5 November 2012  Not so fast, no license to be issued earliest 31 December 2012

25 October Kingfisher up and running today. Virgin Atlantic starting NY Heathrow to Mumbai

20 October Kingfisher license suspended, airline grounded.

12 October 2012 Arrest warrant out for grounded Kingfisher Airline boss!

5 October 2012 GROUNDED
8 August Flights cancelled today as pilots and engineers didn't show up for work.

10 July KFA pilots still striking. Do yourself a favour and change airlines. SpiceJet perhaps.
1 July 2012 Kingfisher airline has not paid February salaries consequently 200 pilots went on strike today. Pilots will meet with management today. Call them.  

2 July 2012 Pilots are on strike and SREI Infra Financial buy out Kingfishers debts 72 million dollars worth.

 May Employess, pilots, engineers still have not been paid. Strike threat again by workers. May 7 looking at a likely date.

21 April 2012 Some employees went on a wildcat strike today. They want their money and they need it now. Strike came and gone, causing some flight delays.

10 April 2012 Kingfisher ends international travel. 1.3 billion dollars in debt. 
9 April 2012 This airline is still alive and kicking this week. Amazingly paid some employees back salaries and it's IT department. (Still, I wouldn't buy a ticket on a long haul with them, plenty of other birds in the sky)

11 March 2012 Management begging pilots to go back to work

February 2012 Kingfisher has bank accounts frozen.

8 December 2011 Kingfisher pilots not being paid
10/31/09 Last quarter, Air India lost $1.1 billion on revenue of $3 billion, 37 percent of revenue, Kingfisher Airlines lost about $350 million on revenue of $1.1 billion, or about 30 percent; Jet Airways lost $209 million on revenue of $2.8 billion, or 7 percent.

9/21/09 Kingfisher in severe financial crisis. Kingfisher lays off 58 maintenance engineers, 
The engineers however have been given three months salary in advance. 

4/29/08 A cheque issued by Kingfisher Airlines to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) for an amount of Rs 77 crore has bounced, highlighting
the continuing financial woes of India's top airline in a sector reeling under heavy losses

1 March 09, Kingfisher looking to raise 400 million from investors.  Indian state run oil companies lowered jet fuel by 7 percent.

11/3/08 Union Minister and RJD MP Akhilesh Prasad Singh on Tuesday said he has been "framed" in the incident at Patna airport where he allegedly beat up the station manager of Kingfisher Airlines after he was not allowed to board the Patna-Kolkata flight as he reported late

10/14/08 India's largest private-sector carriers Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines strike alliance 

9/23/08 Kingfisher defers aircraft delivery, cuts jobs

New Delhi, Sept. 22 To achieve economies of scale and stay afloat despite a decline in passenger numbers, several domestic airlines are looking to downsize their workforce. On Monday, Kingfisher Airlines announced that 300 of its employees have parted ways with the company

9/22/08  Kingfisher Airlines is expected to turn profitable by FY10 even as it has applied for a licence to import aviation fuel for its domestic operations

9/22/08 Following the popularity of prepaid meals for business fliers, IndiGo now plans to allow other customers to prepay for meals at the time of booking itself. “As such, corporate travelers who fly Kingfisher Red can benefit from the special pricing packages that are offered to corporate clients,” said Hitesh Patel, executive vice-president at Kingfisher Airlines. But the airline is not considering waiving rescheduling or cancellation charges for now, he said

9/19/08 Private equity firm WL Ross and Co, which had invested around $80 million in Indian low cost airline SpiceJet, is reported to be talks with Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines to evaluate merger possibilities for the carrier, according to a report in the Mint newspaper

8/20/08 An American pilot has been sacked after being found drunk an hour before he was to fly a Kingfisher plane with 140 on board from Calcutta to Delhi

8/20/08  Kingfisher airline pilot. He was caught during the breathalyser test that is part of the routine pre-flight medical check. The pilot was asked to return to the hotel and a reserve crew member flew the plane to Delhi thetelegraph

8/18/08 Kingfisher Airlines Limited has sought permission from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to allow the use of cell phones on the board in its about to launch Bangalore-London flight

8/1/08  Indian airline companies Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines have both announced a hike in their ticket prices.

7/28/08 Kingfisher Airlines to make Amsterdam global hub

7/28/08 Kingfisher Airlines negotiating with international carriers to sell two of the five A340-500 aircraft it had committed to buy from Airbus last year.

7/27/08 Plans to hire 70 foreign pilots for its international operations which it is starting from September.

Kingfisher Airlines promises "good times" despite global oil gloom.  

6 July 08 Kingfisher likely to buy SpiceJet

4 July 08 Kingfisher Airlines will fly overseas under its own brand, even though the airline will fly under Deccan Aviation's flying permit

26/08  Kingfisher Airlines Announces New Sales & Marketing Team For North America

6/24/08  The Kingfisher-Deccan group decided to suspend three flights within a week of fuel prices being raised. In a circular to its trade partners, the group on Tuesday said Kingfisher’s Calcutta-Ahmedabad-Calcutta flights would remain suspended from July 1 to September 15 and Deccan flights to Mumbai and Port Blair till September 15 with immediate effect thetelegraphcalcutta

9 June 08  Indian airline companies are delaying payments to oil companies for fuel purchase as a soaring crude and an intense fight for passengers sap cash flows needed for core operations

2 June, Global airline alliance eyeing Indian carriers as partners, Jetairways and Kingfisher Airlines economictimes.indiatim

4/10/08   Union boss on plane which turned around due to in flight emergency on Kingfisher Airlines the Indian

3/28/08  Dogs rounded up per

Great comparison between Kingfisher and Jet  1/24/08

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