​               Heathrow Express Strike

Why take the Underground when it will take on average 51 mins and a taxi 42 mins when you can take Heathrow Express for 15 mins!
 London Heathrow Express Strike 2017
​Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport will be effected by the London Underground strike action. Hammersmith, Piccadilly line and Victoria Line. 

Piccadilly Line between Hammersmith and Heathrow terminals 1, 2 and 3 will be running. Get to Heathrow Central Bus Station - Bus service between Heathrow Terminals 4 and 5. National rail service from Paddington will be working this info comes from see TfL

Heathrow Express today Sunday January 8, 2017 - Signal failure according to Twitter feed “Due to a signal failure 11:55 service from Paddington and 12:33 service from T5 are canceled”

This is not all you have to deal with this week January 8, 2017 www.easytravelreport.com

Last year strikes
March and April 2016 Piccadilly Line London Underground strike, book your ticket on Heathrow Express.

Old strikes from 2014
Paddington to Heathrow Airport

14 June 2014 Heathrow Express will be closed Saturday, August 23, 2014 due to engineering works see Heathrow Express

Update:- Heathrow Airport Express on strike today. Company has an amended schedule.

Update:-May 23, 2014 Strike in effect, all's going well, reservist in place.

Confirm your travel plans to and from Heathrow Airport.
24 hour strike starting 3am this Friday. 
RMT union workers will strike again for 24 hours this time starting Bank Holiday Monday 3am to 3am Tuesday morning.
Heathrow Express will have a well run contingency plan in place. Trains may run every half hour during strike hours. 
Union workers who have the power to pull the plug on London Underground threaten strike action this holiday week-end for three days. See RMT Starts 3am Saturday till 8am Tuesday morning the 27th. TFL will have a plan. They say you won't even notice. More meetings to take place Wednesday May 21. Update talks fail, strike still on.
Add to this it's going to rain Saturday and Sunday. Why strike on a rainy week-end?

Old industrial actions
Strike dates are in:-48 hour strike starting 3am on Tuesday, 29 April 2014. Bad news, same day as London Underground strike. Heathrow Express will have a contingency plan in place.

We suggest if you leaving from Heathrow for vacation stay at a hotel at Heathrow airport the night before. Inconvenient yes but you will be on time for your flight. 

Previous strikes, Heathrow Express has posted an emended schedule.

London Underground strike dates:-
9 PM Monday, April 28th for two days. (Attention:-29th Heathrow Express strike)
9 PM Monday, May 5th for three days.

Confirm travel plans London's Heathrow airport. A well run contingency plan will be in place. Be prepared to be shuffled by replacement buses. Long traffic jams, taxi shortages and frustrated commuters piling on to other forms of public transportation. 

Had enough of all this nonsense? Book a ticket on:-

14 April 2014 Heathrow Express facing cut backs. RMT union workers threaten strike action. No date set, yet.

Old industrial actions 2012
31 July 2012 Heathrow Express workers being balloted for strike action again.
Update:-12 June 2012 RMT union secures bonuses for workers during Olympics.

12 June Heathrow Express threaten to strike over Olympics, unless they get paid a bonus. 
22 March 2012 Nice union and managment announce deal has been made. Strikes over with.
Keep an eye on this if traveling over Easter. Be prepared.
Heathrow Express strike action dates are in. 
Heathrow Express has amended service
Heathrow Express Strike
Saturday 24 March 3AM-Noon
Sunday 25 March 11AM- 11PM

old stuff
24 hour strike action
12:15 Sunday 26th February 2012 to
12:14 hours on Monday 27th February.

