Latest information on United Airlines.  Such as staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record, strikes. Will they strike after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport.

4 March 2016 Heads up, are you flying to Europe with United to Slovenia? Adria Airways pilot strike for this and other strikes this month in Europe.

Old Strike from 2015
22 January, 2015 Flights to Hamburg might be delayed, cancelled or brought forward due to airport security strike.
Hamburg Airport Strike
Old industrial actions for 2014
16 September 2014 Flight attendants offered 100,000 to quit

23 March 2014 United airlines flights from Chicago-O'Hare, Houston-Intercontinental, Newark, San Francisco, Washington-Dulles flying to Frankfurt airport could face a strike at Frankfurt Airport Strike on Thursday, 27 March 2014

Old industrial actions for 2014
21 February 2014 United Airlines will let go 240 Canadian airport workers in three months - Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver airports.   United flights likely to encounter a Canadian go slow. 
Next airport possibly under threat is Narita International, Tokyo.

11 December 2013 If traveling to France this week check Easy Travel Report front page. Air traffic control on a go slow and French railways are striking.
Old industrial actions

15 December 2012 Vote is in today and 11,000 United pilots ratify contract. Signing bonus, 8.5% raise in January 2014 and 3% raises for the next 3 years. Expect other unions to fall in place. Nasty go slow to be over.
28 November 2012 December 7 United and American Airlines vote should be in Chicago Tribune

5 December 2012 Unite airlines baggage handler, tell perks of his job Buisinessweek
2 August 2012 United and Continental pilots make wage deal. As recent as two weeks ago pilots had asked to be released from mediation and wanted to strike. The last time United had a contract was ten years ago! United will end business with Aer Lingus.

27 July 2012 CEO apologizes Chicago Tribune  

16 July Passengers stranded in China for three days dailymail

10 July 2012 Pilots and United management given gag order by mediators.

8 May 2012 United pilots explain how out sourcing effects your safety

4 May 2012 150 United pilots picket today at airlines head quarters. Two years after merger with Continental pilots still have no contract.

18 June 2011 United Airlines computers go down, all week-end

17 April 2012 United pilots want to be released from mediation by 1 June if deal not made by then. 

United ceo Zane Rowe quits to work for Apple.

Old stuff
3 Dec. 2010 140 pilots picketing from United and 
Continental great article detailing this by Julie Johnson at Chicago Tribune

1. Oct. Official Continental and United have now merged.

Ok, ok, I'm trying to find something good for them!

28/4/10 Deal to merge with US Airways failed this month.  United now trying to hook up with Continental.

6, April, 2010, United flight attendants picketing world wide today. Warning airline they may strike.

9/24/08 U.S. Airlines Grounding 500+ Planes This Fall
Posted by Scott McCartney

United to furloughed 290 pilots this week, making a total of 1,164 this year. Remaining number of pilots employed by United Airline is approximately 6,400.

United Airlines flight attendants  "exercising the opportunity to negotiate for improvement for the first time since 1996" and is "seeking contract improvements after enduring huge cuts in pay, quality of work life, healthcare and retirement for nearly seven years." If no agreement made by 7 Aug 2009 the flight attendants union will begin mediation.  Contract is over 7 Jan, 2010.

11/17/08 A US court has ruled that a summer campaign of work-to-rule and reporting sick by some United pilots was illegal. Cancellation of 329 flights and cost it $8m. Taking work-to-rule actions, such as refusing to take-off in planes with minor mechanical issues that did not require immediate attention under federal rules.  Pilots calling in saying they were fatigued more than doubled, from one call a day to more than two-and-half a day. 
Even more info by JOSHUA FREED @Northwest Herald

AMR, UAL Struggle to Sell Idle Jets as Market Slides

United Airlines will restart it's non-stop Denver to London flight on a seasonal basis this March. United Airlines' have made a decision to pull out of the L.A./Palmdale Regional Airport in December. Palmdale to San Francisco starting Dec. 7. Flights have been less than a third full since operations started in June 2007.

9/20/08 Palmdale, United Airlines will cease its services out of LA/Palmdale Regional Airport on December 7 as the carrier was losing "significant money" despite government subsidies

United Pilots: Glenn Tilton's Excessive Pay Package Must Go $10.3 million a year, Tilton's compensation package -- including salary, stock grants, options and other added extras

9/14/08 Tribune: Google bot error caused airline stock collapse

9/9/08 False Bankruptcy Story Sends United Airlines Shares For A Ride

8/20/08 Beginning Sept. 2, United Airlines will no longer hand out complimentary pretzels and cookies to economy class fliers across North America. Also planned: Doing away with meals and going to buy-on-board in international economy class on flights from Washington-Dulles to Europe

9 Aug 08 United Airlines' pilot union said four recent engine failures or compressor stalls on United 737 aircraft may signal that "maintenance standards have deteriorated at United as operational decisions are increasingly driven by economic considerations."United and its pilots have been at odds in recent months over the airline's refusal to reopen their current labor contract before early 2010, when it comes up for renegotiation.By SUSAN CAREY,

Temporary Truce my... Check out Brad Kings trip from the ModernJournalist on Aug 5th with United Airlines.  The Modern Journalist

United, Pilots' Union Agree to Temporary Truce, Airline Says

Lawsuit Against Pilots Union Could Hurt Airline
Produced by Susie An on Thursday, July 31, 2008

7/30/08 Now the lowest of the low.  ...

