​        British Airways Cabin Crew Strike 2017
                   British Airways Strike
                           BA Strike
Remember if you are cancelled or delayed longer than three hours or more you are entitled to 219 - 527 pounds compensation.

​Qatar Airways owns 20% of British Airways
​British Airways site

​Barcelona Airport Strike
British Airways, Vueling and Iberia airlines strike.
All IAG group, some 2,000 Barcelona airport workers will strike Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
21, 22, 23 and 24th of December, 2017. Strikes will last four hours and involve, cabin crews, checkin staff and ground workers.
Not good. Perhaps this will change follow along with us at Easy Travel Report for updates. (Another vote on Barcelona independence is due on the 21st December)

November 2017 British Airways to implement new boarding rules Daily Mail

    British Airways Cabin Crew Strike 2017
Based in London Heathrow Airport (Primary Hub) and Gatwick Airport. Oneworld member
Unite union reject 2% pay offer.

                 British Airways Strike 2017
BA will rent planes and they will have a contingency plan in place for you. Doha passengers will transfer to Qatar Airways. Muscat route cancelled.

British Airways Heathrow Airport 

British Airways Strike
BA Strike
Update:-Tuesday 22 August, 2017 Union Unite calls a truce. No strikes are planned after August 30, 2017.

Update:-10 August 2017 Strike has been extended to incur bank holiday week-end 30th August.

Update:-1 August 2017 Strike has now been extended to 15th of August. Unite union state strikes are having an effect. Cabin crew members who have been covering striking workers are getting to the limit of working hours before mandatory rest times. Management have offered the flight crews a bonus of 250 pounds.

Update:-5 July 2017 Union Unite up’s the anty.
NEW BA Strike action
00:01 hrs 19 July 2017 - 1 August 2017 23:59 hrs
Note from British Airways
Do check our front page for any new updates

New British Airways strike planned for
Saturday 1 July 2017 00:01 hours to
Sunday 16 July, 2017 23:59 hours
For this and other strike actions world wide

This strike was cancelled
2 June 2017 British Airways 2,900 mixed fleet cabin crew Unite union workers back to strike action over benefits not being re-instated - travel concessions and discounted travel. 
Four day strike action to start Friday, 16 June 2017. Contact British Airways your flight may be changed. British Airways will get you to your destination same day of travel.

Tube Strike
London Underground strike, 24 hours, starting 7pm Sunday 7 May 2017. Monday morning, will be hell for London commuters. It will be difficult to find a taxi cab, extra traffic on roads, horrendous traffic jams. Leave very early for your airport.

NEW British Airways strike Action
  British Airways Strike 2017

Update:-22 March 2017 British Airways management offer end of year 400.00 pound bonus and free round trip ticket to cabin crews.

Update:-22 March 2017 British Airways management offer end of year 400.00 pound bonus and free round trip ticket to cabin crews. More meetings with union to take place.

Update:-Friday 24 February, 2017  
Strike starts Friday, 00:01hrs 3 March and will end Thursday 9 March 23:59hrs.
Contingency plan to be announced. Previous strike is still going on, all passengers got to destinations.

Add to this a new announcement today 10 February, 2017 four more strike days have been added starting 00.01hrs Friday February 17, 2017 and ending midnight Monday the 20th.
Next strike action to start Wednesday February 22 to Saturday the 25th.
As with recent strikes by BA cabin crews expect your flight to be merged with another, minimal delays. All passengers will get to destinations same day of travel.
​*You should know London Tube strike is planned this week see www.easytravelreport.com

(Again expect little disruption, till mixed fleet cabin crews, 15% of all BA crews, recruit other cabin crew union to join in with the strike action)

February:-Union Unite has 2,900 union members who work for British Airways mixed fleet. British Airways management threaten striking crews with losses of bonuses and perks such as discounted travel for family and friends.

Announced today Friday January 27, 2017 new strike action is planned, six days this time.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday February 5, 6 and 7th.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9, 10 and 11th
(Breather on Wednesday, perhaps you can squeeze your flight in)
Last strikes 50 flights were cancelled, some were merged together, you will be re-routed
British Airways management will have more information for you this Tuesday the 31st.

You should also know London Underground workers will strike 5th and 7th 
February. Thousands of commuters will be disrupted.

New British Airways strike
Update:-18 January 2016 Airline confirms all flights to and from Gatwick and London City will operate as normal, long hauls flights to and from Heathrow will run.
Again merging of flights will take place, 1% cancellation rate. See announcement
Gatwick airport - BA doing terminal change

12 January 2017 As strike this week by mixed fleet, cabin crews (15% of all BA crews) went no where, A new strike action is now planned for next week even longer in length.
72 hour industrial action will start Thursday 19 January, 2017 00:01 - ending Saturday midnight the 21st. 
Again expect little disruption, till they recruit other cabin crew union to join in with the strike action.
--- See www.easytraveleport.com for updates

Update:-Wednesday 4 January, 2017 British Airways cabin crew union Unite announce today new strike dates today.
48 hour strike will start Tuesday, 10 January, 2017 by “mixed fleet” cabin crew, which is only 15% of BA crews.
More details to come out this Friday the 6th. British Airways management will have a contingency plan in place for you.

Update:-23 December 2016 The British Airways strike has been cancelled by Unite Union workers.

Update:-Announced this evening, December 16, 2016 Unite the union for British Airways cabin crew announce strike dates:-

(Are you kidding me)
Christmas Day and Boxing Day December 25, 26th.

British Airways respond with:-We ensure all customers will travel to their destination.
Your travel arrangements will not be ruined. 

All flights to and from London Gatwick, London City and Stansted.
Subsidiaries OpenSkies, Comair and SUN-AIR NOT EFFECTED.

BA codeshare flight numbers NOT EFFECTED.
See British Airways announcement for short and longhaul flights

(British Airways know how to run a strike by disgruntled employees. Managers and volunteers will be plentiful to help you. Airline has grown immensely since last industrial action. They’ve taken over Spanish national airline Iberia and Ireland’s Aer Lingus. They have plenty of aircraft to spare. 
Union will figure out how to crack this kumbaya moment by bringing in other unions to up the anti.
Check this site for other strikes in UK.
Update:-A second union pipe up.
November 12, 2016 Another British Airways cabin crew union “Unite” will ballot starting next week, results due in approx. December 15, 2016. Just in time for Christmas. We will update. Earliest possible strike date December 21.
17 August 2016 Vote is in and as expected cabin crew vote for strike action, no date set. Union must give passengers seven day's notice by law.
18 July 2016 British Airways cabin crew, 8,800 will vote on whether to strike or not.
British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association (BASSA) ballot will close 17 August, 2016.

BA Strikes from previous years see soap opera
www.easytravelreport.com for this and more travel strikes

British Airways Strike