British Airways information such as staffing issues, industrial action, industrial disputes pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record.  Will they strike or go bankrupt after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport? BA employs about 40,000 people!
United Kingdom, air rage offenders can now face up to five years behind bars after the law was tightened through a new Aviation Offences Act. Air rage attacks by binge drinking Britons soar as assaults on cabin crews double,

Heathrow Express balloting

BASSA British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association representing14,000 cabin crew (part of Unite)

represents  cabin crew. 27,000 of BA's 40,000 employees.

GMB unions.

British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa)

Baggage allowances

What to expect for a French General Strike
                  See  British Airways strikes 2017

Will be closing this messy page and what a year it was for 
passengers and employees. 2013 looks a lot brighter for all 

see    British Airways cabin crew strikes 2018 

British Airways, a so called travel guide 2017!
(Reminder, BAA owns 6 British airports, Heathrow,  Stansted (for sale), Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton, all will be affected by a strike)  Update:- July 2011 BAA must sell Stansted and either Glasgow or Edinburgh bbc

British Airways Strike

Sunday 11 June 2017 Strike has been suspended for more negotiations, this time mediator ACAS.

2 June 2017 British Airways 2,900 mixed fleet cabin crew Unite union workers back to strike action over benefits not being reinstated - travel concessions and discounted travel. 
Four day strike action to start Friday, 16 June 2017. Contact British Airways your flight may be changed. British Airways will get you to your destination same day of travel.

28 May 2017 British Airways debacle will have to pay out 150 million pounds DailyMail

11 May 2016 Be aware Southern Rail, Gatwick Express and Scotrail all threaten strike action

British Airways flights to Italy will be effected by an Italian air traffic control strike on October 24, 2015 Italian air traffic control strike 2015

Strikes planned that might effect British Airways flights:-
February 2015
Comair threaten strike action
Tunisair strike planned February 15, 2015
Madrid airport strikes 2015
and lastly Lufthansa pilot's, flightattendants and German airport security workers issues are still not resolved.
Old Strikes for 2014
Punch up between two British Airway's colleagues. Disagreement over future strike action The Mirror

October, November and December 2014 TAP Airlines strike
October:-Lufthansa pilot strike 
Moroccan general strike October and Belgian general strike planned for December see ETR

November:-Several Italian aviation strikes planned 14 November, 2014 see ETR
Italian EasyJet Strike 14 November 2014 

Old industrial actions
​Heads up
11 September, 2014 Worst nightmare tomorrow if it goes a head. Heathrow Airport check in and baggage handlers strike. Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Contingency plan will be in effect. Follow along with us Heathrow Airport Strike

Old industrial actions for 2014
Rome Ciampino Airport workers to strike Saturday, 6, September, 2014 12:30 lunch time - 4:30pm. 

Also two Italian air traffic control unions have a strike planned for the same time. Strike will effect flights except long-hauls. Ryanair, EasyJet all cancelled flights.

17 March 2014 Heads up. French air traffic control strike planned tomorrow, 24 hours. Airlines asked to cut back flights to and from France by 20 - 30%. Following day Wednesday French baggage handlers strike follow along with us at ETR
​17 January 2014 European air traffic controllers will strike end of January 2014. See our front page for countries, times and dates. We recommend you change your flight before the world catches on. French flights expected to be hit hard.
Over all British Airways had a great year for 2013. Profits are up and minimal complaining from unions.

October 15, 2013 Strikes planned for this week, Italian and French air traffic controllers. Up and coming strikes Finnish air traffic controllers and Swissport baggage handlers. Swissport baggage handlers and check in workers work for Thomson, Emirates, Virgin (Aer Lingus) Thomas Cook, British Airways and Ryanair. Airports that Swissport work out of:-Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester and Stansted. Follow along with us Easy Travel Report 

27 August 2013 South African Airway's strike. BA will fly in it's own engineers if needed.

ETR information regarding Iberia
May 11, 2013 ETR Air Nostrum strike threat follow along with us 

February 25, 2013 British cabin crew, 600 BASSA union members from British Airways will travel to Madrid to join Iberia workers demonstrations on March 4. British Airways have called for 400 voluntary cabin crew redundancies beginning March 2013. More demonstrations planned Sunday, March 6 at IAG headquarters London.

Last years industrial actions
27 November 2012 What is going on? BA Partner Iberia
6 strikes to come between the dates December 14 - 21. More meetings to take place tomorrow and final official announcement to be made on Thursday. 
3 August 2012 Some news out for British Airways today. Profits lower than predicted as Iberia Airlines sucks away profits.  Pre-tax loss of €253m in the first six months of 2012. Airline relying on public to take advantage of Spanish exchange rates. Maybe they should read this article from  murciatoday Purchase of BMIBaby cost them and as usual fuel prices went up.
June After months of negotiation BA allows members who were fired during the last strike back to work. BA had looked at Facebook profiles, any criticism of boss Willie Walsh and you were out. 
5 June 2012 Rumblings today of a strike threat by BA employees reported The Guardian

3 March 2012  Recent news on British Airways is that it is on a tear. Every market this airline is on a roll, whether it South America, Spain (picking up Iberia slack) New York it's top destination. On time record good, crew sort of happy. I'd recommend them, a thumbs up, complete turn around. Am I under the influence of alcohol, perhaps, but don't hesitate to book with them this summer and Christmas. We see no industrial action for the near future.

