Feb. Passenger strips naked in Arizona airport, on film no less Webcastr!

1, September, 09 69 year old woman shoots at planes from runway  connectmidmissouri.com  

9 July, 09 Sloshed British tourist 59-year-old James BN  was taken into custody in Majorca Airport after trying to dish out £45,000.   Attracted large crowd before he was arrested. telegraph.com.uk

Passenger Lockwood Earnest George is alleged to have assaulted the immigration official yesterday, The Times of India reports, after being refused entry to a Jet Airways flight. 
Drunk UK flier  Lockwood Earnest George misses flight, assaults cop at airport timesofindia.indiatimes.com

4 May, 2009 British-based Russian artist 'drank liquid soap and scuffled with staff in air rage attack'.Passenger from hell dailymail.co.uk

28 April, 09 Israel native who is accused of rushing the cockpit of a plane en route from New York to Tel Aviv on Friday night.Man held in flight disruption to be analyzed  Boston.com

7 April, 2009 Society girl arrested for 'drunken grope' with passenger during flight... as his model girlfriend slept in next seat  DailyMail.com

1/7/09 240,000 dollars awarded to man forced to cover Arab T-shirt Breitbart.com

12/18/08 Yoichi Shimamoto blames airline crew for getting him so drunk that he beat his wife up! telegraph.co.uk

11/25/08 Japanese man sets up home in Mexico airport food court.  Hiroshi Nohara has become something of a celebrity in Terminal 1 of Benito Juarez International Airport since arriving on September 2. telegraph.co.uk

10/18/08  Hermès fashion house heir 'grabbed pilot's crotch' in alleged air rage incident  telegraph.co.uk

8/15/08 Holiday flight is diverted after mid-air brawl breaks out.  redirected to Venice dailymail.co.uk

7/26/08 Two drunk British women went on a rampage on a charter plane, trying to hit a flight attendant with a bottle of vodka and attempting to open a cabin door as the aircraft was cruising over Austria at 10,000 metres, police say smh.com.au/

6/26/08 Denied 4th Drink, Man Gropes Stewardess  abcnews.go

6/25/08  An upset, autistic toddler and his mother, kicked off plane abcnews.com

6/25/08  Don't go Las Vegas without your wife, she may just call in a bomb threat like Terrice Gay Hutchinson, 53 did  denverpost

6/23/08  MILWAUKEE - An unusual security breach at Mitchell International Airport. An 82-year-old woman, and 85yr old friend, and dog drove her car through a security fence, toward an active runway and was intercepted by sheriff's deputies  todaystmj4.com

6/20/09  Naomi Campbell, 200 hours of community service Friday after pleading guilty to assaulting two police officers after an "air rage" incident at Heathrow Airport  Komonews.com

6/18/08 Meet Christina Szele. The 35-year-old New Yorker was charged yesterday with causing a disturbance on a JetBlue flight after she lit up a cigarette at her seat, punched a flight attendant in the jaw, and kicked and screamed when airline personnel tried to restrain her. Oh, Szele also allegedly threatened to kill one flight attendant dvorak.org

Gun, ammunition confiscated from air passenger.  Ziad Mohamad Jeha, 30, of Calgary, has been charged with possession of a weapon dangerous to the public peace, possession of a concealed weapon, possession of a weapon without a permit and possession of a restricted weapon with readily accessible ammunition.

Flight delays by msnbc

Crash survivors considered eating pilot  guardian.co.uk

How airports deal with problem passengers  msnbc

16 June 08 Millionaire businessman Robert McLuckie hurled abuse at airline staff and police after guzzling white wine as he waited for a Globespan flight at Edinburgh airport  dailyrecord

Titans wide receiver Brandon Jones was arrested and issued a citation at Nashville International Airport on Friday for carrying a loaded .32 caliber gun in his baggage, an airport spokesperson confirmed.

6/12/08  Airport police in Verona, Italy reported Wednesday that a German passenger running late for a flight called in a prank bomb threat.  The Verona Airport was shut down and two in-bound flights were rerouted to nearby Brescia after police received an emergency call around 11:15 a.m. Wednesday. The caller said there was a bomb on board a Vienna-bound flight that was scheduled to leave five minutes later. Police identified a 27-year-old German suspect after tracing the call to his cell phone. The man is now under investigation for allegedly causing an alarm, a charge that carries a sentence of six months to a year Transworldnews.com

10 June 08, Zoom Airlines, Michael Roy Shick, 27, of Harwood Street, Vancouver, admitted the charges, including three of assault, at Antrim Crown Court on Tuesday.  Shick, who wept during the hearing bbc.com
9 June 08, Monarch Airlines, family banned from airline for life deny bad behaviour  herald.ier

7 June 08,  KLM Air-rage drunk sang IRA songs and insulted cabin crew.  PASSENGERS on a flight to Glasgow were shocked when the calm of their business-class cabin was shattered by a drunk who started to sing pro-IRA songs.
Cabin crew on the KLM flight from Amsterdam had already regretted serving a whisky and two beers to tipsy John McFadden when he declined their offer of a meal after take-off. Refused more alcohol, he flew into a rage, began to hurl abuse and called a stewardess a "f*****g bitch". When she complained and he said "f**k you" in response, a fellow passenger intervened. McFadden reacted by threatening him with "a doing".Paisley Sheriff Court heard how the incident caused a drama on the aircraft as it approached Glasgow airport on 15 February. Consultant electronic engineer McFadden, 41, of Paisley, pleaded guilty to conducting himself in a disorderly manner, placing cabin crew and passengers in a state of fear and alarm, shouting and swearing, uttering political remarks, and committing a breach of the peace. Sheriff George Kavanagh said that as the accused had spent three days in custody on arrival, the fine would be held to £600.  newsscotsman

5/21/08  Drunken air passenger jailed for two months  Sunderland echo

5/16/08  Here's a good one.  Thomas Cook flight.  Leaving Hurghada, Egypt airport flight  was diverted to Lynon airport after woman bit partners face during the flight.  Couple began arguing soon after flight left Manchester (UK) airport.  Drunk, fighting, swearing, yanking other's hair and trying to scratch their eyes out. "When the woman bit her partner's face there was blood everywhere and people gasped in disgust. Things only calmed down when some off-duty officers stepped in and restrained them."

