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Spirit Airlines Strike - Go Slow

Go slow by pilots.
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Sunday 4, February 2018 Good news for passengers pilots are voting on a new wage offer from management. Votes in 28 February, 2018.

Last year 2017 unrest at Spirit Airline
17 November 2017 Several Spirit Airline pilot's demonstrating today at DFW Airport. Still no contract after two years. 
If you are booked with this airline over Christmas and New Year make yourself a reservation at your airport hotel. You can't rely on the help desk to find a hotel room for you late at night or another flight replacement.

Prospective from Spirit pilot's ALPA
Spirit state these delays by pilot's were out of their control. Leaving you to find your own hotel and food.

Update:-20 May 2017 Pilot union has new?  press release 

Update:-16 May 2017 All's good talks are still on going.

Update:-10May 2017 All flights left last night from Fort Lauderdale, just what the judge ordered.  Although one or two were delayed by an hour or so. Two Spirit flights leaving at the same time to Aguadilla, one of them was cancelled. Hopefully they were merged together? 

Today so far a flight leaving for Chicago at 8:20 has been delayed 52mins.

Update:-9 May 2017 Judge steps in to get passengers moving Consumerist

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 More nasty reports in the news today severe delays are still on today in Florida Daily Mail

Last night, flights delayed and delayed again, then cancelled. Nine flights cancelled altogether from Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood airport. 
Frustration for passengers over the top. Keep your cool, checkin has little or any control over the matter. 3 passengers cuffed and taken away in a cruiser. Passengers state pilot’s are on strike and next flight is Wednesday! 
300 flights cancelled in the last week nationwide, caribbean and South America.

Alternative airline might help you and they are cheap is Vivaaerobus destinations Mexico, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Florida Orlando and Miami

You’ve purchased a ticket with a “low cost airline” they have own rules and regulations. Zero - none recourse.
If you just can’t wait to get home, ditch this company asap and book with another company that will leave when it say's so. It’s a real shame as you end up buying two tickets, just imagine if you are a family of four.

8 May 2017 Just what is going on with this airline? For weeks now we've been getting emails from disgruntled passengers.

8 May, 2017 Monday Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport yesterday 9 cancelled Spirit flights. 5 inbound and 4 outbound. Passengers on long lines for three hours. Airline state flights cancelled due to crew availability and weather around the country, not pilot strike action.

Once news crew showed up 6:30pm lines moved. In fact they were moved to Palm Beach International (PBIA). PBIA unable to accommodate them. Some passengers slept at the airport.. Thousands of passengers stranded in Las Vegas per Twitter.

1 February 2017 New fare to come in, “ Bare Fare" April 4, 2017. Don’t get caught, $100 penalty DailyMail.com
January 6, 2016 3pm. Spirit Airlines flight delays, active shooter at baggage handling at Fort Lauderdale Airport, Terminal Two. So far one shooter is under arrest. Several people shot dead and injured. Shooter re-loaded three times. Questionable if another shooter is in the garage. Florida Turnpike standstill.
Traumatic event. Airport being evacuated. No flights in or out.

December 2016 Spirit pilots union leaders from Airline Professionals Association, International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 1224 are looking for a new contract. Talks started two years ago, no talks held for a year. Pilot's protest out side company head quarters.

May 2016 Who would of thought after 9 years of negotiations Spirit Airlines flight attendants accept a new five year contract.
Flight attendants. 
Union Flight Attendants - CWA.

Spirit Airlines Strike - Go Slow or just weather?

20 June 2015 Just what went on? The Inquisitor has some information.
Press release from Spirit

18 June 2015 Cancellations on flightware You can refresh this page, somethings going on. USA Weather today.
​Tropical Storm Bill

17 June 2015 Cancellations today from Dallas Fort Worth. Was this weather related? Internet rumours that pilot's are on strike. Crews calling in sick. Complaint - no comments made till right before flight leaves at the gate.

Viewer complaint:-Just terrible. Are the pilots on strike!?!? Our direct flight to Cancun was cancelled yesterday for "weather". That's a lie. It may have been delayed, but no reason to cancel. They couldn't get us on a flight until Friday, completely screwing up our family vacation we have planned for two years. Every other direct flight took off.

Now there are more cancellations today out of DFW and I saw a tweet stating that a pilot walked off of a loaded plane and they had to take all the passengers off and gave them back their wet luggage.

 We are already out $800 on a condo that we cannot cancel. If our flight takes off for Mexico on Friday (by some miracle) could we be stuck in Mexico?