7 January 2012 We've been getting enquiries asking whether we would trust British Airways with our family vacation travel this year. Yes, yes British Airway's is running like a smooth engine.  Industrial action is a thing of the past. Pilots, cabin crew all have contracts. 
Things to worry about? Early yet for the summer but we do have a rumbling, smell of discontent from the Public Sector Union. Customs and immigration officers, border control were all stumped in last industrial action (30 Nov.11) by volunteers, reconfiguration of arrivals and managers at Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Let us not forget social media played a huge force in letting everyone know early on of the disruption. Airlines heeded the call to delay or bring up flights.  Union will be stumped again whether they battle it out again in Easter or the summer of 2012. British air traffic controllers belong to another union. 
We suggest staying away from Iberia Airline, Madrid airport, Milan's Linate and Malpensa airports.

16 December 2011 The great union between BA and Iberia got fully initiated today with this announcement form BA
22 June 2011  Alleluia! 92 percent vote in favour of the deal and eight percent against, with a turnout of 72 percent of the nearly 10,000 members who were balloted.

30 May Balloting of BA cabin crew ends June 30.
11 May Union considers strike dispute over, members still have to vote on the deal bbc

BA has a new boss Keith Williams dailymail
19 May Make sure your contact information is up todate, email and cell phone. Airline will give you seven days notice of strike action. 
18 April Update:- Red Len and BA Chief Keith Williams meet tomorrow at an undisclosed location.
14 April Update:-BA talks have been extended another 28 days. For certain no strike during Easter.
12 April No news to tell you.  All's quiet, except BA have hired a shrink to help with negotiations.

30 March 2011 No dates set for strike yet. Willie Walsh x chief of BA showing interest  investing in JAL. Like Iberia JAL is loaded with debt and seething in industrial unrest. Perhaps the quake has made it a good buy.

30 March Union has not set any dates yet.
* Operate a normal schedule at London Gatwick and London City
    * Aim to fly 100 per cent of our longhaul flights to and from London Heathrow
    * Aim to fly the majority of our shorthaul flights to and from London Heathrow

28  March 2011 New BA strike ballot results are in. Yes, union workers will strike anytime after 4 April will be legal. Next move up to union. BA will have a contingency plan in effect. UK population will be on the move from Thursday Evening, 21 April for Easter, back to work Tuesday 26, April. Fingers crossed they don't strike for Easter. 

Does your insurance cover industrial action?

27 March Ballot results are still on for tomorrow
22 Feb. BA workers will be balloted between March 1 and March 28. Getting closer to Easter The Wedding.

8 Feb Unite union workers will hold a fresh vote on potential strike action. Last vote was deemed illegal.

Jan. 2011 Mr Walsh moves on to International Consolidated Airlines Group

26 Jan No talks planned this week, both sides busy

25 Jan Pilots union BALPA not in line with Red Len dailymail
21, Jan, They shook the ballots out of the box today and counted them. As you guessed it they have voted to strike. Legally all they have to do is give a weeks notice of a strike at their leisure. (Let see how close the dates are to the previous post)

1/11/11 Still waiting ballot results, due 1/29. 

3, Jan. These dates have yet to be confirmed, they maybe an Internet rumour. Please don't change plans till others confirm these dates.
12/29 New British Airway strike dates in for 2011.
20 March, three day walk out.
27 March, four day stoppage.
Further disruption after 14, April. 
(Strange, BA strike ballots are not due for another 3 weeks, how can this be? Other people are saying Easter, perhaps immediately before or directly after on the Tuesday.  All rumours and speculation)

5, Jan 2011 Strike British Airway's mediator Tom McCarthy resigns after three years of knocking his head against the wall. British Airway's head of legal and government affairs is expected to take over, Maria da Cunha

3, Jan. These dates have yet to be confirmed, they maybe an Internet rumour. Please don't change plans till others confirm these dates.

30 November 2010 Yawn, new strike ballots due in early January, 2011. Total strikes for 2010, 22.Confirmation here at BA website

BA increases fuel charges on long-hauls by £10. Expect industrial action perhaps for Easter 2011

22 November 2010 Unite Union has a new union head today a Mr Len McCluskey dailymail
10 Nov. Start checking your travel insurance policy. BA union reject offer, you may have to face Christmas delays dailymail
and splits in the ranks cabin crew dailymail
7 Nov. 2010 BA draws up new discipline rules as union prepares ballot
10/26 More information out about what's involved with possible deal

Over the last year we've learned. Don't get sucked into those cheap tickets, promotions with BA.  It will only cost you more with hotel expenses and agida. 
When strikes have happened mainly short hauls have gotten effected, badly. Spain and Scotland in particular. Heathrow becomes abandoned.
Wondering where all those passengers went to? Competitors couldn't believe their luck!  During last summers industrial action and the volcanic cloud, Virgin Atlantic took an extra 50,000 passengers, EasyJet £7m extra business. Eurostar bookings up 30%.Virgin trains were  up 250%. Popular routes London to Holyhead and Glasgow to London.
Ferry bookings went through the roof and fares went up sky high. Ferries to Ireland made a killing. Flybe added extra flights from Southampton, Manchester and Birmingham. Rental cars became hard to find. Coach companies put on extra services
BA state if a strike happens again it will only effect shorthauls.

