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Philippine Airlines is up for sale

12 October 2015 Airline to give 113 workers the heave-ho. Needless to say a strike threat is now hanging over this airline in time for the Christmas and New Year festivities. No dates set. Don't get caught out, book with another airline.
Check this article for baggage handlers strike 
Manila Times

Old from 2012
25 September 2012 Global day of action 27 September, best check with PAL.

So 2011
27 September 2011, 300 Ground employees delayed flights today to thousands of passengers. 

11 Sept 2011 Old court case results out. PAL win law suit from pilots union ALPAP over pilot strike in 1998

25 August 2011 Financially strapped Philippine Airlines lay's off 2,600 ground staff.

1 April 2011 Philippine Airlines Employees' Association (PALEA) planning nationwide strike even though airline still in mediation.

22 March 2011 Philippine Airline ground crews will hold a strike vote tomorrow

7 March 2011 Ground crews issue a strike notice. For?
10 Jan 2011  PAL wants Department of Labor and Employment to over turn last months wage decision

Old industrial actions for 2010
12/24/10 Philippine Airlines loses wage row with union

6 Dec 2010 Philippine Airlines cabin crew will hold a strike ballot as to whether or not to strike tomorrow.

5 Nov 2010 Philippine Airline unrest heating up again today

9, September 2010 Cabin crew state they will strike end of Oct..

8/28/10 Hong Kong government giving warning to it's citizens not to go to Philippines. They just can't get a break

24, August 2010 Spirit of Manila Airlines and Southeast Asian Airlines will step in if needed.

17, August, 2010 mediation talks fail.

8/16/10 PAL will now bring in foreign pilots.

8/13/10 PAL will have a contingency plan in effect if a strike occurs. PAL's 134 interline partners:12 airlines in Southeast Asia; 11 in the USA and Canada; 25 in Europe; 12 in the Middle East; 3 airlines in Japan; and 10 airlines in China.

10 August, 2010 Flight attendants threaten to strike in the next few days, meeting due 17, Aug. Won't strike before then.

8/8/2010 Union Palea will meet with labor secretary on Thursday.

8/8/2010 Interesting article, A bright spot in RP aviation industry

6, Aug 2010 Flight attendants will meet with mediators 9, Aug 2010

5, August 2010 PAL announced will continue to trim workers from 7,000 to 4,000. Pilots who transfer to AirPhil will get same pay.

4, August 2010, Disputes still on going. Pilots who resigned left the country right away. Working for another airline offering three times the rate of pay is very tempting. Management asking government to take back pilots with no repercussions. Pilots on average owe PAL P1.8 million for training. PAL has offered an easier pay back terms. 
Ground crews have been ordered by the government not to strike next month.

Monday, 2, August 2010 flight attendants say they will strike in two weeks. 

1, Aug, 2010 President Benigno Aquino stepped in dispute. Total 25 Pilots ordered back to work or face criminal and administrative charges.  Pilots work for PAL a compulsory five years to cover training costs.

7/31/10 Flight attendants threaten strike action.

7/31/10 Today, several flights domestic and international were cancelled due to exodus of PAL pilots to other airlines.PAL cancelled flights to Singapore and Hong Kong.

7/31/2010 This airline is struggling through financial reform. Latest industrial unrest is coming from flight attendants. Management making it compulsory for flight attendants to retire at 40! Attendants have not had a pay increase since 2007.

PAL canceled 23 flights today, some international,  due to the sudden defection of pilots to other airlines in the last two weeks. Flights effected were from Manila to Bacolod, IIoilo, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu and Hong Kong and Singapore.

4/30/2010 Philippine Airline guarantees service till atleast after the May, 10 election. All domestic and international flights will go as scheduled, all PAL offices including accredited travel agents will continue to serve passengers.

1, April, 2010 Philippine Airlines strike threat is back. Management trying to cut 3,000 employees by 1, June. All sides hoping for a bail out.

Philippines Airlines
Ground staff issue notice of strike, all parties meet February, 4. Operating loss of 301.4-million-dollars last year.  Half the loss of British Airways!

9/30/08 Philippine Airlines hopes for upgrade to expand in the US

Passengers flying to or from the United States will now only be allowed 50 pounds (23kg) of free baggage, compared to the earlier allowance of 70 pounds, according to a statement made by Andrew Huang, Chief Financial Officer.

The amount of water that the airline carries will also be cut back and there will be less food choices during flights to reduce weight, according to Reuters. Carriers’ revenue was growing at a much slower pace than their expense were growing.
A 77 percent drop in net income at USD$30.6 million was reported by Philippines Airlines in the fiscal year ending March, and it has predicted that its net income for this year may be lower than last year.

8/28/08 Philippine Air to cut baggage allowance, save on fuel

Philippine Airlines PAL, THE Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday ordered the flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) to reinstate about 1,400 cabin crew personnel who were illegally retrenched in 1998 at the height of its financial and labor woes that prompted the Lucio Tan-led company to temporarily shut down

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Latest news on Philippine Airlines (PAL) such as staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record etc. etc.  Will they strike or go bankrupt after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport?  Ultimately do they look reliable and still be in business in three months?
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