17 June 2015 Cancellations today from Dallas Fort Worth. Was this weather related?

16 June 2015 Something is going on over at Spirit Airlines. Twitter is full of long delays and an absense of employees at check in desks?
Looking for more information - email us. Contact@easytravelreport.com

Las Vegas delays see Foxfivevegas.com
​McCarran Airport

Monday June 15, 2015 Please let us know what if anything is going on. Something is going on, but what?

Old stuff form 2014
What does Spirit Airlines management have to say?

1 October, 2014 Another contract voted on and disregarded by flight attendants.

February 24, 2014 Flight attendants reject new contract offer.

April 16 - 18 2013 Contract negotiations to take place between flight attendants union and management.

March 24, 2013 Flight attendants, still don't have a new contract.
December 2012 Spirit flight attendants demonstrate outside building whilst CEO Ben Baldanzer is guest speaker afacwa
16 November 2012 Spirit Airlines back in the news today, flight attendants demonstrating Atlantic City, Chicago Metropolitan, McCarran Las Vegas and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Operation, Chaos (Creating Havoc Around Our System). eturbonews.com

18 October 2011 Spirit Airlines flight attendants have overwhelmingly voted for strike action. Be aware this will mess up your vacation plans. Vacation bookings to Caribbean, Costa Rica, Cancun, South America, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, Fort Lauderdale, Detroit. Last strike by pilots left passengers stranded. see below. Still let's see and watch what go on. We will be updating as the talks go on. Which can last for several months.
Union Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA)
Starting 1, Aug, 2010 Spirit Airlines will charge $45 carry on fee for overhead bags! $30 if you book online. Frequent fliers $20. Under the seat remain free.

7/23 Spirit pilots ratified a 5 year contract today. Your good to go!

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Int. Airport (FLL)

Friday, June 18, 2010 Spirit still getting back on schedule, has to cancel some flights. 

Thursday, 17, June, 2010 20 flights flew today, slow getting normal service.

Wednesday, 16, June, 2010, Tentative agreement made, pilots back to work Friday. Dispute not over till pilots vote on contract offer, most probably in July. Safe to travel for the rest of June, but then keep your ears open!

Wednesday, 16, June, 2010 Parties met today, hashing out new language for a contract. Flights will resume Friday.  This is only a tentative agreement.

Tuesday, 15, June, Strike still on through Thursday.  Jetblue will add an extra flight between Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale. Someone has nick named them Evil Spirit! More talks scheduled for tomorrow.

Monday, 14, June, No change, pilots still striking. American Airlines and Jet Blue picking up the slack. Good news is that all parties will meet tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday, 13, June, All Sunday's flights canceled, through Tuesday. Spirit carries 16.600 passengers daily, all have been given refund and future credit of $100.00. Unfortunately buying another ticket on another airline will cost you two to three times as much.  British Airway's strike added to the mix has seen competitors for same routes go for premium prices. 

Saturday, 12, June, at  5.01 a.m, no surprise, Spirit Airlines pilots on strike today. All flights canceled today and tomorrow. Passengers getting money back and a $100 credit towards future flights. Hotline given is hard to get through on.  This is so old school. 
What happened to the replacement pilots? Passengers left stranded at airports complain they didn't even get a phone call. Thousands effected over US and Latin America. All Spirit planes have been flown back to the US and Puerto Rico, so mechanics can attend to them. Even pilots left stranded abroad! Spirit has asked for the White House to intervene.  This in fact did happen with American Airlines in 1994. AA pilots went on strike for 10 minutes before President Bill Clinton put the kibosh on any strike. Passenger numbers are low in comparison, don't expect White House to get you home! Other airlines watching. Note to other airline managers don't leave passengers stranded.For your information American Airlines has been looking for volunteers, just incase pilots strike this year. Will be similar situation as BA right now, unless President Obama steps in.

11, June, 2010, Tonight's the night, Spirit has been calling customers to change flights.  Better call them if you are flying with them. Airline is not selling tickets for Saturday and Sunday. Spirit Airlines website. All parties in talks today.

9, June, 2010, Wednesday, more picketing today by pilots in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport warning passengers that Saturday is coming up fast.

7, June, 2010 Spirit pilots picketing today at Atlantic City International Airport letting passengers know the possibility of strike starting this Saturday. Management insist they will keep flying and use other airlines for help. Call airline to change your flight.

7, April, 2010 Ouch! $45 fee for overhead carry on, while under the seat personal items stay free. This will be charged at the gate unless you pay online $30. Frequent fliers pay $20. Will take effect 1, Aug, 2010.

