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French railway race war

Regarding French train strike see front page

French train strike
French Rail Strike
Announced 25 November 2013 French rail strike, SNCF strike, Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 7pm (expect trains to start powering down 3-4pm) to Friday, December 13, 8am. 3/4 of trains will be running.
Eurostar has a catering problem but will not be effected by the strike. Thalys is also good to go

Old industrial actions
French Rail Strike
Announced today 17 October, SNCF French Railway, unions planning a 24 hour strike for Thursday 25 October. Train drivers will power down night before 7 PM and system will not be up and running till 8am or later Friday mornng. SNCF will operate 7 out of 10 trains  SNCF Transilien    
Ter Alsace    Connexion has a very informative  article up

6 December 2011 Union CFDT-FGAAC announced its decision to withdraw the strike notice filed for the four weekends in December. All trains will run as normal.

A French rail union CFDT that represents 30% of French train drivers will strike every week-end of December.
The CFDT file a notice of strike covering the periods:

Friday 9th December 2011 High Noon
to Monday, December 12, 2011 at 8 am.

from Friday 16 December 2011 12:00
to Monday, December 19, 2011 at 8 am.

Friday, 23 December 2011 12:00
to Monday, December 26, 2011 at 8 am.

Friday 30 December 2011 12:00
to Monday, January 2, 2012 at 8 am.

So last year
French train travel 2010

French General strike 7 September, Remember by French law "some" public transportation has to run.  You will not be abandoned! Although Monday, no night trains will run including international trains. Tuesday Eurostar will run normal. TGV France to Switzerland normal, service. TGV Artesia, France to Italy, no service. Talgo Day, France to Spain no service.
27, August SNCF will strike from Monday night 8pm, 6, September to 8am, Wednesday, 8, September.
French media black out starting 7, September, midnight for 24 hours.
So far RAPT are joining in, SNCF will decide 26/27 Aug. More information coming Friday, 27, Aug, when unions meet. Saturday, 4, Sept. day of protest (only) for opposition leaders, unions, civil rights group.
4/21 French train travel, back to so called normal. Tuesday. Unclear, are all these issues actually solved?

20, April SNCF strike, Rhone-Alpes and Midi-Pyrenees have renewed the motion for 24 hours. Else where rail traffic coming back to normal.

Monday, 19, April, 2010, French trains slowly getting back to normal by Wednesday.  Union and SNCF still in negotiations. Paca, Auvergne and the Midi-Pyrénées gradually returning to normal from today. 
Sunday, 4/18 SNCF Putting on extra trains, don't go to station without a ticket.
French national railway SNCF strike,
Update Saturday, 17 April, 2010, 
TGV South-East need to transport 310 000 passengers from the Gare de Lyon.  900 000 visitors expected in Paris train stations.
Nice controllers back to work, Marseille controllers will meet today. Press release by sncf in French
Traffic forecasts TER PACA for Saturday:
Bollène Line - Marseille (via Arles) 
Line Avignon - Nimes (via Tarascon)
Line Avignon - Miramas (via Cavaillon)
Line Miramas - Nimes (via Tarascon)
Line Miramas - Marseille (via Rognac)
Line Miramas - Marseille (via Port de Bouc)
Marseille - Aix en Provence - Perth
Marseille - Briançon 
Marseille - Toulon 
Toulon - Hyères - Les Arcs 
Online Les Arcs - Grasse - Cannes - Nice - Ventimiglia 
Nice - Breil - Tende

Industrial action will continue on Friday.
Two hotlines are also available: 0805 90 36 35 for the outline and TER 0805 700 805 for Transilien. 

14, April, 2010 French train strike still going on. See here sncf. Sncf announced the company will not take bookings  on major routes to the south, where the strike is followed, at least until Friday. Reservations already made are still valid. They will  reimbursement customers affected by the strike. It's possible strike may go on another week.