United accuses pilots union of work slowdown. United asked federal judge to stop four of its pilots and their union from what it called illegal job actions that have caused hundreds of cancelations. 

Third fuel surcharge coming extra $10 each way on domestic flights.

4 July 08, Associated Press. Chicago-based United Airlines has announced it will sell chips, cookies, candy and trail mix on its flights for $3 apiece. Starting August 1, on Chicago-Denver and Chicago-Boston flights, plus a handful of other routes. United raised the price of alcoholic beverages for passengers flying coach in the U.S. by $1, to $6. The airline announced it plans to roll out a $1 price increase on Pacific and intra-Asia flights August 1.Spokeswoman Robin Urbanski says United will continue to hand out free half-ounce bags of pretzels to passengers. And while sodas and juices will remain free, Urbanski says United won't rule out charging for them in the future.  PS: per ETR, Some airlines are not, repeat not, taking cash.  They only deal with credit cards.

6/24/08  UAL Corp. announced Monday that it is laying off 950 United Airlines pilots, or about 14% of the company's total pilot workforce, to better align capacity to shrinking demand in the face of soaring fuel costs

United Airlines on Tuesday projected its 2008 fuel bill to hit US$9.5 billion based on current prices, or more than $3.5 billion higher than last year.

6/21/08  United Airlines said Friday it will start requiring minimum stays for nearly all domestic coach seats beginning in October. It is also raising its cheapest fares by as much as $90 one-way. Starting Oct. 6, most of United's economy-class fares will require a one- to three-night or weekend-night minimum stay, spokeswoman Robin Urbanski said. The policy does not apply to fliers in other classes.  Unpopular with business travelers. 

6/20/08  Wonderful article by Aaron Shear "United Airlines Booking Tips"

6/19/08  Continental Airlines Unites With United -- To A Point

6/16/08  United inspects 737 that malfunctioned

10 June 08 United Airlines the worst airline ever per Joe Brancatelli seat 2 B

10 June 08 United Airlines to offer buyouts to 600 flight attendants

6 June 08 United Airlines and the Association of Flight Attendants today announced that they have come to agreement on a one-time opportunity for eligible flight attendants to voluntarily separate from the company. The program will be available for up to 600 United flight attendants.

4 June 08, United Airlines  United Airlines cuts employees and planes.  It is cutting up to 1,100 more jobs, removing an additional 70 fuel-guzzling airplanes from its fleet and slashing domestic capacity as it tries to cope with spiraling fuel prices.  full article iht

5/15/08  Code sharing with United on some routes

United is increasing its change-of-ticket fee to $150

5/10 US Airways and United head quarters will be in Chicago nto Tempe, AZ. US Airways has 10,000 workers

5/11/08  United, US Airways fly closer to merger chicagotribune

5/9/08  Still trying to court US Airways, after no luck merging with Delta and Continental Airlines.  Management shake up.  Waiver on 1.5 billion dollar loan. perhaps now a merger will happen.

5/3/08  United Airlines is now turning its focus on US Airways as a potential partner 

4/25/08  UAL said it lost $537 million, or $4.45 per share in the first quarter, compared with $152 million, or $1.32 per share, a year earlier. It was by far the biggest net loss reported by a major airline for the first quarter.

Time to move them over to the Shaky Airline Status

United Airlines, Complimentary Wi-Fi service powered by T-Mobile(R) HotSpot is available in the U.S. starting today in 27 Red Carpet Clubs and all five International First Class lounges.  

4/3/08 United grounds fleet of 777's due to cargo fire-suppression system on the planes denverpost

3/21/08  United said Friday that it boosted its ticket prices by as much as $50 round trip, raising the stakes in the airline industry's battle against rapidly rising fuel costs.

United to open special check-in at O'Hare for first-class passengers 

11/9/07  United may ground some flights

Weather, fuel send United Airlines to $53M loss.  weather forced United to cancel about 2,350 flights last month — more than 4.9% of its system wide departures. Labor discord also is thought to have contributed to its schedule problems, with at least one analyst saying pilots called in sick and refused to fly customary extra hours due to an ongoing dispute with management over pay. The pilots union blamed staffing shortages.per USA Today 1/22/08

United paid down $500 million of the term loan under it's existing credit agreement.

United fleet renewal unlikely per 10/24/07

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