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Starting 8/28/08 $15 for the first piece of checked luggage. Second check bag $25. Northwest: Delta, which is buying Northwest, said it will equip Northwest planes with Internet service after the merger is approved

2/27/09 Northwest name brand is slowly being phased out.

23/10/09 Plane crazy: NWA flight misses MSP by 150 miles

10/30/08  US Justice department okayed it.  Delta deal now complete with Northwest.  Just what we need, largest passenger airline in the world. Even bigger than KLM-AirFrance. Lets hope pilots and cabin crew stay happy.  Less routes and seats for us. Will be based in Delta's home city of Atlanta. 

10/31/08  Boston, What the Delta-NWA merger will mean at Logan

9/30/08 These 2 Airline Stocks Should Soar

9/24/08 U.S. Airlines Grounding 500+ Planes This Fall
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8/1/08 Traveling via Northwest Airlines just got pricier. First the airline added baggage fees and now it is announcing that, beginning January 10, it will add fuel surcharges of up to $80 for many domestic roundtrip tickets

8/8/08 Airline Merger Pushes Rival Out Of Bradley. Worldwide Flight Services, which provides ground services for Northwest at Bradley, has told the state Department of Labor it plans to shut down operations at Connecticut's biggest airport on Oct. 2 and lay off 74 workers. Some could be hired by Delta.By ERIC GERSHON Courant Staff Writer

7/31/08  Major pension fund concerns for employees if it merges with Northwest

July 28, 2008 Second-quarter loss of $377 million, or $1.43 share. The airline aims to complete its sale to Delta Air Lines Inc. in the fourth quarter. Standard & Poor's Ratings Services lowered its credit rating on Northwest last week, reflecting expectations for heavy losses and reduced cash flow. Northwest shares ended Monday down 4.2% at $8.35

7/27/08 This summer, Northwest has avoided large-scale cancellations. Pilots are flying fewer hours and they can get overtime pay  startribune

7/22/08  Delta now believes the merger will produce $2 billion in savings and benefits, up from an original estimate of $1.2 billion, and will cost about $600 million, down from the $1 billion projected earlier

6/27/08  Northwest Airlines, record high fuel prices, says it will end its daily, nonstop service to Amsterdam from Bradley International Airport.  Here we go getting pushed to Boston or NYC.

The loss of the direct flight to Europe from Connecticut, which began a year ago, undermines - but does not cripple - the ability by regional officials to boost economic

6/26/08  NWA to suspend Twin Cities-Paris nonstop flights

6/19/08  Northwest,  finally getting serious about retiring its vast armada of DC9s, including some of the very early DC9 flightglobal

6/18/08  Northwest Airlines will make more fleet cut backs

5/28/08  Testing paperless system

4/13/08 Delta Air Lines and its pilots union have agreed on a new contract viewed as a big step toward a merger with Northwest Airlines, but the arrangement could leave Northwest's pilots in a weaker position, industry experts said Thursday.

4/7/08  Atlanta-based Delta's board members, who convened a meeting on Friday, agreed to press ahead with negotiations with Northwest, which urged Delta late last month to consider reviving merger talks, which would create the world's largest airline, fizzled out in March when the pilots on both sides failed to agree on how seniority would work for the roughly 12,000 pilots in a combined carrier.  

4/5/08  Northwest to cut flights and ground planes   bizjournals 

4/5/08  Fares that formerly carried a one or two night minimum stay now require a two or three night minimum stay. 

3/29/08  Northwest (NWA) could not get pilots in line for merger talks with Delta (DAL), so it is going to try to move forward without them. It can get ready for a pilot's strike that could cost hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue

January 22, 2008 The flight attendants at Northwest Airlines are willing to back a merger, but they want higher wages first
"We would like to be supportive (of) a merger, but we must first ensure that our members' needs are addressed," Kevin Griffin, president of the Association of Flight Attendants union at Northwest, said in a statement.
Northwest flight attendants are looking to reclaim concessions ordered by a bankruptcy court while the carrier was in Chapter 11. The union said those concessions led to a 40 percent reduction in wages and benefits.
Northwest is reportedly in merger talks with Delta Air Lines. The airlines have declined to comment. (Reuters)

Northwest to ground DC-9 average about 35 years old and are less fuel efficient than newer models. As oil prices climb, the carrier is hoping to save some money by grounding them.  
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6/1993  Bankruptcy
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Latest news on  North West Airlines  such as staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record etc. etc.  Will they strike or go bankrupt after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport?