Hungarian trains threaten to join in. 
Update, 1/13/10 They will.  Budapest trains join in sympathy railway strike with BKV  bus company starting 4am for 4 hours only. Thursday 1/14/10.  Talks between government and BKV management broke down today. 

12, Jan, 2010 Budapest, BKV bus strike is on. Bus subcontractors and taxis picking up the slack. Cars not allowed to use bus lanes and parking is not free. Severe traffic jams in Budapest. Trolley services uninterrupted.  Metro underground is running as normal. Night service is running ending at 4:30am. Nationwide long distance bus company Volan said BKV tickets and passes would be accepted on Volan services during the strike.

11, Jan. 2010 Budapest Transport Company BKV, will go ahead with an indefinite strike, tomorrow, Tuesday.

Government has agreed to give 23 billion forints (EUR 85m) and Budapest Council 5 billion forints into BKV in 2010. BKV workers' net pay will rise by an average of 13 percent this year, which is above the national average. Funds to be used for avoidance of bankruptcy and to retain jobs. Not to be used for pay raises.
Company and unions can’t get it together  over minimum level of service during a strike.
Railway union VDSZSZ butting in, will hold news conference later today and may go on a sympathy strike.
old Hungarian-made Ikarus buses are 15 to 20 years
 “BKV bus drivers earn thirty-four per cent above the national average wage," Demszky Mayor of Budapest said.
Manager of BKV, has lodged a complaint over intentional damage to buses.

5, January, 2010 The Budapest Transport Company (BKV) unions' work-to-rule slowdown continued on Tuesday, with between 150 and 250 buses remaining off the roads, forcing Hungarian commuters to seek alternate travel. Union  threaten unless an agreement is reached, the unions would walk off the job completely on Jan. 12.  Management of BKV say the strike is illegal.

Bus drivers lack, antifreeze, heating, broken mirrors and a spare parts. 

Commuters took cars  to work today and caused clogged roads in the freezing weather.

Train travel has been affected by rails splitting and switches freezing.  

28, Oct. 09 Volan bus company the trade unions will not strike until the end of next year.  Government wants to extend public service contracts till 2016. Volan will stay in state hands and wages will be raised.  This is direct benefit from several rail routes which are being cancelled across Hungary.  See Hungarian railroad strikes

Starting 30 April, 2009 Hungarian train strike!

18 December, 08 BKV, No bus strike today, funding met. Bus drivers will not go on strike today. Agreement signed.

12/15/08 Bus strike this Thursday for half day, and on 12 January, 2009, public sector workers nationwide strike. 
Budapest International on strike and country wide train strike.

Budapest transport operator to start testing GPS system.

4/4/08  Budapest 4/7  strike, only night buses would run in the city, and trams, subways, HÉV trains and trolley buses would not run at all.  

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Bus strike, The Budapest Transport Company, BKV
Hungary bus strike, passengers suffer, through public transportation  misery. On strike, Hungarian buses. passengers expect chaos. Hungarian-made Ikarus buses are 15 to 20 years old, drivers complain about safety.
“BKV bus drivers earn thirty-four per cent above the national average wage," Demszky Mayor of Budapest said.
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17, Jan, 10 Strike ends at midnight tonight.
15, Jan. 10, Friday, Budapesti Közlekedési Vállalat (BKV) received a bomb threat stating a bombs would go off in a several metro stations between 6:30am and 8:30am. 
No explosives were found.

14, Jan. 10 Smog alert. Bus drivers who are not striking have protection by  security guards.

13, Jan. 10   Budapest Transport Company, BKV Bus Strike still going on. Trolleybuses and suburban railways HEV on time. 

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