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                                     See who else is on strike today?

Latest news on Alaska Airlines,  such as staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, financial health, safety concerns, on time record. Will they strike or go bankrupt after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport?  Ultimately will they be reliable?  Seattle based, employees 1,500 pilots, contract has been under negotiation since January, 2007.  Sister company is Horizon Air, they operate under a different contract. 
2009, employees 658 mechanics

Air Line Pilots Association International union. ALPA

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                          Alaska Airlines Strikes

See strike headlines around the world

Pilots happy till 2013
Mechanics happy till 2011

CEO Bill Ayers keeping clean from take overs and bankruptcy

19 October 2012 U.S. District Court Judge James Robart has ruled.refuellers are subject to the dispute-resolution requirements of the Railway Labor Act Blog Seattle Times   
October 3, 2012 Alaska Airline aircraft refuellers are walking out over safety issues. Airline will have a contingency plan in effect.

August 7, 2009, Alaska Airlines, mechanics have a new  2 year contract.
1.5 percent pay hike on Oct. 17, and another raise of the same percentage in 2010. Performanced based similar to pilots and flight attendants.

7 March, 09  Alaska Airlines have made a deal with ALPA the pilots union regarding new 4 year contract for it's 1,500 pilots. Negotiations started Jan 07. Pilots to review and vote on it in the coming weeks.

11 February, 2009 Alaska airlines 2 ,830 flight attendants.flight attendants have reached an agreement good till April 2012. Confirmation of deal to come later next month.

8 February, 2009 Alaska Airlines reports 4.4 million dollar profit.  Union have scheduled meeting with airlne in February.  If union is to strike it will come this summer tourist season.  Pilots are working under old four year contract that had pay cuts of 35%.

12/16/08  Alaska Airlines, pilots, Tuesday will form a strike preparedness committee! Mediator was in place in August to discuss issues such as retirement, outsourcing, health care and compensation. More talks with federal mediator are due January and February 2009.
However, a strike is not imminent, the airline said.  Pilots plan rallies and are less optimistic.

Internet testing on Alaska Airlines, Satellite based system on a Boeing 737 in  2009.  Satellite because many flights are over water.  

11/18/08 Air Alaska pilots.  New contract now in the hands of a  federal mediator. If negotiations fail, 30-day cooling off period, which could be followed by a strike.  

9/14/08 Alaska Airlines is cutting jobs, flights

9/10/08  Alaska Air to Put Runway-Collision Alerts in All Jets

8/7/08 Internet. Alaska Airlines: Testing a system that relies on satellites rather than cell phone towers. 

2 July 08 Passengers on Alaska Airlines
flights soon will no longer need to hunt for cash to pay for onboard purchases. Starting Aug. 5, Alaska Airlines will offer the convenience of using any major credit or debit card for all inflight purchases, and will no longer accept cash onboard.

6/19/08  Alaska Airlines expects to maintain most of its fleet  

4 June 08 Alaska Airlines will cut more local flights  

Like most airlines they are retiring fuel guzzlers for more economic planes.  Q400 propjets burn less fuel .

5/21/08 Alaska Airlines shuffles routes, adds fees. 

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Alaska Airlines Strike