​Do see Updates Easy Travel Report
​for French air traffic control strike dates and more.

Update:-Thursday 31 May, 2018 The public transportation strike was extended today. Causing problems for passengers to and from Athens airport.

Update:-Tuesday, 29 May 2018 Not as bad as it could be. Greek controllers will strike from 10am to 1pm (local time) tomorrow, 30th May. This will also cause delays for Cyprus airports.
Aegean  and  Olympic list of cancellations 
Thessaloniki Airport
Athens Airport has notice up

Update:- Monday 28, 2018 Air traffic controllers will join in general strike. Your flight will be delayed, canceled or brought forward. Call your airline. More information out tomorrow.

Greek general strike is planned for Wednesday, 30 May 2018.
We do know that ferries will be moored to port.
Greek journalist will strike for 24 hours starting 6am, Tuesday 16th May 2017, no newspapers or news websites will be updated.

Greek General Strike
Two biggest unions in Greece are planning a general strike for Wednesday, 17 May, 2017, GSEE and ADEDY.
Plan for the worst.
Olympic Air and Aegean airlines will have a revised schedule, as with other public transportation.

Greek air traffic control
Greek air traffic controllers will strike for 4 hrs this Wednesday 17 May 2017.
Airlines will be grounded from 11am to 3pm. Call your airline.

Perhaps this may help you
See Flight Stats for some cancellations tomorrow. 

Ferries will be tied to ports from Tuesday, the 16th dockers extend strike from two to FOUR DAYS! Best call your boss.

International rains will stop at the border as Greek railway workers will stop working for 24 hours.

Athens - Wednesday buses and trolley will only work between 9am and 9pm. Metro, electric railway lines and trams will run between 9am and 4pm. The Metro will stop at Doukissis Plakentias station, you will have to gt a cab to the airport, if you are lucky to find one.

Greek air traffic control
Greek air traffic controllers will strike for 4 hrs this Wednesday 17 May 2017.
Airlines will be grounded from 11am to 3pm. Call your airline.

Ferries will be tied to ports from Tuesday, the 16th dockers extend strike from two to FOUR DAYS! Best call your boss. For updates see
Easy Travel Report


Greek General Strike
Two biggest unions in Greece are planning a general strike for Wednesday, 17 May, 2017, GSEE and ADEDY.
Plan for the worst.
Olympic Air and Aegean airlines will have a revised schedule, as with other public transportation.
before this a

Greek Ferry Strike
Greek dockers will strike for 48 hours this Tuesday and Wednesday 9th and 10th of May, 2017. Leaving ferries tied to port across the country  
Strike will start 00:01hrs Tuesday. You may have to get to the mainland a day earlier to get your international flight from Athens. It’s not uncommon for PNO ferry union workers to extend strikes. Expect more strikes ot come. 

Stay in touch with our front page for updates

​International travel news
Strikes from 2016 that we caught.

Greek Air Traffic Control Strike?
Greek General Strike
Greek general strike is planned for this Thursday 8 December, 2016.
Strike will involve public and private workers. 
Air traffic control so far have not announced any strike action. (Last four day air traffic control strike was cancelled last minute)
Most likely to effect Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines. Stay in touch with them as you could be delayed, cancelled or brought forward.

Public transport will be effected. Yet to be announced.
Confirm you have transport to your airport.
Cyprus airports, Larnaca and Paphos might get caught up in delays.

You should know Greek dockworkers, Panhellenic Maritime Federation (PNO)
 are on strike leaving ferries tied to ports across the country. The strike was to end early Tuesday (tomorrow) but has been extended by two days to come in line with the nationwide general strike on Thursday. Ferry strike will end 6am Friday, local time. A real pain for air passengers trying to get to the mainland.
Check for updates

​Greek general strike is being planned for Thursday November 24. Dockers will be striking, ferries will be tied to port. You might be delayed if flying with national airlines Olympic and Aegean. Regarding public transport, no details out yet. Follow along with us
Update:-9 October 2016 Strike is over in fact it was over yesterday after airlines scrambled to displace thousands of passengers. All four days of industrial action have been cancelled.
How despicable. They will be back.

