Air Trans competition, Frontier Airlines and Midwest for 2010. 
Do see who else is on strike today and who we've put on the shaky airline list.  Are you changing planes? See your airlines history.

22 June 2012  Air Tran leaving Westchester county airport.

31 May 2011 Offers fire sale, get em while you can airtran

14 Feb. Heads up, Air Tran flight attendants will strike in 6 cities in six weeks.  Today is the first strike in Atlanta Int. airport 

Update:-21 Oct. Air Tran pilots take tentative deal, no details given to public.
Update 28, Sept. Southwest to buy AirTran. Southwest does not charge for baggage fees, good for AirTran passengers.
8/20 Reminder what you
8/11 Air Tran cutting flights to Atlanta, adding flights to Fort Meyers.
7/14 AirTran pilots and management ordered by National Mediation Board to work on talks more.
5/19 AirTran pilots have given pilots union the "A Ok" to strike. 

5/19/2010 Air Tran pilots have given pilots union the "A Ok" to strike., the doesn't mean a strike is imminent.

28 March, 2010 1,700 AirTran pilots taking strike authorization vote starting April 19, only authorization vote..Pilots have been in contract negotiations for six years.

Air Tran offering standby to college students this spring break.

Air Tran Airways, pulls out of Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport. Will end services on January 5, 2009

12/4/08  Air Tran, pulls out of Gulfport Mississippi, Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport.  14 people to be employed else where in the company.  Will end services on January 5, 2009.

9/18/08  AirTran Airways continues to sell jets, as it tries to slow growth and preserve cash in a treacherous fuel environment. 

8/22/08  AirTran Airways said Friday it will furlough 169 pilots as it moves to cut costs and reduce flight schedules to make up for high fuel

8/20/2008 begin service Nov. 6 to Atlanta and two Florida cities: Fort Myers and Orlando, site of the airline’s headquarters.

8/1/08 Pilot furloughs could be coming for AirTran.

8/1/08 Rather than parking unused planes, the discount airline prefers to sell off pieces of its relatively young fleet, thereby holding down expenses.

7/29/08 AirTran to shrink Atlanta hub.  Airline posts $13.5M loss in second quarter.  

7/8/08 AirTran Airways has announced that it plans to shed 480 jobs - 180 pilot and 300 flight attendant positions - by Sept. 6 as part of program to reduce its costs, which have been soaring because of escalating fuel prices.

6/19/O8 AirTran to cut capacity, sell planes BIZJOURNALS

11/6/08  Southwest Airlines, AirTran launch summer fare sales  BIZJOURNALS.COM

5/27/08  Discount airline AirTran Airways has ended its nonstop service between Ohio and Las Vegas.

AirTran customers who want to get to Sin City from either Dayton or the Akron-Canton airport will now have to connect through another city.

3/7/08 AirTran CEO Bob Fornaro says: "We are studying what competitors are doing. I'm not sure we'll go down that path. We certainly don't believe the $25 (for a checked bag) is the right number."  per
3/7/08  Air Tran top 10 for on time
New Route Indianapolis- Las Vegas  1//21/07

2 Jan 08  Air Tran staying in Florida  bizjournals.comatlanta

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Air Tran. Subsidiary of Southwest airlines. A low cost carrier, based in Orlando, largest hub is in Atlanta.Staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record. Will they strike, go bankrupt  after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport.  Will they still be in business in three months?  Flying on with another airline? Make sure you tell Air Tran ticket agent that you are transferring planes so they mark ticket with your final destination. Or transfer them yourself.
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