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Air India strike
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Flies 23,000 passengers around the globe daily.
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​               Air India Strikes

Update:-Sunday 13 September 2015 ICPA pilot union counted the votes and have overwhelmingly voted for strike action. No strike date set - yet

​21 August 2015 Air India pilot's on a go slow, hundreds stranded Hindustan Times

22 February 2015 Only 52% of Air India flights arrive on time. Severe shortage of pilots and flight attendants.

18 March 2014 Flights to Paris, Charles de Gaulle will be delayed or even cancelled today due to French air traffic control strike. Tomorrow French baggage handlers strike nationwide in France. 
Both issues are likely to drag on all summer.

Old strikes for 2014
18 January 2014 Be aware if traveling to Europe end of January with Air India. European air traffic control strike. Chances are your flight will be delayed, brought forward or even cancelled.
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6, January 2014 Pilots cancel strike threat. Perhaps it has to do with two new airlines in the works AirAsia and Tata-SIA.
January 3, 2014 Air India pilots threaten strike action.
January 1, 2014 Etihad Airlines offers Indian airline pilots double the pay.

November 12, 2013 Air India cabin crew threaten strike action Times of India

Old industrial actions
January, 21, 2013 Pilots annoyed and threatening strike action. Not being paid again.
We will be watching to see if issue escalates. As we've said before, plenty of other airlines around where you won't have this aggravation.
Other years of Industrial Actions
8 September 2012 September strike has been over for a while now. In the mean time SpiceJet has become the number one airline to take. Lufthansa airlines has been on strike this week and may be effecting your flight if you are flying to Germany.

21 May 2012 Air India strike still going on, meetings to take place today. Other competing airlines have put up air fares. Fruit export hit dnaindia.com

8 May 2012 Tuesday Several flights cancelled today and pilots fired. Looks like being a long drawn out strike 

Remember those aerobridges not working last month? Man arrested for taking out bridge fuses Deccan Herald
April 2012 Air India gets a bail out.

Air India Strike
Air India Strike
15 January Air India strike over.
14 January Passengers showing up at IGI not knowing if flight will depart right up to just before boarding. Stuck in Delhi with no connecting flight.
Times of India

13 January 2012 Air India pilots to strike Saturday
Times of India

12 January 2012 Air India bank accounts have been frozen.

11 January 2012 Flight crews back to work 
Some Air India flight attendants are on strike already hindustantimes.com

Air India some 8,000 workers threaten strike, Saturday, 14 January 2012 due to not being paid for TWO MONTHS!
Air India pilots want to settle issues from last strike. Will strike November 30th  2011 if management hasn't talked to them by then. Air India still hasn't paid it's fuel bills.
1 November 2011, Again Air India pilots are owed money. Pilots being balloted for strike action. 
Back again. 29 October Air India pilots will serve strike notice Monday or Tuesday.

19 June 2011 Air India employees have not been paid for May.

15 June 2011 This time it's Air India and Indian airlines threatening a joint strike.

2 June 2011 Air India lacks money for aircraft fuel, cancels 60 flights today.

27 May 2011 Air India back in the news today. Fuel companies refusing fuel till Air India pays bills.
Air India losses of 34.5 billion rupees ($771 million) in the first half of the last fiscal year on top of a loss of 55.5 billion rupees ($1.23 billion) during the previous 12 months, according to government figures.

15 May Air India flights now normal. Investigation now into other airlines price hikes during strike.

6 May 2011 Air India strike over bloomberg.com

5 May 2011 No talks will take place till pilots go back to work.

2 May 2011 No bookings to be made, airline curtailed till May 6. Airlines asked not to hike prices economictimes.indiatimes.com

29 April 2011 Day 4, Air India pilots strike still on, renting planes from Kingfisher. All domestic flights grounded.

28 April Day 2 of Air India strike, contingency plan in place. 

27 April Air India fires 6 pilots intoday.in
27 April Spicejet, Kingfisher all raking in the money 

26 April, Air India pilots strike tonight, indefinitely talks fail. Call your travel agent or Air India.

16 March Judge deems Air India strike illegal. Flights will go on as usual today.They will be back, check out another airline.