8 October 2016 Strike is still on. Did you hear from your airline yet?

5 October 2016 Greek air traffic controllers will walk of the job with four, 24 hour strikes. 
Disaster for thousands of passengers, Greek air space will be closed.
Sunday 9 October, 2016
Monday 10 October
Wednesday 12 October
Thursday 13 October
New foreign bosses imposing changes, expecting efficiency.
Do see for any updates Easy Travel Report
​It's possible strike may be deemed illegal. Union has given required amount of notice.
Olympic and Aegean will post a list of cancelled flights. Call your airline.

Last attempt
Greek Airport Strike
Heads up, Greek 5 day airport strike has been cancelled.

Not air traffic controllers
00:01 Monday, June 20 - Friday midnight June 24, 2016

June 14, 2016 Greek aviation workers belonging to union OSYPA will strike for five days as reported by Reuters. Airports to function with emergency staff only. Expect disruptions on domestic and international flights. Issue over job losses and closure of some air craft towers. Germans take over airports September 2016.

for 48 hour Greek general strike which is being planned for after Greek Easter which is on May 1, 2016.
For, Belgium air traffic control strike 
Greek Taxi Strike
Heads up, you will be flying into a Greek taxi strike!
Greek taxi drivers will strike nationwide starting 5am Thursday 14 April, 2016 till 5am Friday the 15th.
Leave for your Greek airport early. I’d expect the worst, blocked roads to your airport, busy highways blocked and traffic jams.
Update:- Tuesday April 5, 2016
​Yes your flight from and to Athens, Thessaloniki and the islands is up the creek. Aegean and Olympic Airlines
Thessaloniki and Athens on ourairports
Larnaca Cyprus

Greek General Strike
Tuesday, 5 April 2016 Greek air traffic control strike have joined in the mayhem. Late notice and disrupting thousands of passengers. Call your airline, get a hotel booked. (check back, we are updating)
Strike starts 9pm Wednesday 
strike ends Thursday 11pm. 
​Flight connections leaving from the Greek Islands connecting to Athens International and from Cyprus, Crete, Corfu becomes challenging to say the least. This information was released about 5pm local time today.

4 April 2016 News out from dockers they will strike April 8 for 24 hours, there goes your ferry connection.

28 March 2016 Announced today Greek civil servants will strike for 24 hours, Thursday 7 April, 2016. Massive participation of workers is expected. If you are flying with national airlines Olympic or Aegean you can count on your flight being brought forward, delayed or even cancelled. Call your travel agent. More information to come out in the week. 
Farmers will join in strike action. That means give yourself plenty of time to get to your airport as farmers will likely be blocking road to your airport. Expect road blockages starting by 6am. Same with borders if driving.
Waiting information for dock workers.
28 March 2016 Announced today Greek civil servants will strike for 24 hours. Thursday 7 April, 2016. Will air traffic control join in? Bit early to say. Follow along with us

Old strikes for 2016
Update:-3 February 2016 Update:-Wednesday 3 February 2016 Aegean Airlines has a list of cancelled flights for the four hour strike. As with Olympic Airways
​Greek air traffic control is NOT joining in. Ground workers on the other hand will be striking, so expect to be delayed, brought forward or cancelled. This includes firemen, when firemen strike it normally means airport will be closed.
​Ferries will be tied to port this Friday and Saturday. Don't forget you will still likely find major roads blocked by farmers. Borders blocked. Refugee problems.
We will update here if anything changes

Friday 29 January 2016 For the third day ferries have be tied to port. Road to Athens airport was blocked for an hour today. Greek border with Bulgaria is blocked by trucks. Only private cars and buses aloud to cross. Farmers still blocking major highways. Tuesday, Athens public transport strike 

15 January 2016 General strike being planned for Thursday, February 4, 2016. Likely to effect Olympic and Aegean Airlines. Will air traffic control join in? 

Dock workers will strike again on Wednesday, Thursday 20, 21 January, 2016.

