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17 March 2014 US Airways back in the news today. Issue over pay scale vs American Airlines eventually coming to a head. 

Last year industrial actions 2013
US Airways passengers coming from Madrid.
Iberia airlines, workers to strike Have you had a reassuring text/phone call/email from US Airways? Do you worry about your luggage?  Please let us know if you find precious information.

Valentine Day 2013 Merger now official with financially strapped American Airlines.

January 26, 2013 US Airways makes tentative deal with flight attendants making way for possible merger with American Airlines.
Last years grumbles 2012
20 November 2012 Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year travel plans are on with this airline. You got lucky! 

Yes, US Airways 6,700 flight attendants voted for strike action, again. 

Nothing will happen till mediators state talks have been a failure and flight attendants are released from talks. Then both sides have to a month cooling off period. That means your travel plans are good over the holiday's.

Airline gaining a new route from Charlotte into the worlds busiest airport, London, Heathrow Airport.

19 November 2012 Ballot results due in tomorrow 

13 November 2012 Flight attendants two contracts rejected, new ballots for strike action  

10 October 2012 US Airways 6,700 flight attendants are being balloted for strike action. Balloting ends Tuesday
20 November. Long way to go before an actual strike would take place. Thanksgiving travel will be safe. Even so, perhaps Delta or JetBlue would be a better reliable choice. 

2 October 2012 One more step, flight attendants call for a proffer

28 September 2012 6,800 US Airways flight attendants reject new contract offer.  
26 September 2012 Pilots need a contract last renewed 12 years ago 
2 July 2012 US Airways flight delayed 6 hours whilst crew gets drug tested

24 April 2012 US Airways has merger support from employees 

15 April 2012 Your not serious. US Airways to buy American. Are you kidding me. US Airway's is broke. How does this work. I need these number crunching accountants to do my taxes next year.Explains.

30 March 2012 US Airways flight attendants reject off my management that union recommended.
23 March 2012 US Airways talking about merging with AA.
28 January 2012 US Airways flight attendants seal a deal 

2 November 2011 US Airways bringing back call centers from the Philippines.

30 September, 2011 US Airway's pilots told to stop with the old go slow.

20 August 2011 US Airways pilots in court 

June 2012 Issues getting down and dirty. Union tell pilots to look out for retaliation after union sues US Airways for lack of contract. 

16 May 20115 years and still no contract 

6 May 2011 Talks of merger 

1/18 US Airways pilots picketing again today

1/12/11 US Airways cuts more workers in Pittsburg Republic Airlines, Chautauqua Airlines 

16 Nov, Pilots picketing today at Ronald Reagan 
Washington National Airport. Lowest paid pilots in the industry.
9 Nov All is looking good for US Airways. Hiring new hires 
and old. 420 flight attendants and 80 pilots by July 2011.

16, June, 2010 US Airways pilots sympathize with striking
Spirit Airlines, watch out..

4/26/10 US Airways and United Airlines will not merge.

28, October, 09 In a memo today over extended US Airways employees got the sad news that US Airways will cut 1,000 jobs next year. 200 pilots, 150 flight attendants, 600 airport passenger and ramp service workers. Mainly from Boston, Las Vegas and La Guardia, NY. Crew bases will be closed in these areas.  Mechanics are safe for this time around. No more flights from Kansas to Colorado Springs. Beijing from Philadelphia route dropped as well as London Gatwick, Birmingham, England, Milan, Italy; Shannon, Ireland; and Stockholm, Sweden. London, Heathrow is staying. Will gain service to Barbados, Brussels and Zurich. Charlotte passengers will not notice changes. This doesn't come as a shock to employees. Let's hope they will make a quick recovery.  Flight from Albany to DC was packed this week, not one spare seat.

Muslim Clerics, immans case settled.

11. October, 09 Jim Lagenhahn is back flying 18 months after his personal pistol discharged during a flight. Lagenhahn was initially fired by the airline but was reinstated as part of a federal mediator's decision. He is, however, no longer able to have a gun in his possession while flying.

15. July, 09  US Airways sent a memo out today to employees saying it will layoff 600 employees and close its US Airways Club in Las Vegas and city ticket office in Phoenix. 340 ticket counter and gate agents, as well as some baggage handling workers and outside contractors. 

13, June, 09 U.S. Airways, is asking 400 of it's 6,700 flight attendants to accept voluntary leaves after reductions in seating capacity left it with too many employees.

2/13/09  US Airways to cut  233 jobs across the system, mainly ground crews.

7/9/08  US Airways to drop movies on some domestic flights. Removal of inflight movie systems will save airline $10 million  

Better bring lap top or DVD player.