13, April, 2010, Tuesday, latest news, all international trains are running as scheduled. 90% Transilien 79% TER 82% the TGV, 71% Intercités, 58% Téoz Coral and circulate. RER disruptions on B and D line.
For Monday, day 6, see here sncf
General meetings of railwaymen have decided Friday to continue the strike for 24 hours in the Rhone-Alpes, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur and the Languedoc-Roussillon, according to the CGT-Cheminots. 
83% of TGVs are running, 75% of local TER (using buses in part) services, 75% of Intercité departures, 57% of Téoz trains and 90% of Transilien services into and out of Paris during rush hour. The RER should be running as normal. 
Intercity Marseilles-Rhone Valley: no traffic
Intercity Marseille-Nice: 4 trains of 8
Axis Marseille-Aix en Provence: 1 set of 4
Marseille-Briançon Axis: 1 set of 8
Marseille-Axis Miramas by Blue Coast: 1 set of 3
Axis Marseille Bollène by Rognac: 1 set of 2
Axis Marseille-Toulon-Les Arcs: 1 set of 4
Les Arcs-Axis Ventimiglia: 1 set of 4
Nice-Tende Axis: by bus service

9, April, 2010, Friday,
General meetings of railwaymen have decided Friday to continue the strike for 24 hours in the Rhone-Alpes, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur and the Languedoc-Roussillon, according to the CGT-Cheminots. 
83% of TGVs are running, 75% of local TER services, 75% of Intercité departures, 57% of Téoz trains and 90% of Transilien services into and out of Paris during rush hour. The RER should be running as normal. 
8, April, 2010, Thursday, expect return to gradual normal service on Friday. 
7, April, 2010 A general meeting is scheduled at 17:30 Thursday.
French train strike, sncf strike, starts Tuesday 8pm till Thursday, 8, April.
International traffic (Eurostar, Thalys, Alleo, Lyria and Artesia): normal operation.
Corail night: normal service for all international trains (towards Berlin and Munich, Artesia and Elipsos) but none of the 12 trains overnight trains will circulate in domestic traffic.
Traffic Transilien: 60% of peak trains will operate (frequency of trains laid on average during peak hours)
RER Line A: normal service
RER line B trains nearly 2 of 3
RER line C: 1 set of 2
RER line D: more than 1 set of 2 (interconnection suspended at Chatelet and Paris-Lyon)
RER E: normal service
Paris-Est: 2 sets of 3
Paris-Nord: 1 set of 2
Paris Saint-Lazare train more than 1 of 2
Paris Montparnasse: 1 set of 2
The Canopy - Defense: more than 1 set of 3
Paris Gare de Lyon: 1 set of 3
TGV: 70% of trains on average
TGV Est Européen: normal service
TGV Nord: normal service
TGV Atlantique: 2 sets of 3
TGV Sud Est: 1 set of 2
TGV Province-Province: 1 set of 2
Traffic Teoz: 55% of trains on average
Intercity Traffic: 46% of trains on average
French national railway SNCF forecasts for Transiliens by station, or call toll-free numbers 0805 90 36 35 for an outline and TER 0805 700 805 for Transiliens. Refunds available.

Only 1 set of 4 will operate between Marseille and Aix
1 of 5 between Marseille and Briancon
1 of 3 between Marseille and Miramas by the Blue Coast
1 2 between Marseille and Bollène by Rognac
1on 4 between Marseille, Toulon and Les Arcs. On the intercity network

1 set of 8 roll between Marseille and Nice. None operate between Marseille and the Rhone Valley.

3/31/2010  French train drivers on an indefinite strike, sncf strike, starting Tuesday, 8pm, 6, April, 2010.  Ticket office staff are also planning a 24-hour strike Thursday, April 8. Lyon train station station of Perrache will close 8pm, Monday, 5 April.
French  travel 2010
In the mediterranean, Marseille ferry SNCM to Corsica, indefinite strike from 1, April,10, day before schools out. Last time they were on strike was February which lasted a week.  Other destinations involved, Algeria, Sardinia, Tunisia. Protesting new arrival Italian operator Moby Lines on the Toulon-Bastia route.

Last Time.
Paris trade unions, Federation of railways, CFDT, CGT, UNSA, and SUD. Nationwide strike, starting Tuesday, 2, February, 8pm till 8am, Thursday, 4, February, 2010. RER A will run as normal. International trains Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria, Artesia and Alleo circulate normally.
The RSP should also be affected:
RER Line A: normal service
RER line B: 1 train 2 (interconnection suspended at Paris-Nord)
RER line C: 2 trains of 3
RER D line: 2 trains on 3 (interconnection suspended at Chatelet and Paris-Lyon)
RER Line E: 3 trains 4

For Transilien:
Paris East: 2 trains of 3
Paris-Nord: 1 train 2
Paris Saint Lazare: 1 train 2
Paris Montparnasse: more than 1 train on 2
Glass Court - Defense: 1 train 2
Paris Gare de Lyon: more than 1 train on 2

For B:
1 train an average of 2

For the TGV:
TGV Est Européen: normal service
TGV Nord: normal service
TGV Atlantique Almost 2 trains on 3
TGV Sud Est: 1 train 2
TGV Province - Province: 1 train 2

Traffic Coral Téoz:
1 package of 2

Traffic Intercités:
1 package of 2

Traffic Corail night:
normal service for all international trains (to Berlin and Munich, and Artesia Elipsos)
none of the 12 trains Corail night not running in national traffic 

The website provides live running details for TGV and Corail trains. You can check your local TER train service disruptions at
Freephone number available to travelers (0 800 15 11 11).
French state railway company, SNCF new website for rail delays, departures, arrivals

12/27/09 Rer A, will be back to normal by Monday, if not already.

