South African Airways, staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health. Will they strike or go bankrupt after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport?  Ultimately do they look reliable and still be in business in three months?
South African Transport and Allied Workers Union SATAWU

South Africa
South African Airlines

Mango airline strike October 2017

South African Airline Strike
6 October 2017 All parties strike a deal. This airline has financial problems, use another air carrier next trip. 

4 October, 2017 South African Transport and Allied Workers Union wanting 15% pay raise, airline offers 3%. Union goes back to members with the offer. We wait. If union decides on strike action, airline will be grounded.

Today Tuesday 3 October, 2017 Unions have given airline notice of strike action. More meetings to take place Wednesday morning. Issue over wages. It is possible strike action could effect your flight this week-end. Keep in close contact with SAA. Pay attention to the news, these characters love wildcat strikes. Book an airport hotel at beginning and end of trip. You just never know


South African Airline Strike Threat
Engineers, The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) long list of complaints against SAA, such as corruption, irregularities. South African Cabin Crew Association (Sacca) lodge complaint about crew members being victimized by management.
Pay attention to the news, these characters love wildcat strikes. Book an airport hotel at beginning and end of trip. You just never know.

5 June 2017 South African Airways flight attendants union The South African Cabin Crew Association (SACCA) in talks with management this week. 

17 May 2017 SAA cabin crews threaten strike action next week. So stay in touch

2 May 2017 Flight crew union denied ability by courts for any near future strike action. (They will be back..)

27 April, 2017 Strike is over workers back to work.

26 April, 2017 Miami Herald has an article posted for you. Here's what SAA say
​So far this morning 32 flights cancelled.

24 April, 2017 South African Airlines flight attendants threaten strike action over meal allowance

Last years strike actions 2016
29 December 2016 SAA has a notice up today about flights to Accra flysaa Huge snow storm in US causing flight delays today.

August 29, 2016 Broke South African airline looking for 
R-16 billion in loans.

June 20, 2016 You might need to know French air traffic control strikes, Italian air traffic control strikes, Spanish air traffic control strikes are planned. You know you are going to get caught up in some shenanigans

3 August 2015 Several air strikes going on this week. Australian customs and immigration severe delays expected. London Tube strike, Easyjet votes due in... see all disruptions at

18 June 2015 Great news for SAA. airline rakes in three awards flysaa
Moneyclub has different view

12 May 2015 CEO Monwabisi Kalawe
resigns for six months pay and paid holiday pay. He was suspended 6 months ago.

15 March 2015 Strikes in the news you should know about.
French national strike is being planned for 9 April 2015.
Belgium general strike is being planned 22 April 2015.
and more important:-
SA is facing budget cuts, workers left up in the air regarding just whose to get the heave ho. Expect strike action. Have a plan B.
Last years 2014 strikes
September Italian air traffic control strike, you will be delayed cancelled or moved up.

20 October 2014 We have some air strikes you might want to know about that may effect your travel plans with SAA.

EasyJet Strike Lufthansa pilot strikes, and Tap Airlines
Italian air strikes and general strikes in Belgium and Morocco see ETR
German Railway strike issues still not resolved

Old industrial actions for 2014

September 6, 2014 Are you flying to France or Italy?
Rome Fiumicino Airport Strike
Air France pilots strikes

Tuesday, September 11, 2013 Strike is over, workers back to work. (no resolution was found by union)

Thursday September 8, 2013 Workers urged to telecommute, 2 workers arrested blocking entrance to airport

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 Strike still not over. Parties still have to get together for talks.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 Some of the engineers have made a deal with management. SAA state flights will continue as normal. Only two flights from OR Tambo have been delayed 7 and 15 minutes. Unions say 20 flights have been delayed. Workers have been picketing at the airport all week and occasionally police have had to intervene.

An added note if your are taking SAA to Argentina, Buenos Aires, chances are the Argentinian airport will be closed tomorrow. Call them.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 British Airways will fly in own engineers if needed. Union changes demand from 12% pay to 6.5%.Mango Airline not expecting delays. SAA has a contingency plan in place.

Sunday, August 25, 2013 SAA back in the news today. South African Airways strike by 1,300 technical staff ie:-aircraft repairs, inspection and re-fuellers across the country. Starting at 6am Monday, tomorrow. 
Strike will have some effect, perhaps not tomorrow but the following. Stay in contact with them. Bring a book, make a reservation at the airport hotel, cancel later, if unnecessary. Workers have been banned country wide to not demonstrate in the airport. (Don't put it pass them to block airport roads).

August 3, 2013 Strike involving cabin crew and ground crews has been called off for now. Talks will continue.