10/21 BA cabin crew being balloted one more time.
That darn volcanic cloud, follow along with Eurocontrol
20 Oct. BA flight attendants will vote on BA's latest offer. In the mean time BA states all long-hauls will be covered for Christmas if staff strikes. Hopefully that means thanksgiving also!
10/21 BA cabin crew being balloted one more time
9/14 BA and union for customer service staff and check in workers have made a deal. 500 jobs will go out of Heathrow terminals 3 and 5 next year.

British Airways, London, Heathrow, Cabin Crew
Unite union will meet Monday, September, 6. Strike threat is still hanging over this company. Think twice about booking with them over Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday's. Don't get sucked into those cheap tickets. It will only cost you more with hotel expenses. BA state if a strike happens again it will only effect shorthauls.

30, August, Unite union will meet with management next week.

August 12.  Firefighters are in this ballot. Above British Airports will be closed if they strike.
British Airways has flown in more than 100 workers from the US to work as cabin crew in a bid to smash the strike at the airline.
7, Aug, BA cabin crew are being asked by activists not to close airline windows or offer hot hand towels to premium economy passengers.
2, August, BA union Unite and management met today, no agreements made.
7/31 Wondering where all the passengers go to? Virgin Atlantic estimating they have taken 50,000 extra passengers  average 4,000 a week. EasyJet £7m extra business
7/20 Ballot results in, BA cabin crew reject deal.
7/16 British airport workers being balloted, results of any industrial action due in
7/13 BA boss Willie Walsh heckled at AGM over strike claims

27, June, 2010 BA union, Unite, postpone ballot to consider new offer. Ballot results due Tuesday, 20, July.
23, June, 2010 Unite union will ballot cabin crew members June, 29. Results due in 27, July. (Has signed a deal to fix pension £3.7bn deficit. This was the stopping point with the other well run airline, Iberia. If Iberia approves this deal, they will merge, yippee, can't wait....Guess this page will get even longer.)
Has signed a deal to fix pension £3.7bn deficit. This was the stopping point with the other well run airline, Iberia. If Iberia approves this deal, they will merge, yippee, can't wait....Guess this page will get even longer.
18, June, 2010  Conciliation and Arbitration Service could not broker a deal between all parties involved. Union balloting members for further strikes. No future dates for strikes set yet. Union is threatening another 12 weeks of stoppages. If union members agree to a strike it would be some where (estimating here folks) around 3,4,5 August until 25 October. Experts say European flights will take the brunt this time.  BA is stepping up training more cabin crew members.
5, June, strike on, cabin crews crossing picket line, union boss on vacation in Cyprus. 72,000 will fly on Sunday.
2, June, Union for cabin crew will hold another strike ballot.  
5/28 Strike to go ahead on Sunday, BA adding even more flights.
5/26 BA going to court again to stop this strike. 40% of long-hauls cancelled from Heathrow.

5/26 BA going to court again to stop this strike.
5/23 In and out of court. New BA strike, dates, starting midnight tonight.
Monday, May 24-29th
Sunday, May Sun 30-June 4th
Saturday, June  5th to June 9th
21, May, 2010, Strike back on folks. Unite cabin union won an appeal.  Negotiations still on going, union will not strike before Monday.
17, May, Court has granted British Airways an injunction to stop all planned strikes by cabin crews,  siting irregularities in voting. All BA strikes cancelled.

16, May, 2010 New, British government stepping in to mediate.
13, May, 2010 BA will operate 60% of long hauls and 50% of it's shorthauls. All flights to and from Gatwick and London City airport are working.
Here's our BA page, trying to keep track. 
5/15 New British government will act as mediators.
(Perhaps union boss, Tony Woodley should not have been in Cuba
5/14 BA looking for court injunction against strike.
13, May, BA will operate 60% of long hauls and 50% of it's shorthauls. All flights to and from Gatwick and London City airport are working.

Are you using BA to get to Spain?
13, May, 2010 The main Spanish trade union, Comisiones Obreras, General Union of Workers (UGT)  will launch a general strike of public employees. Wednesday, 2, June, 2010. Protests are planned 5/20. Heads up, UGT members include Spanish airport operators, air traffic controllers, firemen, maintenance technicians and administration. Spain has 47 airports. Still early yet, things change. We keep you informed.

