. P.S Perhaps you need to know French air traffic controllers will strike March 18th. 

Friday, 7th March Lawyers for Ryanair and Dublin Airport Authority trying to get the strike deemed illegal.

Thursday 6th March Here's an article with the latest on Aer Lingus The Independent

Monday, 3 March Irish government in emergency meetings. Aer Lingus will offer re-bookings tomorrow.

Monday, 24 February, Aer Lingus and union heads meet Thursday 27th.  
Still rumours, hearsay, gossip abound that St. Patricks week-end might see strike action. 

21 February 2014 Update:-Shannon engineers cancel strike action for more talks, other unions expected to collaborate. Otherwise nothing new in the news this week just sabre rattling. 

February 11th, 2014 Yesterday Dublin and Cork airport Siptu union workers ballot votes were tallied up and results are - strike action next month. Workers in this vote include airport security and firemen. Dublin Airport won't open without firemen on duty. 

Aer Lingus Siptu union ground staff workers and some cabin crew workers who are represented by Siptu union also passed a vote for strike action today. See press release

Siptu union now nudging other trade unions to initiate strike ballots. Trade union Impact for Aer Lingus flight attendants have not called for a ballot, yet.

Rumours flying around Internet that strike action could take place as early as in two weeks. No dates have been published. Best thing is to be prepared to be delayed for several days. Could always take a ferry to Liverpool or Scotland. If flying with Aer Lingus perhaps you could fly out of Belfast, Northern Ireland instead. It's going to be near on impossible to fly out/into Ireland. Keep in touch with our front page as German and French airlines are sabre rattling.


18 January 2014 Aer Lingus flights that were due to start January 26th from Shannon Airport to Boston, USA have been put on hold till February, 4th. Passengers will now fly from Dublln Airport, transportation from Shannon Airport will be provided from Aer Lingus. Can this airline be run any worse.

18 January 2014 Aer Lingus flights that were due to start January 26th from Shannon Airport to Boston, USA have been put on hold till February, 4th. Passengers will now fly from Dubliln Airport, transportation from Shannon Airport will be provided from Aer Lingus. 

16 January 2014 Issue back in the news today. Siptu union members who work for Are Lingus, Dublin, Shannon and Cork Airports are being balloted for strike action. Regardless of legal action threat by management. No strike date set yet.
See Siptu press release 

16 December 2014 Nothing in the news regarding any industrial action. Might be because management state union shall pay for any charges airline faces with strike action. Union doesn't have the money. Does any?
Aer Lingus New baggage rules The Independent
Last years industrial actions 2013
December 6, 2013 Union workers at Shannon and Dublin Airport are taking a strike ballot this weekend to decide whether or not to strike in the new year. (Ka-ching, Ka-ching you can hear the shareholders profits falling hard)
Sigh!  Cheers. Relief to hundreds of passengers. You are good to go over the Christmas season and New Year.
 Workers unhappy over nagging issue of pension fund shortfalls. Some €780 million. (Management talk to Air Canada they had similar problem and have worked through it.)
Update:- November 15 More talks today, Aer Lingus management have given up the idea of closing Shannon base.

Update:-November 12, More talks planned for Thursday

Update:- November 11, talks resumed this evening
Update:-November 4 Cabin crew vote for strike action. More talks with management to take place this week.

October 30, 2013 Aer Lingus you should know Aer Lingus management have announced the closure of Shannon Airport cabin crew base March 2014. Union ballot results due in today.

29 October Aer Lingus management encourage passengers to book through Christmas, no industrial actions expected.
Aer Lingus flights to Helsinki, Finland might be delayed due to Finnish air traffic control strike.
1 October Aer Lingus management will close cabin crew base at Shannon Airport. Union ballot closes October 30.
August 9, 2013 Unions will meet September 21, if members agree to strike a ballot, ballot will then be taken. See Airport Strike page new Spanish baggage handlers strike planned for this weekend

Aug 2 Announced today Greek airport workers strike involving baggage handlers ramp workers etc. Chances are your flight will be effected. August 9, 10 and 11 Cancelled

Update on Aer Lingus some news will come out this week. Most probably strike action

Old industrial actions
July 11, 2013 News out today, talks are going well. Reminder that pilots will have to give by law two weeks notice of any strike action.
20 June Aer Lingus pilot's back in the news today. Management tells pilots they would not be paid planned wage increases that were due in April. Pilot's have voted for strike action. No date set. Strike possible anytime after July 4. Next bank holiday is August 26.
Follow along with us.
Pilots union is IALPA
Make sure you refresh these feeds.
IALPA Twitter feed
Aer Lingus Twitter feed.

Old industrial action
CityJet pilot strike Friday and Saturday, 
17/18 May, 2013 follow along with us.

March 14 Here we go again, flights to 
Germany delayed German airport security strike again starting tomorrow Cologne/Bonn airport and at Dusseldorf airport. Will last all day, expect hundreds of flights to be cancelled. More flier aggravation
next week, Tunisian airports will be closed due to strike. TAP Airline strike 21, 22 and 23 March. Possible UK customs strike.

March 11, 2013 German airport security strike yet again causing flight delays.

Update:-Unions suspend strike threat. You are good to go on Monday.

Wednesday November 14 Good news, all parties due to meet today. Flights to France, Portugal, Spain and Italy likely to be disrupted today. European Day of Strike Action

Monday November 12  Union members met today, strike still set for Monday November 19.

Saturday 10 November 2012 Talks went a head today between management and unions. Strike still on. Trade unions will talk on Monday.

30 October News out today is that Aer Lingus employees will strike Monday, 
19 November for two hours. 10am-noon. All flights will be grounded for that time. International flight will be hit. Check in desk will be empty. You will be delayed perhaps even canceled.  This has been a very long winded bitter dispute expect employees to strike even longer for the next strike action. No announcement, but you know it will come. Let's hope you sneak by for Christmas, Thanksgiving and the New Year holiday's.
Dublin Airport Authority and Aer Lingus
12 October 2012 Union talks heating up, meetings to take place, this Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 18 October.
October 3, 2012 Talks have ended, now union members will talk between themselves
Thursday, 27 September Issue not over with but that threat yesterday did the trick. Aer Lingus and Irish airport workers have deferred Monday 1 October strike for talks. You got lucky.
26 September Parties are working hard so your flight won't be cancelled.
Aer Lingus sends letter to SIPTU union stating union and personnel will personally be liable for any losses incurred during a strike. Dublin Airport Authority also seek an injunction to cancel strike and have it deemed illegal.
13 September Strike will start Monday, 
1 October. Employees from Aer Lingus and Dublin Airport Authority will have a rolling two hour strike, go slow. Each employee to strike for two hours. This could stretch out all day. All Irish airports will be struck Dublin, Shannon and Cork. Codesharing and Long-hauls for aircraft refueling.

17 August 2012 Aer Lingus and Dublin Airport Authority employees threaten strike, industrial action on Thursday 20 September unless progress is made in negotiations over pensions. This industrial action will interfere with Aer Lingus, Dublin Airport, Shannon Airport and Cork Airport.

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