July 27, 2013 Papers state more employees are joining strike. Nothing about delays or cancellations. You might encounter a go slow perhaps.

July 25, 2012 As of today, this strike seems to have faided away. We will continue to monitor the situation. If you know different email us. 

We did find a new airline soon to come about that will offer flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg for 25% less Skywise

July 18, 2013 Talks did not go well with cabin crew and ground staff - baggage handlers. Some 4,000 Transport and Allied Workers Union members involved. Evidently only 34 members are currently on strike. No momentum - yet.
Gauteng Johannesburg OR Tambo departures Let's go to FlightStats  (refresh)
Western Cape Town Airport departures Flightstats

Strike is to take place today. Management will have a contingency plan in place. Picketing taking place in Gauteng and Western Cape airports.

July 11, 2013 Management put up a new offer late last night. From 3% to 6.23%. Offer now in union members hands. Strike has been suspended for one week.
July 10, 2013 South African Airways unions threaten to go on strike tomorrow. Cabin crews and baggage handlers. Flights likely to be grounded unless deal is made. Late last night management upped offer. We will be up dating.
February 12 CEO Suspended due to financial questions, his integrity, managerial skills and all noble aspects expected from a CEO!
January 22, Another 500 technical staff are now joining in the industrial action. This may make the issue noticeable to passengers. Technical staff are aircraft engineers.
January 19 Contingency plan worked, strike unaffected, not even noticeable.
January, 17, 2013 SAA strike and railway to strike tomorrow Bloomberg  Some 1,400 workers from new union, National Transport Movement (NTM) will strike tonight at midnight. Union wants strike to spread to other airports. SAA will have a contingency plan in place. This union called a strike last week, illegally. Only lasted a few hours with no effect.
January 2013 Airline receives $68 million bail out to pay fuel bills. 
Airline voted best airline in Africa.

Last year
CEO resigns, airline lost $156 million 2011 - 2012
4 February 2012 South African Airways illegal ground handlers strike today,  just OR Tambo Int. Airport

11/27/09  SAA uses a labour broker Quest Staffing Solutions who went on strike today.  Booking calls will be re-routed to London and Fort Lauderdale.  Extra staff will come in to Voyager call centre.

12 March, 09 Union signed an agreement, strike over, airline should run as normal on Monday.

5 March, 09 Strikers intimidating workers, throwing paint on cars, acid and rocks.

The woman reported that strikers were intimidating workers who chose to report for duty, and were throwing paint, acid and stones at passing cars. There were also reports of a sticky liquid being poured onto windscreens. 

2 March 09 South African Airways say's "expect no delays this week, despite strike"

2/25/09 Airline announced this week that it is severely in debt.  Surviving solely on borrowing.

2/24/09 Protestors singing in rain today.  Flight cancellations not just disruptions.

2/23/09 Questions are coming as to whether this strike is legal?

2/21/09  Union strike has not affected SAA every day operations. Hundreds of South African Airline employees went on strike today regarding jobs and payment disputes.

2/20/09 Khaya Ngqula SAA boss put on special leave while probe looks into conflicts of interests, such as. Going on vacation during last strike, using a helicopter between meetings at great expense that were in driving distance. His total salary was up 17.6 percent to  R5,88m from last years R5m, same year as the airline posted loss of R1,09bn.  Plus shady dealings with his wife's friends..

After last week cocaine bust all luggage belonging to crew members will be physically searched, as will incoming and outgoing aircraft.

15 crew members made bail (after all, they are not a flight risk!) in London Heathrow after 2.5kg  found in a crew members luggage.  Second drug bust in a month.

11/30/08  Mid-morning we have experienced no operational delays due to the strike and the airline's flight schedule continues as normal,

11/29/08  1000, employees expected to strike this Monday, 1 December, 

11/29/08  SAA, strike could begin Saturday.  In the event of industrial action, SAA has a full contingency plan in place.   See website. (Very well done, do you know how rare it is for an airline to post rumblings of industrial action)

11/26/08  Transport and Allied Workers’ Union has received permission to strike from the Commission for Conciliation,  Mediation and Arbitration.  If no agreement is reached this week end, expect strike this Wednesday. 3 December.

11/4/08  ABOUT 250 South African Airways employees working in the airline’s call centre were informed on Thursday and Friday that they would cease to be in SAA’s employ from December 1. Workers disbursed into consortium Outsourcing the general reservations call centre, decision made last year. 

August 13, 2008: South African Airways has beaten Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airways, Egypt Air and Virgin Nigeria to retain its position as the best airline in Africa.

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