10, May, 2010 BA strike dates are in.  Four, five day strikes.
British Airways, London, Heathrow
10, May, 2010 BA strike dates are in.  Four, five day strikes.
May, Tuesday, 18 to22
Monday, 24 to 28, May
Sunday, 30 to June 3
June, 5 a Saturday to 9 June.
*UK spring bank holiday 31, May
British Airways will bring in a thousand volunteers again.  Passenger numbers up for summer, expect cancellations again on some routes, last time Scotland, Spain.... Hurry, call your airline or book your Eurostar while you can or that rental car ASAP. Move it! Flying on another airline? Make sure you confirm that seat. Competitors can't believe their luck! Prices sky rocketed last time. Don't forget to use the coach companies, they will put on extra coaches. They also have been busy due to "The cloud".

Confirmation here at BA website

4/22 British Airways cabin crew, all 12,000 will take part in an online vote, over 5 days, to decide whether or not to accept latest deal. Unions full aware of the financial loss due to the volcano and the up and coming election beginning of May.

3/31/2010 Unite union has until April 8 to notify BA of further strike dates ie 4/15 was previously mentioned.  BA claiming victory, cost airline £72 million.British Airways and Iberia missed their March 31 deadline to sign a definitive agreement to merge and have said they are close to completing the terms.

3/26/2010 Strike is on for the weekend.  BA will run 75% of flights.

THE Unite union is locked in a battle with wealthy homeowners over plans to build an extension to its £100million country mansion

3/22/10 Day 3, 98% cabin crew at Gatwick came to work.
53% cabin crew at Heathrow came to work
13.5% cabin crew per union were on strike.
According to union flights have been leaving empty and airline was offering to pay for taxis for strike breakers and had told managers to dress as crew and make their presence felt in the car park. Full service will resume Tuesday till Saturday's next strike. See what British Airlines has to say for next week. 27-31 March.

3/20/10  Press banned form Heathrow Airport. Three out of five flights from London Heathrow to JFK, NY. Newark Liberty Airport are unaffected. El Al add extra flights.  Singapore, Changi Airport reporting no delays with BA. Many cabin crew ignore strike.

3/19/10 Update:-union and management in talks today.
Update:-BA Strike is on, three days from Saturday, March 20 and four days from Saturday, March 27. Further action will take place after April 14 if the dispute is not resolved. The airline is currently finalizing its flight schedules for the strike period.  Customers change travel plans to day before strike starts. Eurostar is near full with rugby fans, Six Nations international between France and England. Trains to Scotland full, Virgin Airways picking up the route. Travel by car to Stansted Airport and Gatwick will be busy. BA estimated loss so far £27 million 103,000. Ryanair coming to the rescue, with special deal for disgruntled BA passengers. 

16, March, 2010, BA has cancelled all flights to Israel this weekend and will not resume until Tuesday. Aberdeen to Heathrow route cancelled. Food on planes will be cold only, vegetarians asked to bring own food and no kids meals. No inflight shopping or movies...  Swapping Airbus  A319 for smaller A321. They will squeeze you in, no problem. BA will rent a total of 22 jetliners. Warsaw fewer flights to London. All long hauls to NY will run. 50 percent of short-haul flights will be unaffected.

British Airways Strike, set three days from Saturday, March 20 and four days from March 27. Further strikes could take place after April 14. Should a strike take place, the airline said it planned to operate all its flights out of City airport as well as all long-haul services out of London's Gatwick and 50% of short-haul flights.

Out of London's Heathrow it would operate a "substantial" part of its long-haul and short-haul schedule. 

10, March, Statement from Trade Union Congress (TUC), which regulated the talks, said: “Despite a prolonged period of negotiations it has not been possible to reach agreement between BA and Unite.”

March, 1, British Airways is currently running ghost flights to train ground staff as cabin crew. Could start at any time after March 18th.  BA will lease 23 aircraft, with crew. Thousands of staff have offered to help. Sounds rosie!

British Airways Scandal: Sexy Stewardess Strip Pics Appear On Internet

One of our viewers asks "Is it safe to book with British Airways next summer after strike and financial problems"
If you are planning a huge investment in a long haul, then I'd think twice.  Don't use Finnair either. Crews at Delta, Emirates, Srilanka Airways, Air Canada, seem happy lately...  See our airline page, if they have a strike, industrial disputes, disruptions, we will cover it. 

2/25/10  Of course they've voted for strike, union has one month to call it with 7 days notice for the public.  Needless to say all BA passengers are on alert with good reason. Insurance companies have conveniently washed their hands and will not cover passengers who book with them from now on. BA has promised to re book or refund passengers. It gets worse, pilots union BALPA kicking up taking BA to Supreme Court in short over holiday pay.

Next ballot results due publicMonday 22 February, 2010 

2/19/10 High court "BA was completely within its rights to trim the cabin crew team on its flights by one person." Union failed to try and overturn changes. Strike ballot due in Monday, March 1, strike could take effect. BA announces  "We now have 1,000 pilots who are going to train as cabin crew and act as crew on the flights". Don't even think of booking American Airlines for a long haul this summer.  Exact same situation as BA. 

2/18/10 15 BA cabin crew were suspended from duty pending an investigation into alleged harassment carried out on social networking website Facebook. One of the disciplined crew members yesterday told Sky News that BA management had behaved like the “Gestapo”.