Eurostar bringing in drivers from Belgium and France to save the day.

London. Yes, it's true, now Eurostar. You should be aware. This Friday and Saturday 18, 19.  London, Paris and Brussels and not stopping at that further threats for 26, 27 December. TSSA appolgise in advance. All parties meet today.

Update French train strike for this weekend has been cancelled. 11/12/ December.

9, December, 09 French rail strike starts tonight 7pm Wednesday to 7pm Thursday.

8, December, 2009, Unions, CGT,  UNSA and CFDT.The CFDT has warned of local strike action starting from Friday, 11, Dec. lunchtime as negotiations start in the regions.

3 Dec. 09 Confirmed French rail strike Saturday, December 12, 2009, train traffic, four railway unions, (CGT, UNSA, CFDT and Sud-Rail) 

SNCF new website for rail delays

Rail strike, mobilization of the railwaymen, join national day of protest, Tuesday,  8, December, 2009, Unions, CGT,  UNSA and CFDT.

10, November, 2009 RATP and SNCF line B of the RER, Paris strike will continue on Wednesday, 11, November,  expect wildcat strikes all week.  Reduced service south of Denfert Rochereau and north of Gare du Nord.  RATP increased  service on metro lines 4 and 6.

10/22/09 Strike had minimal effect, disruptions to commuters.  Passengers waited maximum of an hour. 

French train travel. French train drivers will strike, from Monday, 8pm,  19, October, 09 to Tuesday, 20, October, 2009 at midnight.  "minimum service" will be in effect.  Called for by CGT and CFGT unions.  UNSA not taking part.  SUD rail will not strike, but will join the day of protests on 22, October, 2009. Eurostar & Thalys trains will run as normal. 

19, October, 09  The SNCF has predicted that two out of three high-speed TGV inter-city trains will run, while just over half of slower TER regional trains will operate. Commuter lines in the Paris area will be affected to differing degrees.

16, October, 09 Six trade unions urging pensioners from public and private sector to come out on the streets to defend their pensions. 70 demonstrations planned across the country, by CGT, CFDT, CGC, UNSA, as well as of the FSU and the general Federation of the pensioners of the Public service ( FGR-FP).  Demonstrations in Paris will start at Holy subway François-Xavier in early afternoon, moving onto Esplanade of the Disabled persons close to the State Secretariat of the elder brothers by 2:30.

Last time:-
French railway travel
October,7, 2009 pm
News never came out of France till very late.  People demonstrating was less than last time.  How ever trains were delayed or cancelled.  Half of all regional trains and one in four high-speed TGV services. 20 percent of rail workers walked off the job, according to the SNCF, but the unions put the figure at 27 percent. CGT announced strike in October, see above.
AM. Protests and General strike France.  What happened?  Is it on or not?  email us  Internet is quiet!

French rail strike, unions are planning a day of strike action across the SNCF network on September 22. Postal workers will also strike.

9/16/09 Eurostar cleaners on 24hour strike this week.  

July seems quiet except for Air France strike summer 2009
No sooner said than done.
Strike action in France : Saturday July 4, 2009 - Tuesday July 7, 2009, Thayls

June 13, 09  Trains running as normal, rail employees joined protest instead of striking, 150 marches took place over France organized by the 8 unions. Turn out low. Unions meet with President Sarkozy next month.  All in all, a non event.

Heads up, France strike, Tuesday, May 26 and  Saturday, June 13, 2009 French General strike nationwide. Change travel plans to earlier rather than later. 8 unions participating
A minimum railwy service would nonetheless be running on the day, a spokesman for Unsa said.

French railway unions plan to organize a strike May 26 to coincide with a nationwide day of protest, Four unions representing workers at the state-owned SNCF rail operator will serve official notice of the work stoppage beginning Monday May 25 in the evening until early Wednesday May 27.
Demands for better pay and pension benefits, negotiations over the privatization of SNCF freight services and improving industrial relations.

