Travel guide to Virgin Atlantic Airways . Such as staffing issues, go slow, layoffs,  financial health. Will they strike after I've bought my ticket? Virgin Atlantic 750 pilots have never been on strike in it's 25 year history. Popular routes Lagos Abuja, Nigeria lagos, Kenya Nairobi, Jamaica, Florida and Channel Islands. Codeshares with JetBlue.
See who else is on strike and trying to mess with your travel plans today!
Virgin Atlantic Airlines pilots pay scale. A first officer at Virgin Atlantic starts off at GBP58,000 but can rise to GBP70,000, while a captain gets an annual salary of GBP110,000. Remember they have not had a pay raise since 2008. British Airline Pilots

5 January 2016 Taxi strike

6 January 2016 Virgin Atlantic talks with Hong Kong union ejinsight

July 30 2015 Immigration and Border Protection will strike Tuesday August 4, 2015. Strike will last four hours. Likely to be at the busiest time of the day. Strike will effect all airports and sea ports. We will update on

Old strikes for 2011
10 August No new investors, pre-tax profit18.5 million pounds. Hiring 1,000 new employees for the new 10 A330s ordered. Virgin Atlantic pulls through, barely.
9 August Virgin pilots agree to deal. Strike threat is over.
11 July Virgin Pilots union BALPA mulling over new offer. 
7 July Strike threat over for time being. Airline will present a new proposal.
27 June Branson states airline already loosing business
24 June 2011 Branson has till Monday thisislondon
23 June 2011 Perfect article from Cruisecritic for you holidaymaker's

21 June Vote in 97% of pilots have voted to strike. No date set. All parties hope to resolve issues. Contingency plan will be in place. Competitors prices will go up. Earliest possible strike date July 11.

21 June Ballpark's executive will meet later in the week to discuss the ballot result, and will have to give Virgin seven days notice of any walkouts.

18 June Pilots for Virgin Atlantic  will most probably strike Bloomberg

15 June Issues still not resolved.
16 May Virgin pilots will be balloted for strike action

15 Dec 2010. Latest news. Airlines lining up to merge with Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Good contender Delta. Founder Branson has been fighting the merger of BA, AA and Iberia.  Fighting for his airline and employees. How can he compete, this BA merger will go ahead. Yes he can compete, BA's merger is going to turn out to be a real debacle. Iberia is unreliable and going broke, AA is in similar situation.
Delta has minimal union involvement.Virgin has going for it valuable Heathrow airport slots and good consumer reputation. Would Jet Blue be a good match? Ryanair denies interest.

9 Nov. 2010 No, can't be. Branson may have to sell Virgin Atlantic per Russell Lynch at London Evening Standard

8, September, 2010 Virgin Atlantic Airlines strike. All parties have met and resolved differences. No strike. Virgin clarified to union negotiators the minimum number of days off pilots are allowed to take, and made no changes. Your good to go, Thanksgiving and Christmas are safe to book.

Parties will meet Monday September, 6. If meeting not satisfactory to pilots expect them to be balloted for strike action.

8/23/2010 Issue is beginning to heat up now. All parties involved will meet tomorrow, Tuesday. Virgin Atlantic pilots threaten strike

3/28/2010 Last month 700 pilots were told their pay would be frozen for the second year and no profit bonus this year either. Virgin Atlantic pilots look for new negotiations and a  new contract after last years pay freeze. Union getting a psychological boost from British Airways strike. BA pays cabin crew twice as much as Virgin.  
According to Civil Aviation Authority figures, Virgin’s pilots were paid an average of £89,500 a year, compared with the £107,600 BA’s pilots receive.  Virgin seeks reductions of  all costs due to the economic situation familiar to all airlines

Comment:-Virgin Atlantic Airlines Pilots are contracted to fly 750 hrs annually whereas British Airways longhaul pilots fly 900 hrs annually. When you factor the annual hours, the Virgin salary then becomes £107400. 

3/27/09 Mumbai-London Virgin Atlantic postpones route from May 4th 2009

3/3/09 All Virgin Megastores in US to close by summer. The 52,000-square-foot Times Square flagship closes in mid-April, to be followed by another New York store and outlets in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, Fla., and Denver, all by June, Wright said. About 1,000 staff and 60 at the corporate level will be laid off. full article at

Virgin Atlantic adding flight services to Barbados, Orlando and Jamaica in the summer and winter of 2009, providing more options for holidaymakers. Manchester to Barbados on Saturdays. Manchester and Orlando will be run up to ten times per week with the addition of a Sunday service between April and November 2009. Gatwick to Montego Bay.  Airline won three awards in UK.  

10/16/08  Virgin Atlantic approaches its 25th anniversary, check site for promotions.

10/8/08 Christmas strikes to cause airline 'chaos'

Virgin Atlantic, which flies daily from London Heathrow to Sydney via Hong Kong, to offer seamless connections with Virgin Blue – to Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Coolangatta and Launceston.

9/1/08 Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. owner Richard Branson sees ``considerable logic'' in his airline merging with rival U.K. carrier BMI, he said in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph

5 July 08 British Airways and Virgin Atlantic passengers to claim millions

4 July 08 British Airways and Virgin Atlantic admitted colluding to fix the prices of fuel surcharges, supplementary fees added to tickets to compensate for rising fuel prices.  

4/25/08 Virgin Atlantic is suing a seat manufacturer based in Wales over the Upper Class seat design that the airline had patented. Virgin believes that Contour breached a Virgin patent over the herringbone shape design and supplied similar seats to other airlines. Virgin is seeking damages from Contour and that the airlines remove the herringbone designed seats from their aircraft.

2/15/08  Perhaps you are due for a refund BA was fined for price-fixing on fuel surcharges while Virgin also admitted breaching the law but escaped a fine.  Did you travel 11 August 2004 and 23 March 2006 will be eligible for a refund per

Virgin Atlantic  ubber-wealthy check in!
Strike over 1/08/08  more

30 Sept. 07
Virgin America lost 35 million first quarter of business, which covers the quarter ending  

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