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Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport
Otopeni Airport

You should know if flying to and from Italy next week - Italian air traffic control strike is planned www.easytravelreport.com

21 January 2016 Ground workers and aircraft towing at Otopeni Airport will have a warning strike, 2 hours - 1pm-3pm this Friday January 22, 2016.
Airlines likely to take the brunt of strike action:-
TAROM, Ryanair, Aegean, Air Bucharest, Alitalia, Blue Air, Wizz Air.

Baggage company is GlobeGround Romania which is also in care of transporting passengers from plane to terminal. 

Union:-Free Trade Union of Aeronautic Handling state 150 workers have resigned in the last two years.

Way old strikes!!
May, 29, 2010 Bucharest public transportation strike, Tuesday, 1, June, subway and street car workers.

April, Bucharest public transportation, wild cat strike on Thursday, may carry on over Easter.

November09 Metrorex strike

5, Oct,09 Emergency only at hospitals, Police wore white armbands to show solidarity.  A meeting in Bucharest will follow on 7 October.  Buses went on as usual, trains will hold own strike unless the government scrapped planned job cuts.  All in all quiet day.

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3, October, 09 Romania general strike this Monday, 5, October, 2009 expect, teachers, policeman, nurses, etc  800,000 workers will be on strike this will effect Bucharest International Airport, Otopeni, Henri Coanda, Aurel Vlaicu, Baneasa, Traian Vuia, Cluj-Napoca.
Public transportation will also be effected, buses and trains.

Unions will strike again if demands not met.

10, September, 09 Protests planned Tuesday, 
15, September, 09, Bucharest parliament building.  
Also, Romanian general strike, by teachers, policemen, doctors and public service representatives. 800,000 citizens expected to protest in the streets of Bucharest Monday, 5, October 2009

Why:-Spending reforms recommended  by International Monetary Fund (IMF) which will deprive certain workers of their rights according to unions. Romanian government in 2008 stated workers would have living standards improve and an increase in salaries but instead it's a wage freeze for 85 percent of public service workers or wage  cuts.  

Public-sector employees are also planning to refuse to be involved in the presidential election on November 22. 

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