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Swissport baggage handling and check in for:-
​Adria, Aegean, Air Canada, Air Malta, Air Transat, Austrian Airlines, Delta, Eastern, Egypt Air, Etihad, Eurowings, Finnair, Freeboard, Lufthansa, Monarch, Norwegian, Onur, PIA, Pegasus, Qatar, Ryanair, SAS, Saudi Arabian, Singapore Airlines, Tailwind, Thomas Cook, Thomson Airways, United and Virgin Atlantic

Manchester Airport site

Manchester United

Union Unite 

Union GMB

Aircraft refuellers are employeed by ASIG.
Refuels about 70 per cent of planes at Manchester airport.

        Manchester Airport Strikes
            Busiest airport outside of London.
           Giving you the heads up!
​Industrial Action in the news that may effect your flight from Manchester Airport.

Check for roadworks M6 roundabout and A556 Communications at Mancheser Airport

Manchester Airport Strike
Heads up
We have some aviation strikes you might need to know:-
French air traffic control will cause mayhem again around the network. In fact a general strike will be in full force on Tuesday 22 May. French air traffic controllers will strike starting Monday 11pm and it will end Wednesday 5am read French air traffic control strikes

Greek general strike 30 May, 2018

Barcelona air traffic control will hold random strikes during this summer - just great.

Northern Rail strike Monday 26, March 2018 00:01 - 23:59 hours and Thursday 29 March.
Limited service between 7am - 7pm 

French air traffic control strike Thursday 22 March.

Your Air France strike flight to CDG likely to be delayed 23 and 30th of March.
36 strike dates announced for French national rail SNCF.
Follow along with us Easy Travel Report

Strikes from 2017
21 October 2017 Airport cleaners striking till 12 January, 2018.

29 September, 2017 Manchester Airport cleaners will strike, bring TP and hand disinfectant. See our front page for strikes, October in Italy.

May 26, 2017 Air traffic control strike planned for this Sunday has been cancelled and rescheduled to July 12, 2017 1pm -5pm (follow) Airport worker strikes are cancelled. Alitalia strike is still on. Taxi strike planned for following day also cancelled. 
Someone woke up and realized strike coincide with G7 leaders leaving Italy. Lucky you! For more strikes effecting your flight from Manchester Easy Travel Report

Last year strikes 2016 effecting Manchester airport

Update:-Tuesday 20th December, 2016 Swissport baggage handling strike is cancelled. Union will take offer back to the troops for approval. Excellent news.

December 17, 2016 Unite union members who are baggage handlers and check-in staff who work for Swissport will strike on Friday and Saturday December 23rd and 24th.
The Swissport company does baggage handling and check-in services at these airports:-Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Doncaster, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow, Leeds/Bradford, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Southampton and Stansted Airport. 

All the airlines mentioned left will have a contingency plan in place. 
Less busy the airport less likely for disruptions.

Perhaps you need to know, rail works are going on causing all kinds of problems in town.
Virgin Atlantic go slow by pilots and of course British Airways strike. For this and everything else see our front page. 
Easy Travel Report
See what the weathers going to be

Friday, 9 December 2016 Possible strike at Manchester Airport this week-end
Coventry Telegraph You might need to know about the Portugugese airport strike later this month. For this and other strikes see www.easytravelreport.com

16 May 2016 French air traffic control strike is planned for Thursday and rail strikes see

12 April 2016 Flights from Manchester Airport to Brussels airport and Charleroi Airport effected by Belgium air traffic control strike. Flights to be delayed and canceled well into Wednesday.
Italian air traffic control strike is planned for 24 October 2015. Call your airline flights to Italy will be delayed from and to Manchester. Follow along with us www.easytravelreport.com

Old strikes 2015
3 June 2015 Are you flying to Spain in June?
Spanish air traffic control strike 2015