12, May, Spirit Airline strike, by  pilots, Saturday, June 12, 2010 if no new contract has been signed. Spirit managers state they may have to notify possible job reductions. (This is beginning to sound like the bitter British Airways dispute) Spirit operates out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Detroit, Michigan. Spirit has grown since 1980, now landing in some heavy tourist destinations. The Bahamas, Costa Rica, Caribbean - St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Jamaica, Aruba, Cancun, LA, Orlando..The deadline for a strike is at 12:01am on June 12.

8 , May, 2010, Update:- In short Spirit pilots have rejected a proffer from the National Mediation Board. Both sides at an impasse. For the next month you will be safe to travel with them, after that, just keep your head up and your ears open.

2/23/2010 Spirit Airlines, pilots on Monday said they are ready to strike and demonstrated outside the airline's Miramar headquarters. Pilots looking for contract after  three years of negotiations.

2/25/10 Mediation talks have ended with no conclusion. Talks have broken down with pilots. Yikes! “Even in harsh dictatorships, they give you a blindfold and a cigarette before the hanging,” said Sean Creed, Spirit MEC chair. “In this operation, they want you to put the noose around your own neck and pull the trap door open yourself – which is exactly what we would be doing if we were to agree to these demands.”

8 Feb. 2010  Spirit Airlines pilots union state, negotiations have taken a down turn. Pilots are being asked to fly longer distances, for less pay and benefits to Latin American and Caribbean.

5/15/09 Spirit Airlines pilots have voted to authorize a strike, if parties can't agree on a new contract in the next 30 days.  Negotiations have been going on for two and half years.

4 March, 09 Spirit Airlines Flight Attendants have asked for mediators, as talks with management have not gone any where since November 2007

1/28/09 Pilots threaten to strike, again.

8/15/08 Spirit Airlines is attributing several factors, including pilots not working overtime, for the cancellation of several flights that left passengers stranded at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Monday night.

7/25/08 Spirit Airlines Inc. is closing down and laying off 142 employees at 24660 Lahser Road in Detroit. (that's all it said, can't find anything to verify this)

7/12/08 Spirit Airlines is to lay off about 250 employees as it deals with rising fuel prices. 

7/17/08 Spirit Airline-sold travel insurance: what's it worth?  msnbc

Spirit Airline began charging the fee July 15, but decided to drop it because it was "hurting demand," spokeswoman Misty Pinson said. That was the company's second attempt to collect a fee to process reservations, she said. When Spirit unveiled its new Web site May 30, it implemented a "passenger usage fee" of $7.80, which was removed June 21.

7/12/08  Spirit Airlines has agreed to pay a $100,000 fine for violating U.S. restrictions on trade with Cuba. bizjournals.com/southflorida

7/12/08 Fort Lauderdale, air traffic Low-cost carriers such as Spirit Airlines, JetBlue and Southwest are doing well.  

Spirit Airlines, which is now charging $10 roundtrip extra fee if you order your tickets online. web convenience fee or purchase them at the airport or on Orbitz. at no charge.

15 July 08 Spirit Airline Pilots Set Stage For Possible strike. Spirit pilots are entering the third year of negotiations for a new contract.

7/10/08  Pilots at Spirit Airlines not happy with negotiations

4 June 08  Bad news for Spirit Airlines today. Discount carrier Spirit Airlines says it may lay off or move up to 60 percent of its flight attendants and 45 percent of its pilots in an effort to cut costs and deal with soaring fuel prices. 

Sorry I had to highlite these parts of the article "It was utter shock," said Sean Creed, chairman of the Spirit Airlines pilots union. "To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. We are devastated."" and said Corey Caldwell, but it kind of popped out of nowhere." !  I was wondering if they've read the newspapers lately.   

5/26/08  Spirit plans service to Nicaragua  Starting in August, Spirit Airlines said it will offer nonstop service between Fort Lauderdale and the Nicaraguan capital of Managua. The Fort Lauderdale-based airline said the service will be three times per week starting Aug. 2, and increasing to daily service on Nov. 15. Flights are to be on Airbus A319 aircraft.Nicaragua is to be Spirit's fifth Latin American destination. Earlier this year, Spirit started service to Costa Rica and Guatemala, and recently announced service to Honduras and Peru. 

5/22/08  Begun daily nonstop service between Fort Lauderdale and Columbia, S.C.
Baggage fees beginning Feb 20, 08  per Spirit
Spirit Airlines to charge for all checked baggage
Fliers must buy coffee, other in-flight drinks, but carrier slashing airfares.  See article msnbc 
Fort Lauderdale big plans  per business wire

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Strike, industrial action, information on Miramar- Florida based airline Spirit Airlines. Staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record. Will they strike after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport. In other words are they reliable? 
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