17 September 2012 BA subsidiary still alive and kicking.



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7/27/09 Will suspend its service between New York and Amsterdam beginning Aug. 16,2009  leaving just its New York to Paris route

7/17/09 Openskies up for sale, value range from 30 million pounds ($48.9 million) to 70 million.

6/09 BA facing severe financial crisis, thinking of selling OpenSkies! Remember Silverjet, according to ETR, couldn't hack it either in these troubled times.

May, 09 Sharp decline in business travel due to world recession.

'OpenSkies' airline announces new transatlantic route.  afp.com

10/29/08 BA admits OpenSkies is worse than budget  telegraph.co.uk

6/19/08 Opening day for OpenSkies today. 

2 July 08 BA buys up French rival carrier bbcnews

4 June 08,  First flight is due to leave Paris Orly airport to New York's JFK airport June 19.  Carrying 82 passengers on a Boeing 757 doing a daily round trip. 6 Boeing aircraft are due by the end of 2009.  Plans to serve Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Milan to New York.  
It will offer:-
Biz class service, only fully flat lie back beds 6ft!  (V Australia has 2" bigger)  $1746 each way.
Prem+ Reclining seats 52" pitch.  $720.00 each way.  Prem+ service competes with competitors business class but with a compelling price.  
Economy only 30 seats, prices begin $554.00 each way.
Personal entertainment units with more than 50 hours of programming through out all cabins.  Healthy creative menu.  Delivers value and personal experience....  

4/10/08 Not started yet, but how can they go ahead with the Heathrow debacle.  T5 lost them 16 million dollars.

5/30/08  BA's Paris-New York service opens for business  

5/30/08  Every cloud has a silver lining.  timesonline

5/22/08  BA pilots ditch right to strike over OpenSkies.  BA’s OpenSkies programme means the airline will operate flights from Europe to North America using a separate pool of pilots. The airline claims this is essential to manage costs but the pilots argue they are getting a bad deal.  A decision on the issue was keenly awaited by trade unions across Europe. BA claims that a European Union law that allows any business based in the EU to open a business in another state prohibits its pilots from striking over its move to start flights from Europe. full article timesonline

5/22/08 B.A.'s OpenSkies to launch June 19 with Paris-NYC  
5/16/08  British Airways said speculation that it will defer the launch of OpenSkies, its new transatlantic subsidiary, to later this year or cancel the project "is not true."  see
4/10/08 Not started yet, but how can they go ahead with the Heathrow debacle.  T5 lost them 16 million dollars.

1/23/08    British Airways has re thought its strategy for its subsidiary, OpenSkies, which is due to start flying between continental Europe and the US from June.  One Boeing 757 flying from Brussels and Paris to New York. BA originally said the subsidiary would be a two-class airline targeting business-class passengers, but has since changed its offering to a three cabin model with business-class , premium-economy and economy seats.  Currently only Silverjet (gone) and US airline Eos(gone) offer business-classonly services between the UK and US. However, some insiders have noted a developing downturn of such airlines.  OpenSkies is likely to find it hard to obtain US runway space, particularly at the congested JFK airport. And, according to a Virgin Atlantic spokesman, “BA may be forced to abandon its coveted landing slots at Heathrow to gain access to New York.”  see full article @   economictimes.indiatimes.com   

BA Opens new airline 1/11/08 

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Latest news on  OpenSkies  such as staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record.  Will they strike or go bankrupt after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport?  Ultimately will they be reliable?
First some rules and regulations for OpenSkies 
Taxes and fees:-
Biz $170.00
Prem+ and Economy  $114.00
Saturday night stay is required for Biz and Economy.
Weekend surcharges apply for Economy travel.
Change/cancel fees
Biz $500.00
Prem+ and Economy $200.00
7 day advanced purchase.

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