5/13/08  Sir Paul Macartney.  Sort  of air rage, but not quiet.  Furious when his new eco-friendly car was delivered by jet from Japan to England!  list.co.uk

5/10/08  Wow, I love the title to this article "Airline Crew Abuse"! What a story.  Pilot diverted the charter plane and forced the troublesome holidaymaker to disembark on a barren volcanic island off the west coast of Africa some 300 miles from his destination!  carrentals.uk

4/17/08  WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Authorities say a 74-year-old grandmother spent the night in jail after she shoved a deputy and refused to let airport officials check her pockets at Palm Beach International Airport. Elena Reichman is charged with felony battery on a law enforcement officer. Authorities say something in Reichman's pockets set off the security alarm. When authorities said she needed to remove the items from her pocket so they could do a secondary screening, they say Reichman became belligerent.
She was released from jail after posting $3,000 dollar bond. It was her first arrest winknews

4/18/08  Jewish man, chose wrong time to pray  subchat.com

4/13/08 An argument between a Dubai-based tycoon and a pilot has escalated into all-out war. Pilots of India's flagship carrier, Air India, are now threatening to go on strike unless they receive an apology from PV Abdul Wahab, who is also a Kerala MP.Their threat comes after Wahab wanted to move a privilege motion in parliament against the pilot, Captain Rajat Rana, who forced the MP off his plane.
The Indian Commercial Pilots' Association said it would support the strike action. And President Vikram Yadav said the association would fully cooperate with the pilot.  The incident took place at Kozhikode airport in southern India last week.

4/09/08 Indian airline pilot  ordered him off his plane on Monday..... Then I told him he's just a glorified driver. That offended him. He said I'm not flying with him. I said OK. I walked down voluntarily because I didn't want a pilot strike in India," Wahab explained.  (Wow this sounds like my teenagers) ibnlive  

3/27/08 Man suing after wife's death at airport  per foxnews.com

3/27/08 Woman told to take nipple rings out with a pair of pliers at airport.  Nicole Richie also has had her breasts inspected at airport.

3/19/08 A man was detained, China's Chongqing Municipality for forcefully pushing past security checkpoint with perfume.  Got a five-day detention penalty on Wednesday for violating the new rule that banned passengers from carrying liquids on to planes, said an airport security bureau official.

3/19/08   Drunk man in his 40s began punching the seat in front of him after being annoyed by the sound of a baby crying  Korean Times

3/14/08  Passenger allegedly threatened to blow up the Delta airliner en route from Atlanta to Dublin, on which he was a passenger on March 1, claiming he had links with Osama bin Laden portadowntimes

3/12/08 Airport security stops woman with skeleton in luggage per gadling

3/7/08 PRINCE GEORGE, British Columbia —  A Canadian man thought he had come up with the perfect romantic setting to propose to his high school sweetheart until airport security got involved.
Aaron Tkachuk, 24, had intended to propose to girlfriend Jennifer Rubadeau during a Caribbean cruise this week, but instead had to pop the question at a security screening station at the Prince George, British Columbia, airport.
An airport screener checking Tkachuk's carry-on luggage spotted a small box in the toe of a sock — insisted on having a closer look and pulled out a white gold, diamond and ruby ring.
Tkachuk decided to propose on the spot, and his dazed 24-year-old girlfriend said yes, as fellow travelers and security staff looked on and applauded.

Airport Arson Fugitive Held By Terror Troops:Safet Bukoshi, 34, spent last night in a high-security police cell in Paisley, Scotland,  after being extradited from Ireland on Friday.court tomorrow charged with the late night attack on a plane at Glasgow Airport three years ago. Major security concerns were raised after Albanian-born Bukoshi allegedly used a plank of wood to scale the perimeter fence before torching the twin-engine BMI Embraer 145 jet.per Sunday Mail.co

U.S. Pastor Detained After Ammo Found at Airport, bullets were among many gifts per times.spb.ru

John Stamos' In-Flight Disturbance:  Woman  get attention by shaking him. Just wanted to sleep,  Stamos got up to use the restroom, returned to his seat the woman refused to get out. 

Woman stabbed the pilot of a small commuter plane in New Zealand and threatened to blow it up in an apparent hijack attempt Friday, police said per msnbc

Getting inventive, smuggling alcohol in fruit juice bottles.  Mother of 3, took refuge in rear galley.  (I wonder how the wedding went. ) per journallife.co Feb, 6, 08

Here's his picture, just incase you were curious as to what his mug shot looked like per naplesnews.com
Everblades player apologizes for in-flight disturbance.  27-year-old defenseman.  Seven or eight drinks before even getting on the plane.  

Hockey player gone wild.  A hockey player was arrested after allegedly slapping a flight attendant, head butting a passenger and exposing himself on an American Airlines flight from Toronto to Dallas.  Angry with a flight attendant after he was refused a third alcoholic drink, began cursing at other passengers and exposed himself to them.  Pilot declared an on-board emergency.   

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                                        Airline Passengers Gone Wild
July 2000, NYTimes, can't do this now a days

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