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6 December 2011 Malev Airline high chance this airline is to go bankrupt. Will you be stranded? Best have a plan B! 

5 December 2011 Malev will not be sold this year. Deal with China failed. A European investor might become a possibility. May just go bankrupt

13 May Union GSZSZ warning strike yesterday by Malev ground handlers from 
1-2pm. No disruptions reported

24 March Friday's strike by Malev pilots and flight attendants has been cancelled.
22 March CEO Martin Gauss will quit his job May 31, 2011. Resigning over issues with employees. Pilots and flight attendants will have a warning two hour strike tomorrow. Unions are calling for a general strike Friday.

14 January 2011 Delfino Travel Agency, general sales agent for Malev. Malev Airline ditches them after they fail to pay some HUF 59m owed to the airline. 

4 Oct. Nasty toxic mud slide

9/14 At long last Malev pilots have made a deal with management, no strike.
9/13 Malev airline pilots held a two hour warning strike today. Pilots threaten an all out strike by this Wednesday if a deal is not made.

13, September, Malev Airlines pilots in negotiations with management if deal not made by Wednesday expect pilots to strike.

1/15/10 Malev's ground handling continuing their strike on Friday. No major delays are expected. Hungarian buses are on strike.

1/11/10 Union LESZ, Malev's ground handlers started open-ended strike.

18, Dec.  Pilots have agreed to postpone strike till new year. 

Malev will resume service to Belgrade after 20 year gap.

17, December, 09  Malev pilots threaten strike for 12/24.  Looking for a 24.3 percent pay raise. In this day an age what are they thinking. They must be flying high.

June, Malev pilots union suspended a planned strike for today. Have reached an agreement with Malev. Hunalpa has just to sign and dot the i's and cross the t's.

Malev pilots will strike between 11:40 and 13:40 on June 10.
Random strikes at Ferihegy  International Airport page for the latest on Easy Travel Report

3/29/09  Injection of cash for Malev,  EUR 10.06 million capital injection from its majority owner AirBridge, which is now partially owned by Russian state bank Vneshekonombank.

6 February, 2009 Malev Airline broke the news today to its employees that they would get heir wages in two parts this month as it cannot afford to pay in full!  

1/19/2009 Ferihegy on strike again.  Started at 4pm today.  So far one terminal open.

12/17/08 Malev running as normal,  train strike still on, buses tomorrow 

12/16/08 Malev cancels flights. 

The airline will operate new generation Boeing 737 aircraft twice a week beginning June 2nd, 2009. Amman is Malev's fourth destination in the Middle East. 

12/13/08  Budapest International Airport strike, Ferihegy on strike, delays. Effecting all international travel.

9/29/08 Airline sold to Russians could be heading towards crash landing, 400 layoffs.  Unions support  possible pilots strike

9/19/08 Malév launches Web Check-In Service in Hungary

6/11/08 Malév ups checked baggage weight allowance
Malév increased the free baggage allowance on checked luggage by three kilograms, but at the same time it introduced zero tolerance on excess baggage. Accordingly, each passenger traveling Malév Economy Class within Europe can check in 23 kg of baggage without incurring a charge, but in the future a surcharge will be levied on all baggage exceeding this total weight. The baggage weight allowance for business customers remains pegged at 30 kg.

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3 February 2012 No more Malev, no more strikes by unions, no more delays, no more lost luggage, no more cancelled flights, no more pilots strikes.
Airline strands several thousand passengers. Management had tried every trick in the book to stay afloat the last few years. Airline was established in 1946, 2,600 employees. Wizz Air can pick up the slack. Great loss for Budapest
Ferihegy  International Airport. something trip advisory or Priceline never tell you. So much for cheap deals.

10 January 2012 Airline has to give back $350 million dollars in illegal state aid. Got to hurt.

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2012 Latest news review on Malev Airlines such as staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record.  A guide for will they strike or go bankrupt after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport?  Ultimately do they look  reliable and still be in business in three months?

Malev, Hungarian airlines to operate bus service to Slovakia,  Bratislava and Kosice four times a day.  Cheaper and more convenient than flying the short distance.
See who else is on strike and trying to mess with your vacation package!

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3 February 2012 Malev airline called it quits today.