2/2/10  Today Unite union and BA back in court.  Unite trying to get British High Court to deem the decision by BA to go from 15 to 14 flight attendants on long hauls illegal.

1/29/2010 Relationship between staff and management is not going well. Tension is intense. Threats flying high and fast and furious. March,1 is the rumour for strike date. 

1/20/10 British Airways, new ballot results due in 2/22. Unite announced to families today that the union has no intention of striking over the Easter holidays and that families should go ahead with travel plans. Needless today Willie Walsh stirred up the mess by calling for strike breakers, scabs, ''volunteer cabin crew''.  Pilots, baggage handlers and and check in staff may be trained in cabin crew duties. BA has also threatened cabin crew who strike, will loose their perks permanently and will review the standard of hotels that crew use for over nighters.  

What's a BA perk? Depending on seniority, BA offers a free set of business class tickets annually along with discounts of up to 90 per cent on all routes. Standby only.

10, Jan, 2010 Update on British Airways cabin crew, re-balloting will start 22, Jan and continue for one month. Look for strike around March 1, 2010.

12/24/09  Unite will ballot workers, looks like industrial dispute will be in February, 2010.  Safe to fly in January!

Union will ballot union members again.  Fortunately union can't get organized till the new year. Don't get all warm and fuzzy here,  6,000 security, administrative and maintenance staff union, is threatening a strike for?

Thursday, 17, December, 09 Awaiting courts decision.  It's in, deemed illegal! No strike.
BA union agreed to emergency talks.

14, December, 09 Strike vote in. 12 days, 22 December,to 2, January, 2010. 

11, December, 09  British Airways bracing for cabin crew strike.  Willie Walsh has met with Tony Woodley and Derek Simpson, ballot results will be out next week, strike could start as early as December, 21.

16, November, 09 Unite union has issued strike ballot papers to 12,000 British Airways cabin staff.

12, November, 09 Shares in British Airways rose 7.6 percent in London on Thursday after rising 50 percent over the last year. Iberia shares rose 12 percent in Madrid after gaining 32 percent over the same period from NY Times

7, November, 09 BA laying off 4,900 workers, that's another 1,200 than expected.  Disastrous summer, losses of $485 million dollars in six months.  On way to breaking last years loss of $666 million dollars.  Revenue down 13.7 percent.

5, November, 09 British Airways cabin crew appealing to High Court to stop airline imposing new contracts on employees.

30, October, Unite applied for a High Court injunction to stop BA introducing new pay and conditions for its 14,000 cabin crew and prospective employees, which are due to be introduced on Nov. 16. Unite union will ballot cabin crew this Monday, 2, November. Looks like perfect storm is brewing for Christmas.  Now 6,000 security, administrative and maintenance staff, have formally called for a strike ballot which will begin at the end of this month. Unite will have a 28-day period within which it can organize any action.  They will miss Thanksgiving, but not the cabin crews if they choose to strike.

(Medical alert after series of passengers mysteriously faint mid-flight on their way to Britain

Read more:

28, October, all parties in meetings today.

26, October Unite union will ballot 14,000 members who work as cabin crew at British Airways about whether to take strike action.

British Airways management, unions and ACAS will meet Wednesday. 14 October,09.  Don't do it, don't book with them.

14, Oct, 09 Senators urge close scrutiny of Oneworld alliance between American Airlines, British Airways

Taking British Airways flight?  Starting 7, October, 09 when you book your seat expect to pay. Long haul economy and short flights £10 per person to choose a seat. On long-haul economy or short flights in business class, charge will be £20, and £60 in business class on long-haul trips. (So much for promoting business across the pond)A seat in an emergency exit row will cost £50 and can be booked between 10 and four days before take-off. More and more like a discount airline.  

7, October, 09 Unite union shocked at BA management!  (Dah!)
Will hold emergency meeting today to discuss what action to take regarding strike action in the run-up to Christmas.  Don't do it folks, don't book with them.  Other airlines will do the job quiet happily for you with no repercussions. See our shaky airlines list.

6, OCTOBER, 09 British Airways management announced today it will cut the equivalent of 1,700 staff in the United Kingdom and is planning a two-year freeze on basic pay for cabin crew. No surprise.

14, September,09 140 cabin crew take voluntary redundancy out of 2,000.

September, 05, Strike threat (only) for this November (Thanksgiving is 26, November) and Christmas by unions.

26 August,09 Things are moving again, British Airways and union members will meet up again this Thursday after a two week cooling off period has passed. 90th birthday this week!

14 day cooling off period ends Thursday 13 August, 09?
A strike will cost 25 million pounds a day! 

5 August, Hero BA pilot quits.

7/28/09  Oh boy, looking to merge up with American Airlines.  Someone slap Mr Walsh in the head.  AA at this moment is on a go slow.  Isn't the idea to become a better airline? AA has no bucks.  Along with this deal will be Iberia Airlines. Code sharing, air miles..
See our reviews Iberia and  AA.