Old strikes for 2016
Greek air traffic control will not be joining in the airport strike planned for this Thursday, January 7, 2016. Strike is to last from Thursday, 10pm to 10pm Friday. It is unclear which workers will strike. Minimal delays expected. Likely to effect National airlines Aegean and Olympic.

​International Travel News 2015
Greek Air Traffic Controllers strike, 2015

December 1, 2015 You will be flying into a Greek general strike on 
Thursday 3 December, 2015. 

Thursday 3 December 2015 from local time Noon to 4pm OSYPA strike notice (translation)
Call your airline

Details from last strike
Updates Easy Travel Report   
Yes indeed Greek flights are being cancelled for the 11th and 12th see Aegean Airlines  See notice up at Athens airport See notice up at  See notice up at Athens airport Greek peripheral airports will be affected. (whatever that's supposed to mean)

General strike is planned for Thursday, 
12 November 2015 and will last for 24 hours. So far Greek air traffic controllers are not joining in. We will update if so. Greek airlines Aegean and Olympic will have delays, cancellations or flights will be brought forward.

Old strikes effecting Greece from 2015 Update:-13 August 2015 Few delays to and from UK due to bad weather and the usual over capacity, otherwise all looks good. (Dare I say.. All those ant-acids not necessary!) 

Update:-Wednesday 12 August 2015 So far no plans in for controllers strike this Friday and Saturday.

10 August 2015 High delays today at Santorini, Mykonos, Heraklion, Skiatos and Thessaloniki due to airport's being over capacity. 
See/use these great sources NOP (top right) and ourairports

10 August 2015 So far nothing in the news regarding new Greek air traffic contollers strike action for 14th and 15th.
​If you know something let us know.

The Greek Air Traffic Controllers Association (GATCA)
Update:-Wednesday 5 August 2015 Cyprus 16 flights today so far cancelled between Paphos and Larnaca airports. Athens 173 flights re-scheduled and 22 flights cancelled.  Are you flying into London? Be ready for London Underground strike.

Update:-Tuesday 4 August 2015 Strike is still on for tomorrow. You might want to know that controllers threaten another two four hour strikes on Friday and Saturday August 14, 15th 2015, we will keep you informed.

July 31, 2015 Greek air traffic controllers will strike 
Wednesday August 5, 2015 from 2pm to 6pm (local time) 
Flight connections leaving from the Greek Islands connecting to Athens International and from Cyprus becomes challenging to say the least. 
So far ferry and train workers are not joining in with this strike.

Update:-Monday 3, August 2015  will see Greek rail strike ekathimerini

30 July 2015 Greek Airports operating at full capacity, expect delays all summer long. Remember Greek ATC equipment is old and controllers have been desperate for years for new equipment. Not unusual for controllers to bring planes in by line of sight alone.

July 16, 2015 A go slow is going on for sure. Follow along with us at Athens Airport Strike also see dragging delays all day today and yesterday.

​Greek ferries will be tied to port 30 June 2015. See

Saturday May 30, 2015 Strike is not expected to have minimal effect. Re-iterate air traffic control is not striking, it's airport workers ie handlers, ramp personnel etc.
Athens Airport
See for current flight delays. 
Aegean Airlines

Friday 22 May 2015 Greek airport union workers (The Greek Federation of Civil Aviation Authority Unions) announce strike Sunday 
31 May and Monday, 1 June 2015
Not a lot of details have been published yet. 
What we do know is air traffic control is NOT joining in.They belong to a different union. Follow along with us Easy Travel Report

Last years industrial actions from International travel news
13 July 2014 Greek airport's over capacity, expect delays all summer.

26 November 2014 Greek air traffic controllers will strike for 24 hours starting midnight tonight. Call your airline for help. Easy Travel Report
for updates

22 October 2014 An air traffic control strike that was planned for tomorrow has been cancelled.

   Greek Air Traffic Control Strike
2 October 2014 Strike deemed illegal. No flight cancellations planned for this week-end. 

​30 September 2014 Announced today, 48 hour strike by Greek air traffic controllers this week-end. No other details have been given. Strike might end up being deemed illegal.
We will be updating. If strike goes ahead it makes life difficult of course for domestic and international flights from Athens Airport. Flight connections leaving from the Greek Islands and Cyprus becomes challenging to say the least. Ferries and trains are not on strike.
Air France strike is over for the time being.
Lufthansa Strike, still on going.

Tuesday 8 July 2014 Civil Servants will strike this Wednesday. Strike likely to be deemed illegal. If not you might find museums and archaeological sites closed.
Saturday June 28, 2014 Greeks make attempt to get on the air traffic control strike band wagon, ie French and Belgium air traffic control staff. Luckily, Greek air traffic control strike planned for this Monday and Tuesday June 30/July 1, 2014 has been cancelled.

Old industrial actions for 2014
15 February 2014 Greek civil servants strike, union ADEDY, planning strike for next month, Thursday, Friday March 13th and 14th, 2014. Union urging other unions to join in. Air traffic controllers have not issued any strike action just yet.


Greek air traffic control strike 11 am - 2 pm, Thursday 30th January, 2014. Check our front page for other countries joining in with this Pan European strike action.
Add to this
Greek safety engineers will strike 10 am to 2 pm on Wednesday and Thursday. Likely to effect most Greek airports. 

Last years industrial actions
August 5, 2013 Greek airport workers have called off strike. Government has agreed to talks. Only postponed people. You squeaked by, this time. Happy days are here again.
Friday August 2, 2013 Announced today a Greek civil aviation workers strike is being planned for three days. August Friday August 9- Sunday August 11. Three rolling 24 hour strikes. 300 workers have to be let go. Good news it's not air traffic controllers this time. Airport workers ie baggage handlers, ramp workers etc. Just as devastating.

Also striking this week 500 workers from the culture ministry, you may find archaeology sites closed. We will be updating as the week goes on.
See notice

Old industrial actions
Update:-July 15, Greek air traffic controllers will strike from noon to 4pm tomorrow. Delays and knock on effect for passengers.

July 10, 2013 Announced today a new Greek general strike is being planned for this Tuesday, July 16. Greek airlines Olympic and Aegean will have cancellations. Keep in touch with your airline. So far, air traffic controllers have not announced if they will join in. Check back with us here or our Easy Travel Report front page. Remember ferries will also be tied to port for the 24 hour duration of the strike.

Do see front page for latest strike info
Whose on strike today?
Shaky Airline Status
Is your airline reliable?
See who else is on strike today?
Athens airport departures

Greek Air Traffic Controllers to strike
on Thursday, May 16. All flights to be grounded, between the hours of 0900 - 1300 UTC. Bring a book, might take an hour or so to get back to normal. Just enough to miss your connecting flight. Call your airline. 

3 April 2013 Strike deemed illegal.
2 April, 2013 Announced today a Greek air traffic controllers strike to take place tomorrow, lasting 24 hours.  No, you are not going crazy, this was only announced today

Athens airport, Greek air traffic controllers will strike Tuesday 6 November 6-9am and Wednesday 7 November from 11am-2pm.  Greek air space will be closed during these times, your flight will be late. Heads up, Greek taxi drivers will be on strike for 24 hours Tuesday 6 November.

17 Sept. Athens airport today, delays yes, looks like 60-90 mins on some flights, but they are moving.
16 Sept. Strike this week-end cancelled. Good. Expect delays.
15 September Update:- Greek ATC strike for 15 Sept. Cancelled. Fingers cccrossed this weekends strike maybe cancelled also!

