Misery for us travelers, yet another French labour strike. In 2008-2009, we've been monitoring French strikes. Trying to make heads or tales out of them. Trying to gather useful information by monitoring the web before, during and after the blessed event. Links, phone numbers, other information from passengers.  Twitter us, email us with your useful tips.  

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Eurolines  European bus service, SNCF rail network, RATP transport system  0800-15-11-11, Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport Orly Airport or call 3950 in France, TGV train strike? French ferry operator SNCM

Why not book (early) a shared shuttle to and from the airport.  Who knows what will be going on with public transportation and taxi's. We have no connection with these companies, Shuttle-Inter.com or  Paris-Shuttle.com 
French nationwide strike, France Strike, French Strike 2013
Nationwide general strike in France, expect all the big cities to be effected Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Nice, Toulon.

See who else is on strike today?

French union CGT announce general strike being planned Thursday, 16 October 2014. So far just the one union.
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Very old information
December, 7, 2013 French public service workers strike from 6 pm Sunday, December 8, 2013 to 5 am Saturday 14th December. Brest and Bordeaux will not be involved in strike action. Brest possible delays Monday night. Toulouse Tuesday evening, Wednesday and Thursday possible problems.
We will be updating. 
See http://dsnado.canalblog.com
Old industrial actionsJune 9, 2013 Flights in France this week will be delayed due to a air traffic conrol strike. Airports asking  carriers to reduce flights by 50%.  See French air traffic control strike
French strike January 31
Tuesday, January 29, 5 Million civil servants will strike, 3 major unions involved. (mainly teachers)
French air traffic controllers are included. They will strike starting (approximately) Wednesday (tomorrow) night 1800 UTC till Friday, 0600 UTC. Nothing really set yet. No official airport announcements etc. Keep an eye on your airline. Maybe, random times at different airports. By law minimal service will be guaranteed and who shows up for work at your airport. Brest Airport expected to be hit worst, Air France, Flybe and Ryanair. What's going on in Lille Airport 

22 October 2012 Air France, French railways all causing chaos this week. Followed by Spain Greece and Portugal next weeek.  Check Easy Travel Report's  front page

New French naionwide strike starting Monday, 11 October 2010, 10:30pm with the French railways. Flights delayed,  port strikes, possible petrol shortages on the horizon.  See front page for updates.

Old Stuff
17, June, A French nationwide general strike, for 24 hours, and demonstration are scheduled for Thursday, June, 24, 6 French unions joining in. Unions looking for large participation.

Air France-KLM will strike, 1:00 to 24:00 Thursday, June 24, 2010  expect flight delays out of Paris, Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports. Civil aviation authority asking airlines to cut traffic by 15 percent between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Paris airports, Orly and Charles de Gaulle. Shor and medium hauls to be effected. 

French railway strike, SNCF, train services will be disrupted from 8pm on Wednesday, June 23 until 8.00 on Friday, June 25. Transilien trains will run and one Corail in four. (By law minimal service will run) International high speed trains. Geneva, Lausanne and Bern cancelled. The TGV " Lyria " from Basel / Zurich to Paris normal service. Lausanne / Bern to Paris tomorrow will be cancelled.  All TGV links to southern France and night trains do not travel to the Hexagon . Eurostar expected not to be interrupted. Hundreds of passengers stranded at Rome's main train station. The overnight train to Paris is canceled, passengers put on buses instead. Swiss national railway company SBB said about 60 percent of trains between France and Switzerland have been canceled because of the strike.

SBB recommend that passengers traveling to France to ask for time to stop calling the 166 or the Rail Service 0900 300 300 , or by visiting the website or www.ffs.ch/166 CSR Teletext on page 487.

For long-distance routes phn number 08 05 90 36 35.  60% of metros will be running, two-thirds of RER A services but only one in five RER Bs. 
Unions meet on June, 29 to talk about future disruptions in the summer.
Nationwide general strike, Tuesday, 4am, 23, March, 2010 to 7am of the 24th.So far joining in is French National Rail, SUD-Rail not sure yet.  Paris Metro and local trains will take part. 65 per cent of high-speed TGV trains and almost no services to the eastern region of the capital.

TAXI drivers in Paris are planning to hold up traffic around Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports and parts of the city centre, Thursday, 2/25

French Air Travel
Update:-26 Feb. Friday, the DGCA has asked airlines to make the following cancellations: 50% of flights at Orly;15% of flights at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle. 8am Saturday flights will be back to normal. 

Triple Whammy.
Update:-23, February, There are no flights landing or taking off from Pau, Biarritz, Grenoble, La Rochelle and Chambéry because of the industrial action. 
Update:-22, February, 2010 French air traffic controllers strike, starting Tuesday, 22, February, 2010 till Friday, 26, February, 2010.  Expect severe delays over French air space.  Flight disruptions out of  Paris' Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports. Hundreds of flights at Paris' two main airports will be canceled Tuesday. 
French civil aviation authority DGAC ordered airlines to cancel 50 percent of flights at Orly and 25 percent of flights at Charles de Gaulle.

Update:-Air France will maintain all of its long-haul flights during the strike,  only flights effected will be within France and Europe.