No Free Coffee on US Airways (Unless, of Course You Insist) 

9/24/08 U.S. Airlines Grounding 500+ Planes This Fall

9/19/08 Pilots file suit vs. US Airways

9/1/08 US Airways waives fees for Gustav-affected flights

7/22/08  US Airways was the worst among major airlines in on-time performance. So far this year, it's No. 1

7/22/08  US Airways Group Inc. says it swung to a huge second quarter loss as it struggled to deal with a spike in fuel costs. 

7/16/08  US Airways pilots complain to FAA the airline is pressuring pilots to use less fuel than they feel is safe in order to save money. US Airways Capt. James Ray, a spokesman for the U.S. Airline Pilots Association, which represents the airline's 5,200 pilots, said eight senior pilots and the union have filed complaints with the Federal Aviation Administration. The union also paid for a full-page ad in Wednesday's USA Today. The ad accuses the airline of "a program of intimidation to pressure your captain to reduce fuel loads.

6/26/08 US Airways Group Inc, the second-largest carrier to Las Vegas after Southwest Airlines Co, said earlier this month that it plans to cut flights to the gambling center by nearly half. 

6/26/08  The talks for a new pilot contract broke down 10 months ago with the two sides unable to reach agreement on the pay and working conditions of the pilot groups from the former US Airways and America West. 

6/14/08  US Airways' battered stock got a lift Friday as Wall Street applauded its flight cutbacks and new fees.

At the same time, a frequent-flier advocacy group recommended a boycott of the airline in the wake of sweeping changes announced Thursday. 

6/12/08  US Airways, expect to pay for your own soft drinks, $2.00. This includes coffee and water.  $7 for alcohol. They will discontinue operating European arrival lounges in Munich, Rome and Zurich. FYI It costs per passenger on a return trip $299 in fuel costs, up form $151 last year.

6/11/08  US Airways chief Doug Parker said Wednesday that fuel costs per passenger have doubled since 2007, and the carrier will pay nearly $2 billion more in fuel in 2008.  
For every roundtrip passenger, “we need to get $650 on average just to break even,” Parker told shareholders at an annual meeting in Tempe, Ariz. 

Watch out for US Airways, now you have to pay for your peanuts perhaps because of there cash short fall later this year or early on next year. 

US Airways has indicated it will discontinue all Medford flights beginning September 2nd. This comes just days after United Airlines announced its plans to cut flights as well.

5/29/08  Fitch ratings, downed them more into the junk today. Has limited flexibility in raising cash.  ie not enough assets or new financing.

5/28/08  US Airways will no longer offer passengers free snacks on its domestic flights beginning June 1.

5/15/08  Fleet service employees at US Airways  have ratified a single agreement that brings all of the airline's ramp and baggage employees to one labor contract. US Airways now has ratified contracts with all 11,000 of its International Association of Machinists (IAM)-represented employees. 

5/10 US Airways and United head quarters will be in Chicago nto Tempe, AZ.  US Airways has 10,000 workers

4/4/4/10/08  US Airways came to a tentative agreement with the Union (IAM)  US Airways is the fifth largest domestic airline employing more than 36,000 aviation professionals worldwide. US Airways, US Airways Shuttle and US Airways Express operate approximately 3,800 flights per day and serve more than 230 communities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. US Airways is a member of the Star Alliance network, which offers our customers 18,000 daily flights to 965 destinations in 162 countries worldwide. 

3/29/08  After a panel flew off the wing of one of its aircraft in midflight last week, U.S. Airways Group Inc. discovered improper maintenance had been performed on the wings of seven of its Boeing 757 planes, people familiar with the matter said Thursday.

No injuries were involved in the incident, which occurred Saturday as the plane flew over Maryland. An airline spokesman said repairs have since been completed on all but one of the seven planes. The incident is likely to bring further scrutiny on airlines and federal regulators following maintenance lapses discovered at other airlines in recent weeks.

2/14/08 US Airways frequent-flier change: Short flights earn fewer miles. US Airways becomes the first to end the 500-mile-per-flight minimum on all fares. The change will also affect miles accrued toward earning elite frequent-flier status, US Airways spokesman Phil Gee tells Today in the Sky

US Airways said on Thursday it amended an order for 97 single aisle planes from Airbus it made last year, giving it the right to opt for larger models.

In a regulatory filing, US Airways said it has the right to convert 13 A319s to A320s, one A319 to an A321 and 11 A320s to A321s, for delivery during 2009 and 2010. 

Management needs to adhere to current labor union contracts and reach new collective bargaining agreements that improve the wages, benefits and working conditions of US Airways employees.1/23/08

US Airways upgrades wine offerings 

Most complained about.

US Airways stocks plunge

Specter other Pa. lawmakers issue a public rebuke of US Airways CEO

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