Greek air traffic controllers have a "strike warning" in effect. Subject to Greek courts approval first.
THIS Thursday 15 September 2011 from 11am to 3pm. UTC
Another 48 hour strike starts midnight Friday
16 September till midnight Sunday 18th.
Let's see what the courts have to say. In the mean time you being one of the smart ones, are not going to be cut short. You are going to make a booking at your local airport hotel regardless. No sleeping on the floor for you and your family. Now call your airline for instructions. Chop, chop move it. You know this is going to knock around the world. We may not know any more details till Wednesday. You never know Dimita at Top Level Tours might have some suggestions see above.
Update:- 2 September, 2011. You got lucky! Greek air traffic control strike for Sunday deemed illegal.
2 September Yes, Greek air traffic controllers are to strike, this Sunday, 4, September, for four hours  2pm-6pm. Fingers crossed this strike maybe deemed illegal. They will be back!
Greek air traffic control
4 August Greek taxi strike over.
2 August Tuesday Taxi strike still on athensnews and Ekathimerini
30 July Sunday:- Significant flight delays today due to shortage of air traffic controllers. For tomorrow Recommended to travel from / to Athens airport by metro on Monday 10a.m. to at least 2 pm. as the meeting in front of the ministry could be an obstacle to the airport bus itinerary.

28 July Greek civil aviation labor unions cancel strike.
The Greek Civil Aviation Authority Federation call off strikes scheduled for 3-31 August.
Civil aviation union reached agreement with government over owed monies.

So last year
12 December, 2010 Greek air traffic controllers will close Greek air space for 24 hours, Wednesday 15, December.  Transportation all week is going to be hard, trains also joining in for a straight five days. Transportation to Cyprus and Greek isles will be difficult. Cyprus, Greek side is calling for a strike 12/16. Cyprus will be flying on that day, or so they say.  Do call your airline and book a hotel for just incase, you can always cancel. Most probably Olympic Airways and Agean Air will be grounded.


Update:-Sunday, July, 25, No strike today, but several delays and cancelleations.  Tonight greek truck drivers will strike at 9pm. Customers already queuing for gas. 

Update, judge stated strike is illegal and abusive, union will give response 7/24. 

Sunday, 25, July, 24 hour, New greek air traffic controllers strike. Starts midnight Saturday.

14, May, 2010 Air traffic controllers will not strike on May,20.  Good news.

Greek strike, unions  GSEE and ADEDY, (will start midnight Wednesday)  24 hours, Thursday. May, 20, 2010, will effect ferries international trains, borders and Greek air space, air traffic controllers. 

3, May, 2010 

Press release from Athens Airport:-
Further to the participation of the Federation of Association of Hellenic Civil Aviation, in a 48-hour general strike on Tuesday 4th of May, a number of domestic flights may affected.

In addition, further to the participation of Hellenic Air Traffic Controllers, in a 24-hour general strike on Wednesday 5th of May, there will be no flights to or from Athens International Airport, from 00:01 to 23:59.

1, May, 10 Air traffic controllers will be striking no flights in or out of Greece that day.  Airport asking passengers to call your airline.

4/29 Greek civil servants and private sector workers will strike for 24 hours on Wednesday, May 5. At this present time we don't know if air traffic controllers are joining in.  Last general strike, they cancelled due to the volcano activity.

April, 19, Nice, Greek air traffic controllers cancelled strikes for this week, 4/22 and 4/23 due to present situation world wide. Only delayed folks. 

Feb.8 Greek Air Traffic Control Strike will hold rolling strikes this Wednesday
4 separate 3 hour strikes, starting 4am and ending 10:30pm.  

Heads up, Greek nationwide strike planned for February, 2010

10 July, 09  Greek court calls planned strike is illegal and abusive which was planned for this Saturday for 24 hours. Saved, relax, business as usual.

Last time:-
Greek air traffic controllers will walk of the job Thursday, 25 June, 2009 between 8 am to 12 pm, expect severe delays, resulting in hundreds of delays or cancellations to private airline Aegean, and national carrier Olympic.

The air traffic controllers were demanding that extra staff be hired and that their health-care benefits be improved. The head of the air traffic controllers' union said the main radar systems used to track aircraft also sometimes fail and when controllers talk to pilots local radio stations intervene. "(The system) goes dead... we have a back-up system of course, but it is not supposed to be relied on for hours," Angelos Sotiropoulos, head of the union, told a news conference.


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Greek air traffic controllers strikes 2018. Planes on average 2,300 to 2,900 fly through Greek airspace every day. Always expect Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines to have flight cancellations during a Greek general strike. Flying from a Greek island into Athens International can become tricky, particularly if a ferry strike is added to the mix. 
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