Old industrial actions
1/18/10 20% of its ground staff, handlers still on strike, minimal disruptions.
1/13/10 Ferihegy Airport, ground service indefinite strike, not expected to cause disruptions. 20 percent of staff taking industrial action. Talks due Wednesday. Aviation Workers' United Trade Union (LESZ) will give up demand for pay for a long term contract to give stability to workers.
BKV public bus transportation for Hungary is on strike. Airport bus 200E to Budapest’s Ferihegy Airport is working.
12, Jan, 10 Budapest bus strike today, indefinite. Hungarian trains may join in.

You should be aware that Malev pilots strike threat 12/24/09

Starting 30 April, 2009 Hungarian train strike!

17 April, 2009 Construction and demolition of Terminal 2 starts.

27 Feb. 09 New Airlines coming to Ferihegy EuroAir, Iberworld and Scandinavian,

2/6/09  Civil unions urging Budapest International airport to resume talks with union. Reduction in taxi fares in effect 16 February, 2009

1/23/09 Ferihegy decided to keep T1 closed till talks till an agreement can be made.

1/22/09  Airport open, strike suspended, will have wildcat strikes instead with as little as a couple of hours notice.  Harder to monitor.

1/19/2009 Ferihegy airport on strike today at 4pm.  No flight delays or cancellations, yet.. Terminal one closed, all flights being directed to Terminal 2B

No agreement was reached in Monday talks between striking unions and the management of Budapest Airport at Ferihegy.

12 January, 2009 Ferihegy International Airport, Budapest, Hungary.  Trade Unions considering resuming strike that started before Christmas. The strike (well documented below) was suspended after agreement with managers was reached on 6 January, 2009.  Union wants freezing of layoffs and retroactive benefits. Airport looking to higher more Greek workers again. Accommodation costs so far for Greek replacements costs 22 million forints (EUR 90,000) so far.

January, 2009 Budapest's International Airport, Ferihegy signs contract with Kesz Srt.a Hungarian family owned company for the expansion and refurbishing of terminals 2A and 2B.  A 200 million euro (52 billion HUF) investment.  Landmark building will link the two terminals and be called BUD SkyCourt.  British Airways took over operation of airport with a promise to spend 65 billion HUF on developing infrastructure of Ferihegy.  Demolition starts this month and should be completed 2011. BUD SkyCourt will feature comfortable security screening, departure level bars and restaurants.  New pier and numerous boarding bridges to the terminal. 10 million passengers yearly expected.

Monday, 22 December, 08 all back to normal.

Sunday, 21 December, 08  Heavy passenger flow, no flights cancelled, long lines. One terminal open only.

Saturday, 20 December, 08 Heavy traffic at airport today.  Come early.  Just over half employees showed up for work today. Greek workers working.

Friday, 19 December, 08   Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, running smoothly even though the ground and security workers are on strike.   Still more details to work out, plus union not at all happy with the 38 Greek workers.

Thursday, 18 December, 08 Budapest  International airport strike, passenger traffic running as normal.

Wednesday 17 December, 08  A meeting on Tuesday with the management of airport operator Budapest Airport (BA) that the employer had agreed to consider written compromise proposals from the unions.  All flights running as normal.  Train strike still on, buses tomorrow. Malev running as normal, Wizz still saying show up 3 hours prior.

12/16/08 Tuesday,  Day 3, 40 strike breakers arrive from Greece to Budapest, Ferihegy airport today.  They will be trained for check in security work.  Unions organize picket line guards.  Airport needs these workers to cover run up to Christmas and New Year.  See link to Malev Airlines

12/15/08 2 terminals open, 2-3hr wait for flights, train strike nationwide, Malev cancels 12 flights today.

12/14/08  Budapest International Airport, Ferihegy, indefinite strike, by two unions.  Malev cancelled 10 flights for today, Sunday.  Long delays expected and airport wishes passengers to still arrive 3 hours before flight.  

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Hungary, Budapest International Airport, Ferihegy (owned by Germany's Hochtief) All international travelers, world wide will be affected when, if Hungary's only major airport with three terminals strikes. British Airways and easyJet also use this airport.
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LESZ, Union head Attila Csorba


Airport Germany's Hochtief Union 

European Transport Workers Federation (ETF)

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Hungarian rail strike

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January 28th, 2014 Heads Up. Pan European air traffic control strike planned for this week and Hungarian atc are joining in. 
Hungarian air traffic control just two hours on the 30th somewhen between 8 am and 4pm. Your flight will be delayed, cancelled or even brought forward. Follow along with us 
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