The object of this page is to gather/ history, review,information on Wizz Air.  Such as staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record.  Will they strike after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport? Blue Air, Germanwings, easyJet, SkyEurope and Ryanair are other discount airlines operating in Romania.  
Wizz Air UK will start running March 2018 due to Brexit rules and regulations.

October 2015 We are posting some strikes that might effect Wizzair flights:-
Are you flying to Italy?
French air trafffic controllers strikes
Italian air traffic control strikes 

Old strikes effecting Wizzair flights in 2015
Moroccan general strike 
Belgian general strike see ETR 

November:-Several Italian aviation strikes planned 14 November, 2014 ETR

Old industrial actions for 2014
Are Hungarian trains on  strike?
What to expect for a French French General Strike

Strike at Liverpool John Lenon Airport

New Strikes    Airport Strikes       Airline Strikes     

15 September 2014 Wizz Air flights to be delayed by up and coming Italian air traffic control strike.

28 January 2014 Pan European air traffic control planned for this week. Best call Wizz Air you will be brought forward, delayed or even cancelled. See our front page for all the countries involved.

Weekly flights from Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca to Grenoble from 12 December to 27 March 2010

Wizz Air, promotion goes haywire, Crowd Grabs Goodies And Foils Wizz Air Stunt.

Wizz announcing staring February 19, 2009, 10 euro introductory price
Prague to 
Italy:-Rome, Milan, Bergamo, Paris Beauvais, 
Carried 5.9 million passengers in 2008

1/21/2009 For latest strike news at Ferihegy International Airport see our page

1/20/09 Attn. Wizz Air passengers, Ferihegy International Airport in Hungary on strike again. T1 closed all traffic to T2.  Shuttle bus available.

12/15/08  Wizz Air, to sue Budapest airport. 

Hungary, Budapest Airport, Ferihegy on strike and possible 12 January 08,flights delayed

Cheap,  flights for the route Burgas-London. After December 10 - January  two times a week, because of the New Year's holidays. The flight to London will last a little over 3 hours. Airbus A 320

9/17/08 SkyEurope offering competitive fares

9/14/08 Dozens stranded at Bournemouth airport as final Wizz flight canceled

9/14/08 Wizz Air launches new flights from Cluj to Paris Beauvais

9/2/08 Wizz Air will begin operating direct flights between Cluj in Romania to Paris Beauvais, France in December 2008

9/1/08 Wizz Air helps Centralwings passengers

8/30/08 Because of the drop in traffic Wizz Air has to ground these flights due to lack of demand. between the UK and Poland

5/22/08  Wizz Air, Wizz Air has scrapped its service to Gdansk in Poland after just two months in operation. Continues flights from Coventry to Katowice, in southern Poland coventrytelegraph

3/19/08 Wizz Air offers more flights to Poland

20 July 06, Wizz Air orders 20 additional A320s

24 Dec 07   Expanding flights to Budapest summer 08T frequencies on most of its current routes, add Goteborg, Oslo-Torp and Venice-Treviso to its Budapest network and reintroduce the popular summer seasonal flights to Bulgaria (Bourgas and Varna), Spain (Barcelona-Girona and Palma de Mallorca) and Greece (Corfu, Rhodes and Heraklion).

Concurrently the carrier announced that it would base an additional Airbus A320 aircraft to its largest base in Katowice. It will be delivered brand new from Toulouse in June 2008 and will be Wizz Air’s fifth aircraft based in Katowice and twelfth in Poland. The new aircraft would be deployed to increase the frequencies on the majority of its existing routes and fly its seasonal flights to Bourgas, Heraklion and Barcelona Girona. The airline also said it would enhance its summer program by introducing Varna on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast as a new holiday destination. These developments will result in a 40% overall frequency increase from Katowice. Besides the network enhancement Wizz Air will continue to contribute to the regional economy by hiring the crew for the new aircraft locally. The recruitment will start early next year.

Wizz Air would also continue to develop its Gdansk base by increasing frequencies on the majority of its existing routes and launching new flights in summer season 2008. The airline will enter the Finnish market by launching Gdansk-Turku flight in April 2008 and will introduce the long awaited Gdansk-Barcelona/Girona flight from June 2008. These developments will result in a 38% increase in frequencies from Gdansk next summer versus summer 2007.

Overall, both Hungarian and Polish markets will see a significant network enhancement from Wizz Air resulting in the largest choice of low fare routes from its bases and further strengthening its leadership on the market.

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October, November and December 2014 TAP Airlines strike
October:-Lufthansa pilot strike and Moroccan general strike
November:-Several Italian aviation strikes planned 14 November, 2014.
Italian EasyJet Strike 14 November 2014
December:- Belgium general strike 15 December 2014
Discount airline Wizz Air  Based in Budapest, Hungary & Poland
Hungary, Budapest, Ferihegy International Airport

Hungary, public transportation, train strike

Information on
Malev Airlines

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Paris Beauvais Airport to the Transylvanian city of Cluj, in western Romania, Burgas-London.
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