15 March Little progress has been made. Expect it to go ahead tomorrow.

14 March Air India will strike Wednesday, 16 March.

8 March Air India strike postponed till Tuesday, March 15. In talks. Loosing $4.7m daily and bookings have dropped off just by the threat of industrial action.

7 March Parties met today, with nothing resolved.

Air India pilots threaten indefinite strike Wednesday, March 9

10 Feb Air India pilots strike threat cancelled. As long as they get paid owed salaries this week.

8 Feb Air India strike threat for this Thursday, 10 February, 5pm unless Air India pays up owed salaries 

India poised to ban BlackBerrys: Skype, Google could be next zdnet.com  
17 Nov. IGI Terminal 3, allow for extra time once at airport. Airlines recommending arriving 2 hours before departure times Times of india
Flying in out of India? Don't get caught. In view of ATC Regulations, check in counters will close 40 minutes prior departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes prior departure for International flights at all Indian airports. Kingfisher, Air India all airlines to abide by new rules.

3 Nov. 2010 New general manager not popular with workers, grumblings that airline still being miss managed!

3/18/10 Air India Cabin Crew Association (Aicca) warned the airline authorities on Wednesday that they will go on strike this month.

6 Dec. 09 Management proposes a 10 per cent reduction in the salaries of 150 expat pilots.

11/29/09 Update, Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) Pilots say:-
"We had a successful meeting with the management following which we have withdrawn our strike call notice with immediate effect," ICPA General Secretary, R S Otaal, told PTI tonight. Issue to be settled in the next two months.  What do you think? Don't get complacent.  

11/29/09Air India pilots, sounds like a go slow. Tomorrow is the meeting. In the mean time.
 Air India pilots have also decided not to follow CAT-III-B procedures while landing and taking off in foggy conditions.
 "Do not accept any flights if you are not fully rested (12 hours rest before the flight is good benchmark)."
 "Do not get emotional regarding sequence in startup/ fighting for level. It unnecessarily increases our blood pressure.
" Pilots always request the air traffic control (ATC) for start up or early take-off.  etc. etc.

11/24/09 Air India pilots deferred strike by six days, now Monday, 30, November, 09 when new meetings will take place.

11/15/09 Tensions building between airline and unions.  President Capt Shailendra Singh was quoted as saying , "It seems you are not satisfied with this and have planned for another strike. Please note that the airline is a national property and anybody working against the interest is called a traitor."

He said such motives "will not be tolerated and allowed to succeed." 

9, November, 09 Air India, wait till November 24 to decide their next move.

2, November, 09  New strike threat by Air India, evening 5pm, of November 24. Indian Commercial Pilots Association have sent official grievance letter to Air India management, with official 14 day notice of strike.

10/29/09  Air India announced today that it would pay the pending allowances to its pilots by November 10. Management has started talking to banks for more loans to cover pay, salaries, flying allowance and productivity linked incentive ( PLI)

10/28/09 The Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) will not accept any pay cut. November 1 is the deadline for the payment of two months' dues, failing which the pilots have threatened to 'take action'. Indian Airlines will join in total of 800 pilots under Indian Commercial Pilot Association. Union claims Air India paid only 20 per cent of their August salary and that the whole of September and October's payments were pending!

16, October, 09 The Indian government has agreed to help ailing national carrier, Air India, flying with an injection of more than £689m ($1.1bn).

As if they don't have enough to worry about, now the cabin crew are in a brawl Dailymail.com

Update:- Air India pilot strike is over after 200 called in sick over five days, 400 flights cancelled.  Bookings back on.

30/9/09 Day 5. Now bad weather has delayed flights. Abandoned passengers at Port Blair, first ship will leave Thursday, taking three days to get home. Availability of 304 vacant berths, including 206 bunks, 67 second class, 12 first class and 19 deluxe. AI officials refused hotel accommodation and paid just Rs 500 per head as compensation.

Whoever is in charge of this airline, needs to be fired, paying customers just abandoned.  Flights affected to New York, London, Chicago and Singapore as well as many domestic routes. What other business can get away with this? No update since Sunday. Railway booths at airport terminals helping stranded passengers. Special trains from Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore for those stranded.