Air France strike, pilot strike, big one, a whole week-end. Two pilot unions UNPL and R'Way have given notice of a strike.  From Friday, 26 February to Monday, 1, March 2010. Air France gives assurance that passengers will not be affected, Main French pilots union SNPL is not involved and is calling this action premature.  Makes you feel warm and fussy inside, knowing that...

France, French labour strike, nationwide general strike, Tuesday, 23, March, 2010.
23 Feb. Alyzia a baggage handling company, strike at Orly terminals south and west. Effecting Corsairfly, Iberia, Air Algerie and Air Berlin.
26 Feb, 2010 Update:- French refinery strike over.
2/23 Oil refineries on strike, may result in petrol shortages, not urgent, yet..

What does French air traffic controllers dgac have to say.

16, October, 09 Six trade unions urging pensioners from public and private sector to come out on the streets to defend their pensions. 70 demonstrations planned across the country, by CGT, CFDT, CGC, UNSA, as well as of the FSU and the general Federation of the pensioners of the Public service ( FGR-FP).  Demonstrations in Paris will start at Holy subway François-Xavier in early afternoon, moving onto Esplanade of the Disabled persons close to the State Secretariat of the elder brothers by 2:30.

October,7, 2009 Protests and General strike France. 
French rail travel
October,7, 2009 pm
News never came out of France till very late.  People demonstrating was less than last time.  How ever trains were delayed or cancelled.  Half of all regional trains and one in four high-speed TGV services. 20 percent of rail workers walked off the job, according to the SNCF, but the unions put the figure at 27 percent. CGT announced strike in October, see above.

7, October, 09 AM. Protests and General strike France.  What happened?  Is it on or not?  email us contact@easytravelreport.com.  Internet is quiet!

Last one was June and effect was minimal all around, trains, buses and airlines.

Heads up, France strike, Tuesday, May 26 and  Saturday, June 13, 2009 French General strike nationwide. Change travel plans to earlier rather than later. 8 unions participating.  

June 13, perhaps it will go the same way as May, 26,  a non event.  Although trolling the Internet we discovered Versailles was closed on the 13 June.  26th being on a Saturday, what could happen?

1 May,09  Low participation, only 1.2 million took part that's half of the one on 19 March. Unions say:
Radical Force Ouvriere and Sud unions want to proceed with a day of strikes in the public and private sector to increase pressure on Sarkozy
Moderate CGT and CFDT unions are opposed to strikes but may agree to more protests later in the month. 

Here we go again. 1 May, 09 This time expect even more people on the street as the weather is so much warmer. Last time it was cold and wet resulted in lower turn out, but still, several million participated country wide. 8 Unions will participate over soaring unemployment, low salaries, executive pay scandals, and plant closures that have led to a wave of "bossnapping".

Last time 19 March, 2009

By air:
Long-haul Air France flights to destinations outside Europe will take off and land as usual.

Air France plans on canceling 30 percent of domestic and European flights landing or taking off at Orly airport, but flights from Roissy Charles de Gaulle will take off and land as usual.

Other airlines should be flying as usual. RyanairAmerican AirlinesBritish AirwaysEmirates, Virgin, Easyjet, Qantas, Air India,

By rail:
TGV in France and Internationally : 60% of trains should be running
EUROSTAR Paris to London: service as usual
THALYS Paris-Brussels Amsterdam Cologne: service as usual

Regional trains: 45%

In Paris and suburbs:
Transilien trains at Gare de l'Est: 65% of trains should be running
Transilien trains at Montparnasse station: 50%
Transilien trains at Lyon, Nord and Saint-Lazare stations: 35%

 For the latest updates go to www.sncf.com SNCF or call 0805 90 36 35 ("grandes lignes" trains and TER trains), 0805 700 805 (Transilien trains)

 Metro and suburban, map with routes (RER):

Lines 1 and 14: running as usual
Quasi - normal service on other Metro lines
RER A : Normal service except for the part managed by RATP
RER B, C et D : 35 %
RER E : 50 %

For the latest updates, and details of different routes, go to www.ratp.fr or call 0800-15-11-11.

Always rent a scooter, bike, walk.


For Parisians, Vélib - the city's rent-a-bicycle-by-the-hour service - will be a precious ally, but it might be hard to find one! (www.velib.paris.fr).

Last time, 
French general strike 29 January, 2009

This is how it shook out
Strike in France,
1/29/09 Grid lock in cities.  Long haul flights to NY, only 3 cancelled from CDG.  All but three lines of Metro working.

22 January, 2009 Thursday. Workers from public and private sectors, teachers, post office and journalist  went on strike yesterday. Black Thursday as it was called turned out to be a shade of gray. Others on strike today were trains and buses. Metro was running sporadically.

Public transport in 77 cities across France.  SNCF labour strike started the strike on Tuesday evening.
The SNCF said about half of all scheduled high-speed TGV and regional trains were expected to be running during the strike.

Major trade unions called the strike to demand more job security, additional state aid to small and middle-sized companies threatened by the economic crisis and a halt to parts of President Nicolas Sarkozy's economic reforms.

The French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) said that some 70 per cent of all domestic flights were expected to be canceled on Thursday.

Hundreds of thousands of people were expected to take part in protest demonstrations throughout the country.  They did, sporadic violence in Paris, cars flipped, police had rocks thrown at them.  Not a good situation.

French Airports, French Unions,French economy - strike - Survival Guide  

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