12 February 2016 Powerful Trade Union of Railway Workers (VDSZSZ) and 6 other unions call for strike action after talks failed last week.
Strike is being planned for the first week of March.
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​Five public holidays planned in March 5?, 14 and 15th and
Easter March 27 and 28.

Hungarian railways and drivers of Budapest's public transport company BKV will hold a warning strike on June 29 and July 7

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27 Oct. 2010 Mav workers threatening to support Hungarian cargo rail workers strike. Stay informed check our front page

13, Jan, 2010 Hungarian train unions VDSZSZ will strike in sympathy with the bus company starting 4am tomorrow, Thursday for four hours.  

12, Jan, 2010 Hungarian buses are on strike today.  Train union threatening to join in.  Will only give 12 hours notice.

5, Jan,10,Hungarian trains delayed, due to snow, train tracks have snapped due to severe cold and switches have frozen. Freezing fog.

Tuesday, 27, October, 09 Wildcat train strike today by all 5 train unions. Rail strike lasted from 10-12 noon.  No further rail strikes are expected before Monday. 

Tuesday, 20, October, 2009 Transport Minister Péter Hónig revealed the government’s strategy of not only railway workers have reason to worry. Over 1,000 kilometres of railway are to be put out of service and the important cities of Eger, Szekszárd, Salgótarján and Hódmezővásárhely will be left without a railway connection to Budapest. Volan bus will pick up the slack which are to be privatized in 2012.

Monday, 19, October, 2009, train workers back to work by 9am!
Szombathely station so few workers on strike that it wasn't noticeable. Nagykanizsa, no railway workers laid down tools.

Sunday, 18, October, strike starts at midnight. 

17, October, 2009 Hungarian railway workers trade union VDSZSZ' will strike, Monday, 19, October,09.  Strike is open ended! Freight involved, making it even more unpredictable.

Why? The government plans to maintain railway passenger services only on 3,000 kilometres next year, which will affect not only secondary lines, but main lines as well, said union chief Istvan Gasko. As a result, tens of thousands will not be able to get to work, he added.

Government say's "Total misunderstanding by unions.

10 May, 09  Parliament approved a series of motions for tax and pension reform, subject to a final parliamentary vote this week. The government has also announced plans to abolish a “thirteenth month” payment currently paid to all public sector workers.

No agreement was reached on skeleton services at MÁV during talks on Wednesday. No strikes at Budapest airport 

8 May, 09, 10 percent of Malev workers joined strike. No trains in Budapest's Eastern and Southern railway stations on Friday am.  Western railway, a few trains run. Railway stations in Miskolc in the northeast and Szeged in southern Hungary were also strongly hit, with around half of the trains operating out of Szeged. No disruptions were reported on Friday morning as far as public transport in Budapest or Ferihegy international airport are concerned. Nationwide bus companies are not expected to join the strike, except for Koros Volan in the southeast.So far there have been no reports of international trains being affected by the strike, though a spokesman for rail company MAV said the train timetable for Friday is generally uncertain. Timetable of international services was generally uncertain during the strike, with no trains coming from Austria, but replacement bus services are operating on several routes. The Tisza express from Moscow and a train from Venice will terminate at a suburban station of Budapest

Workers' Council was the only major union to have joined LIGA in the strike, which began at midnight. Road traffic was not disrupted and hospitals and schools were all open.

7 May Thursday, Hungary railway strike starting midnight tonight till 6pm, national one day strike.  Trains will be severely disrupted. Called for my the Liga Union Federation.  Several members and unions not taking part.

Volán buses will accept rail passes and tickets booked in advance to help inconvenienced passengers. Budapest public transport company BKV will redeploy many of its vehicles in anticipation of high passenger volume due to the rail strike. No agreement was reached on skeleton services at MÁV during talks on Wednesday.
Short strikes are also planned for tomorrow in education, security services and in Békés county public transport. Some employees of a refrigerator factory in Szabolcs county will also join the strike

 Strike on 30 April, 2009 Free Union of Railway Workers (VDSZSZ), which represents about a quarter of all railway employees, announced an 18 hour strike starting at 0:01am on 30 April, the day before the long weekend due to Labour Day (1 May) falling on a Friday this year. Union finds plans by PM unacceptable.  (Teachers may strike along side)

Tuesday 30 December, 08  
MAV and the unions made a wage agreement today. VDSZSZ, refused to sign the wage agreement, still wants 7 percent wage and a share of the profits from the sale last year. MAV"S management signed agreement for 4.1 percent raise in 09. Company added to this meal vouchers.
Strike still possible in January 09.

Hungarian rail workers started back to work midnight Tuesday. Traffic back to normal by Wednesday. No agreement has been made between MAV and union. They will be back to tackle this issue, Will they mess with Easter 09? April 12

Monday, 22 December, 08  Strike lingers on for one week, passengers still suffering  International trains are not running in Hungary.  Yesterday, some trains resumed in Hungary's Southern and Western stations out of Budapest but not at Eastern station.   Talks start at 5pm today after yesterday's talks broke down. We're looking for some sort of confirmation they will work for Christmas and new years holidays.

Friday, 19 December,08 Still the same old same old.  No talks even going on.

Thursday, 18 December, 08 Hungarian train strike still on. Some small routes working, severe delays and still not International Expresses. Some places operating with minor delays and using buses to transport passengers.

Wednesday, 17 December, 08 Talks with management are to resume at 9 am Wednesday on the fourth day of disruption. No agreement made, still at logger heads. Malev running as normal. Full service is planned for December 24, 25 and 26. Eastern and Southern railway at standstill, Western half steam.  Westerns ticket inspectors joined strike today

Tuesday, 16 December, 08 Railway still in talks this morning.  Company say's Union's demands are unrealistic. Bonus 250,000 forints ($1,267) for each worker, Passengers informed by Malev canceling flights.  Wizz Air threatening to sue. International trains canceled. 
Monday, 15 December, 08 Hungarian train strike countrywide. Started yesterday.  Open ended!  Hospitals, hundreds of schools and some regional bus services were also on strike for a few hours.

5 December, 08 Hungarian train workers strike, perhaps in ten days if the Unions demands are not met. Union would like a share of the sale of MAV cargo, 30.1 million Euro's..Company saying not possible as money will go towards expansion and bad loans.  Be prepared for travel disruptions around 17 December, 08

7/15/08 Hungary, public transportation rail strike called off amid ‘low turnout’

BUDAPEST, July 13 (Reuters) - One of Hungary's largest railway unions called for an indefinite strike from Monday in protest against the government's rejection of its pay demands  FORBES.COM

4/7/08 Hungary, both railway workers and employees of Budapest's public transport network walked out on separate strikes. Roads approaching the city were choked with cars.  Ends at 1pm!

Hungary, strike ends 2/7/08 per

*2/6/08 Hungary, still on.  Moscow-Budapest train forced to sit at the border for almost 24 hours. Ukrainian rail operators have warned passengers against travel to Hungary.per

*Hungary:strike continues 2/4/08 per

*Hungary, railway workers on open-ended strike in Hungary to demand higher wages 2/1/08 per

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