A strike would cost British Airways about 25 million pounds a day, per analyst  Doug McNeil of Astaire Securities in London. 

7/24/09  Talks between British Airways and union have broken down. Next, a14-day "cooling off" period, after which union will decide next month on holding strike ballots.  July is safe!  If the union mails out ballots, that means half of August will be safe... 

Unite, representing cabin crew, registered a "failure to agree" after more than two weeks of talks at Acas. Unions representing other grades, including check-in staff and baggage handlers, are today set to announce similar action.

7/22/09 Spokesman for GMB union."We do not expect the talks to conclude until later in August."

7/17/09  Things are starting to move, Willie Walsh is starting to stir things up.  
1. Open Skies is up for sale. Estimated Value £30-70 million, pounds that is.
2. Cutting back long hauls to Australia in the winter, Heathrow-Sydney from 2 flights a day,  to one a day.
3. Airline could look at convertible bonds to raise what analysts believe will be about £300m. 
4.  Pilots chipping in £26 million.
5. Delayed merger  with Qantas, but still looking to buy Spanish airline Iberia.
6. Raised £600 million in liquidity.  Pension fund trustees agreed to make £330 million available.  June 30, the airline had £1.25 billion of cash and general facilities of around £130 million.
7. Another 22 million pounds ($36.02 million) by cutting back in flight meal service for short-haul, 2-2 1/2hr flights. Economy passengers no sandwich or full meal for you, unless it's breakfast which will be served along with a plastic cup of water. Make sure you eat, before as no food will be sold on board.  This is what differentiates them from a discount airline!
8. British Airways  flights from Gatwick to New York, Alicante, Barcelona, Kraków, Madrid, Malta and Palma are being suspended indefinitely from October. 

7/15/09  Baggage handlers and check in staff vote to not take pay cuts.

7/22/09 Now BA has upset the Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Sa'ad Abubakar. Nigerian, Foreign Affairs to investigate allegation of 'dehumanising and maltreatment' meted on the Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Sa'ad Abubakar and other Nigerians by British Airways, Ethiopian Airline and their immigration officials. In particular recent ill-treatment of the Sultan and his entourage. "The Sultan's offence was that he did not subject himself to the humiliation of scampering along with other passengers; ticket and boarding pass in hand, to queue at the boarding point. I wonder whether the British Airways can treat the Queen of England or the King of Saudi Arabia the way they treated the Sultan" Mind boggles

7/12/09 Analysts have suggested BA could be forced to tap the market for 500 million pounds ($810 million) unless passenger numbers recover soon to shore up the airline's balance sheet. BA told shareholders at the meeting it was confident it would not need to resort to a capital injection unless trading deteriorates significantly or the airline is hit by strike action this summer, the paper said 
As a layman, I wonder if bailout plans are ready and waiting, strike or no strike? Will Gordon Brown let them go belly up? Na. He has no spine. British tax payers seen docile. Is this what unions are planning on and get a pay raise out of it as well?   "Fight for survival", my ... Chances are they are on a go-slow, work to rule already and we, the general public don't know about it.
As a passenger who needs to deal with this. Should you lay out a considerable lot of money and buy a ticket on a long haul with this company? Hate to say it, but try Emirates, no industrial action planned for them and they fly all over the world. Forget Air France, Lufthansa, American Airlines even Delta-KLM are all fishy. 

11 July, 09 Unite, the union for British Airways cabin crew will consider a 2.6 percent pay cut and two year pay freeze, £220 million savings. Same deal as the pilots had. Unite sent a letter to BA's share holders whose annual meeting is next week stating BA is being opportunistic with the recession using it as an excuse to make wide sweeping cuts, bad management and risking the safety of 40,000 jobs.
However, last years loss of £401 million can't help things!
Regarding ACAS, no major break through's this week, talks to continue next week.

6 July, 2009 Monday, British Airways staff reject BA's offer. No to layoffs, pay cuts, job cuts, redundancies, pay freeze....  All parties will meet on Wednesday, that includes mediator ACAS.  BA looking to hire new cabin crew at £11,000.
Perhaps a bit tardie, but BA delayed (not canceled) the order for 6 Airbus this week and delayed a further 5 Airbus delivery by two years.

1, July,09 British Airways never showed up for a meeting with Unite Union today.  BA would like a two year pay freeze, fewer allowances, and benefits.3,000 redundancies among crew and administrative staff.

6/29/09 ACAS,  now in place as conciliation service, mediator called for by BA. 
7,000 BA employees have volunteered to take unpaid leave and 1,400 people have volunteered to work part-time.The airline said the actions by its staff will save it £10m.

Cabin crew members:-high likelihood of strikes and industrial action during the peak holiday period. BASSA union chiefs have called a mass meeting to be held at Kempton Park Racecourse on Monday July 6. It states: 

6/22/09 British Airways has announced it is to launch a business class-only service from London City Airport to New York JFK despite the company's massive drop in profits. Launches on 29 September, will go on sale tomorrow. Check in just 15 minutes before departure. Dedicated departure gate with ‘lounge' facilities
Customs and immigration clearance at Shannon, Ireland, saving time on arrival at JFK airport. Don't  forget, BA has "Openskies" with a similar service.  See OpenSkies according to ETR

6/09 The co-owner of Virgin Atlantic warned ministers against stepping in to save the loss-making airline. "It would be better to wait for its demise," said Branson. Stocks fell.