Tuesday, 29, September, 2009 Air India (AI) is likely to suspend its operations, both domestic and international, from midnight Monday till October 15. Parties met yesterday with no agreement made. Air India not taking new bookings. 80 flights cancelled today. Gulf Air, Oman Air, Jet Airways, Jetlite and Indigo picking up the slack other passengers getting a refund. Air India Express running as normal, not taking part in the industrial action. Karipur, Calicut International Airport passengers turned violent after waiting for hours and smashed up the Air India counters after flights were cancelled. Passengers going to Muscat and Sharjah were trapped at the airport from Sunday. This also led to an intervention by security.  The shipping ministry has two special ships to/from Port Blair, for 700 stranded passengers.

Shipping ministry has announced two special ships to and from Port Blair, where nearly 700 passengers from the east are stranded. MV Harshavardhan will start from Port Blair on Thursday while another ship will leave for the Union Territory from the city on Wednesday, according to the Union minister of state for shipping, Mukul Roy.

28, September, 2009 Monday.  Management restored executive pilots PLI's today and say service will be back to normal today.  Captain VK Bhalla executive pilot said strike will continue until pilots paid their three months in arrears is paid.

27, September, 2009 Sunday, 33 flights (6 of those international) cancelled.  You'd better call them.  Air India management have set up a committee to manage the concerns over cut in Productivity-Linked Incentives (PLIs). Staff not forth coming with answers. 

Strike or mass sick out?  What will it be?

26 September, 2009 Executive pilots on strike, two international flights and one domestic flight of Air India were cancelled.  By the end of the day it turned out to be 8 cancelled in all.

(Raja Sansi International Airport, flight 187, to Toronto via London rat caused an 11-hour delay on Saturday after passengers saw a furry rat on board. Passengers had to wait for a change of plane to be flown in from Mumbai.)

25, September, 2009 Air India management will cut productivity-linked incentives (PLI) for it's 4,000 pilots. 70 percent salary cut to all the senior executive pilots, 50 per cent of this evident and 20 per cent is a hidden agenda.

The cut will be 25 percent for those getting incentives of Rs.10,000 per month or less, and 50 percent for those receiving PLI or flying related allowances of Rs.200,000 or more per month.

The cut for those receiving incentives of Rs.10,001-25,000, Rs.25,001-50,000 and Rs.50,001-200,000 will be 35, 40 and 45 percent respectively.
management will also ensure that flight schedules are maintained and passengers are not inconvenienced. 

What do pilots say?
Air India non-unionised executive pilots (400 mostly x Indian Airlines ) so far only threaten strike as soon as this Saturday. They want to recruit the other 800 unionized pilots.
“illegal, Talibani order” Captain V K Bhalla, chief of Air India Employees Association and executive pilot. Indian Commercial Pilots Association or ICPA. have written to the chief labour commissioner and the Indian Pilots’ Guild officials said that they are also will undertake  labour action. 
India airlines management has called back pilots from vacation and threaten to come down hard on any striking pilots.  Meeting with management on Wednesday. 

Monthly basic pay of a commander and a captain is Rs 35,092 and Rs 30,438 while their PLIs are Rs 448,175 and Rs 303,995, respectively. PLI accounts for nearly Rs 1,400 crore of AI's annual wage bill of Rs 3,100 crore for its 31,000 employees

5, September, 2009 Panel Recommends $1Billion Assistance to Air India! In order to convince the government to provide the assistance, Air India had formed a turnaround plan that included measures to cut costs and optimize revenue. Similar to British Airways British Airways Plan

25 August, 2009 Air India , 20,000 employees  very unhappy over 50 percent cuts in productivity linked incentives.  Some employees on a three day hunger strike. Employees will be paid August salary on time.

Friday. 3 July, 2009 India airlines,Strike was held, followed by threats from both sides.  Tomorrow union will hold demonstrations at all airports. AI saying"action will be taken against striking employees".70% of the employees had participated in the two hour strike today and rallied all over India. 

2 July, 2009 Looks like a two-hour strike between 1300 hrs  and 1500 hrs on Friday 3 July, 2009. Call airport and airline, chaos world wide.

