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​Heads Up
You've got two more strikes to deal with March 23rd and Easter Friday 30 March 
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28 February, 2018 One more thing you should know. French air traffic control strike is on for Thursday 22 March, 2018
You should also know issue of Air France workers is not resolved, expect more strike action in March, 2018

Air France strike 
Air France strike is planned for 22 February 2018. Strike will involve pilots flight attendants and ground crews. Stay in close contact with Air France even if traveling day before and day after.
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Last year 2017 troubles
HOP Airline pilots will decide whether to take further strike action August 2017 Hop Airline Strike

Air France Strike
Update:-Saturday, 25 February, 2017 Wage negotiations to take place next month between Air France management and unions on Tuesday, March 7 and Friday, 10th, 2017. Union CGT calls all Air France CGT union members to strike on March 7, 2016.
Union upset about the 67% bonuses for executives. (Which has been revised)
National civil Servants will strike also on the 7th of March, 2017.
Not air traffic controllers that we know - yet.
Give them 24 hours ie 5th/6th to give strike notice, if at all. 
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​Air France Flight Attendants Strike
Unions SNPNC-FO and Unsa-PNC perhaps 46% of AF flight staff.
Strikes to start 18th March 20 March, 2017

Strikes from 2016
27 July 2016 Top two busiest airlines in France are striking at the same time this week and next. Air France and Aigle Azur. Neither side will be be able to gain profits from others misfortune. 
Air France is on the ball with the strike action, not so sure about how Aigle Azur  will do. They do have a notice up.

Air France Strike
Air France Flight Attendant Strike 
Air France Cabin Crew Strike
Update:-26 July 2016 Air France announcement today. Reminder HOP, KLM and Delta are not effected by any strike action. 
For Wednesday July 27, 2016 they state - We plan to operate more than 90% of our long haul flights, 90% of our domestic flights, and more than 80% of our medium-haul flight to and from Paris - CDG. As strikes go with only two of the three flight attendant unions striking. Flight delays and cancellations are really minimal. Stay in touch with them 

Air France Flight Attendant Strike
Recent meetings were pointless.
Crews - flight attendants to strike from Wednesday 00:01 July 27 - Tuesday 2, August 2016 23:59 hrs Air France has a notice up
​Aigle Azur
Tuesday July 26 Pilot’s for Aigle Azur will strike Thursday July 28 to Thursday August 4th. Last strike in May was cancelled and no agreement since then has been made. 
Another strike is planned for
Saturday 27 August 2016 to Saturday September 3, 2016
Call airline 0810797997
Aigle Azur
Second largest airline in France. 300 flights a week.
Based in Orly Airport. Popular routes Algeria, France, Portugal, Switzerland.

French General Strike
July 15, 2016 New nationwide French general strike is being planned for Thursday, September 15, 2016. You will be inconvenienced in some shape or form. 
Expect taxi, public transportation - trains, (perhaps international trains) metro, buses and maritime workers - ferries to strike along with airline and airport workers. Minimal services will be in effect. You will still be able to get around just don't expect to be on time. Expect traffic jams in Paris, Lyon. 
Regarding flights:-
Air France always takes the brunt of any strike action. Prepare for the worst, your airport exit may be blocked by taxi’s. If so, you will have to "hoof it" with your luggage, children, elderly. 
Will French air traffic controllers join in? Unfortunately this information will not be available till closer to the date. It’s customary for air traffic controllers to give 48 hours notice before any industrial action. They might ask airlines to cut back flights to and from France by 10 - 30% or not at all for updates


March 24, 2016 Air France flight attendants will strike 31 March 2016 see

Announced today, Christmas Day, while you were enjoying dinner.
CGT union workers at Air France will strike Thursday, January 28, 2016.
Workers involved:-Ground workers and "cabin". Vague. Is this flight attendants? We will see. 
3,000 workers to be given the heave ho. 
Be ready. Air France will have a contingency plan in place for you. 
Your flight will likely be cancelled, delayed or brought forward. 
Transavia or HOP, Air France subsidiaries will pick up the slack. 
SkyTeam Alliance member.
Check back with us, we will update as more information becomes available.