Wednesday 17 June, 09 The pilots have accepted pay-cuts of around £4,000 a year, 78 voluntary redundancies, and cut-backs on allowances and perks, that together will lead to annual saving of £26million

Tuesday, 16 June 09, BA employees asked to donate time.  Airports in England owned by BA may strike. BA looking to cut 4,000 jobs.

Sunday, 14 June, 09 BA union BALPA is asking British Airways pilots to take a  £200 a week pay cut and accept 100 voluntary redundancies.  BA pilots earn £25,000 to £150,000 a year with the average salary being about £100,000. Willie Walsh chief executive not taking a salary this month as with finance director Keith Williams.

11 June, 09 British Airways is paying its cabin crew and pilots up to twice as much as rival airlines, prompting the carrier to demand significant cuts from its staff of cabin crew by 2,000. The average salary for BA’s 14,000 cabin crew, including bonuses and allowances, is £29,900, compared with £14,400 at Virgin Atlantic and £20,200 at easyJet. BA’s pilots earn an average of £107,600, compared with £89,500 at Virgin and £71,400 at easyJet. Sir Richard Branson’s airline typically hires younger staff who are attracted by its fun image. EasyJet, the budget airline, pays its crew more on average than bmi, another low-cost airline, because it has been forced to after rapid growth in recent years.
British airways was in talks with unions today and on the table 32 cost saving measures including voluntary redundancy,  cutting holidays by two days to 34 and reducing the allowances for overseas travel. 
British Pilots will be balloted next week.
Unions willing to consider temporary cuts.

6 April, 2009 British Airways 13,500 cabin crew have the best compensation package and now it's under threat.  British Airways has to cut costs by 82 million pound. Union, Unite discussing 32 points of cutbacks served up by BA.

1/23/09  It's official UK in recession.  BA offering cabin crew 1% raise.  First flight yesterday to Hyderabad, India.

Are you traveling to India?  All Air India flight effected by ground handlers. Indefinite strike starting midnight new years eve. Will most certainly effect BA and Saudi Arabian airlines. Ground handlers will have mass casual leave January 9, 09 effects Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai International Airport. See our Air India page

12/15/08 Leaked document 'Project Columbus' turns out to be a document by British Airlines officials, to replace existing agreements and bring in performance-related pay for cabin crews. Complex and restrictive cabin crew agreements are creating a barrier to change and 'hamper efficiency'.  Union shocked.

12/3/08  British Airways and Qantas in merger deal.  Already  pursuing a revenue-sharing deal with American Airlines and Spain’s Iberia SA,   exploring a dual-listed company structure with Qantas.

18 Nov 08, British Airways pilots feel like Guinea Pigs and threaten to strike. Government wants airport employees and pilots to get an ID card or be denied access to airport and planes.  

13 Nov.08 British Airways flights discontinued daily from Detroit to Heathrow.

10/30/08 British Airways' (BA) chief executive of "incompetence" over plans to axe its cabin crew base at Glasgow airport

10/21/08 British Airways (BA) is currently the worst national carrier in Europe for cancellations, it has been claimed. 

9/24/08 According to British Airways flights, at terminal five, check-in will take eight minutes and disembarking for flight connections will take 20 minutes. At the previous Terminal One and Terminal Four, the activities took hours.

9/19/08 British Airways was moving a large number of additional flights to Terminal 5 last night, as part of the gradual transfer of most of its operations to the £4.5bn showcase facility at Heathrow, its global

9/19/08 British Airways and Virgin have declined to drop their fuel surcharges, despite oil prices falling by more than a third

Monday, 18 August 2008
The much-touted British Airways, American Airlines alliance now is not expected to be operational till next year

Air rage attacks by binge Britons soar as assaults on cabin crews double

8/16/08 Millions of airline passengers could have their travel plans impacted by the chaos that would be caused by BA’s plan to lay off 1,400 senior staff on 31 December

8/15/08 Airways is facing a possible labour action after it began to charge cabin crew for drinking water

8/14/08  BA, Iberia and AA strike alliance

8/1/08 Airline to cut flights taking off from Aberdeen

8/1/08 British Airways posts huge loss and blames rising fuel prices. iht

July 30,08 BA-Iberia merger would create biggest airline in Europe.timesonline

07/16/2008 PRICED OUT BY OIL
Cheap Airlines Are Losing Altitude
By Dinah Deckstein, Spiegelonlineinternational

14 July 08 Crew of British Airways Flight 038 receive medals

5 July 08 Ireland Strike threatens to shut Derry airport.Forced to close on July 16 and 17 if workers walk out in a dispute over pay

5 July 08 British Airways and Virgin Atlantic passengers to claim millions

4 July 08 British Airways and Virgin Atlantic admitted colluding to fix the prices of fuel surcharges, supplementary fees added to tickets to compensate for rising fuel prices businesstimesonline.