2 July, 2009 Air India backtracked on its commitment to the employees. Air Corp Employees' Union (ACEU) the largest union in the company with over 23,000 members from the 31,000 employees with the carrier - said the carrier's staff would go on strike from Friday.

6/29/2009 Air India strike for 1, July, has been called off.  Airline agreed to pay workers.

6/25/2009  Chairman, Arvind Jadhav meeting with all unions.  Workers will have a "Sit in' at all Air India offices around India tomorrow.

6/22/2009 'Air India playing foul' mid-day.com

6/21/2009 The government has promised to do "everything" that is possible to save the country's flag carrier Air India.  Meetings again on Wednesday, no details made available, both sides silent.

6/20/2009 Saturday, today Air India asked, begged, appealed to all staff to "rise up to the challenge" and help the airline in its "fight for survival". Similar strategy that British Airways is using. which worked and hopefully has halted the treat of strike over British holiday makers this summer.
The company has already requested the government to infuse funds by way of equity and soft loans and is hopeful that it would come soon.

6/19/2009 India airlines, Air India on Friday asked its top managers to forgo one month's salary as part of efforts to survive a cash crunch. Air Corporation Employees Union (ACEU), Aviation Industry Employee's Guild (AIEG) and Indian Aircraft Technicians Association will jointly boycott their work on June 30

State-run Air India will raise fuel surcharge on tickets from June 19, by 400 rupees.

6/16/2009 Indefinite strike from July 1, 2009 if the Air India management refuses to pay salaries on time.  National Aviation Co of India Ltd (NACIL), which owns Air India, told workers it will pay June salaries of its around 31,000 employees two weeks into July due to a cash crunch. 

2 June 2009 Air India today terminated the services of 21 contractual security and commercial workers who abstained from duty demanding better pay package and medical benefits.

5/30/2009 Indira Gandhi International Airport.subsidiary Indian Airlines Air Transport Services Ltd company responsible for the security of at least 60 international airlines, have threatened to go on strike from June 1.  Strike is likely to affect air services responsible for X-ray and baggage clearing facilities. Will bring international flights to a complete standstill at Delhi and other international airports across the country. International terminal strike June 1, Domestic terminal June 2.

4/28/2009 Baggage handlers strike see IGIA

6 Jan 2009 Air India fires 9 overweight crew members. In 2006, it warned its nearly 1,600 cabin crew workers to shape up in two months or risk being assigned to ground duties— jobs The airline said that fitness and efficiency were the reasons for its weight standards, which it said were based on "scientific" combinations of height, age and gender. It did not give further details about how such standards were determined.

Strike at Air India, never happened!
Your Air India flight, luggage handlers, messing with you!

12/30/2008 Urgent notice.  Big one! Air India indefinite strike by ground handlers, starting midnight 12/31, New Years day.  Will effect all international travel to from India.  Gulf Air, British Airways and Saudi Arabian Airlines regarding out sourcing of ground handling. Effects thousands of employees at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai International Airport.  Hearing is adjourned till February 2, 2009.  Will keep our viewers informed. Mass walk out expected Jan 9, 09

12/11/2008 India Gives Info Tying Mumbai Gunmen to Pakistan. 

12/4/2008 India on alert over warning of terrorist attack in the air, airports were put on high alert.  Wait time at airports expected, go early.

12/4/2008  Air India reduces fuel surcharge thereby reducing the tickets for domestic services by Rs 400. The Pune to Delhi lowest fare will now be Rs 4,675 instead of Rs 5,075 if the ticket is booked 14 days before the journey.  Applicable on tickets booked on or after December 2, not applicable for on or before December 1 for the journey after December 2.   X class ticket will be Rs 6,225 and the executive class ticket will be Rs 2

12/2/2008  Additional Baggage Allowance India-London/Paris/Frankfurt
Tickets issued between 16 Nov 08 and 31 Dec 08 (both dates included) for outbound travel up to 31 Dec 08 are entitled to free baggage allowance of 28 kgs instead of 20 kgs. Economy class passengers traveling from India to London, Paris, Frankfurt can now avail of 28 kgs as free baggage allowance for outbound and return travel. To avail of this offer, tickets should be issued between 16 Nov 08 and 31 Dec 2008 and outbound travel should be before 31 Dec 2008.

