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​Brussels Airport site.

​Belgium Air Traffic Control Strike
Brussels Airport and Charleroi

22 April 2016 Controllers still calling in sick, on off.

Thursday 21 April 2016 Belgian government will make a “pool” of air traffic controllers who will work in airports in case of shortages.
Yesterday Wednesday Charleroi and Liege closed between 7:15 am and 11:30 due to lack of controllers.

Saturday 23 April, 2016 Controllers still calling in sick, delays of over an hour. Perhaps you need to know French air traffic control along with several other transportation unions will strike this week 28 April. Greek general strike is being planned for May.

Thursday 14 April 2016 41 flights ended up being canceled today. 29 incoming flights and 12 outbound, mostly Brussels Airlines. According to the powers that be, situation is now stable.

13 April 2016 Controllers still sick today, sick that retirement age will go to 55 to 58 years old.

Brussels Airport 200 flight cancellations today between 8am and 10am. Take offs expected to go from 15 per hour to 20. Ending in 25 in the late afternoon. Then? Looking into the evening

12 April 2016 Wildcat strike by Belgian air traffic control (How can this be legal?) Strike over pension reform.
Strike likely to go in through the night and into Wednesday.
Brussels Airport
Charleroi Airport
NOP for the latest. 
Ourairports Brussels departures

15 February 2016 We dodged a bullet today. Belgocontrol threaten strike action starting today. Strike will not effect flights. Strike at the moment is involving controllers who are training. We will be updating:-

Strikes from 2015
       Belgium National Strike
Update:-21 April, 2015 Belgian air traffic control are not on strike. Brussels Airport has a security strike going on. Plus rail strike is on.

​14 March 2015 A Belgian national strike is being planned for Wednesday, 
22 April, 2015. Early yet, nothing out about aviation unions. Your international trains Thalys, Eurostar, TGV and ICE trains might be delayed/cancelled. Follow along with us at  Easy Travel Report


        Belgium national strike
  Belgium Air Traffic Control Strike
Update:-Friday December 12, 2014 Belgian air traffic controllers will strike starting Sunday evening 2100 UTC and strike will end Monday 2100 UTC. All Belgian airports will be effected all airlines will be grounded. Devastating.
Charleroi flights likely to be directed to Lille, France. 1 hr 15 mins away ETR

Belgium Air Traffic Control Strike
Belgocontrol Belgian air traffic control likely to join in national general strike Monday, 15 December, 2014. Unfortunately more information to be released day before 14th December. Why not beat this and change your flight for two days later or before. Brussels, Liege and Brussels airport managers and workers will be on strike. Flights might be diverted 75 mins away to Lille, France. Remember Belgium public transportation will be on strike. We will be updating.
PS Public transportation will be at a standstill Easy Travel Report
See below link for hotel reservations

30 November 2014 Heads up Lufthansa airline strike causing delays today. Nothing to do with Belgian air traffic control.

17 October 2014 Belgian unions announce general strike and demonstrations for Monday, 15 December, 2014. Updating on ETR Other strikes are planned November, 24, December 5 and 12th unions threaten airports to be paralyzed.
​Brussels Airport Strike page
6 November 2014 Public transport strike today see Easy Travel Report

Old industrial actions
Update:- 25 June 2014, Union expected to strike in the night and again early morning. 2 - 3 hours. Union only to give three hours notice.
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014 Union CSC Transcom announced yesterday, controllers will strike for two hours. 6:45 to 8:45 this evening, air space will be closed. You know the routine. Call your airline. 120 flights - 12 - 15 thousand passengers out of Brussels Airport alone being cancelled.
Strike being touted as a 'Media strategy'. They control your travel plans and your mind now.
Issue over Belgian air traffic control workers, after 55 controllers can no longer look at screens/camera's. Algemene Centrale der Openbare Diensten ACOD union not joining in yet, prefers talks.  Look at the long list of cancelled flights   
​Long lines at BA, Brussels Airlines, Ryanair. More strikes expected.

Sunday, 22 June 2014 Belgian air traffic controllers threaten strike action this coming week. All parties will meet 10am Monday, tomorrow. See what is happening to French air traffic controllers this week.

Old Industrial actions
Belgiuim general strike 21/22 December 2011 
9/29/11 Flights to Belgium coming back to normal.

9/28 Air traffic controllers strike today, for 24 hours, started 2pm today, little or no notice given. Nothing will get in or out of Belgium airspace, Belgocontrol. Ryanair, Aer Lingus cancelling flights. Brussels and Charleroi airpots closed, thousands of passengers delayed and diverted. Best call your airline. Union SLFP causing problems.  Belgium airports Closed till 2pm Wednesday.
Call your rail company, now if you are thinking of taking a train instead. Brussels to Paris trains not effected.The train traffic from Brussels to Amsterdam Schiphol is not affected .Spanish Air Traffic Controllers also on strike, bad day to travel.

Liege Airport arrivals and departures.

Charleroi Airport departures and arrivals.

Wow, check out Brussels airport website front page. 
Air traffic disturbed due to industrial action with Belgocontrol
Due to industrial action with air traffic control provider Belgocontrol no air traffic is possible as of 2 pm today 28 September. The airspace will remain closed until at least 10 pm.
Passengers who are scheduled to fly tonight or tomorrow are advised to regularly check the flight information on this website and to contact their airline.
Brussels Airlines announces that all the flights it operates with its own aircraft are cancelled until Wednesday 29 September at 2 pm. 

Old stuff
3/23/10 The staff of Belgocontrol, the Belgium Air Traffic control will start industrial action tonight at 10pm local time.  The capacity of the airports Brussels and Liege will be at fifty percent.  Expect delays for arrivals and departures.

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 Belgium Air Traffic Controllers Strike
      Effects flights to Belgium - Brussels - Zavetem Airport, Charleroi Airport, Leige Airport, Netherlands and Luxembourg

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