2 July 08 BA buys up French rival carrier bbcnews

6/26/08  Rumours of severe cost-cutting at BA has caused concern among the airline’s 14,000 cabin crew and wild rumours have surfaced including the possible outsourcing of the entire inflight workforce to a third party

6/10/08  Silverjet is coming back

5/30/08  BA's Paris-New York service opens for business

5/30/08  Every cloud has a silver lining  timesonline

5/19/08  BA In court today, UK pilots union will face off in the High Court on Monday over a threatened strike action in a case that may have far-reaching consequences on industrial disputes throughout Europe.

5/10/08  Ferrivial the Spanish company that owns BA has had to pay out 4000 million pounds to the cash strapped airline.   With this the company hopes to motivate creditors over its huge 9 billion pound debt....Interest alone on this  bill last year was £964m.  That's it, it's going in the Shaky Airline Status. 

5/9/08  BA Announced yesterday that the delayed next phase of British Airways move to Terminal 5 at Heathrow would take place on 5 June.  Maybe this company should move to the Shaky Airline Status,

5/9/08  Boss Willie Walsh gets 700.000 pound bonus dailymail

5/7/08  Unbelievable Debacle at Heathrow Airport

4/16/08 Boss refuses to quit. 

4/15/08  Financially this airline took a huge hit.  Shares may plunge, higher costs due to T5, business travel dropped, pilots threaten strike.   New York-based securities firm downgraded the stock to ``underweight'' from ``equal-weight'' today and reduced its price target to 120 pence from 245 pence. That's a 51 percent cut and 44 percent below today's closing price of 215.5 pence. London-based British Airways opened the 4.3 billion-pound ($8.5 billion) Terminal 5 on March 27, sparking 12 days of canceled flights that may cost more than the 16 million pounds the carrier has estimated, Morgan said. Premium traffic fell 5 percent in March and the company is also contending with higher oil prices, new competition at Heathrow and a threatened pilot strike over plans to fly to the U.S. from Paris.  stock has dropped 30 percent this year, cutting the company's market value to 2.48 billion pounds. Larger rivals Air France KLM-Group and Deutsche Lufthansa AG have declined 24 percent and 6.3 percent respectively.   Net income will be about 155 million pounds in the year through next March, compared with a previous estimate of 403 million pounds.

4/14/08  April 30, another big day for the T5 operations, pilot unions are after the British Airways head telegraph

4/6/08  With the price of fuel and the 16 billion dollar loss incurred this week.  How are they going to recover?
4/6/08  43,000 employees foregoing an estimated £50m bonus pool.  British Airways is also negotiating a potentially explosive employment dispute with its pilots.  

3/31/08 BA working hard to tackle problems!   

3/29/08  BA apologizes inthenews

3/20/08  BA pilots talks break down

3/08/08 BA warns profits will be down next year due to move and  fuel bills 

2/15/08  Perhaps you are due for a refund BA was fined for price-fixing on fuel surcharges while Virgin also admitted breaching the law but escaped a fine.  Did you travel 11 August 2004 and 23 March 2006 will be eligible for a refund.per per

2/12/08  BA pilots' strike threatens Easter holiday flights.  If the pilots go on strike, it will be the first time they have taken action since 1980.  Vote February 20  per

*BA pilots threaten in Feb per

First class with British Airways set to benefit from the culinary skills of one of the UK's fastest-rising chefs. Gate Gourmet, the company responsible for preparing BA's first class menus, has enlisted the services of Steven Walpole to improve their in-flight offerings. As senior executive chef, he said he was looking forward to the challenges the job would provide: "designing appetizing and healthy meals in an industry that is not traditionally known for the quality of its food."
Walpole is not the first celebrity chef to add his culinary input to BA's menus, with the airline offering dishes created by the likes of Shaun Hill and Mark Edwards to club class passengers last year. 

Friday, November 2, 2007 BA to scrap one bag check-in 'hassle'
Air passengers received some welcome news today as British Airways revealed it is planning to lift restrictions on hand luggage and bring to an end its one bag limit.
The airline says the move will 'go a long way in relieving the hassle factor of the one bag limit' and hopes to have it in place by Christmas.
The announcement was welcomed by airline consumer group Air Transport Users Council. 
British Airways to launch new European carrier 1/09/08 by USA Today
Open Skies coming in June  per Reuters

They even made a profit!  11/3/07

Withdraw Aberdeen-Gatwick route

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British Airways cabin crew earn about £29,900 a year, compared with £20,200 at EasyJet and £14,400 at Virgin Atlantic. Air India in same crisis Heads up, when Lufthansa went on strike recently hotel rooms and rental cars became scarce across Europe, along with train tickets.  Book room at airport for just incase. You can always cancel it when you are at the airport.  Strike could start anytime after March, 18.  Flying to Madrid, we recommend another airline and not Iberia. Chances are high you will get caught in some sort of Spanish industrial action.
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