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​​​Greek Ferry Strike
Just to let you know you will be flying into:-
Greek dockers will strike for 48 hours this Tuesday and Wednesday 9th and 10th of May, 2017. Leaving ferries tied to port across the country  
Strike will start 00:01hrs Tuesday. You may have to get to the mainland a day earlier to get your international flight from Athens. It’s not uncommon for PNO ferry union workers to extend strikes.
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Last years 2016 strike actions effecting Olympic Air flights

Greek General Strike
Greek general strike is planned for this Thursday 8 December, 2016.
Strike will involve public and private workers. 
Air traffic control so far have not announced any strike action.
Most likely to effect Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines. Stay in touch with them as you could be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. 
Public transport will be effected. Confirm you have transport to your airport.
Cyprus airports, Larnaca and Paphos might get caught up in delays.

You should know Greek dockworkers, Panhellenic Maritime Federation (PNO)
 are on strike leaving ferries tied to ports across the country. The strike was to end early Tuesday (tomorrow) but has been extended by two days to come in line with the nationwide general strike on Thursday. Ferry strike will end 6am Friday, local time.

We will update here

Greek general strike is being planned for Thursday November 24. Dockers will be striking, ferries will be tied to port. You might be delayed if flying with national airlines Olympic and Aegean. Regarding public transport, no details out yet. Follow along with us

Greek Air Traffic Control Strike
Strike was cancelled, last minute, infuritating. They will be back.
5 October 2016 Greek air traffic controllers will walk of the job with four, 24 hour strikes. 
Disaster for thousands of passengers, Greek air space will be closed.
Sunday 9 October, 2016
Monday 10 October
Wednesday 12 October
Thursday 13 October
New foreign bosses imposing changes, expecting efficiency, 
Do see for any updates Easy Travel Report
​It's possible strike may be deemed illegal. Union has given required amount of notice. Olympic will post a list of cancelled flights.

Do see Updates Easy Travel Report
​for 48 hour Greek general strike that is being planned for after Greek Easter which is on May 1, 2016. 
​If you are flying with Olympic or Aegean Airlines expect your flight to be delayed, canceled or brought forward.

Old strikes for 2016
28 March 2016 Announced today Greek civil servants will strike for 24 hours. Thursday 7 April, 2016. Will air traffic control join in? Bit early to say. Likely to effect national airlines Olympic and Aegean Follow along with us

  Greek General Strike
First Greek general strike of the year, Thursday, February 4, 2016. Public and private union workers will be striking.
Public transportation will be affected, trains likely to be stopped at the border crossings. Ferries likely to be tied to port. Museums and historical sights will be closed. Banks closed, bring cash as ATM's will be empty at the airport. Greek journalists will be on strike from 6am Thursday to 6am Friday.
Olympic and Aegean airlines will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. More info

Greek air traffic control strike August 5, 2015 
So far ferry and train workers are not joining in with this strike but your flight with Olympic from and to Athens or any Greek airport will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. Call your airline. 
Updating on Greek air traffic control strike

Old strikes for 2014
Saturday June 28, 2014 Greek air traffic control strike planned for this Monday and Tuesday June 30/July 1, 2014 has been cancelled.
March 12th 2014Strike today involved tax inspectors, doctors , teachers, medical personnel, municipal workers. No delays, by trains, ferry or airports. Strike next week likely to cause you problems.

8 March 2014 Change in strike dates. Strike by public sector workers now planned for Wednesday 12 March. Followed by a 48 hour strike on 19th and 20th March.

​​Greek air traffic control strike 11 am - 2 pm, Thursday 30th January, 2014. Check our front page for other countries joining in with this Pan European strike action.

Last years industrial actions
Aug 2, 2013 A new Greek airport strike is planned for this weekend August 9-11 follow along with us. Expect some Olympic Airlines flights to be cancelled. 

22 October 2012 Aegean Airlines looking to buy Olympic Airways

Strike in Cyo
prus 12 and 15 March by air traffic controllers is off.

Old Stuff
New Greek general strike planned for Wednesday, 10, May, 2011 Olympic Air has cancelled some flights. Air traffic controllers have given an update that Greek air space will close Wednesday morning from GMT/UTC 9am to 1pm. Not 24 hours.
March 2011 Olympic drops route to London's Heathrow and Gatwick. Also Brussels, Paris and Vienna.