Following the strike action on May 26 the rail unions – CGT, Unsa, CFDT and Sud-Rail – will take part in a “big day of demonstrations” on Saturday June 13, being organised by all the main French unions as a follow-up to those on January 29, March 19 and May 1.

France's eight unions have called for a day of protest on May 26 and on June 13 to press demands for job security during the economic crisis that has sent unemployment soaring.

1/18/09  More from Bloomberg this am:- SNCF, France’s national railway, said starting at 8 p.m. local time tonight, up to 65 percent of high-speed TGV lines will be disrupted and up to 70 percent of the Corail domestic trains will be canceled.

Eurostar and Thalys services to London and Brussels will run normally, SNCF said. Most overnight domestic and international trains will be canceled.

RATP, the Paris transport authority, said the city’s subway and bus service will be close to normal, while between a quarter and 50 percent of trains will be running on its A and B RER regional train lines. 

1/17/09Translated, any good?

TGV: According to the forecasts of the direction, traffic TGV will be ensured to a total value of 60% on average national. According to forecasts the direction off traffic TGV will Be insured up to 60% in average. At the beginning of Paris, the TGV will circulate normally on the Est-Européen network, to 50% for the Northern and South-eastern TGV, 35% for the Atlantic TGV, and only 20% for the TGV of province with province. From Paris, TGV trains will run normally one the East-European, 50% for Northern the TGV South-eastern and, 35% for Atlantic the TGV, and only 20% for the TGV from province to province 

REEF: The traffic of the trains Corail nationals will be ensured to a total value of 35% on average, and 40% for the Intercités Coral. Trafficking in National Reef trains will Be insured up to 35% one average, and 40% for intercity Coral. FOR THE THIRD TIME: FOR THE THIRD TIME: For the regional traffic, FOR THE THIRD TIME will be assured " to 45% on average ". Regional For, FOR THE THIRD TIME will Be provided At 45% one average. " Accurate informations will be disseminated area by area. Specify information will Be distributed by area. RER-TRANSILIEN: The RER-Transilien: For the connections in Ile-de-France, the circulation of the trains will be ensured in the RER to a total value of 35% on the majority of the lines, except in the RER - E or the SNCF announces a train on two, and on the line has where the traffic will be normal. For connections in the Ile-de-France, the movement off trains will Be provided in the RER At 35% one most lines, except in the RER-E gold has announcement train station in two, and the line has where traffic will normal Be. With regard to the suburban trains at the beginning of Paris, the SNCF announces 35% of traffic on the networks Northern Paris, Paris Saint-Lazare and Paris Lyon. Regarding trains from Paris, the SNCF announces 35% network Northern Paris traffic, Paris Saint-Lazare Paris and Lyon. A train on two will circulate at the beginning from the Montparnasse station, and 65% at the beginning of the station of l' Is. With train one two will circulate from the Montparnasse station, and 65% from the Gare of l' Is. 

Toll-free numbers 0805.90.36.35 (Broad outlines and FOR THE THIRD TIME, as from Wednesday with 16:00) and 0805.700.805 (Transilien, as from Wednesday with 8:00) - Number green 0805.90.36.35 (Outline and B, from Wednesday to 16:00) and 0805,700,805 (Transilien, from Wednesday to 8am) - On the Net: - One the Net: for l' together traffic for all traffic for the Transilien traffic by station for traffic Transilien by station - Cellphone: to reach in real-time information - Mobile: for real-time access to information

10 February, 2009 French general strike called for 19 March, 2009.
Train to France, Not sure how this is going to go down, but, keep looking at front page.

1/27/09 Stay home. Black Thursday, is 1/29/09  Eurostar will get to Paris, travel then on extremely limited. Intermittent local services or none more likely. 8pm Wednesday to 8pm Thursday evening.

Saturday November 22 2008 00:00 until 24:00 Monday November 24 per FGAAC site

11/17/08  2pm.  Just in, two of the train unions have postponed strike till Friday11/21/08 to give time for negotiations.

11/17/08  Taking train to France? SNCF strike, train strike, two separate train unions to cause disruption country wide tomorrow.  Eurostar expected to run as normal.  

Followed by four more rail unions will begin on the evening of November 23.

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 SNCF new website for rail delays
SNCF French National Railway Company

TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse, French for "high-speed train") is France's high-speed rail service

Second largest unionUnsa

Third biggest rail union, SUD Rail

Paris transport system of metro trains, buses and trams known as the RATP.

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