May 2015 You should know  Finland's Helsinki Vanta baggage handlers have been acting up and threaten strike action which will effect Finnair. Finnair Strike
SAS Scandinavian airlines also threatens strike in May 
May 1 - 10 TAP Air Portugal/Portugalia Airlines pilot strike follow TAP Strike or our front page Easy Travel Report

20 April, 2015 Cautionary tale regarding EasyJet customer from Manchester Airport waiting for refund BuryTimes

Yes, more French air traffic control strikes are planned for:-
 April 16 - 18th and April 29th - May 2

9 April 2015 Manchester Airport delays today due to the French air trafffic control strike. Several flights delayed and cancelled.  
Update:-Spanish strikes cancelled
Another strike that you should know about is "Spanish Airports Strike - 27 of them starting in February, Easter and the summer. All airlines will be involved, EasyJet, Flybe, 

8 February 2015 Strike that is in the news you should know about.
German airport security strike tomorrow, starting midnight tonight, lasting 24 hours. Airport's involved Hannover, Hamburg International and Stuttgart.  Strike was announced by Verdi union, not giving airlines enough time to get organised. Call your airline. Follow along with us Spanish airport Strike

Last years industrial Actions 2015
20 December 2014  Manchester Airport strike cancelled.

19 December 2014 Manchester Airport state strike will not effect passengers Manchester Evening News
Also under threat EasyJet flights.
EasyJet Strike France
19 December 2014 EasyJet strike by French cabin crews. 25th and 26th December. More information to come out as late as Wednesday. Likely to effect flights to and from Corsica, Bordeaux, Brest, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpelier, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg, Toulouse. Charles de Gaulle and Orly.
Union Snpc.org

Old industrial actions for 2014
19 October 2014 We have some air strikes you might want to know about that may effect your travel plans to and from Manchester Airport.

Lufthansa pilot strikeEasyJet Strike and Tap Airlines
Italian air strikes and general strikes in Belgium and Morocco see ETR
German Railway strike issues still not resolved

Old industrial actions for 2014
25 September, 2014 Lufthansa pilots and management talks have failed again. Lufthansa strike

23 September 2014 Italian air traffic control strike has been made official today. Strike is on.
Air France strike is still going on.

  UK Civil Servants Strike 
24 September, 2014 UK civil servants strike, Public Commercial Services Union (PCS) will strike Wednesday 
15, October, 2014. Some workers from this union work for customs and immigration service, plus passport control. Updates www.easytravelreport.com

Old industrial actions for 2014

14 August 2014 Workers meet yesterday and cancelled strike plans at Madrid Airport (15 and 17 August) for talks. 
Regarding Canary Islands strike talks still on going.

5 August 2014 Article in Dailymail today regarding Manchester Airport delays.

2 August 2014 Are you flying to Palma de Mallorca Airport, Son Sant Joan Airport? Baggage handlers strike. Sorry to say very little is in the news. Call your airline.
Old industrial actions for 2014
17th March 2014 French airport strike Tuesday 18th March for 24 hours. French air control asking airlines to reduce flights to and from France by 20 - 30%. 
French air traffic control Strike
French baggage handlers strike
11 March 2014 Irish airport workers to strike Friday, 14th March. Strike is only to last four hours 5 am - 9am. You will be delayed, cancelled or possible brought forward. Expect more strikes to come. Shannon, Cork and Dublin airports to be grounded. Dublin Airport Authority and Ryanair are in court to get strike cancelled. Follow along with us Easy Travel Report.com

Perhaps you should know French air traffic controllers will strike March 18th.
Last years industrial actions 2013
October 14, 2013 Swissport Check in staff and baggage handlers threaten strike action at Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow airports. 

Are you flying with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic (operated by Aer Lingus) to Heathrow? If so you are in for a double whammy as Swissport also work out of Heathrow.

Manchester airport will have a contingency plan in place. Meetings planned for Wednesday.
Old industrial actions, left up for insurance companies.