Sold to Marfin Investment Group-privatised

Greek general strike, starting midnight Wednesday, 19, May. for 24 hours. Do see our front page for more details

9/14/09 Are you on of the1,500 Olympic Airlines passengers who have return tickets dated after September 30th, which is Olympics last day?? Airline was sold to Marfin Investment Group (MIG) in March. At presents Olympic doesn't have a solution for this yet.Olympic’s information hotline in Athens, has not been answering calls for days.  

16, September, 09 Olympic Airways announce liquidation

10 July, 09 GREECE, The Greek air traffic controllers' association will not hold 24-hour strike to protest against deficiencies in the air traffic control systems. Court deems it illegal and abusive!  Saved!

Heads up, nationwide general strike called for this Thursday, 14 May, 09 from 8am for 24 hours.Olympic Airlines will be effected, flights will be canceled.

April 2, 2009 Nationwide strike, all forms of transportation. Air Traffic Controllers on strike. State carrier Olympic has cancelled 140 domestic and international flights and has rescheduled 10 flights to and from London, Brussels, Paris, New York and Tirana, while its rival Aegean Airlines has cancelled 50 domestic flights.

4 March 09 2 bids come in Aegean Airlines, (€90mn to purchase Olympic's flying operation and €20mn to buy the assets of the Olympic's aircraft maintenance base.) and US  charter company Chrysler Aviation offered €210mn.

11/25/08  Greece, Olympic Airlines canceling or rescheduling 40 flights Wednesday due to a brief strike by air traffic controllers.

11/6/08 We have some bidders. Greek government named the 16 bidders for Olympic Airlines today.  They are Athens Airways, Chrysler Aviation, Fouad El Ghanim Group, MyAir, Qatar Airways, Sky Europe and Sky One.For ground handling the companies interested are: Athens Airways, Ellaktor, Fouad El Ghanim Group, Goldair, Hellenic Cargo Group, and Swissport.  Bidders for technical maintenance are Athens Airways, Iberia and Fouad El Ghanim Group. The government plans to liquidate Olympic and transfer most of its 8,100 staff to other public sector jobs.  Feels like the announcing for the Oscars.

Greece Greek state carrier Olympic Airlines cancelled around 100 domestic and international flights on Thursday as air traffic controllers and flight crews launched a 24-hour strike in protest against government plans to privatize the airline. The cancellations will cover approximately 100 flights to European destinations such as London, Rome, Brussels and Frankfurt, reports said. Some domestic flights will also be canceled.

10/28/08  Qatar Airways has expressed an interest in taking part in the privatization of Greece's state-owned Olympic Airlines

10/20/08  Athens - Greek state carrier Olympic Airlines will cancel more than 70 domestic and international flights on Tuesday as air traffic controllers and flight crews join a nationwide 24-hour strike against government plans to privatize the airline. 


10/14/08 Olympic Airlines union protest hits Athens flights

10/6/08  Government Okays Olympic privatization

10/2/08 Hundreds protest plans to sell Olympic Airlines

10/1/08 Most of the current 8,100 staff has been shifted to other public sector jobs.

9/26/08  I'm moving them over to shaky airline status, I wouldn't feel happy booking with them myself.

9/26/08   Greece begins search for Olympic Air investors

9/20/08 Unions vow to fight carrier liquidation

9/19/08 Olympic Airlines workers scuffled with riot police and blocked traffic in central Athens for more than two hours Friday to protest plans to sell the troubled state-owned airline.

9/18/08 Brussels ends 15-year wrangle as Olympic Airlines is told to pay back illicit state aid

9/17/08 Brussels/Athens - The European Commission on Wednesday certified the death of Greek carrier Olympic Airlines and the birth of a new airline in its stead by endorsing privatization plans while ordering the old company to pay back more than 1 billion dollars in illegal state aid.

ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Greece's Olympic Airlines says it is canceling 12 domestic flights Friday and rescheduling others due to a work-to-rule work slowdown by a pilots union.
Most of the affected flights are to Aegean Sea islands, the majority state-owned company said Thursday.
The job action, under which union members refuse to perform any duties beyond those strictly required by their contracts, has forced dozens of flight cancellations over the past week.

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