Strikes from 2013 by Air France flight attendants.
Update:-February 28 Air France flight attendants unions CGT and South Air have called for a strike from  Wednesday February 27 to Sunday March 3. Likely to have a delay this week.

February 2013 Air France flight attendants from three unions SNPNC, UNAC AND UNSA have agreed a new contract. Unions will send agreement to members for the thumbs up.

Old industrial actions
Air France Flight Attendants press release

Announced 10 October 2011 Air France flight attendants to strike From 00:01 Saturday 29 October to Wednesday 2 November 23:59. Perfect timing for French school holidays. Check back for more info. 
(old Air France strikes)

Air France codeshares with Qantas, who are on strike now. Yikes, who else does Air France code share with?

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status

2 November 2011 Strike ends at midnight. Flights almost back to normal.
31 October Another one of the three flight attendants union went back to work today after guarantees of employment. Still canceling longhauls. Air France charters 100 planes. See what has to say.
On October 31:
AF344-AF345 Paris - Charles de Gaulle / Montréal / Paris - Charles de Gaulle
AF072-AF069 Paris - Charles de Gaulle / Los Angeles / Paris - Charles de Gaulle
AF026-AF027 Paris - Charles de Gaulle / Washington / Paris - Charles de Gaulle
AF682-AF681 Paris - Charles de Gaulle / Atlanta / Paris - Charles de Gaulle

- On November 1st:
AF344-AF345 Paris - Charles de Gaulle / Montréal / Paris - Charles de Gaulle
AF3848-AF3849 Paris - Charles de Gaulle / Abu Dhabi / Paris - Charles de Gaulle
AF682-AF681 Paris - Charles de Gaulle / Atlanta / Paris - Charles de Gaulle

30 October 2011 Limiting short-haul passengers to a 100 per flight. That way Air France employees less flight attendants per flight. By law 50-100 passengers 2 flight attendants. Another attendant for the next 50.

150 Flight technicians are joining in the strike today. They deal with flight preparation and dispatch.

29 October 2011 CDG running normal, passengers changed to other airlines.  Orly 200 passengers waiting to be booked.

27 October Remember it can take a while for flights to get back to normal. By French law a certain percentage of flights have to fly. Long-hauls have been cancelled. 80% of flights to continue flying.
Air France issues  Press release In short:-
Reducing flights,  expect delays. "We do not exclude on the spot cancellations" (Never seen that before from them) Also. - If you wish to travel from November 03 to December 09, 2011 included, the modification of your booking is possible free of charge in the same cabin of travel, irrespectively of the fare paid.

- If you wish to travel from December 10, 2011 to May 13, 2012, the modification of your booking is possible free of charge at the same fare, according to availability, or by paying the difference with a higher fare.

In these two cases, you may change your reservation online*, through the "Manage your reservations" feature.

Other possible options:
- You may change your destination or point of origin, or cancel your journey, or postpone your travel up to May 13, 2012:
Please contact your usual point of sales before November 30, 2011.

- If your flight has been canceled or delayed by more than 5 hours, you may require a refund, and your ticket will be fully refunded, except the service fee.
We invite you to fill in the refund form available through the "Manage your reservations / Obtain a refund online" feature on this website.

*Subject to eligibility. If the service is not available, please contact Air France (phone number available on this website in the "Contact us" section).

25 October Strike still on. UNSA-PNC bulletin in French, but you get the gist. It's time to call Air France if you haven't already. Airline expected to announce "significant profit warning" in November.

20 October 2011 Flight attendants union and management met yesterday. Talks broke down. Union state strike is still set. More talks will be planned. 

In the event of a strike, previously, by law they have to fly a certain amount of flights. Air France strikes

Was three unions to strike, now down to two. Unac signs an agreement with management.
Two unions represent cabin crews SNPNC-FO and UNSA.  (PNC alone has15,000 employees)
Air France       
UNACPNC twitter

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Air France strike may effect CityJet, Brit Air,
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Air France Cabin Crew Strike