7 September, 2013 Couple of strikes you should know that are coming up that might delay your flight. Tuesday, September 10, French air traffic control strike and on October 17 Pan European air traffic control strike. Both likely to send ripples around the network. Stay in touch with our home page

July 10 Couple of up dates for you if leaving from Manchester Airport.
See Airport strike page for strikes by Spanish baggage handlers and Greek general strike is planned for July 16, 2013.

May 3, 2013 Manchester airport back in the news today.
Turkish airlines will strike May 15, flights from Manchester airport to Istanbul-Atatürk will likely to be cancelled. Follow along with us on Turkish Airlines Strike 

Manchester airport cleaners are on strike today for 24 hours. Likely to strike again be ready next time come with TP and toilet seat covers!

Strikes in December 2012
Iberia strikes  in December may effet Air Nostrum. Next Air France Dec 8 and 9, call them.

British Airways will give up only route to Gatwich March 2013 have to deal with Heathrow instead.

Old news
29 September 2012 Manchester Airport under strike threat from airport security Transport and General Workers Union workers. Workers strike action will start with a one-hour strike between 6am-7am next Monday and continue on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
June 2012 Manchester airport runs out of fuel telegraph
Whose on strike today?
Shaky Airline Status
Airline strike?
18, June, 2010 Parking lot, Handforth Dean, near Wilmslow, used by 14,000 holidaymakers a month. Second Airparks site in Manchester to close in just 15 months.  British Airway, possible strike through summer 2010.
9/11/09 Greater Manchester bus Manchester Bus strike
August bank holiday 09, expect 284,000 passengers to pass through!
6/9/09 Delta Airlines is to stop it's daily flying service between Manchester Airport, UK and New York John F Kennedy airports. That leaves Pakistan International Airlines flying to JFK three times per week and Continental running a twice daily service to Newark. Last year Manchester lost BA - NY. and Ryanair pulling out...

1, September, 09  28 refuellers on strike, Unite members who work for ASIG. Contingency plans in place, no delays expected.

It's on...Manchester Airport strike, Bank Holiday, 5am, Monday 31, August, 09 to Tuesday, 12.45 lunch time,1, September, 09. Aircraft refuel workers Union Unite announcement
Overtime ban is set for the following weekend and will cause more flight delays. Baggage handlers are not on strike.

26 August, 09 Manchester Airport baggage handlers strike and cleaners strike has been cancelled over legal problems! You hit the jackpot! They will be back.  Christmas or Easter?  What's your guess?

25 August, 09 Two different opinions floating around today.  Are we the only one's skeptical?

Spokesman for Swissport "As the unions have decided to take industrial action, Swissport will work with its airline customers and the airport operators to try to minimize disruption to the traveling public but this cannot be guaranteed."

A spokesperson at Manchester airport said: “We'd like to reassure passengers traveling over the bank holiday weekend that because the potential strike action only affects 300 staff out of a workforce of 20,000 at the airport, major disruption is highly unlikely. We continue to advise people to come to the airport as normal.”

Monday, 24 August, 09 Strike by aircraft refuellers will run from 5am on Monday 31, August, until Tuesday 1, September, 09 12.45pm lunchtime.

23, August,09 Manchester staff have voted for a strike between Thursday, August 27 and Saturday, 29, August,09 

(or  Lack of information out on purpose, very confusing put both dates up till it's sorted out)

Ban on overtime and a work to rule from Saturday, August 29 to Monday, August 31. 

21 August, 09 Meetings, Friday 21st August and on Monday 24th August. Nothing on Unite website

20 August,09 Here's what Unite has to say Unite.com  

Manchester Airport baggage handlers, terminal cleaners and ground staff responsible for refueling aircraft balloting for strike on August bank holiday. Beginning Friday, August 28,29,30,31. Just a few of the airlines that will be affected, Aer Lingus, Air Berlin, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Finnair, Lufthansa, Monarch and Ryanair...bummer. Unite  will release the ballot results 17, August, 09.
GMB have balloted members for strike action and the ballot result is due on Friday 21 August, 09
Bank Holiday weekend 29, 30 and Monday 31, August, 09  

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Manchester Airport Strike