11/1/2008  two-hour walk-out on November 7 from out 8 am to 10 am 
in protest against a range of issues including non-payment of wage arrears and alleged mismanagement in airline and14,000 employees of erstwhile Indian, including pilots, engineers, technicians, ground staff etc will be going on a day long mass casual leave on November 14. 

10/27/2008 Air India offers more benefits for frequent fliers.

10/16/2008 Indian’s pilots have gone on strike protesting pay disparity between Air India and Indian employees..

8/19/2008  Free Airport Transfer For Economy Passengers.  Economy class passengers traveling on Air India operated flights from New York ( JFK and Newark) and Chicago to India between 15 Aug and 31 Oct 2008, will be accorded free transport between residence and airport within a 50 miles radius. This free transport will only be available in USA. This offer is applicable when four adult fare paying passengers travel together on the same routing with their reservations made in the same record locator. Request for the transport to be advised to Air India reservations identifying one residence pick up location and a drop off on the return travel in USA.

8/6/2008  USD 100 Loyalty Discount
All adult fare paying passengers traveling from USA to India ( transatlantic ) between 15 Aug and 30 Nov 2008, will receive a mail in rebate of USD 100 for future travel on Air India from USA to India. Particulars of the mail in requirements will be distributed to passengers at the check in counters on departure from New York ( JFK and Newark ) and Chicago airports. Upon receipt of the documents the passengers will receive from Air India an MCO of USD 100 which can be used towards the purchase of travel from USA to India. An MCO is non transferable and non refundable and is to be redeemed within 12 months from the date of issue. Travel for the same is restricted to Air India and Indian operated flights only.

8/1/2008  Indian air, companies on our pages Jet Airway strikes and Kingfisher Airline strikes have both announced a hike in their ticket prices.  Give with one hand and taketh with the other.  Possible 10% increase.

Air India's integration into Star Alliance may take longer than expected.

07/16/2008 PRICED OUT BY OIL
Cheap Airlines Are Losing Altitude
By Dinah Deckstein, Spiegelonlineinternational

6/6/2008, Ouch over weight airline workers grounded at air India usatoday

5 May 2008  This week India Air, the national carrier, was forced to scrap a route to London for want of a trained aircrew.  (Or were they saving fuel?)  Lack of Boeing 777 commanders ,who need to accrue flying hours over three to four years before they are qualified. Flights between Delhi, Bombay, Chicago and New York will also be affected. They have called in ex-pats and retrained staff.  

Interesting dispute going on:-
4/13/2008 An argument between a Dubai-based tycoon and a pilot has escalated into all-out war. Pilots of India's flagship carrier, Air India, are now threatening to go on strike unless they receive an apology from PV Abdul Wahab, who is also a Kerala MP.Their threat comes after Wahab wanted to move a privilege motion in parliament against the pilot, Captain Rajat Rana, who forced the MP off his plane.
The Indian Commercial Pilots' Association said it would support the strike action. And President Vikram Yadav said the association would fully cooperate with the pilot.  The incident took place at Kozhikode airport in southern India last week.  by7days

4/09/2008 Indian air pilot  ordered him off his plane on Monday..... Then I told him he's just a glorified driver. That offended him. He said I'm not flying with him. I said OK. I walked down voluntarily because I didn't want a pilot strike in India," Wahab explained.  (Wow this sounds like my teenagers) ibnlive  

3/17/2008 "Mumbai, Our flights are getting delayed owing to congestion in the terminals," said a spokesperson for Air, India, adding that they were having to bear the brunt of passenger ire because of lack of proper infrastructure at the airport. per gulfnews

11/07/2007 Refund Air India IMMEDIATELY

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Air India strike, Strike Air India, layoffs, go-slows, flight disruptions, cabin crew and pilots discontent, we've got it all. A review, travel guide of sorts..
You invest a lot of money in these long haul routes. Ask yourself should I book with this airline?  State owned, run by National Aviation Company, Ltd (Nacil), 32,000 employees. Looking to the Indian government for a bail out. 
Air India lost $800 million last fiscal year, will cut costs by 13 billion rupees ($271 million) in the next six months, including 4 billion rupees ($8.3 million) in manpower costs.

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