48 Hour strike action
03:00 on Saturday 3rd March 2012 to
02:59 on Monday 5th March.

24 Hour strike action
12:15 on Sunday 11th March 2012 to
12:14 on Monday 12th March 2012.
7 February 2012 Strike votes have been tallied. Union to strike, no date set. You on the other hand will have a plan B in place. As this industrial action is over a single employee we hope that the issue will be resolved before this happens, fingers crossed!  We will be updating.
18 January 2012 RMT Union members will be balloted for industrial action.
So last year.
United Kingdom has a general strike on Wednesday, 30 November 2011.  So far touch wood no trains are to strike. We are constantly looking for any industrial action. Will update this page if anything happens with Heathrow Express. Good luck remember to save all your receipts as your airline may not cancel till your at the airport. Make a hotel reservation at the airport if you think you may need it, cancel later on. Wednesday's weather wet and windy.
Heathrow Express adding services.

What Heathrow Airport has to say:-We are very concerned by the impact that the proposed UK Border Agency immigration officer strike action on 30 November will have on arriving passengers at Heathrow. We are discussing contingency plans with the UK Border Agency and airlines, about how we can minimise the impact on our passengers. We recommend that you keep in touch with your airline to check the status of your flight or onward connection and for any advice about travel on that day. We will publish further passenger information on the website when it is available.

22 June 2011 London Heathrow Express strike cancelled. Union RMT and management have come up with a deal. Members will have to approve the deal with a vote later on.
16 June 2011 Back again with new strike dates. This time it is coincides with a tube strike.  
Heathrow Express strike
Update:-16 June Today union announced new strike dates. 
Sunday 26 June 24 hours starting 9:15 am all through to Monday morning rush hour. 
In addition no overtime will take place and members will not take on any additional hours. From 09:15 on 25th June 2011 and 09:14 26th June 2011. Also 09:15 on 27th June 2011 and 09:14 on 28th June 2011. What does this mean you ask?

London Tube strike dates:-
Sunday 19 June 2011, 9 pm to 3 am Monday 20 June 2011.
Monday, 27 June, 9 pm to noon Tuesday, 28 June.
Wednesday 29 June, Noon to Thursday 30 June 2011.
Friday 1 July, Noon to 9 pm 

We suggest if you leaving from Heathrow for vacation stay at a hotel at Heathrow airport the night before. Inconvenient yes but you will be on time for your flight. 
We hope that Heathrow Express will post an amended schedule like they did the last time.
26 May 2011 Strike will effect Champion League final bbc  
25 May RMT union members based at Heathrow Airport and Eastbourne Terrace (Paddington Station) will strike for 48 hours from 03:40 hours next Friday, May 27.
Another 24 hours on Friday June 24.
Further action will also be scheduled in July.

Managers will the drive trains. Heathrow Express attempting  to persuade other train operators to “lend” them drivers - regardless of the specific training requirements for their trains and route - and have also tried to get First Great Western staff to assist with their dispatch operations in a desperate PR bid to keep some services running.

Important, service from 8am-8pm every half hour. Before and after those hours check operation Heathrow Express amended schedule.
London Underground 

It never ceases to amaze us that of the 243 votes cast, 231 of them said "yes" to industrial action. A measly 231 workers can cause such travel devastation to thousands of travellers. Forcing us to take buses, slow us down, pay extra for perhaps unexpected hotel expenses and parking.
We will take your gripes and info Contact@easytravelreport.com
12 May 2011 Heathrow Express strike, union workers have voted to strike. No date set yet. We will be following along here. BA and London Underground have made deals this week, perhaps Heathrow Express isn't to far behind.

Old stuff. 
These companies just let these disagreements fester and then we all have to pay.
29, March, 2010 Heathrow Express details still not final for National Train Strike! Starts Tuesday- Friday, 6, 7, 8 and 9 April, 6am-10am & in the evening 6-10pm.  Will keep you updated.
Do check our front page
National Rail enquiries

Older stuff
Train to London, Heathrow Airport, Heathrow Express Train, threaten strike over unfair dismissal. Rail Maritime and Transport union (RMT) is balloting its members for strike action.  Balloting results due 7 July, 09.  If strike happens expect one day strike, perhaps more, will shut down route to Heathrow Airport

Battle of the Unions.
11 June, 09 Interesting article by David Millward who writes for the Telegraph.
The spat behind the London tube strike telegraph.co.uk

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Heathrow Express Airport Strike