We need a travel agent, union member or airport employee who knows CityJet like the back of your hand. If you have information that others can use please let us know.
           CityJet Strike 2017
​                   38 Aircraft 
KLM and Air France (Is Air France on strike?) codeshare with CityJet. 
Based out of Ireland, Dublin
 London City and Paris airports. To get to London City Airport you can use Dockland Light Railway - The DLR

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Airport Strike 2017

         CityJet Pilot Strike 2017
CityJet flights to and from Dublin - London

23 November 2016 Strike deferred, talks moved on to Workplace Relations Commission Labour Court.

17 November 2016 CityJet strike, 13 days of 24 hour strike action. Dublin CityJet employees 80 pilots, half are striking. 
Stay in touch with CityJet Dublin Airport
Thursday, Friday 24/25 November 2016
Thursday, Friday 1, 2 December 2016
Thursday, Friday 8, 9 December 2016
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 14, 15 and 16 December
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday 20, 21, 22 and 23rd
follow along www.easytravelreport.com

8 November 2016 Perhaps you need to know if connecting from a KLM flight.
A go slow of 30 mins is going on at the gate by flight attendants Easy Travel Report

London City Airport 
DLR strike 48 hours. January 28, 2015 follow along with us Easy Travel Report
France - French air traffic control strike 2015

Old strikes for 2014
London City Airport
15 September 2014 CityJet flights to Italy will be affected by Italian air traffic control strike.

8 May 2014 Confirmed airline sold to Intro Aviation.

4 February, 2014 French pilots end strike.

28 January 2014 French pilots still on strike, Air France has brought in foreign pilots. Brace yourself for air strike tomorrow.

17 January, 2014 Cityjet flights that are flying to be given another blow by European air traffic controllers strike later this month. See our front page Easy Travel Report.

15 January 2014 French Cityjet pilots still on strike, no shift from management.

January 1, 2014 Cityjet Strike
French pilots for Irish subsidiary of Air France will strike 
00:01, Thursday, January 2, 2014 till??
December 23, 2013 No surprise is it. CityJet pilot strike. 00:01 Christmas Eve till midnight Christmas Day. Rotten time of the year to pull this stunt. 
December 20, 2013 Air France - KlM announce possible buyer in the wings. German company Intro Aviation.
December, 7, 2013 French public service workers strike from 6 pm Sunday, December 8, 2013 to 5 am Saturday 14th December. Brest and Bordeaux will not be involved in strike action. Brest possible delays Monday night. Toulouse Tuesday evening, Wednesday and Thursday possible problems.
Delays are expected to be low if any.
USA hit by winter storms.
French Rail Strike
Announced 25 November 2013 French rail strike, SNCF strike, Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 7pm (expect trains to start powering down 3-4pm) to Friday, December 13, 8am. 3/4 of trains will be running.
Eurostar has a catering problem but will not be effected by the strike. Thalys is also good to go.

June 10, 2013 France has an air traffic control strike this week. 

Old industrial actions
Wednesday 12 June likely to be the worst hit day.  Added to this outher countries will be joining in Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, CZ Republic, Austia...Your flight will be canceled bought forward, canceled, rescheduled. Call them.
Old Industrial Actions 2012
May 14, 2013 Old issue back in the news. French, CityJet pilot strike, Friday Saturday May 17 and 18. 
CityJet pilot strike
23 December This strike by French CityJet pilots has been cancelled. New meeting to take place early January 2013.

Air France will announce who the buyer is first quarter of 2013.

17 December 2012 CitJet pilots give advanced notice, warning that they will strike Christmas Eve if they don't get information from management regarding how they fit into Air France plans.

22 July 2012 Your flights maybe delayed or cancelled this week as some Air France pilots will strike from Wednesday 25 July - 29 2012 Call Air France make sure they have your email and cell phone number.

Wednesday 13 June strike is now over.

Tuesday 12 June Strike has been going on for a week now.

Monday 11 June 2012 Two flights cancelled today to Dundee.

7 June Several flights have been canceled, (looks grounded to us) demonstrations today outside French public transportation office.

4 June 2012 CityJet will have an indefinite strike set for Tuesday, 5 June 2012 starting at midnight tonight. 

CityJet flies to:-Expect your flight to be delayed or cancelled.
France:- Avignon, Brive, Deauville, Mullhouse Basel, Freiburg, Nantes, Pau, Paris CDG and Orly,
Ireland:- Dublin and Donegal. 
Isle of Man
Italy:- Florence and Milan Linate
Netherlands:- Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam The Hague
Switzerland:- Geneva and Zurich
UK:- Birmingham Dundee Edinburgh London City Manchester and Southampton which is operated by Flybe, a UK regional carrier on a code-share basis with Air France..

Unions:-CGT-FO and SNPNC (52 employees for PNC)

Air France in alliance talks with Air Berlin
16 April 2012 How about that. Air France-KLM sentenced in a criminal court and fined 100,000 euros for "complicity in clandestine work". Air France-KLM Jean-Cyril Spinetta ceo personally fined 15,000! Not only that the ceo has to pay 2,000 compensation to 21 workers. CityJet contract employees from 06-08 were paying Irish taxes (lowest in Europe) but company has premices in Roissy and Orly airport, employees also slept over in France. 

so last year.
Friday 21 October 2011 CitJet French cabin crew strike today starting 5:00PM  to 11:59 cp.am. Tuesday 25 October. So far today 25 flights affected. 

(PNC French flight attendants at Air France threaten a 5 day strike this week.)


Some competitors out of Ireland:-
Aer Lingus to Heathrow
Ryanair to Luton and Stansted
BMI to Heathrow

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